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DUmmie FUnnies 01-23-06 ("What the hell is Galloway thinking? Slipped LSD by neocons? WTF?")

I gave Li'l Beaver the evening off so you can get a good look at how LOW the Leftwing has sunk. In this case it is FAR LEFT British MP (and Saddam Bribee) George Galloway who is dancing on the British Big Brother show in a leotard with a transvestite. This photo says it ALL about how NUttie the Left has become. The next thing you know we will have a leftwing Presidential candidate dressing up like an Blue Energizer BUnnie Sperm Cell. Oops! That already happened. Okay, the next thing you know is that Ted Kennedy will write a children's book from the point of view of his pet dog named "Splash!" Oops! That already happened. The next thing you know a self-inflated Leftwing activist will show up in the hot Texas sun wearing a black Midnight Cowboy Outfit while getting eaten alive by Fire Ants. Oops! That already happened. Yes, the Left has gone off the deep end so why are the DUmmies so surprised about this Galloway photo in this THREAD titled, "What the hell is Galloway thinking? Slipped LSD by neocons? WTF?" Perhaps this DUmmie should ask what ALL the Left is thinking. Anyway, the DUmmie excuses over being embarrassed by the antics of one of their own is in Leotard Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering who will be the first Leftwing U.S. Congressman to wear a red tutu on the Today Show, is in the [brackets]:

What the hell is Galloway thinking? Slipped LSD by neocons? WTF?

[Don't blame the neocons for this. The Left everywhere have slipped off the edge of sanity. Tomorrow I expect Canadian socialists to be prancing across the Alberta prairie in red tutus after the election results come in.]

I loved Galloway's courage in sticking it to Norm Coleman and standing up against the neocon/neofascists, but he's seriously undercutting his positions by appearing on that British version of Big Brother. Has he been slipped a psychotic drug or something? Whatever it is...he's now (apparently) under the impression that it would be a good thing to appear in a red leotard with the transvestite singer of Dead Alive doing some weird robotic dance skit. And, what does it say about his judgment to be televised lapping up milk like a cat on national TV.

[Just accept the fact that Galloway, like the DUmmies and a HUGE chunk of the Left everywhere, is JUST PLAIN NUTS!!!]

I understand that some justification could be that he's "selling his soul" and being degraded publicly to get his message out against the war, but who's going to take that message seriously now? It would be like Doug Henning in a rainbow leotard talking about geopolitics...

[Or like Pied Piper Pitt in a Midnight Cowboy outfit lecturing us about how the Third American Empire was born after the 1980 Olympic Hockey victory when the excited "nationalistic" fans yelled 'USA! USA! USA!"

I like the guy...I'm just concerned. Lord knows what kind of mind-numbing bullshit M15 may be slipping him.

[Actually, M15 is doing the worst thing possible to Galloway---allowing him to just be himself.]

I'm seriously concerned. This recent crazy TV stuff just seems so out of character.

[Actually it is strictly IN character. Accept the fact that Galloway, like the vast majority of the DUmmies and the rest of the Far Left, are just flat out nutcases.]

note to self: If you ever get 15 minutes of activist fame don't
squander it with idiotic self-aggrandizing choices. Legitimacy problems will multiply.

["Can I buy me an EXTRA-LARGE jockstrap?"]

Colin Powell does the Village People!

[Barney Frank is mad at him for stealing his shtick.]

This deserves a video link:

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH MAN!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for providing that video link showing Galloway acting like a Puddy Tat lapping up milk out of Rula Lenska's (the "famous" film actress) hands! Yeah, I can definitely see that video being used in a campaign Galloway's opponent.]

oh that seriously creeped me out!

[Is it really any creepier than Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd making a waitress "sandwich?"]

Ooookay.... that was way weird.

[No weirder than Wesley Clark's Gay Advocate photo pose.]

How I wish I hadn't seen that ...

[That's what Joe Biden said when he saw the video of himself in a TOTAL MENTAL MELTDOWN in the Senate while screaming at Secretary of State George Schultz years ago. A special Kewpie Doll award for anybody who can track down that video since it is NO NUttier than George Galloway the Puddy Tat lapping up milk on all fours.]

That is such a bizarre, but amusing photo. The "off the shoulders" look. So friggin' bizarre...I'm amused, but also concerned that he will try to re-emerge in the political sphere in late 2006 or 2008. The last thing we need is for Galloway to be making a forceful anti-Bush message on TV, while the network does a split-screen with his cat act or this weird leotard thing.


I. Can't. Even. Bring. Myself. To. See. That. Picture. Again. I. Am.... ...So. Cold. Please. Send. Help. Water. Rushing. Into. Wheelhouse. Of. My. Mind.

[You'll have the same reaction if you ever get to see the video of John Edwards spending 5 minutes preening himself in front of his beauty compact.]

It's a combination of his ego and some patronising idea he has that the "yoof" will soomehow start listening to a politician if he goes on a stupid reality-show.

[Perhaps Richard Hatch ("Survivor") has a promising career ahead of him in Democrat politics. That video of him walking around in his birthday suit should make for a great campaign commercial.]

The only political thing I've seen broadcast was when Rula asked Galloway whether the Iraqi's hated Saddam and he said "of course not", his political opponents did, granted, but the "ordinary Iraqi" had no problem with him.

[That DOPEY statement is almost as FUnnie as the Red Leotard photo.]

I don't know if his ego is going to be too big now...
Normal humans would shrink away into obscurity or commit suicide. He's going to need a massive case of narcissism to get over that leotard picture and the cat/milk video...

[If there were a photo of me prancing around in a red leotard or a video of me as a Puddy Tat on all fours lapping up milk from Rula Lenska's hands, I would exile myself off the planet so good luck (NOT) to George Galloway trying to get re-elected to Parliament.]


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