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DUmmie FUnnies 02-06-06 ("Is Karl Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?")

Remember that big terrorist attack on the Super Bowl last night? Well, it is all the fault of Karl Rove according to the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD which dares to ask, "Is Karl Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?" And who was the far out wacko DUmmie nutcase who came up with this theory? Well, don't blame your run-of-the-mill far out wacko DUmmie nutcase. The author of this piece of "brilliance" is none other than Bob Fertik of Democrats.Com who is considered a "mainstream" Democrat Blogger by much of the Mainstream Media. Yes, this wacko has appeared on the tube and in print as a voice of the liberal blogging community. Fertik has even been written up in the New York Times and was glowingly PRAISED by Ellis Hennican in Newsday. So let us now read the reaction of the DUmmies to Bob Fertik's completely "logical" (from the DUmmie POV) assertion that Karl Rove planned last night's terror attack on the Superbowl. The Bob Fertik and DUmmie Superbowl paranoia is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the INSANE loonie left halftime show from the fifty-yard line, is in the [brackets]:

Bob Fertik asks, "is Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?"

[But of course. Of course!]

Let's pray he isn't planning such an attack, but there are plenty of reasons to fear that he might be - starting with Bush's dismal polls, bottomless Republican scandals, serious Senate hearings on NSA wiretapping, November's Congressional elections, and of course all of the Iraq War provocations and lies.

[Let's pray that we can at least get to get to enjoy the halftime show plus a few of the FUnnie superbowl commercials before the Rove inspired Armageddon sets in.]

[Thanx for providing that link to Fertik's comedic insanity. Something to keep in mind whenever Fertik appears in the media as some sort of rational "progressive voice."]

My best friend is going to the Super Bowl and this is
what her fellow teachers told her, that there might be a terrorist attack!

[MIGHT be a terrorist attack? Oh there MUST be a terrorist attack according to the "brilliant" scenario laid forth by Bob Fertik.]

American lives mean nothing to the neocons.
They let Americans burn in New York (WTC) and drown in New Orleans.

[And now the Super Bowl Terror Attack. Ah yes, we see a pattern here...leading to your institutionalization.]

I pray this doesn't come to pass but these fascists have already demonstrated their evil ways. 9/11 mihop/lihop,Torture, no child left behind, wmd, stolen election 2000, diebold et al 2004, Valerie Plame, medicare, abramoff, scooter, jeff gannon, swift boat, paid propagandists, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on as most of you know.

[Yes, you could go on until the nurse arrives with your lithium treatment.]

I hope Bob is wrong!

[Fertik has a PERFECT track record so far...Perfectly NUTS!]

If something does happen down there this weekend, I'll know it was bush and his buddies.

[And if NOTHING happens, you can still blame them.]

I dealt with Bob fertik for many months
He is a very lucid, rational, well educated individual-- if he is posting this shit there is cause for alarm because he is no crack pot.

[Bob Fertik is no more a crackpot than, oh, your typical DUmmie.]

This sounds ominously familiar.. The WTC replaced its original elevator maintenance firm (Otis) with the mysterious ACE, which went out of business shortly after 9/11. About 80 ACE technicians were on the premises that morning, and all of them escaped without injury--they just left and went home, in violation of emergency procedures.

[And if we find out that ACE is a subdivision of Halliburton...all the pieces will fit in so we can Chimpeach Cheney as well.]

Super Bowl Terror Attack. These kind of statements just benefit the Re pukes by giving them something to use as an example of the left being a bunch of wackos.


The Neocons constantly throw the "wacko-tinfoil hat-conspiracy theorist" label at anyone that actually raises legitimate questions about what happened on 9/11, of which there are too many to count..."9/11 Commission" notwithstanding.

[Shame! Shame! And I bet the Neocons throw the "wacko-tinfoil hat-conspiracy theorist" label on poor Bob Fertik and his Super Bowl conspiracy theory as well.]

It makes us look like imbeciles and like we're posting out of paranoia and desperation.

[Um...perhaps this is because you ARE imbeciles and you ARE posting out of paranoia and desperation.]

I dreamed last night that there was an attack on Superbowl Sunday.

[Nighty night! Pleasant DUmmie dreams!]

If they would steal an election or two, invade a soverign nation for lies and let 9/11 happen, as I think the evidence shows they may well have done, what wouldn't they do to retain power?

[Including ruining a Super Bowl halftime show.]

And Bob lives in NYC. And he's a nice, intelligent, responsible man.

[Bob Fertik: The Leftist voice of reason. Perhaps Teddy the Swimmer can get Bob to testify against the next Bush Supreme Court nominee as being out of the mainstream.]

No offense to the OP, but it's threads like this that serve as fodder for the groups out there who want to make us look silly. This would no doubt be the kind of thread that someone like the NY Post or any other of the extremely jealous neo-conservative groups would select as an example to make DU look like a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theorists, something which for the most part we are NOT.

[For the sake of accuracy please eliminate the "NOT" at the end of your statement.]

I may be paranoid but am I paranoid ENOUGH?

[You really have to work at it since DUmmieland has such high standards for paranoia.]

If there is no terrorist attack at the super bowl Is that proof that Rove isn't actual masterminding terrorists assults? Or does that mean he just decided not to kill Americans at the super bowl?

[As we shall see, Karl Rove will be blamed no matter what happens.]

I really hate this world, and I hate what I am becoming because of them. I can see Rove doing this remember he outed a female CIA agent. If he wanted to "silence" a woman who was doing her job he's capable of anything.

[Upbeat outlook...DUmmie style.]

Shame on the MSM! There was a brutal MIHOP terrorist attack in Detroit tonight, and all they can do is talk about the game!

[Congrats to DUmmie Telly Savalas (whom I suspect of being a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL) for INTENTIONALLY making me laugh with that truly FUnnie post-game comment.]

The Seahawks got robbed and it wouldn't surprise me if Rove had something to do with the afficiaiting...Nice libreal town like Seattle and all.

[So there was NO terrorist attack but Karl Rove now gets blamed for FIXING the game.]

Final Score: Sanity: 1, Fertik 0.

[LOL! But the even FUnnier fact is that Fertik will CONTINUE to be held up as a "rational" liberal voice by the likes of Ellis Hennican and many others in the MSM.]


Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Bad officiating is the fault of Karl Rove!

Wow ...

And I always thought ba officiating was the fault of bad referees.

My bad.


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Best job interview I had was when the hiring manager turned out to be a friend I used to play D&D with when I was in jr. high school, but hadn't talked to in years. The "interview" was mainly us just shooting the shit, catching up, and talking about our travels. Naturally I got the job.

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