Friday, January 13, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 01-13-06 ("If no filibuster I'm leaving the Democratic party")

I'm BACK in near record time with ANOTHER edition of the DUmmie FUnnies. The reason for the quick return is that I am SAVORING the DUmmie angst over their political ApocAlito as you can see in this THREAD titled, "If no filibuster I'm leaving the Democratic party." I must admit that the DUmmie meltdown over the confirmation of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court is WAY BEYOND anything I previously envisioned. It is making me look forward to peering into my DUmmie Ant Farm when at least two MORE Supreme Court Justices are named by Bush before his term of office is over in three years. So let us now view the empty DUmmie threats to leave the Democrats in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the DUmmie troops march off the Armageddon Cliff, is in the [brackets]:

If no filibuster I'm leaving the Democratic party

[The Socialist Workers Party welcomes you!]

This is the last straw for me, I'll change to independent. Never thought I'd be writing this but I can't take anymore from these spineless Dems. No more campaign contributions from me. Screw them. I'm tired on the GOP making fools of the Dems they never learn!!!!!!!!!!

[Actually the Dems do a great job of making fools out of themselves. Oh, and your Dem Dime contributions will be sorely missed.]

I feel the same way. I'm ready to turn Green.

[I already see the warning signs of nausea. Try not to barf on your shoe.]

To leave the Democratic Party would be to give up. I won't give up.

[Why not? We own ALL your Diebold machines.]

Or Better Yet Start Another Party of Your Own. The Waaaaaaaaaaaa Party.

[aka Democrats.]

I understand your sentiment and I, too, get so angry and depressed I could sit down and weep, but here is where the fight is.
This country has to be saved, for us, our children, all three hundred million of us. Here is where the fight is.

[Instead of weeping, try doing something constructive like defacing a Diebold truck.]

It's either fight or go insane. And since I'm already nuts, I guess all that's left is to fight.

[Thank you for that accurate self-appraisal.]

Set-Backs Are One Thing... An Onslaught Of Disaster Is Completely different! I won't take up the time or space here to compile a list of corruption by those in power, but I will say that NOTHING has stopped them! Nothing is ever BIG ENOUGH to stick for very long. Month after month new stuff is revealed and here we sit, still in the same place, with the same crap and the same corrupt ones dishing it out! REV-O-LU-TION! That's the only thing that is going to stop it, but I doubt that will happen either. I'm a LOST SOUL!!!

[Getting tired of trying to kick the same football over and over again that Lucy keeps pulling away from you over and over again, eh?]

Why do you think the Dems would be justified in filibustering? I would like them to do it too, but I listened to all the hearings and all the things I have against Alito are assumptions. Without some concrete proof, how can you demand a filibuster?


Democrats have a reason to filibuster.. because only the highest standards should be met before the Senate allows a vote on Alito. If these standards are not met, then Alito doesn't even deserve a vote. Only the best can demonstrate why they deserve any consideration of the Senate to serve on the highest court in the land!

[Oops! Then you better not pay any attention to what the ABA said about Alito's judicial standards.]

The issue is not Liberalism vs Conservatism. Jesus H Christ.
The issue is NOT political. It is Constitutional. You have NOT been paying attention!!!! This guy is an uber fascist not a conservative. he's about having it be ok to deny basic civil liberties. he's about suspending Government, shutting down Congressional oversight and authority and other Government agencies. He's on board with suspending the Constitution, and giving the President uber authority and powers during "WAR Time", which we are in a permanent state of. Please! get a freaking clue!!!

[In DUmmieland it's ALL about politics. Please! get a freaking clue!!!]

Most people view the dissent on Alito as politcal. The Dems just don't want another conservative on the court. That's actually TRUE, but it's not the reason we don't want Alito. I agree he's not what he appears to be, but I still don't think a filibuster will make any difference. The public will view the Dems as being obstructionists.

[Your Tombstoning ceremony will be commencing shortly.]

how about he lied and purjered himeslf!!..start there !!

[Ah! Wonderful Clinton nostalgia!]

If they don't filibuster, i'm leaving pda and registering independent.

[Leaving PDA? No more nightcaps with Pied Piper Pitt.]

My anger at people giving up the fight got the better of
me. I usually tell people to take a break, plant a garden, mentor a kid. I lost it! There will be a hell of a lot more losses to come before the chance at the 2006 election. And bullies count on that to tire out the people they want to shut up. I'm for a filibuster. Just not for people walking away and taking others with them.
The only way I think the GOP can win in 2006 is if they divide us.

[And the fact that we have pre-programmed the Diebold machines. Musn't forget about that.]

we knew on Nov. 4 2004 we were going to have at least two conservatives on the Court, and that's one reason why it hurt so badly.

[Try at least FOUR more conservatives on the court. We are only a year into this term with three left to ago. Plenty of time to replace liberal judges with more Scalitos.]

I have been a strong supporter but how much shit can one person take. What infuriates me most is watching the Repug time and again make our Dem representatives look like wimps who can't stand up to them. Oh how they must be laughing at us. Some times I just want to scream, let me have a shot at those bastards. God I can't stand their lying and left to get away with it!!!!!!!


sorry, I'm so angry right now don't really have a forward looking plan, need time to cool down, before I decide my next move.

[Cyanide swallowing.]

We need a "Counter-DLC" organization within the Democratic Party. Just like the DLC coopted the DNC earlier, we perhaps could unite behind another organization like them with true Democratic ideals which would use more force to counteract the DLC and DINO influence. I'd pour money into that before I'd pour money into the DNC. Maybe with an organization like that, Howard Dean can have more teeth to fend off these bums with. Perhaps something like the DPC (Democratic People's Council).

[Democratic People's Council? Yeah, that has a nice Bolshevik ring to it.]


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