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DUmmie FUnnies 01-25-06 (Hardball said it...Rove pushing Hillary in '08...")

Hello to DUmmie FUnnies reader, CRAIG CRAWFORD. I know this Congressional Quarterly reporter (and bigtime Liberal apologist) is a reader of the DUmmie FUnnies because he read about the Rovian 2008 Game Plan that we have often discussed here. Now he is reciting what we already knew as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Hardball said it...Rove pushing Hillary in '08..." Yes, now even the DUmmies are getting a clue about the fate that Karl Rove has in store for them. They can plug Dennis Kucinich, Wesley Clark, Barbara Boxer, or Russ Feingold to their hearts' content but there is NO STOPPING the inevitable: Hillary WILL be their 2008 nominee. Crybaby all you want DUmmies but there is no way you can fight the Perfect Rovian Storm. ALL is going according to plan. As usual the DUmmie rantings, under the delusion that they actually have some sort of choice in picking their nominee, are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmies being crushed under the Rove/Hillary machine, is in the [brackets]:

Hardball said it...Rove pushing Hillary in '08...

[Actually the DUmmie FUnnies said it FIRST. Craig Crawford is merely repeating what he read here.]

FINALLY I heard it said on mainstream media the end of Hardball tonight Craig Crawford put forth the idea that the Republicans would love for Hillary to be the candidate because they know they could beat her....THEY are pushing her, not the Democrats. So can we finally hear the end of Hillary in 2008! Can we not let the Republicans choose our candidate this time around???

[Tough luck, DUmmies. Hillary WILL be your 2008 nominee. And there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. The most FUn about the 2008 election won't be the final result which is a foregone conclusion. The TRUE entertainment will be to watch the ants in DUmmieland having a collective mental meltdown when they realize that Karl Rove has chosen their nominee.]

The thugs pushed for Kennedy in 72
I tried and tested strategy.

[McGovern sufficed back then as a SURE loser.]

When did GOP ever choose our nominee? They failed when they tried in 2004.

[We came close in 2004 with Dean but then Hillary stopped Dean with the release of the letter he wrote to her hubby when president supporting the use of unilateral action in Bosnia. That was the moment Dean's campaign went south...thanx to Hillary.]

Did GOP want to run against Dean????


While you are at it, ask why they crucified Dean with that mic trick. Why did they only play the audio from his directional mic on that scream? A mic who's sole purpose is to focus in on the speaker's voice only. The type of mic that someone like Matt Roker would use outdoors on the Today Show so that you can hear above all the screaming fans. Why did they never show the real footage where the crowd is screaming so loud that you can't even hear Dean? BushCo put a media hit out on Dean and the lap dogs were all to willing to comply by playing that one audio track over and over again until the "mainstream" was anti-Dean because he was "crazy."


They were also terrified of General Wes Clark...
And were happy as hell that not running in Iowa wound up backfiring on him...

[You mean the same Clinton tool, Wes Clark, who spilled the beans about Kerry's girlfriend?]

Hillary has power and appeal that they must find threatening, so I'm sure they'll trivialize and mock her the same way they did Dean.

[Actually the Rovian Game Plan is to build her up...until the moment of her nomination.]

But I think Gore running would be their worst nightmare.

[Gore is actually the ONLY Democrat who could beat Hillary for the nomination but Karl knows that Gore won't run because he is like a spoiled brat. Yeah, Gore would dearly love to become President but only as long as he doesn't have to go through the arduous campaigning routine again. Gore much prefers to be coronated as President than actually WORK for it in a campaign.]

Gore would be their worst nightmare. And that is why they are pushing the Hillary things so hard.

[Not to worry. See above. Although Gore could easily defeat Hillary in the Democrat primaries, he is much too lazy to even try campaigning again. ALL is going according to plan.]

Hillary should run on Universal Heathcare.

[Yeah, that idea sure worked beautifully for her in 93/94. The end result has been a Republican Congress AND Senate (with a brief Jumpin' Jim respite) that has endured until this day.]

No one unites Republicans more than HILLARY .... Glad it's finally getting out there that it's the media pushing her!

[With Karl Rove holding the puppet strings.]

I prefer to work for my candidate of choice - Al Gore.

[Too bad Al Gore is too lazy to work on his own campaign.]

Gore is my choice as well !

[I'm going to enjoy watching your tears of frustration when Hillary is nominated.]

If we all just vote for who we think is the best candidate, ignoring what the opposition may or may not want, the winner will be the best candidate.

[The winner WILL be Hillary. And there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change the INEVITABLE.]

..a lot of us really are SICK and TIRED of the media saying that Hillary is "untouchable, a shoe-in, the Democratic favorite.. yada, yada, yada..."

[You need to sit back and relax because there is NOTHING you can do to stop Hillary (and Rove).]

Forget what the republican party is trying to make us do.

[That's right. Just forget that Karl Rove is arranging for the nomination of Hillary.]

I agree with you.. we are pretty much asleep at the wheel...

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I've been saying this for months...The media has been the ONLY ones pushing Hillary. MSNBC was pushing her the night we voted for Kerry. Why do so many dems believe the media and then, say they're full of shit? We have to STOP getting our knowledge from the TV. If we don't qut acting like sheep we never will win.

[Baah! Baah!]

Personally, I think it's going to be Gore. Go Al!!!
Hillary is the smoke screen.

[Unfortunately for your theory, Al is just too damn LAZY to actually campaign. He will only accept a coronation as President if it doesn't involve actual WORK.]

I think Rove would LOVE it.. The Freepnoids would LOVE it.. and anyone with a Republican bone in their body would LOVE it..

[Of course we would LOVE it since a Hillary nomination means the Democrats LOSING in a landslide. We won't even have to preprogram up our Diebold machine software to achieve that result.]

It would be wonderful to sideline Rove,
doing time in the Big House.

[I regret to inform you that the Grinch has already stolen Fitzmas.]

I was really struck by this episode of hardball..
That Tweety truly thinks that this is all just some game. Ned Flanders, I mean Ed Rogers states plainly that the republicans are using thought control to win. (bumper sticker vs. essay) And Chris Matthews thinks that's just great.

[Beware the Rovian Mind Meld!]

So, as she ain't running, just drop the subject

[That's right. You just go right on BEEEEELEEEEEVING that Hillary isn't running for president. And which fairy tale would you like me to read you at bedtime?]


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