Thursday, January 26, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-26-06 ("Expose the 'Alito 8' Democratic Senators Who Are Blocking a Filibuster")

The coming ApocAlito is hitting my DUmmie Ants HARD. They are scurrying about the circular mill with ever more furious and DESPERATE speed. Some of them are talking about leaving the country. Others about leaving the Democrats. Pied Piper Pitt wants the Democrats to stand up and WALK OUT of the President's State of the Union Address. And more are now talking about taking out retribution against the Democrats for not filibustering (despite cheerleading support for this antic by the NY Times) the Alito nomination as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Expose the 'Alito 8' Democratic Senators Who Are Blocking a Filibuster." Yes, it will definitely be FUn to visit DUmmieland AFTER the Alito nomination to watch the incredible level of DUmmie Angst and recrimination. I am sooooo looking forward to DUFUing the depressed DUmmies on that occasion (soon). In the meantime, let us now enjoy the DUmmie angst over the ApocAlito in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the circular mill DUmmie Ants go around and around and around, is in the [brackets]:

Expose the "Alito 8" Democratic Senators Who Are Blocking a Filibuster

[Hunt 'em down and run 'em out of office! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]

The most likely suspects are the 7 Democrats in the Gang of 14.

Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut
Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia
E. Benjamin Nelson, Nebraska
Mary Landrieu, Louisiana
Daniel Inouye, Hawaii
Mark Pryor, Arkansas
Ken Salazar, Colorado

[Let the investigations and recriminations begin! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]

Ben Nelson has already said he will vote for Alito. Screw him, but we don't need his vote as long as we get nearly all of the rest.


And call the five Democratic Senators who want you to support them for President in 2008. If they want to prove their leadership, they need to lead the filibuster. It only takes 1 Senator to start the filibuster. Call them with a simple message: SUPPORT A FILIBUSTER OR FORGET ABOUT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

Evan Bayh
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Russ Feingold
John Kerry

[That threat won't work since Hillary already has the '08 nomination in the matter what.]

Naw. It's the Elito 44. How will we know the '8' if the rest don't act?

[Toss the "Elito" 44 out of office. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]

We have Jeffords - I think he will support a filibuster

[CALLING JUMPIN' JIM! CALLING JUMPIN' JIM! Has anybody seen him in his office in the Senate bathroom?]

I just got off the phone with Reid's office - NO plan for a filibuster that she knows of. I asked the question two different ways - same response

[And both ways started off and ended with a curse.]

Maybe a good way to flush out the traitors
is to tell your Senator you won't support him or her if there isn't a filibuster. That may provoke listing the traitors.


You're right about accountability... I just don't know if that is the answer, right now. Any other time, maybe. But the Republican party of today is just plain dangerous. These people are not Republicans. They are not Conservatives. They are the American Nazi Party, and honestly, they scare me. I understand what you are saying, and to a large extent I agree with you, it's just that these Republicans need to be stopped. They really scare me, not the "turrists", them and their Dear Leader

[And we may have a WINNER here for the most WACKJOB DUmmie post of this thread. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]

Sad day. Makes me wish I hadn't of had children.

[Is retroactive abortion possible?]

If there is not a filibuster, it is 100% Harry Reid's fault.
Pat Leahy said on Ed Schultz that the decision to filibuster lies with Reid. If one doesn't happen, you know who to blame - along with the spoiler senators who would not support one. But Reid should take the lion's share of the guilt - what the f*ck use is a "party leader" who can't lead his party?

[That Leaky Leahy stab in the back sounds like HE will be running for Minority Leader as soon as Reid splits.]

I sure as shit ain't going to spend my time arguing with the DLC, "it's not that bad" "next election we can win" people on DU. You are deluded. I don't know what I'm gonna do-but this shit is a joke. And anybody that excuses and abets these people is shooting themselves. Politics is a f*cking joke. Maybe I'll look at another country-would would you suggest? There is no oppostion party in this country. Not a "party." Not a group. Not with leaders. This vote for Alito-I'm the most pro-abortion person around-don't even need to be mealy mouthed about. BUT Roe v. Wade is nothing compared to the president having ABSOLUTE POWER. Unitary executive. "Signing statements" A King. The congress has no power now. It's getting worse every day. He's already broken law and broken his oath of office and nothing is about it. And now these so called "democrats" are letting him appoint someone to the supreme court for life without fighting with everything they've got-that will give him absolute power in court cases-our only last line of defense against tryanny-and I'm supposed to say it's going to be okay? You must be insane. Because to think you are winning anything again with the Supreme court stacked you are seriously deluded. Game over.


We are talking about a fascist dictatorship in the making
and Alito would be an important part of that. Let's keep calling the Senators.

[And beating our collective DUmmie heads against the wall. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!]


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