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DUmmie FUnnies 01-26-06 ("I am very, very disappointed...")

The impending Alito nomination has driven the DUmmies into a greater crazed frenzy than that of Rambo Cat above. It is starting to dawn on them that the filibuster, if ever tried, will FAIL. Despite the too little, too late support of such a filibuster by Jean Kerry from the ski slopes of Switzerland, the votes for filibuster are just NOT there. Plus we now have word that Sheets Byrd SUPPORTS the nomination of Alito. Game over for the DUmmies thus their INTENSE anger as you can see in this THREAD titled, with SUPREME understatement, "I am very, very disappointed..." So let us now join Rambo Cat and plunge the depths of DUmmie Despair in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding everyone that Jean Kerry never EVER falls down on the ski slopes, is in the [brackets]:

I am very, very disappointed...


In the way the Democrats handled this Alito nomination. They have known for several weeks that the vote was coming up to either approve or to filibuster his nomination. There was absolutely no reason to get to this point and not know where your own members stood on their vote. Yes, they were on Christmas and New Year's vacation, but that is no reason not to have contact with all the members.

[But...but don't you feel HAPPY with the utterly MEANINGLESS support for a filibuster by John Kerry from the Swiss ski slopes?]

They should never have raised any expectations of a filibuster unless they knew there was a credible vote count that would permit such a maneuver. To get up to the last minute before the vote and then realize we don't have the votes is a failure of leadership, in my opinion. They would have been better off to simply say from the beginning that it appears Mr. Alito will be voted thru on a slim vote. I am very disappointed in the way this process was handled.

[Actually I ENJOY watching DUmmie expectation levels raised only to be DASHED at the last minute.]

my but that is mild language. They are traitorous bastards for not standing up for the Democrats and this country against the creeping fascism that is bushco**. They are worthless.

I agree with you completely..
I've been calling, writing, and donating.. I've literally put my ass on the line.. Why aren't they? I can't keep fighting for people that won't fight for me..

[John Kerry has your back...from the Swiss ski slopes.]

..There are a couple that are fighting, but that's it..
A couple isn't enough...

[John K and Mama T have your back.]

Your ass is on the line???
Seriously? So your job is on the line is what your saying? Or are you just saying you've donated some time and money? I wouldn't describe that as your ass on the line...a little heavy on the drama, brother.

[John Kerry's frozen ass is on the ski jump line.]

I donated all of my time, money and energy to the kerry campaign and the democratic party in 2004. I did all of that while suffering excruciating pain from a herniated disc. I literally suffered physically for our cause. I also joined several peace groups including the Quaker's Friends committee. Shortly after that I had a big old dark SUV parked on my street for a week. I thought I was paranoid at the time now I know better. And I suffered and gave my time for f*cking what exactly? For the democrats to F O L D at the most crucial moment in our nations history???

[John Kerry is just $10 away from a successful filibuster.]

If we acted more like we were insane, they'd give a shit, but we are Rational, so they don't give a shit.

[Actually the first part of your sentence is the ONLY correct part.]

I'll remember this sell out, in fact I am sure we'll be reminded of it every time the SCOTUS shoves another abominable ruling up our collective rear ends. Believe me, Walt, you have no corner on the outrage market.

If the left now decided to stay home in droves and allowed teh Republicans to utterly defeat the Democrats, or better yet, showed up in droves but cast no vote whatsoever for either a Democrat or a Republican, we'd have their attention.

[Just Do It!]

We have 44 Democrats and 1 Independent that vote with us sometimes. When we reach a certain number of Democrats that say they will vote to close debate, there is no filibuster. The filibuster is over. If you don't get 41 votes, the filibuster is over. I guess we can hold out hope to get some help from a few Republicans?? I'm not holding my breath. Maybe they will twist a couple of arms and get them to change their vote. We shall see. I am the realist. Let's see where Byrd goes??

[Your post was made at 2:39 PM EST today so I guess you hadn't gotten the news yet that Sheets Byrd is going to vote FOR Alito.]

I have been depressed and in tears a good part of the time for the last two weeks. This is the most important vote in my (considerable) lifetime, and I am terrified of the consequences.

[The consequence is detention centers for all DUmmies at all Walmart construction sites.]

Exactly why our leadership should have had the votes in line... to filibuster this choice. But, we are now down to the last minute and they are behind closed doors trying to reason with a few Democrats. I am more than disappointed.

[John Kerry will be very disappointed to leave the Swiss ski slopes to support a meaningless filibuster attempt.]

Perhaps if this fails we need a new Senate Minority leader. Perhaps someone like Barbara Boxer!

[That's just the flush the Democrats down the toilet.]

We're talking now about senators being on record of what THEY THEMSELVES wanted to do, not hiding behind a wimp group of senators that are trying to say "you don't have any other choice" to us!

Pure and simple, the DLC is responsible for the split in the Dems that has destroyed any hope it had of being an opposition party. And that is what the mission of the DLC is. They DON'T WANT a viable opposition party to the Republicans who are the party that is implementing their corporate masters' will! The DLC is there to keep the Dems in check and keep them from fighting the corporate juggernaut! That's why NOW is the time to stop the DLC! Once we can clean house of them, then we can in a more unified fashion fight against the GOP!

[What? No credit given to Karl Rove for splitting up the Dems? You ingrate!]

I swear, sometimes I wish I was a member of the brain dead
morons who can't name a justice on the court. Maybe I'll start watching sitcoms and soap operas instead of CSpan.

[Your wish is granted, my brain dead little DUmmie.]

THE QUESTION STILL REMAINS...WHAT DID THE DEMOCRATS GET OUT OF THE GANG OF 14 DEAL??? NOTHING!!!!!!!! THE REPUKES GOT THEIR RW WACKO NUT JOB JUDGES CONFIRMED AND WE GOT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this f*cking party. IF THIS ISN'T AN "EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCE" WHAT THE HELL IS???? I knew this would happen. I KNEW they would still get their fucking SCOTUS judges confirmed. I KNEW IT. As usual, we Progressives have been told to F*CK OFF by the Dem party.

Oh here I go-yes the gang of fourteen agreement
I will never forget Will Pitt claiming "we saved Roe. V. Wade" with this. NO! I knew it was a bad idea. Wrong wrong wrong. You don't compromise, back down and give up to bullies and thugs. IT never works. And what would have impressed us loyal Dems and some undecided or apathetic voters-is that if they went nuclear and destroyed the fillibuster option-we could have protrayed that as un-American and all the rest. We could have been outraged and demanding and never let them forget it. Instead we are cowards are reap the rewards. The only answer is obvioulsy a civil war in the Dem party. This shit is over. They don't represent me

[Uh-oh. DUmmie discontent with the infallible Pied Piper Pitt.]

It's getting down to the nitty-gritty...
Specter wants to have a vote. But, Democrats say they have more speakers. Seems the Dems are killing time to see what they can get together. But, it appears the inevitable is about to happen, imo... Unless something very dramatic happens?

[Like Mama T's Boy Toy leaving the Swiss ski slopes?]

Some brave people have pointed out the possibility of a filibuster is still there. So long as have a shot, we have to keep the pressure on. It's war.


Blogger Icarus said...

I'll be having nightmares about Rambo-kitty tonight!

But I'll wake up giggling at the desperation of the DUmmies as they go down in flames, yet again ...

Hey, DUmmies! If any of you anti-American freedom-hating group-think sheeple read this .... picture me when Alito is confirmed: I'll be smoking a Cuban Cohiba Esplendido, sipping at some very nice Reposado tequila, and LAUGHING at you .....


7:41 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

[The consequence is detention centers for all DUmmies at all Walmart construction sites.]

PJ, you may have missed the memo from Ops Leader Rove, but this phase of the Great Plan isn't due until NEXT YEAR! I am hoping any DUmmie reading this believes it to be humorous prose.

Icarus, cigars make me all light-headed... you know, like a liberal... But save me a shot of tequila!

7:52 AM  
Blogger moonbat monitor said...

that cat picture rules! I put that at the top of my blog.

meow Mother Fuc***!!!!

6:30 PM  

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