Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Why I hate the rich..."

DUmmieland is a hate site. We've been documenting that here at the DUmmie FUnnies for over seven years. And right at the top of the list (tied for first with hatred of Christians and hatred of Rethuglicans) is hatred of the rich. Witness this THREAD by DUmmie undergroundpanther, "Why I hate the rich..." DUmmie undergroundpanther HATES the rich, and she is envious of them.

So let us now feel the hate of the Left, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, rich with comedy GOLD mined from the Democrat Underground, is in the [brackets]:

Why I hate the rich...

[Because they have more stuff than I do, and I don't like it!]

On top of the pathological levels of sociopathic indifference they have twords the pain of others,the horrors they perpetrate against others,against the environment and everything else that exists. Despite the fact they want to OWN and CONTROL the world and if they cannot have it all that they'll make damn sure nothing else can live on/in it either. Even regardless of that zero sum @ss holiness bullsh*t they foist upon everyone by hanging price tags on everything but themselves, to make us all pay the rich MORE..Despite their attempts to own or destroy the commons.On top of their systemic abuse of this entire nation cradle to grave. Or the intrusions their f***ing companies make into our lives,and the petulant demands found in all levels of the hierarchy they whip into submission via lies,debt and free market bullsh*t,and the damage to our collective well being that is done to make sure the rich shall never do without a desire unmet. . . .

[BREATHE, undergroundpanther, breathe! You're off to a rip-roaring start here with your rant, but I'm afraid you're going to spontaneously combust!]

I hate them for even more. . . .

[OK, here we go. UGP was just getting warmed up.]

They get to have have time, Most people have NO time. . . .

[Yet YOU, undergroundpanther, you have plenty of time to write this LOOONG screed against the rich, one of your 11,113 posts. If you had spent half that time making money, maybe you'd be rich, too! Oh, wait. Then you'd hate yourself.]

I hate the rich they always have the means to go places I will NEVER EVER see.

[Like, the place where they work to make the money so they can go places.]

The rich get to go to quality schools with low teacher to student ratios that have time to challenge them if they are smart. . . .

[You don't have to worry about that, UGP.]

they are so removed from the consequences of their lifestyles and greed they can see people like you and I as cattle. . . .

[We shall not be cowed!]

The rich,they never have to do without anything or do anything they don't want to do. . . .

[It's amazing how any of them ever GOT rich or STAY rich, since usually you make money by doing things. It must be magic or something, this getting-rich business.]

They have soft perfect hands because the rich have staff to cook the food,wash the dishes.They won't f*** up the budget because they have top notch professionals to manage the paperwork,manage their f***ing companies for them,workers to make or do the jobs,as they see the money pour in like never ending manna from heaven.

[Don't you think the cooks, dishwashers, top-notch professionals, managers, and workers--don't you think they are kinda grateful the rich have the money to employ them?]

The rich never even have to manage the hassles in maintaining their lives. No budget to speak of,health care,and all the other really insane time occupying BULLSH*T that the 95% of us deal with day in day out. . . .

[I thought it was 99%.]

Like repeating over and over your name/dress/date of birth etc. to a f***ing machine,or going up a phone tree trying to put you off,to get a number to call to go up ANOTHER d*mn phone tree until you find the person that can really fix your reason you called.

[I think someone has had a bad phone day.]

They don't have to worry about forgetting to go wait in line for 3 hours at the DMV to get a little f***ing sticker,with 2011,12,13..on it to put on a corner of a license plate to avoid being charged 70 or 80 bucks,or waiting in a ten mile line at a store.They hire people for pennies to do those unsavory tasks.

[The rich even hire people go to the dentist for them when they have a cavity! It's disgusting!]

I hate the rich because THEY get their organic pure healthy meals DELIVERED to their kitchens where staff cooks it up into beautiful culinary delights.A dinner of mac'n'cheese and tuna mixed in it isn't a culinary delight.

[Why, I bet the rich can get arugula pizza delivered from hundreds of miles away! Maybe even fly the chef in to make it for them! I hate that!]

A dinner out for the rich can cost 1,000 bucks a shot. . . .

[*cough* the Obamas *cough*]

I hate the rich because they'll never experience trying to stay dry in a storm at a bus stop with no shelter hoping the lightening does not hit YOU today.The rich think public transportation is a waste of money,because to the rich it IS. They never need to take it,their drivers are always on call..or they could just take the new benz. . . .

[Undergroundpanther's friends all drive Porsches, she must make amends.]

They'll never have to do the laundry,mow the most stupid thing on earth, the lawn.

[Undergroundpanther wants to get off her OWN lawn!]

They'll NEVER be forced to tolerate being in our presence very long,but somehow despite their callous and cruelty aimed at us they get people like us to fawn over them to,cover their @ss,and they never ever are called out for being the wastes of skin they really ARE.

[OOOH, we HATES them! Nasty, tricksy waste-skinners!]

Why do you never tell them,f*** you I'm not paying you one more dime. . . .

[NOT ONE D*MN DIME DAY! That'll show 'em!]

Their houses are beautiful refuges, places they want to live in. . . .

[Maybe John Edwards will let you stay in his two-Americas-size home. Or dial up the Heinz-Kerrys.]

The rich can have whatever pets they want,who's gonna tell them they can't have a cat in their own home?

[That PJ-Comix has a BEAVER down at DUFU Mansion.]

No cat for you,poor, to love and purr against your touch starved skin.

[No purr for the poor. No cat for undergroundpanther.]

And if the rich feel a teeny bit stressed they can call a chauffeur and go to a spa and get massages. . . .

[That rubs undergroundpanther the wrong way.]

I hate the rich because they are NOT at all better quality of people than I am.Not one iota more deserving,fortunate or hardworking or even noble than I or you,yet they get treated as if they were.

[The money fell out of the sky and landed in their lap! And they're all so EEEEEEEVIL!!!]


[That's kind of what I have gathered, UGP. Message received. Now the other DUmmies respond . . .]

You hate Alan Grayson and Nancy Pelosi?


Substitute 'rich' with 'plutocrats'. . . .

[Substitute 'hate' with 'Democrats.']

the OP has some really bad stereotypes of the rich.

[Ya think?]

It's helpful to dehumanize and demonize those you already hate. . . .

[But, but, the RICH--they're all RETHUGLICANS, and they're all EEEEVIL!!!]

Grayson, FDR was 1 percent. Warren Buffet. . . .

[They're RICH, they're EVIL, they're RETHUG-- no, wait. . . .]

The Devil Wears Prada.

[The DUmmies Read Pravda.]

Haven't you posted this screed before???

[No, I think you're confusing it with the 497 similar screeds posted on DU last week.]

That's a heapin' pile o' hate ya got there.

[A DUmmie high-five for UGP!]

The rich don't even know you exist and wouldn't care if they did.. To them you are less than the imported Himalayan dirt beneath their Guccis. . . .

[And that's why you're the DUmmie UNDERground!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this isnt the text book example of pathological hatred i dont know what to say.
this woman is so unhinged that i would wager that in the very near future she will lash out and hurt someone

7:20 PM  
Blogger Conservative Mountaineer said...

Could you imagine being married to that? /shudder

7:49 PM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

Take a peek at this and see if it explains her/his/it's problem

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"On top of the pathological levels of sociopathic indifference they have twords the pain of others..."

Someone left the irony on.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The rich get to go to quality schools with low teacher to student ratios that have time to challenge them if they are smart. . . ."-DUmmie

...And still pay school district taxes. Wait... They pay for schools they don't even attend! THOSE WASTEFUL RETHUGLIKKKANS!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have not not gone to the original thread and read it in its complete and total psychotic glory, I highly recommend. Yes, the OP is clearly mentally ill...but that is 75% of the fun. And all the best posts on DU are probably posted by mentally ill leftists. In the OP's world, you are either a multi billionaire, or homeless. Apparently, nothing exists in between. I'm not sure which I am supposed to be. Anyway, read the original post, trust me. Funny shit.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Anonymous said...
"....In the OP's world, you are either a multi billionaire, or homeless. Apparently, nothing exists in between...."

You're right, that is an incredible disconnect from reality that poor fool has. And that person IS mentally ill to some degree. I seriously question that incident the poster claims happened where they got tossed in a cop car with a broken kneecap while they were handcuffed. The person who wrote that post is either an incredibly brilliant "lousy freeper troll" fiction writer or as deranged as Troglaman The Guttersnipe.

3:03 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Wow. Tiffany Jewelry is the first robo-post I've ever seen on this blog. FrankJ at IMAO usually catches them in advance and then writes parody answers to them.

Anyway, yeah, Panthers' screed just reeks of padded walls. I guess it's just another method of how meth addicts cope with billions of imaginary bugs crawling under their skin. Stabs them! Stabs them with your steely knife!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Richardbxdo said...

Could you imagine being married to that? /shudder

3:13 AM  

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