Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grandstanding Pitt Claims He Knew Foley Molester

It was only a matter of time before William Rivers Pitt could no longer constrain himself and make the Mark Foley scandal about HIM. See, it turns out that Foley was born in Newton, MA where Pitt attended school as well as taught before leaving abruptly. Unfortunately for Pitt, Foley left Newton for Florida at the age of three so he could not have been in high school in Newton at the time of the alleged molestation. However, facts never stood in the way of making a story revolve around Pitt according to Pitt as you can see in his THREAD egotistically titled, "I think I know the name of the priest who molested Foley." So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt once again try to make himself important in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pitt will also remember the name of one or more of his former Newton students, is in the [brackets]:

I think I know the name of the priest who molested Foley


& I am going to ask this be deleted. Foley moved out of Newton when he was three. Thanks for the info.&

[Added exactly 15 minutes after Pitt made a grandstanding fool of himself...again. Thanx Skinner for NOT deleting this Pittiful post so we can have the opportunity to once again laugh at Pitt's self-serving antics.]

If it is true.

[Which it's not which you could have found out if you had just searched for Foley's name on Wikipedia.]

Foley grew up in Newton. So did I.

[So did Temporary Sockpuppet.]

I went to CCD class at Our Lady's parish. My CCD teacher was a priest named Paul Shanley.

[Obviously Pitt has fond(le) memories of his school daze.]

You might know the name. He turned out to be the most astonishing predator in the entire Catholic pedophile scandal.

[A school predator in Newton? Who'd a guessed it?]

No, he never messed with me.

[You were too ugly.]

But if this Foley accusation is true, I'd bet my bottom dollar that it was Shanley who did it.

[You lost both your bottom and your dollar. And now to hear from the other DUmmies...]

You knew Paul Shanley? Creepy!

[I think they bonded.]

It must make your skin crawl. .

[That pic of Pitt kissing another male DUmmie makes my skin crawl.]

Or, is it possible that he is just using the Shanley incident because it fits the timeline he needs?

[It fits in the timeline that Pitt needs.]

WILL!!! Can't be Shanley, Foley moved to FL at 3yrs old it happend in FL

[Will can't be bothered doing minimal research.]

First he blamed it on alcohol now he says he molested as young boy.....sounds like nothing but excuses from a member of the party that refuses to accept responsibility for anything they have done. It's just another attempt to shift the blame.

[That seems to be a pattern among former Newtonians.]

On Chris Matthews show they said he went to school in Florida. I am thinking Chris said that he went to Junior high school at Cardinal Gibbons, but not sure.

[Hey! I know that school! Not far from me and I watched a baseball game there once.]

I'm inclined to think it's BS too, but I don't care if it is true, it doesn't excuse Foley.

[It doesn't excuse Pitt either.]

It's just too convenient, selfserving and obvious.

[Are you referring to Foley or Pitt?]

o jesus, please shut your hole. and I say that in a good way.

[LOL! A DUmmie talks back to Pitt in a way that can have several interesting meanings.]

He's ethnic Polish-American and raised Roman Catholic.

["Foley" is a common Polish name.]

Well, you blew it. You could have used this to get away with some things in the future.

[More backtalk towards Pitt.]

What the f*ck does that mean? Did you see the retraction in the OP?

[Angrily responds Pitt as he prepares to sing "Self-Retracted Evening."]

I googled Paul Shanley

[I hope you googled him in the privacy of your room.]

It seems like he wanted a do-over on the sympathy play.

[Foley or Pitt wanting to do a do-over May 12 Rove indictment prediction?]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pitt has GOT to be a Rovian plant. There's no way anyone can be this Stultifyingly Stoopid™...

Or is there?

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

b.c., you have to realize Pitt is little like the fictional "Zelig" character from the Woody Allen movie of that name. In his case, his neurotic need for attention and acceptance (which when fed gives him the mistaken impression of "leadership") causes him to try to inject himself or link himself into ANYTHING that is getting news coverage.

Actually, I'm somewhat surprised that he hasn't yet devised some way to bootstrap himself into the Amish school shooting story, but probably by the time it acquires a political drift one way or the other (if it ever does at all) it will be out of mainstream media visibility, and thus no longer a fitting Pitt venue for self-promotion....

6:34 AM  

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