Friday, September 29, 2006

"Today's capitulation sealed the Dems fate for November"

The DUmmies have given up hope a lot earlier than I expected. At the beginning of this month, the DUmmies were in a state of total jublilation by the prospect of their inevitable victory in November. Now that it is the end of the month, the DUmmies have already succumbed to doom and gloom by giving up all hope of victory at the polls. I honestly believed this DUmmie depression would begin by mid-October but I underestimated the rapidity of their mood shifts. Several things have caused the shift in the DUmmie mood but the latest one is the Senate passage yesterday of the Detainee Interrogation Bill which the DUmmies call the Torture Bill. You can see the extent of DUmmie defeatism over this in this THREAD titled, "Today's capitulation sealed the Dems fate for November." So let us now savor the sweet salty tears of DUmmie despair in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking for a Dollar Store sale on Guy Fawkes costumes, is in the [brackets]:

Today's capitulation sealed the Dems fate for November

[I think the Dems fate was sealed when DUmmieland went online.]

the odds were long anyway with purged voter rolls and phony voting machines. But in fact, there is no compelling reason to vote out the right-wing Congress on November. It should be crystal clear to even the Fox News devotees like Human Torch that our inexorable march toward a fascist state won't be affected by the results of this fall's vote. A slight Dem majority in either house of Congress will not produce the investigations and aggressive prosecutions needed to reverse our rendevous with Nazi Germany's fate.

[You have a Wal-Mart Detention Center in your future.]

The worst president in the country's history gets everything he asks for. He doesn't even pretend to work any more, just attends fundraisers and lets his sycophants in Congress and in the media lie, slander, and propagandize for whoever is really doing the scheming.

[He just relaxes while letting Karl Rove and Dick Cheney do all the heavy lifting. Why strain yourself when you can just relax in the mornings with a nice cup of java while laughing over the latest DUmmie FUnnies edition?]

We've lost, folks. eventually we will get angry enough and the neocons' reign will end in a similar fashion to (best case) the Shah or Papa Doc or Pinochet, or (worst case) Hitler or Mussolini. That's a long way off though. The worst president in history gets one vote of confidence after another, and NO ONE can stop him.

[None can stop the Bush Family Evil Empire juggernaut!]

It's not October, but this was quite a surprise.

[We thought we would surprise you with the September Surprise.]

Go get drunk or something.

[Happy Hour at Bukowski's will be extended today.]

We just need to get out the word the republicans are the party of unending war and torture, all the time diverting our tax $ to global fascists.

[Read all about it in TruthOut!]

That's why a Mussolini-like ending is more likely for the 4th Reich than any other.

[So you will be hanging Li'l Beaver by his toes?]

Bush's rating is very low with the majority against him

[A little Diebold programming can fix that.]

John Murtha as Speaker of the House. John Conyers as head of the House Judiciary Committee. Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader.

[...John Kerry as President on Jan. 20, 2005.]

I heard all that defeatistism before the 05 elections. Dems won BIG in VA, OH and CA despite your hardest efforts to make everyone concede before the election even happened. I don't know if it bums you out or not, but we can and do win elections.

[DUmmiecrats translate the retention of seats into winning.]

Um Did you ever consider that the '05 Elections was the couple of bucks THEY LET YOU WIN? Can you not get this? You can be sure you are going to lose 20's and 50's in November. They will not lose where it counts. That is not defeatism. That is the reality of the criminality you face. To deny it, means you've already lost.

[Correct. We allowed you to retain a few minor offices in '05 just so you would bet whatever sanity you have left this year.]

Never !!!! I will not yield, I will not bow, I will not surrender. We will stop this insanity that has consumed our nation. Have heart my friend and fight. Vote, get those that believe to vote ! Vote for change. It is our duty. We owe it to this nation.

[Good news! I just fedexed you a brand new Guy Fawkes costume.]

Take it from a guy who had some terrible things happen to him in his childhood from ages 2-5, never give in. Always question and hold those responsible accountable. The tide will turn. The lies, the misdeeds, the sheer greed of this administration will be revealed. I wish DEATH (be it political or accidental, not assassination) upon THE TRAITORS of this great nation and humanity.

[Please maintain that great attitude while Lucy adjusts her football.]

I will fight in this life and in the afterlife and you will too. The truth is our weapon and it is vastly more powerful then you have surmised. Our job now is to get it out there. Burn cd's and dvd's of the lies and show them to everyone you know. Tell them to stop watching sports and sitcoms and pay attention. Our way of life is threatened, not by a foreign enemy, but by one that is domestic and our job is not to capitulate and accept it, but to fight it for we will defend our nation from all enemies be they foreign or domestic.

[And I bet you burned a lot of V For Vendetta dvd's.]

Yep!.....Its over. Too many wussy dems. Even a takover of the House, the Senate, or both will be meaningless. There won't be any investigations. Nobody will be held to account for their war crimes, and nothing will change. There will always be just enough turncoat dems to make sure that the fascists get everything they want. We're f*cked!

[You just put a smile on benburch's face.]

As the numbers go, there aren't enough seats up for grabs in November to make any difference at all even if we win every one of them. Because there are still too many traitors within our own party who don't have to run for office this year.

[Give up all hope...NOW!]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else here just cannot wait until the election? This is going to be priceless.

But I have a feeling the Dems will tell themselves after they lose(again) "Our ideas and stance on the issues is fine. Where we went wrong was in our messaging and being too nice in going head to head against Republicans. Next time, we've got to play dirty and go for the throat!"

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush's rating is very low with the majority against him
[A little Diebold programming can fix that.]


12:43 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

I have seldom seen such a strong case for the use of extremely strong meds.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it. In my state, Virginia, a good moderate Democrat defeats a truly idiotic and worthless Republican candidate by a small margin and the DUmmies are triumphant. Never mind that if they knew Tim Kaine, they'd give him the same treatment they gave Joe Lieberman.

5:58 PM  

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