Thursday, September 28, 2006

Absurd N-Word Accuser Of The Day

The racial slur charges against Virginia Senator George Allen have gotten so riduculous that they have reached the point of high comedy and will probably now HELP him. It turns out that the Democrats have overplayed their hand. Not content to let the obscure M-Word charge (who knew before that "Macaca" is a slur?), the MULTIPLE allegations of George Allen using the N-word have suddenly come tumbling out of the closet with such a roar you would almost think that every other word that Allen said during the 1970s was the N-word. Of course, even though Allen has been in the public eye for about a dozen years, not a PEEP has been said before over these slurs he supposed uttered over and over and over again. And now, on the heels of Larry Sabato declaring for certain that he heard (second hand thru others) Allen using the N-word comes the most absurd slur report of them all from the "esteemed" New York Times. Here it is: the latest racial slur word accusation against Allen comes from an ACTIVE Virginia Democrat who claimed via a forwarded e-mail to the Times that she heard Allen REPEATEDLY using this slur word directed against Washington Redskins (isn't "Redskins" a slur word?) running back, Larry Brown, on election night 1976. I kid you not. Unfortunately for the author of the forwarded e-mail, Ellen G. Hawkins, there was no corroboration of her accusation that supposedly took place in a very public setting and her former husband who was also at the same 1976 party has declined to comment. As a result of these incredibly slim pickings that the "unbiased" New York Times saw fit to publish, the DUmmies have now convinced themselves that George Allen is finished as you can see in this THREAD titled, "It's over for Allen: NYT : he made racist comments about black Redskins." In addition, the Huffington Post HUffies have also gleefully leapt upon this non-story in this THREAD. So let us now watch the DUmmies and HUffies rejoice over a report based on less than nothing in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who lost any chance for a career in politics because he used the slur word "Redskins" repeatedly when living in the D.C. area years ago, is in the [brackets]:

It's over for Allen: NYT : he made racist comments about black Redskins

[He called them "Redskins?" Yes, that's definitely a slur according to current standards.]

Specifically, Larry Brown. In Northern VA you DON'T diss Larry Brown.

[George Allen was so angry at Larry Brown that, as governor, he appointed Brown to the board of visitors at George Mason University.]


[Thanx for posting that NY Times comedy link. Here are some of the laugh lines posted in their article jokingly titled, "New Report That Senator Uttered Slurs."

"Mrs. Hawkins, who described herself as a rural Virginia housewife and an active Democrat, said in an interview Tuesday that she heard Mr. Allen use the slur repeatedly at a party on election night in 1976."

"She described her recollections in an e-mail message forwarded to The New York Times."

"Her former husband, who she said was at the party, did not return a call for comment."]

And we haven't even BEGUN to tally up his ANTI-SEMETIC remarks!

[Nor his anti-Swedish remarks.]

Fundy wacko KKK Christian types subscribe to the same belief most Orthodox and Conservative Jewish authorities adhere to

[Sorry, the proper spelling is "FUndie."]

By all accounts he treated them with respect... and appointed them to leadership positions on the team and coaching staff. This point suggests that he was not a racist. Who knows for sure? You can't prove a negative.

[And yet he somehow let his son get away with constantly using the N-word? Sorry, does NOT compute.]

And I'll come clean here that I didn't like Allen as a coach because of the way he treated Sonny Jurgensen. That's STILL a sore spot.

[That settles it then. I am now against George Allen because his father was anti-Swedish. In fact I am now going to inform Charles Henrickson of the Swedish Anti-Defamation League about this matter.]

Why didn't anyone pounce on his racism the first time he ran? It seems extremely blatant with this guy. I suppose he has to wear a Klansman outfit for people to finally get it.

[You hit the nail on the head. With ALL these accusations against George Allen, why hadn't they EVER come out BEFORE?]

I don't know how true it is, but yesterday I heard several
reporters on TV saying that Va. USED to be alot more "southern" than it is today. Believe me, there's still a LOT of racism and prejudice in todays South, no matter what the media of the gov't tries to tell you.

[I lived in Virginia for a couple of years in the 1970s and can't recall anybody (other than black people) using the N-word. By that time it was considered low class for any white person to use such a word. And yet we somehow are led to believe by professional Democrats that George Allen used that word REPEATEDLY.]

Lizza and others have pointed to other "signs" suggestive of Allen's "race problem," such as a Confederate flag he used to display in his home that was part of a flag collection. Allen also had a noose hanging from a ficus tree in his law office that was part of his Western collection and symbolic of his tough attitude toward crime.

[And then there was that slur word of a team name that his father coached: Redskins.]

Lester Mattox and other "Dixiecrats" led the mass migration of the angry white male to the southern Republican party.

[Lester Maddox never became a Republican although it is possible that Lester Mattox did.]

The name of the team itself is racist!

[And any politician who ever attended a Redskins game should be tossed out of office.]

Well for a white southerner who grew up in the 60's & 70's....
to claim that he never used the infamous "N-word" strains the credulity of even the most dedicated freepers.

[60s maybe but 70s, no. By the 1970s it was completely taboo although I am sure a lot of low class whites used it. Somehow I don't think it was part of the vocabulary of a son of the coach of an NFL team. He would have been shunned for using such a word. And now on to the POSTINGS of the HUffies over the latest absurd allegations.]

Mr. Allen, after your electoral defeat in November, your are cordially invited to leave Virginia. You are an unwelcome guest now having overstayed your welcome. Please do not return.

[Just in case anyone has forgotten, the accusations against George Allen are ALL about politics.]

Show me someone who says they remember what someone else said 30 years ago...and I'll show you Filthy Damn Liar.

[Maybe she had one of those Roseanne Barr suppressed memories based on things that never happened.]

I guess it's just a big ol' coincidence that the people who supposedly "overheard" Allen are ALL hardcore Democrat activists. Just a big ol' coincidence.

[Just a big ol' coincidence.]

We don't really need to go farther than Macaca, do we? And we all heard that. Why, he even said it twice. What a guy!

[The M-word that few knew even existed.]

The Dems using Rovian tactics, it's about f*cking time. Smear all the bastards.

[YEAH! Smear them even if there is no truth to the allegations. YEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!]

The problem is not so much that Allen used racial alurs (bad enough) but that we have someone credible saying that he is lying about it.

[Yeah, real credible witness there. A Democrat activist who SUDDENLY remembers something from 30 years ago. Meanwhile there is no corroboration from anybody else who was at the same party. Not even from her ex-husband who REFUSES to comment.]

Rove probably set this whole thing up to make sure the GOP base knows they're thinking alike. It's a rallying call for their type of voter.

[Rove probably set these dopey charges up just to demonstrate how absurd they are.]

As a white Alabamian born in the 50's I can say that the N word has always had bad connotations.

[Which is why in Virginia of the 1970s it was rarely used. And yet we are supposed to believe that George Allen used it all the time. Of course, no one ever noticed it until NOW.]

Anyone remember when Dan Blathers pulled a similar stunt on 60 Minutes when he reported on fake documnents that President had been AWOL?

[Mrs. Hawkins' accusation is fake but accurate.]

The Democrats have overstepped the line again. You watch as this backfires on them and explodes in their faces. Just watch."

[BINGO!!! And isn't strange how all these accusers "just happen" to be Democrat activists.]

The GOP is the McDonalds of racism. Millions served daily. You could put Allen in a mold and then take out the entire Republican party. They hate black people, look to Katrina and how they watched them drown and did nothing.

[Thus spaketh another Democrat activist.]

Thanks for the giving us the Senate Rethugs. It's going to make inpeachment REALLY sweet.

[But, of course, Pelosi and Reid keep telling us that impeachment isn't even on their agenda.]

The following people also heard Sen Allen use the "n-word". All have been checked out and found credible by The Huffington Post.

1. Bill-New York
2. David-Los Angeles
3. Tyrone-Washington, D.C.
4. Yolanda-Washington, D.C.
5. Enrique-Miami
6. Osama-Afghanistan/Pakistan
7. Jesus-San Antonio
8. Jesus-Nazareth
9. Herbert-Chicago
10.Walter-Sioux City
14. Michelle-Atlanta
15. Ray-New Orleans
16. Tom-Houston
17. Al-New York
18. Jesse-St. Paul
19. Hillary-Illinois/Arkansas/New York
20 Bill-Arkansas/Moscow/WashDC/New York
21. La'Quinisha-Harlem
22. Jer'ome L'Roy-East St.Louis
23. Hugo-Caracas
24. Fidel-Havana
25. Jack-San Diego

[The full name of the latter accuser is Jack In The Box.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how Allen's poll numbers have RAISED since these allegations began...

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Virginian, I laugh at these allegations.

Basically, George Allen is too sweet to loose. So the Dems are freaking out and now are in the process of making shit up to get him blasted. Also, the people of this state know that the charges are bullshit, and so George Allen is about to attain that wonderful Southern Senator status of untouchable.

It's all thanks to Kos, Ariana, Skinner, and the rest of the unhinged idiot left.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, I've called Blacks "nigger" in response (in RESPONSE) to being called "wetback", "spic", "beaner", etc.

No group is free from racists. If a White guy is called names by a Black or a beaner, I fully understand the same crap given back.

--Rodolfo-- <-- Beaner name

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next week we get the "O" word!!!

4:13 PM  

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