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DUmmie FUnnies 01-17-06 (DUmmies Crying Over Al Gore Speech)

The DUmmies are shedding emotional tears over Al Gore's speech yesterday as you can see in the tearful THREAD titled, "I'm crying -- it is about time that one of our leaders says what we all know and what we all have been saying for years." However, these are not exactly tears of joy the DUmmies are shedding. It is more like forlorn tears of sorrow over their "stolen" Election 2000 and many MANY might have beens IF Al Gore were president. However, cheer up, DUmmies. If you had read your own threads you would know that Al Gore IS president in the Alternate Universe. So let us now watch the DUmmies shed tears in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, whistling "Cry Me A River," is in the [brackets]:

I'm crying -- it is about time that one of our leaders says
what we all know and what we all have been saying for years.

[WAAAAAAAH!!! Pass me a hankie. It is so WUUUNDERFUL that one of our leaders is an NUttie as we are. SNIFF!]

It is such a relief to hear the words spoken in public, to hear someone call George W. Bush and his administration out for their crimes. I'm crying tears of relief and tears of pain.

[FUnnie but I'm laughing so hard at the Algore speech that I'm crying tears of LAUGHTER.]

This is where my nation has come, I hate them for destroying it. I want my nation back.

[Where have all the flowers gone? I hate them for destroying the flowers. I want my flowers back.]

Thank you Al Gore.

[And President Al Gore thanks you for your Butterfly Ballot vote from the Alternate Universe. Now let us check on all the other tearful DUmmies...]

This speech should be required listening
I am glad he is in a position now to speak the truth so brilliantly.

[I thought Algore could have used a touch more Dayglo orange makeup to give him that special space alien look.]

I am grateful that he is speaking the truth and speaking it so brillantly. Damn all of those that said he would not make a good president. Had he been given his win, had the supreme court not stolen his victory from him, our nation would be safer, our lives better.

[DAMN the Supreme Court for telling the Florida Supreme Court that they had to abide by the law.]

It should be required listening for every member of Congress and every judge and justice in the nation. Restore our democracy, restore our system of checks and balances.

[And every dog catcher in every city everywhere in the world.]

Agreed. If only every American was required to hear this speech. Imagine what a wonderful world it could be.

[Yes. If only every American could be entertained by the travelling Algore Comedy Show.]

Me too. Crying. Brave man. It's such a relief to hear the truth spoken. I know I've said before, but I love Al Gore.

[If you're lucky, Algore will stick his tongue down your throat on a public stage.]

I'm so proud of Al.. He's doing a fantastic job...

[Nobody can watch paint dry better than Algore.]

I need to hear a hardcore call to action.

[That sounds like a request for a porn DVD. How about "Mary Carey For Governor?"]

Many on DU have been giving hard core calls to action. It's sad to me that the Activist HQ forum is one of the least popular, based on number of posts.

[That's because the Activist HQ Forum actually requires WORK! < /maynard g. krebs>]

Great speech, Al Gore! Are our leaders listening?

[No more than our followers.]

He speaks for me.
He is so eloquent.
He is making me cry.
He is saying what needs to be said.

[He is cracking me up.]

Tears, here too. Sadness, pain, admiration, dare I hope?
We have to make this man President. NOW!

[And inaugurate President Algore THIS Jan. 20!]

I cry tears of relief and of fear. I want my nation back.

[I want my horsey!]

Wasn't it refreshing. To hear someone say in public, before a crowd, in front of a microphone and cameras, all that we have been saying.

[Including the LIHOP/MIHOP conspiracy theories?]

Want to really be alarmed? Imagine what HE (Gore) must know after being vice President for 8 years in comparison with what WE know...if we even know 1/10 of what dirty deals bushit has pulled I would be surprised.

[Imagine what Algore knows about the misuse of FBI files and the sale of missile technology to China in exchange for campaign cash. Oops! I forgot. Algore doesn't know about this since he drank so much ice tea he spent most of his term in office in the bathroom on a tea-tea break.]

We must help him be heard.

[I'm with you there. I, too, want Algore to be heard more for the great comedy material he provides to the DUmmie FUnnies (and may I put you on our PING List?). ]

I have no basis for thinking that but his remarks about protections for whistleblowers in the executive branch peaked my interest.

[Mine too. I was thinking about a certain whistleblower in the executive branch who wore a blue dress (covered with a bit of "mayo").]

Remember the blow up over Harriet, the Supreme that wasn't

[I remember better the blow up by Monica, the Cream that wasn't (until found on the Blue Dress).]

I think I read that even Fitzgerald was putting off Plame
until after the Alito hearings, could this just be coincidence

[Ah! Memories of Fitzmas Past that NEVER will be again no matter how much you wish.]

I don't think the Repugs want Roe overturned, it's their biggest campaign issue. If it's no longer an "issue", think of all the support and contributions they'll lose. They don't want to overturn such a huge cash cow.

[Then perhaps you should send a memo on this to Chuck the Shmuck so he can STFU.]

I would like to hope there is something big in the works
But after having thought that a gazillion times over the last three years I hate to say that it could just be wishful thinking on my part!

[I guess that constant landing on your back after trying to kick Lucy's football has finally knocked a bit of sense into your head.]

Oh, I can definitely relate to the wishful thinking fears. We have had so many "close calls", it is hard to get my hopes up. But I cannot give up hope.

[Another DUmmie Coyote is about to open an ACME Co. package again. BEEP! BEEP!]

I was lucky to be in DC to see and hear Al Gore. He was wonderful. He spoke the truth. I cried for what should have been, and I cried because of what we have become.

[Frustrated DUmmies providing great comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies (may I put you on our PING List?)]

I have NO MORE TEARS to mourn the suffering unilaterally imposed by a rogue of greedy, power-mongering pricks. F*CK THEM!!!

Those neoconster HAVE NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY, IN OUR DEMOCRACY, IN OUR NATION!! They are 21st Century tyrants. They SHALL be removed!!!

Let's go get those bastards who DARE to STEAL our democracy through fraud and deceit and exploitation!


[Or, better yet...LET'S GO GET THOSE MEDS!!!]

I can't cry anymore...I think that I've become so numbed lately with all that has been happening...I feel such outrage about the activities of this government and the Bush Cabal....But, I'm relieved and happy to hear that someone like Al Gore has the courage to stand up and call out these criminals....I want my nation back too....

[GOOD NEWS!!! John Kerry has your back!]

I can't stop crying sometimes. This admistration has ruined so much. I just want it to stop and I want my nation back.

[Cheer up! Al Gore is the president in the Alternate Universe. And you are just one Faux Hopi Indian Witch Doctor Prayer away from entering that Alternate Universe.]


Blogger CGrim said...

"Agreed. If only every American was required to hear this speech. Imagine what a wonderful world it could be"

hahaha... But there are countries where people are required to watch what the government tells them - they're called "People's Republics!" And oh, they are wonderful, what with the non-property-owning and the conforming-to-the-state and the toilet-paper-lines and the watching-what-the-commissar-says-to-watch. And I think to myself... what a wonderful world!

hail comrade!


6:26 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Wow, a whole lot of crying over there...

Aren't there any men in the Dem party?

What a bunch of whining babies.

I want my country back... The one where you could backhand these wastes-of-skin without worrying about a lawsuit.

4:13 AM  

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