Thursday, March 20, 2014

William Rivers Pitt Saved by Big Pharma

When last we saw WILLIAM RIVERS PITT yesterday he was WITHOUT HOPE. Utterly betrayed by his blessed ObamaCare, he cursed both it and Dear Leader for depriving his wife of much needed meds. And yet, much less than 24 business hours ago, back in March 2010 when ObamaCare passed Congress, Pitt had such HIGH HOPES:

My wife has MS. I'm celebrating the passage of this bill.
All of you who are determined to shit all over the passage of this legislation...welll...try not to land on each other when you jump out the window.
I'm celebrating today. 

Well he was celebrating then but crying yesterday. However today Pitt is happy again because Big Pharma came to the rescue. Of course, don't expect Pitt to go overboard in his gratitude because he is already at extreme risk of being Tombstoned from DUmmieland for his heresy of yesterday. In fact, as you shall see in his THREAD, "My wife will get her meds" [thanks to Big Pharma], many DUmmies are demanding that Pitt apologize for attacking Dear Leader. So let us now watch WILLIAM RIVERS PITT credit Big Pharma for saving his wife in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the Trust Fund Kid had to plead abject poverty in order to score the cheap/free drugs, is in the [brackets]:

My wife will get her meds

[Y quien es El Salvador?]

Those of you who suggested we go through the drug company directly were bang-on correct; our insurance company is still futzing around, but the drug company has hooked us up for enough time to get the issue permanently resolved.

[Bless you, Big Pharma!!! You rescued us when we were abandoned by ObamaCare!]

Thanks for all your (mostly) kid words and advice.

Still hyper-pissed.

[At ObamaCare, Dear Leader, and at MYSELF for being a complete IDIOT.]

But my wife will get her medication.

[Thanx to Big Pharma.]

And that is enough for today.

[Not yet, Pitt. The DUmmies are still demanding you apologize for yesterday's heresy. Oh, and today's acknowledgment that Big Pharma saved the day for you only adds to your heresy. So on to the accusatory DUmmies.....]

I'm so glad that the drug company is going to help your wife with her meds.

[Thank you, Koch Bros. Pharmaceuticals!]

Exactly, no one should have to jump through hoops to get life-saving meds.

[You mean like declaring poverty when the fat Trust Fund check is in the mail?]

The drug companies *count* on this. Every person who gives up in despair before managing to break through the layers of red tape and seemingly insurmountable obstacles represents profit to those greedy jerks.

[Big Pharma is proving the Pitt family with cheap/free drugs and they are "greedy jerks?"]

Will, I'm delighted that your wife has access to her medications, but we as a nation simply cannot ethically afford to accept this kind of individual "fix" each time an individual in need runs up against the wall of for-profit health "care".

[Correct. We should depend on ObamaCare to automatically Death Panel us.]

How do we pay for all this shit?

[From Obama's stash, you fool.]

A journalist might take this as a great topic for an article

["Leftwing WRP Saved By Big Pharma."]

To the cost of doxycycline. Back in the mid Nineties, it would cost you about $ 30 to $ 45 a month if you were fighting an infection and needed it. Now that Big Pharma has realized that so many tens of thousands of Americans who need this drug for their battle against Lyme's disease, the cost has sky rocketed. It can cost a person around $ 2,000 a month.

[Just cross the border to Mexico, you lazy moron, and the moment you are on the other side there are tons of Farmacias that sell those same drugs for about the price of a case of cerveza for a month's supply. I used to take the Tijuana Trolly a bunch of time to get meds for my parents that way.]

god damn mother f@#%ing throw mad used car asshole piece of 4236@#$^^$!!!

[Ahh! Stirring up memories of Yesterday Pitt before he was SAVED by Big Pharma.]

Will sounds like they are getting the medication DESPITE our current system, not BECAUSE of it

[Correct. DESPITE ObamaCare, not BECAUSE of it.]

Any chance you may consider self-deleting that other thread? Not that I am super team sportsy, but I do really hate Repukes and the less ammo they have the better.

[Too late to send it to the Memory Hole. That thread has already been featured in the DUmmie FUnnies. Oh, and also in NewsBusters!]

Will deserved all he got and more. He mischaracterized the problem from the beginning, criticized the wrong people, acted like he was the only person in history to ever deal with this issue, and basically behaved liked a horse's ass.

[And worst of all, he credited Big Pharma for coming to the rescue.]

But I doubt WP will ever give you or anyone else thanks for helping him.

[How about giving thanks to Big Pharma who really did help him?]

WP's aversion to correction is rotten to it's core.

[WP will get over his aversion to correction in just 24 business hours.]

May I ask the name of the medication ?

[Low Dose Aspirin.]

So glad your wife will be getting her meds.

[Thanks to Big Pharma.]

You owe Obama an apology

[Mr. President, I apologize for voting for you twice. What the hell was I thinking?]

I wonder what day you are going to be on FOX? I'm sure they will be happy to air your success with your health care.

[Pitt will be on FOX right after he appears in the AFP anti-ObamaCare ad.]

Great news! Now how about an apology to DU for the big shit you took on our President?

[Don't try that in Venezuela. No toilet paper.]

So. Obama somehow magically got the drug company to help us after his legislation delivered us to an insurance company that f*cked us over...thus, I should apologize? Truly magical thinking.

[That was Pitt angrily responding. And its true. Obama and ObamaCare didn't help him a bit. It was Big Pharma that saved the family Pitt.]

LOL. Now you're a shill for big pharma? too funny.

[Shhh! Don't remind us of Pitt's heresy or he risks a major Tombstoning.]

I swear, you're blind and you're stubborn and your angry posts, recommended by your choir of sycophants, do nothing to advance the cause.

[So what is it about Pitt that you don't like?]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

"I swear, you're blind and you're stubborn and your angry posts, recommended by your choir of sycophants, do nothing to advance the cause." - A Troglaman Clone/Moonbat flaming jackass

And what cause might that be I wonder? Of making sure this country never celebrates its 240th birthday? Of permanently destroying the best health care system in the world and probably wiping out the most powerful economy on the planet right along with it?

Stupid [EXPLETIVE DELETED] jackasses....

12:04 AM  
Anonymous skully said...

"To the cost of doxycycline. Back in the mid Nineties, it would cost you about $ 30 to $ 45 a month...Now ...It can cost a person around $ 2,000 a month."--some Dummie

Either this moonbat is lying, or is getting ripped off. I've been taking this med for a couple years now for a bacterial infection...It costs me 5$ a month. Granted that's my co-pay, but I doubt my insurance carrier is chipping in 1995$ per fill.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

What fools these DUmbasses be! "The drug companies *count* on this. Every person who gives up in despair before managing to break through the layers of red tape and seemingly insurmountable obstacles represents profit to those greedy jerks."
No, the drug companies do not "count" on paitents dying before an insurance company approves a medication. While it is true the pharmaceutical company can, for tax purposes, write off the cost of a medication they give away, they get no profit from something they give away. The only way the pharmaceutical company can benefit is from the good publicity generated. Of course, since the closest the DUmbass that made that claim has ever come to running a company like Pfizer or AstraZeneca is clipping cents off coupons out of the Sunday paper, we can't but expect such stupidity as his/her statement.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Hey skully...I've heard that doxycycline is harder to get these days. I know the VAHCS here where I live has replaced it with minocycline. Maybe that's the excuse that Troglaman Clone/Moonbat created to explain the same thing happening to them.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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4:28 AM  

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