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DUmmie FUnnies 01-20-06 ("I am overwhelmed with grief. I feel the USA is dying ...")

I LOVE reading apocalyptic DUmmie threads. Their doom and gloom attitude is always a great source for comedic entertainment. And there seems to have been a great increase in the number of DUmmie apocalyptic threads lately. Perhaps this is due to the impending confirmation of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. Hope as they may, there is NO WAY to stop his confirmation. Thus we are presented with images of the ApocAlito in which Supreme Court Justices actually interpret the Constitution as it was WRITTEN and throw out the whole dopey liberal concept of a "Living" Constitution (interpreting it whatever liberal way they want). Another big factor in DUmmie depression is the fact that Fitzmas came and went without delivering up the promised gift in the form of a frog walking Karl Rove. All these factors and more have led to the incredible level of DUmmie angst as seen in this DUFU edition's featured THREAD, melodramatically titled, "I am overwhelmed with grief. I feel the USA is dying ..." So let us enjoy the whiney bleatings of the DUmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, with a front row seat at the Prozac Theater of the Absurd, is in the [brackets]:

I am overwhelmed with grief. I feel the USA is dying ...
the shit is piled so high, this country and it's greatness is suffocating ...I cried when Kerry lost the election but this is worse ...there seems to be no hope in sight. Tell me if I am wrong. America is dying.

[Cheer up! Fitzmas is coming soon...right after the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.]

You feel overwhelmed because there is so much coming out now.
The lid is finally blowing. I know it does seem overwhelming, but worse is when none of this was coming out. The secrets and lies are being bared and it makes me want to fight harder. Now is not the time to give in. Now in this slowly growing light, we must push on and push hard. This country will survive because of people like you and I. Believe it. Enjoy these moments to tell your grandkids about. Look back and feel pride for your courage in the storm. You are right, and you have the right. You are saving this dream, you are the patriot that our forefathers are talking to in the Declaration of Independence.

[Some whiney little shmuck is tapping away in his underwear in front of the glow of a 'puter screen deep in the basement of his parent's house screeching "WOE IS US!" and he is somehow supposed to be "the patriot that our forefathers are talking to in the Declaration of Independence?" Oh well, if it helps him make it over the eternal hump perhaps it is a humanitarian act to feed him this line of BS.]

You have spoken in such a way that I can only say how beautiful it is. Those are the words of bravery. Of pride. And truth.

[And whine.]

You are right -- I used to feel overwhelmed as well. One of the
reasons was because these m-fers were getting away with everything. The truth is starting to come out and they are sweating it. I am starting to feel better about things.

[Merry Fitzmas and have a Happy ApocAlito!]

I wonder will people fall for the bullshit or will we get our country back? The more pissed off I get the more I want to do something.

[Then try shifting your butt a bit in your computer chair.]

Got to get practical, though--and address ourselves to the mechanism of our sovereignty as a people: our right to vote, which the fascists have effectively taken away. We MUST get it back. Priority no. 1.

[Have you tried defacing a Diebold truck yet? That should bring back your voting rights.]

Yes, we do need to fight harder. And I'm so glad you feel our country will survive. I guess I do too. I will continue to fight the good fight, 'cause I'm not going down quietly.

[You will heroically go down loudly belching chocolate chip cookies.]

There has never been a time like this in American history. One cadre controls all the levers of power, government, the media, and the mechanism which counts the votes. This has never happened before.

[I'll analyze your rant in greater detail later right after I'm done reprogramming more Diebold source code.]

Ultimately Chimpco's "disasters" do not matter insofar as affecting the electoral process.

[LOL! Chimpco. Thanx for another FUnnie word to use in addition to Chimpus Khan. Chimpco is like the corporate version of Chimpus Khan.]

We are done. The only question remaining is when the rest of the world decides it has had enough of the United States of America and takes corrective action. Time is running out.

[Perhaps Iran can take "corrective action" by nuking us?]

Late on election day 2004, the corporate news monopolies, acting in concert, through one polling organization, DOCTORED their own exit polls (which Kerry won) to force them to "fit" the results they received from two Bushite electronic voting firms--Diebold and ES&S--who tabulated 80% of the vote using 'TRADE SECRET,' PROPRIETARY programming code, with virtually no audit/recount controls (a non-transparent election system that was wide open to fraud). I believe that, in fact, Kerry won that election by a landslide (at least a 5% margin), and that, because Kerry's win was so big, Bushite operatives in Ohio had to implement Plan B, the massive, egregious and visible violations of the Voting Rights Act against black and other voters that are documented in the Conyers report. By these two illegal means, the vote was flipped over to Bush.

[It sounds like you were hitting the "victory" champagne as heavily as Susan Estrich.]

Americans didn't buy Bush's lies. They never have. But they ARE affected by this ILLUSION of a rightwing majority. It makes members of the progressive majority feel isolated and alone--and very disempowered.

[Ah! You've hit the nail on the head. The vast majority of the Americans are as loony as the DUmmies are. They voted in a landslide to elect Kerry but only Diebold manipulation created the illusion that the loonies lost.]

But things ARE changing, and very rapidly--on the election reform front, and many other fronts. I think that this great progressive majority will get together and re-assert itself--and is doing just that. I'm not saying things aren't scary and precarious. They are. But I think that the NAKEDNESS and UGLINESS of this Bush junta power grab is exposing the whole anti-democratic structure of corporate rule, and I think that the corporate rulers are about to take a very big fall. Their power is built on lies and illusions. It has no solidity. The rightwing that it is based on is at the same level it has ALWAYS been (about 30% to 40%). There IS no rightwing majority, or even anyting close to it.

[Fixing voting machines is sooo 2004. Our next step in the fascist power grab is to ensure that only patsy Democrat nominees sure to fail go up against Republicans. Case in point: Hillary. Karl Rove is at work behind the scenes to ensure her '08 nomination. Squawk all you want, DUmmies, but Hillary WILL be your nominee.]

I am a formal newspaper reporter. I was trained that when I walked into city hall or other government buildings as a reporter that I was the "eyes and the ears of the public". Without journalists and media sources that have a conscience and feel they watch and listen for us, the masses are easily controlled ...I'm trying hard not to feel hopeless ...

[I would feel mighty hopeless myself if I were a "formal" newspaper reporter and had your grade school level of grammar.]

I can't explain it but I just felt like a friend died only it was my country ...I cried. I can't explain it other than the first poster might be right's overwhelming to handle all the crap that is coming to the surface now ...I'm glad it is but it's overwhelming to realize that the American people let this happen, let this insidious cancerous group take over ...

[There is nothing wrong with your Diebold machine. Do not attempt to adjust the ballot. We are controlling the results. If we wish to make it more Republican , we will bring up the votes. If we wish to make it closer, we will fine tune it to a squeaker. We can reduce the voting to a light turnout, or increase it to a landslide. We will control the House. We will control the Senate. For the next four years, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Diebold Limits.]

I'm torn between staying away from DU and finding it a refuge of the only people-and the other blogs I read- that get what's really happening to our country. If I stay away, read or do anything else I can feel better for awhile and put it away-but then it comes back. I can keep the TV off. But I can't be in denial..and no one around me feels as much alarm as I do. Because my friends aren't political, liberal, not religious, but not political. This is the only place I can say what I feel and even feel okay if it's challenged because I know most of the people here GET it. That I'm not insane. It is this bad. And it's happening as we watch. Maybe an overnight coup would be better, yah know..the slow death thing is agony as nothing good happens where we know we are in the rightgeous camp and they are not.

[DUmmieland is the Safe House for the Loooooonies.]

You are cutting your losses again and again with this WH full off rutting Bull elephants. No civilized society can handle rutting Bull elephants. Why you never see them in Zoos. It is painful and it hurts. You must remember to cry and grieve and get it out. The only way. Your losses are real. So - accept the awful situation you are in will go on for a bit more and cry.

[So just accept your awful situation and allow yourself to be painfully rutted by a bull elephant. You may cry but you will be allowed to smoke a cigarette in the morning.]

I've been there. I know how much it hurts.

[Yes. Being rutted by a bull elephant can be quite painful.]

What is really difficult is that I also work for
a poor Indian tribe and have to deal with the decreasing lack of funding available to them to provide services to their people, basic services. Every day,I cross a city street and go into a "sovereign nation" territory and try to find ways to help, find funding, etc. and it's all drying up because this country craps on its own people while killing the people of other lands.

[Seminoles? Yes, it is terrible to go onto a Seminole reservation. I always have a hell of a time finding a parking space at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.]

Nothing for you to do but FIGHT.
Fight to the death. Fight until we win. Buck up, friend. You are not alone.

[Fight to the DEATH or when your ISP service is terminated by Mommy...whichever is first.]

I'm f*cking GLAD Kerry didn't win. #1 because I don't like Kerry and never have. #2 because George Bush and the GOP criminal establishment will now be held accountable for what they've done to our nation. If that includes criminal conviction and jail time, all the better.

[Um...Is this what they call making lemonade from lemons?]

Reality bites.

[Cheer up! The Alternate Reality is waiting for you in the Other Dimension at the end of the Space/Time Continuum.]

I wasn't in a very good mood today at work because I was thinking about all the neocon crap. Sometimes it all gets to me. It's a good thing I am on antidepressants, or I just don't know how I would be able to cope at all.

[Prozac with a Lithium chaser?]

I cried for two days after the last "election" was stolen.

[Since you were on Suicide Watch after the 2002 elections, you are showing signs of improvement!]

The 'USA' was founded on Deceit, Death and Destruction. its Karma had to catch up with it sometime.

[Thus spaketh a future delegate to the Democrat National Convention. Hey flyarm! You have competition.]


Blogger N. O'Brain said...

Is it me or EVERY FRIGGIN' THREAD you post, in about every second comment, somebody is crying and weeping and seeping tears and acting like a bunch of just hatched wussies?

1:02 PM  
Blogger RightWingRocker said...

N. O'Brain,

That's the point. That's what these people do. FYI, They aren't acting. Just-hatched wussies is exactly what these people are.

It's also fun, in my opinion, to watch PJ's unapologetic laughter at all the conspiracy theories these nutjubs put out there.

I don't know whether to cry or laugh ... I usually just laugh so hard i cry.


2:19 PM  
Blogger Staci said...

A bunch of uneducated, clueless drama queens. I can't imagine walking around like that.

I like when they discuss the various meds they are on. Geesh. At least take advantage of the discretion of the internet before outing the lack of emotional stability.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Jeeeees looooeeez, so much crying... When did the Democratic party become the PMS party?

2:17 AM  

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