Thursday, January 31, 2008

Leftwingers Reveal What They REALLY Think Of McCain Performance At Republican Debate

The general concensus among conservatives is that John McCain came off as tired, creepy, mean, angry, and a bit crazy in last night's Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the Simi Valley. However, since conservatives are generally antagonistic towards McCain, perhaps their views are a bit slanted. Therefore I decided to check on what the Left REALLY thought about McCain's performance. I couldn't rely on media reports since most of those liberals will cover for McCain because they want him nominated so he can easily be slapped down in the general election. Therefore, I decided to wander over to KOmmieland and see what their impressions of McCain were. Among themselves, the Left tends to be a lot more forthright about their views than the MSM liberals who must shade their real thoughts from the public due to to their agendas. There was a big three part THREAD at the Daily Kos starting with "Debate Thread #1" posted by head KOmmie KOs himself. What is very interesting is that their general impression of McCain pretty much matches that of conservatives. So forget the MSM fake take on the debate. If both conservatives and leftwing KOmmies have the same negative impression of McCain, then you can count on it being the general impression of most of the populace watching that debate despite the MSM covering for him. So let us now watch the KOmmies give their unfiltered views of John McCain in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that McCain has been teetering on the edge of becoming a full blown Captain Queeg, is in the [brackets]

McCain has particular problems... for the last week, in his speeches and TV appearances, he's started to look and sound tired -- really, really tired. Even his Florida "victory speech" sounded like he would have rather been in bed. If this keeps up, he's in trouble -- so far people are giving him the benefit of the doubt, on his health, but if he continues to look like he's maybe not up to the task of campaigning, it's going to become an issue.

[An accurate observation from KOmmie KOs. Of course, the MSM will overlook the obvious appearance of exhaustion on the part of McCain because they want him to win the nomination and LOSE the general election. And now on to the other KOmmie observations of McCain...]

Maybe McCain needs to embrace Reagan's ability to look fresh & chipper during his public appearances by sleeping the rest of the time--12 hours a day at least...

[Yeah, just who we need to nominate. Someone tired and exhausted from the get-go.]

Romney asked to criticize McCain. The reporter asks the question with a strange look, like she's saying, "Come on, Mitt, don't you think he's awesome?"

[Yeah, I noticed that too. Chalk it up to the MSM ulterior motive of getting McCain nominated.]

McCain sounds like he's half asleep. Now he's putting me to sleep. His campaign is contagious like a yawn.

[He can afford to sleep through his campaign since the MSM will do his electioneering for him.]

McCain 08 - Because America needs a nap


Is it just me. Or does McCain sound like a tired, cranky, mean old man? He's positively gleeful about being mean!

[It's not just you but you wouldn't know it listening to the MSM.]

McCain sounds terrible. No energy or life in his voice.

[Which is another reason why the MSM wants him nominated.]

I think he is a Zombie. His anger animates his otherwise dead body

[Night of the Living Dread.]

God McCain looks old and sounds like my late grandfather meandering off aimlesly. Can anybody say Bob Dole?

[The MSM can which is why they want him nominated and lose in the general election.]

The end game is the presidency not the nomination

[BINGO! And that is why the MSM wants McCain nominated because they know what the end game is.]

Does McCain Have A Tummy Ache. Either that or hemorrhoids ... he's sitting forward all the time and putting his weight on his elbows.

[The MSM will point out all the nervous fidgeting by McCain but only AFTER he is nominated.]

McCain is droning. Even when he's trying to be emotional about being a "footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution", he still sounds like the voice on an airline's automated reservations system.

["Press One if you want McCain nominated. Press Two if you want the Republicans to lose. Press Three if you want both."]

Did anyone see the Straight Talk Express go by? Because all I'm seeing is McCain blow smoke about his record on Bush's tax cuts.

[You noticed that but I hope Republicans notice it too.]

Look at how pissed McCain is at Romney. Ha! His jaw is tight, he is acting like he is above all of this, his pen is being destroyed in his hand. He thinks he has this sewn up, and the others are just in his way. Make him crazy, Romney and Ron Paul!!!

[If Republicans WAKE UP and Romney does better than expected on Super Tuesday, then you can expect McCain to go off the deep end with a pretty good impression of Captain Queeg.]

McCain = older, more creepy Ed Harris...he looks like he's going to snap while Romney talks.

[Stand by for his impending implosion if Super Tuesday does not go his way.]

Romney's note to himself -> STFU Old Man!

[LOL! Now on to Debate Thread #2...]

Question to McCain: If your immigration bill came to the floor of the Senate, would you vote for it.

Mr. Weasel Word Express refused to answer the question, twice saying his bill won't come to the floor as a way to avoid the question.

[The MSM refuses to reveal what you have noticed.]

He is really pissed at Romney. Romney is standing in the way of his rightful place as King.

[The same attitude as Queen Hillary towards Obamassiah.]

McCain will say or do anything for power and this needs to be emphasized over and over again.

[I'll relay that message to Republicans going into Super Tuesday. Fortunately my somewhat apostate DUFU guest host, Charles, has gotten the message and will be taking the appropriate actions next week.]

We need a Live Drinking thread!

[LOL! I actually drank about a half a bottle of rum while watching last night's debate.]

McCain has license from the media to lie -- or should I say, to shuck and jive?

[BINGO! The most truthful thing I have ever seen posted in KOmmieland.]

McCain just doesn't have the oomph needed to keep up with Hillary or Barack or any other Democratic candidate. He sits hunched over the table and speaks in a phlegmatic manner that is downright soporific.

[Which is why he is now being heavily promoted by the MSM.]

McCain Is Psycho. Did you see him when Romney was talking about McCain's opposition to the Bush tax cuts as "a break for the rich." He looked like he was gonna stab that pen in Mitt's neck.

[McCain is just one election loss away from the butterfly net.]

McCain is insane. This man is a nut who can't answer one damn question. I never realized how clueless he was until tonight.

[I hope Republicans finally wake up to the same realization by next Tuesday.]

the CNN audience meter. He's below 50.

[Keeping my fingers crossed for Super Tuesday. Charles finally saw the light. Will other Republicans?]

...Ken Rudin pointed out that McCain has never done well in presidential primaries when he's in the lead. He always does best when he's the underdog. When he's the front-runner, such as early last year, he seems to melt down. Therefore, being in front and staying there is going to be a big challenge for him.

[This is one time where I hope Rudin is right. McCain...a sore winner.]

i think romney may be kicking mccaines ass.

[I think you may be right but you wouldn't know it from the MSM analysis of the debate.]

McCain got in the gutter so deep that he ridiculed one of Romney's successes in that he's built businesses. For McCain to grin that silly - almost stupid - grin of his, and throw in the dig that Romney built businesses, sold business, and probably laid off people, while he (McCain) was serving his county, is just plain disgusting. The fact is McCain is about as clever as Hillary at playing the "victim" of political attacks. He's a phony.

[Yeah, I remember that snide low blow by McCain about Romney supposedly laying off people from his successful businesses. And now to Debate Thread #3...]

McCain is a war hero, but a terrible presidential candidate. The latter critique has no bearing on what he endured for this country. McCain should be the DKers' favorite Republican: he favors open borders and full rights for illegals, just like most of the posters here.

[McCain is the MSM's favorite Republican candidate.]

McCain really has the arrogant smirk going. He's not handling success well.

[This might be his downfall going into Super Tuesday.]

McCain remains nasty. Romney towers over him. To me McCain looks pretty pathetic by comparison. This is his high-water mark, I think.

[I hope.]

My conclusion: We will beat McCain. He is truly an arrogant, nasty old man.

[My conclusion: You are correct. Which is why the MSM is now pushing McCain.]

McCain is full of himself tonight! I just realized what a jerk he is.

[Hopefully more Republicans will have the same realization.]

Romney Scored with the right. McCain looked like a sociopath. Huckabee sounds like a talking, Basset hound faced Hallmark card. Paul is fun and crazy.

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is anyone else nervous about the image of that many liberals making sense about McCain?

11:25 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

WOW! First DUmmie entry where I've agreed with everything they said! WTF?

11:26 AM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

Ditto, son of godfather.

Disconcerting, isn't' it?

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Question to McCain: If your immigration bill came to the floor of the Senate, would you vote for it."

Contrary to public belief, this type immigration question is NOT something that conservatives should avoid, nor is offering amnesty to those illegals who reside peacefully in this country and haven't broken any laws other than the INS laws.

The claim that amnesty for illegal immigrants is not a conservative principal is just plain wrong. Offering amnesty to illegal immigrants and giving them citizenship is actually a time honored conservative principal. Remember Reagan? He signed an amnesty bill. Tell me that Reagan wasn't a conservative! Remember Lincoln? He signed the Emancipation Proclamation that awarded citizenship to all the slaves, and I don't think any of THEM went through the immigration and naturalization process, did they. Of course not! Today, we would call them illegal immigrants. I guess that Lincoln wasn't a "true conservative" as he gave amnesty to all those illegal immigrants.

McCain may not fit everyone's definition of a Tue Conservative, but then again, no one really does. Not Lincoln, not Reagan, and not McCain.

If it comes to a choice of Romney over Mc Cain, I pick Romney as he was a Governor which gives him more experience than Mc Cain in administration of government. If it comes to a choice of Mc Cain of ANY democrat, I choose Mc Cain as he actually has beliefs about government and it's role in our society that closer match my own.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny picture! McCain looks like Popeye as befits this posting at Wuzzadem:

The immigration and "amnesty" ranting by so-called conservatives is thinly-disguised racism in my opinion. ("More greenbacks less wetbacks!")

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Anonymous 2:02 plays the race card on the "so-called conservatives"!

Democrats are better aren't they? With a history like this:

* 6 platforms, from 1840 -1860, supported the slavery of African-Americans.

* 1 platform, in 1864, called the then on-going Civil War a "failure" and demanded negotiations with the Confederacy that could have led to the retaining of slavery in certain states.

* 1 platform, in 1868, stated the party's opposition to what it termed "negro supremacy."

It all leads to Hill&Bill's current anti-black platform.

Want more? I got more.

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCain is in the NWO, also. You wait and see - by '09 we'll be absorbed into the EU.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! First DUmmie entry where I've agreed with everything they said! WTF?

Ditto, son of godfather.

Disconcerting, isn't' it?

Thirded. Jeez.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My God!
I have this weird sense of becoming a DUmmie after agreeing with so many of them.

SHoot me now!

If Troglaman agrees too, we're doomed!

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The immigration and "amnesty" ranting by so-called conservatives is thinly-disguised racism in my opinion. ("More greenbacks less wetbacks!")

Anon, you're an asshole.
I am a VERY brown-skinned Latino, and I can assure you a minority (heh heh) of Latinos want to be overrun by illegals.

(yes, some of us are Buddhists too)

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Shambala, Anon was projecting. The best way to deflect an accusation of bigotry is to accuse someone else of it, especially when the shoe doesn't fit. (For example, as my Hispanic husband points out often, Mexicans are not a race, but a nationality, and Hispanic is not a race but an ethnicity. But why let facts get in the way of a gold-plated canard?)

Moreover, that would make my (legal immigrant) Mexican relatives racists. Want to hear some of the most scathing criticism of illegals? Just as a legal Mexican immigrant. So it's pretty insensitive of the amnesty crowd to cry ZOMGRACISM! when it looks to me as if they're telling Mexicans that the only way they can enter the country is to be crooks. And yes, Anon, they do find that quite insulting.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

So if the far left and the far right both hate McCain, who's left to support him?

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This wasn't funny this was scary. Too many DUmmies making sense at once..cannot compute..cannot compute.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So if the far left and the far right both hate McCain, who's left to support him?"

The moderates?

10:49 AM  

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