Monday, December 30, 2013

"The Decrying Game": Remember, remember, to date a transgender

The Battle of the Sexes has been raging lately in DUmmieland. The angry DUmmie women (is there any other kind?) have been accusing the men--all men--of being sexist and misogynist and potential rapists. Some of the DUmmie men have dared to defend themselves, but in vain. Political correctness must win out, at all costs.

Well, guess who feels left out? The LSMFT community, i.e., the Lezbo Sodomite Masochist Fag Transangered community. There must be Fifty Shades of Gay, and they all want to have their say. You see, in DUmmieland, to be fair, the Battle of the Sexes must include ALL the sexes. Bisexuals, trisexuals, omnisexuals--EVERYBODY must be entitled to feel oppressed and put upon, to express their outrage, to take great umbrage, and to harrumph in high DUdgeon. We must decry sexism of ALL varieties!

Witness this THREAD, "Is it ignorant/ transphobic for a straight man to not want to date transgender women?"  Short answer:  Yes, unless you straight men are willing to date transgender women, it IS transphobic! And therefore we must decry it! In DUmmieland, we ALWAYS play the Decrying Game! So click the music link and sing along!

Tune:  "The Crying Game"

I know all
There is to know
Of the decrying game
I'd like to share
The decrying game

First there are sexists
Then there are slurs
And just you wait
They're basing their hate
On the sex you prefer

Pflag unfurled
I'm gonna tell the world
Of the decrying game
And I'll make sure
That they feel my pain

Why are there haters?
Why are there phobes?
That's who we'll blast
We'll drive them at last
From off of the globe . . .

First there are sexists
Then there are slurs
And just you wait
They're basing their hate
On the sex you prefer

Don't want no phobes
In the decrying game
Don't want no phobes
In the decrying game
Don't want no phobes
In the decrying game
Don't want no phobes
In the decrying game

So let us now go to DUmmieland and observe the Battle of ALL the Sexes, in Rainbow Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel, is in the [brackets]:

Is it ignorant/ transphobic for a straight man to not want to date transgender women?

[Yes, not only must you WANT to date them, you must actually DU it! DUAC! DUAC!]

a narrative of desire around trans bodies does not exist & in that absence one of degradation and shame is offered in its place. So automatically you have sexualities and accompanying desires shaped in a context of transphobia, which both excludes and pathologizes trans bodies as abhorrent.

[Don't be fearful
Don't be phobic
Date a trans
And be heroic!]

A lot of male sexuality is also constructed around employing hierarchies of womanhood as trophies, to prove their own worth and engage in a process of gendering themselves through access to womens’ bodies. Within that framework, some hold more currency and others (transwomen) can actually subvert heteronormative male sexualities. The opinions and shared norms of sexuality among peers, performed on womens’ bodies, plays a huge part in constructing their sexuality as well. You can imagine where transwomen fall on this scale.

[Some of the transwomen fall on the scale at about 250.]

There’s also the fact that most men dont even have enough literacy of our bodies and our lives to even know who we are and if they are attracted to us. And dont attempt to do so because of cisnormativity.

[Wasn't there a Cisnormal guy who served in the Clinton cabinet?]

With that being said, we live in the world we live in. If a man chooses not to date a transwoman, whatever the reason, that is his choice (though one probably informed by cisnormativity.) I am however concerned with if, in not dating transwomen, he also reinforces cissexism and transphobia in his words and actions.

[And by NOT dating them, he IS reinforcing cissexism! So don't be a cissy, date a sissy!]

Everything is not for everybody nor does it have to be (even though ironically transwomen seem to always get the short end of this stick hmmm.)

[Yes, they always do get the short end of the stick.]

But what are men doing to not actively continue & participate in this cycle of shame around transwomens’ bodies? What are they doing to stop putting our lives at risk? How are they discussing our bodies and lives? In choosing not to date us, are they offering up bioessentialist rhetoric and trying to delegitimize/undermine our genders?

[Remember, remember
To date a transgender
Transexism still must be fought
And don't be transphobing
When they are disrobing
And you see more than you thought]

what are you doing to create & not participate in a society that shames & degrades the concept of desire around transbodies?

[Embrace transbodies! Celebrate transbodies! DU something!!!]

I wont make a blanket statement. . . .

[Whew! I was worried I'd have to get under the blanket with you!]

I wont make a blanket statement and say that ANY man who doesnt date transwomen is transphobic. But. . . .

[. . . I will pretty much do that now anyway . . .]

But I will say that we live in a transphobic and cissexist society. And that most men ARE transphobic and cissexist.

[I plead guilty. Now on to the DUmmies . . .]

This thread has the potential to be very big. . . .

[As big as a hefty transwoman.]

There's no such thing as fairness or equality when it comes to sexuality.

[Then let's pass a law! DEMAND fairness! DEMAND equality! Equal-opportunity dating!]

I don't think we necessarily choose who we are attracted to.

[That's just it! We need somebody to choose FOR us! We're too cissexist! Appoint an attraction czar! Establish date panels!]

If I fell in love with a man who used to be a woman, I don't think it would make me fall out of love. In fact it would certainly have it's advantages as in he'd know what it's like in a woman's world. Julie

[Julie, you are truly a DUmmie without guile. Yes, and you men, think of all the advantages of dating a woman who used to be a man. Think of them. . . . Well, now, somehow I can't think of any. . . .]

That's love for you! it just sneaks up on you from out from nowhere sometimes!

[If I dated a transwoman, I'd be worried about what might sneak up on me.]

While it's not guaranteed to be ignorant or probably is.

[Sexism is default mode for men.]

Love is one area where you have the right to discriminate. . . .


That's stupid. A man can date whoever he feels like dating. Don't call a young man transphobic because he doesn't want to date someone. . . . What bullsh*t.


if an individual doesn't want to date "well-endowed" women, does that make him Breastophobic?

[I think the technical term is Aracknophobia.]

It would be ignorant and transphobic for a straight man to rule out the possibility that they could ever find a transgender woman irresistible.

If she's a Republican, no.

[There's the deal-breaker.]

I'm a trans woman and I never had any interest whatsoever in dating men. Is it transphobic for a lesbian to not date a trans woman or is it transphobic for a straight woman or gay man to not date a trans man?

[Did you all follow that? . . . Neither did I.]

Friday, December 27, 2013

DUmmies whine about their Christmas presents

The DUmmies must have been naughty this year. It seems all Santa brought them was a lump of coal. Or so you would think, listening to the way they whine. Of course the DUmmies would probably want to bring Santa up on charges if he brought them a lump of coal, since coal is such an evil Republican rock.

The DUmmies talk about their Christmas presents here in this THREAD by DUmmie Locut0s, "What did you get for Christmas?"  DUmmie Locut0s, affectionately known to us as LocoNuts, is the chubby self-pitying loser (that's "looser," for you DUmmies) who never gets anywhere in life--probably because all the does is sit around all day on DU, whining about how he can't get anywhere in life.

So let us now find out which DUmmies have been naughty (the majority) and which DUmmies have been nice (a precious few) and which DUmmies have been nuts--like, all of them--in Bowl-full-of-jelly Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, sending a mental fruitcake to each and every DUmmie, is in the [brackets]:

What did you get for Christmas?

[What did YOU get, DUmmie LocoNuts? Some big-boy pants? Why don't you try them on?]

Yes it's an overly consumerist holiday and the point really should be family, friends and loved ones.

[Gee, that's funny, and here I thought the point about Christmas was, sorta, Christ, you know. The thing's named after him, after all. But then, what do I know?]

But who's kidding sometimes it's nice to get a thing or two.

[Maybe one of these years, DUmmie LocoNuts, you'll get a job, and a date, maybe.]

[Let's now go to the other DUmmies and see what they got . . .]

This message was self-deleted by its author.

[DUmmie LocoNuts posts the first reply to his own OP . . . and then he deletes it.  DUmmie LocoNuts, let me share something with you here, if I may. . . . You know what makes me sad? YOU DO! Maybe we should chug on over to Mamby-Pamby Land, where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you, you jackwagon! . . . Tissue?}

I got to find a great xmas video of favorite song, spend time with GF and her son and his GF.

[Let's see if I've got this straight, DUmmie NYC_SKP: You, a biological male, spent time with a biological female. And her son, also a biological male, likewise spent time with a biological female. . . . You guys are weird!]


[You said it! The LSMFT community* is not pleased. (* The Lezbo Sodomite Masochist Fag Transangered community.)]

I got Hi to Happy Christmas day again This year i got good gift. I hope that you also.

[What I hear you saying is, you got high.]

I got a bottle of Tangueray and some tonic water from a neighbor. . . . It's a nice buzz.

[Pretty much all of DUmmieland is buzzed right now.]

Jin and Tonics just happen to be my favourite drink!

[Uh, DUmmie LocoNuts, that's "gin." And you can stop with the Euro-wannabe spelling of "favorite."]

Careful, you might end up with chin in tonic.

[Maybe both of them, lardboy.]

A kind and generous soul put a Nook Color under my tree and Mr. Dixie built another computer....another Linux flavour, I forget the name.

[Now DUmmie dixiegrrrrl is doing "flavour." I tell you, they're all a bunch of Euro-wannabes.]

Merry Holidays, DU!

[Can't bring yourself to say "Christmas," can you, DUmmie dixiegrrrrl?]

Regarding the Linux distro. Was it Ubuntu, knopex, mint, freeBSD, PCLinuxOS??

[Klaatu barada nikto.]

Mint Maya.

[Mint Mayan Apocalypse. It sounds like a Ben & Jerry's flavour.]

Mint has become very popular of late.

[Oubama is trying to print the money as fast as he can spend it.]

My best gift was spending time with my granddaughters . . .

[Indoctrinating them. "Men are BAD, girls! White men. Straight men. Republicans. Not men of colour, of course."]

Nothing. Not a call, a card, an email, no gifts, no invites. . . .

[Not even a health insurance talk from Pajama Boy?]

I must have been a really monumental asshole in a previous life to be so totally and completely forgotten EVERY DAMN HOLIDAY. And it's been like this as long as I can remember.

[And you, with such a winning and pleasant personality! I'm shocked!]

A GPS Watch.

[Is that like a clock bracelet with a map glued to it?]

at one job I won a $5 dunkin donuts gift certificate. the company does drawings, so not everybody gets anything and then some people win multiple things. Frankly I think its cheap and sucky thing to do. Our boss gave us a chocolate bar.

[Somebody's gotta pay for that Obamacare, you know.]

At my other job, I got the gift of a water buffalo via the heifer project.

[Can you make brisket out of one of those?]

I gave myself the early gift of a new, lined raincoat. . . .

[You'll need it, now that you've got a water buffalo for a pet.]

I was going to give Dahli and me a joint gift. . . .

[You must live in a state where that's legal.]

a companion pony for her and a future riding and breeding pony for me, but that had to be postponed.

[I hear benburch would like a breeding pony.]

i am posting from my new kindle fire. Wearing spongebob jammie pants, new zombie slippers and a narwhal shirt.

[Is that you, Pajama Boy? How are the health insurance talks going?]

Jammie pants should be the national uniform.

[Don't give Oubama ideas.]

A nasty cold.

[Say, did you ever wonder why you should sign up for health insurance? . . .]


[Think of it this way: You don't have to stand in a returns line.]

I've been grooming my 3 cats for a gift since July. So today I looked at them and said, "OK, give it up. Where's my Christmas pres?" They just stared at me with their 3 little Christmas collars intact and I realized that was my present. In years past they claw off their lovely red plaid collars with bow ties on them. This year they left them on. I was so happy.

[DUmmie NJCher, I think you need to be clawed with some Sanity Claws.]

I wasn't sure if I should post what I got or not. I feel kind of guilty considering I've been spoiled far too much compared to many. I deleted my first post cause of this.

[DUmmie LocoNuts, will you please GROW UP??]

A few things, an assortment of Magic the Gathering cards, slippers, tools, comic books, and a DC New 52 Black Adam action figure(its flippin sweet).

[Sounds like you made out like a bandit, DUmmie Broken_Hero. You know, don't you, you'll have to pay taxes on all that.]

I've been thinking of getting into comics off and on for years. Would you say the new 52 is the time to take the blunge?

[No, DUmmie LocoNuts, it's not time to take the blunge. It's time for you to grow up. You need to get OUT of comic books. Your LIFE is a comic book. You're in your 30s now, LocoNuts. Maybe move up to sci-fi novels or something.]

I'm going to sound like a spoiled brat but I was frustrated this Christmas. I got a lot of good things. Expensive things. But nothing on the list I asked for.

[Somebody, quick! Call the WAAAAAAHMBULANCE!!]

A crock pot for my office. . . .

[Said a crackpot on DU.]

My friends got together and gave me a flat screen tv.

[Ask DUmmie DainBramaged to block Fox News for you.]



We really had a very nice holiday marred only by the fact that my daughter's youngest and favorite cat suddenly dropped dead for no apparent reason which she only discovered when she went home. . . .

[Perhaps DUmmie NJCher got in there and stared it to death.]

Got job..maybe two...

[This is DUmmie Lady Freedeom Returns. Her ambition in life is to be a shot girl at a bar. Only, instead of a shot girl, she'd be more of a quart matron.]

I have a payment plan to get my Collage Transcripts!

[Would your Collage Transcripts be from Art School?]

Yup!!! My cup runneth over. . . .

[Especially if you try squeezing into one of those shot girl outfits.]


[I call dibs on the lib vibs!]

I got tea, chocolate, a pair of gloves, and some nuts.

[We got LOTS of nuts, right here on DUmmie FUnnies!]

From my Daughter and Son-In-Law tickets to see Kathy Griffin. . . .

[They must really not like you.]

My girls gave me sweet framed "selfies".

[BTW, "selfie" is my choice for Word of the Year. I had "twerking" leading from August on, but then "selfie" made a strong finish in December, thanks to Oubama.]

I am Hawaii bound. . . .

[Is that you, Oubama? Vacation time again?]

I'm going to be honest here: My husband is in a psych ward. . . .

[I would be too, if I were married to you.]

$24 and a few cards.

[24 business dollars comes to about 3,500 dollar-dollars.]

Another completely useless present from my in laws. "Salts of the World" a selection of various "exotic salt: Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Sel Gris French Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt, Flor Bianca Mexican Sea Salt, Murray River Australian Rake Salt, and Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. . . . the six separate containers are sealed in two layers of heavy plastic. . . . I would NEVER have bought or asked for salt in this level of impervious packaging! . . . I'm considering leaving it sealed and re-gifting this thing to someone at some point in the future. Probably to someone I don't like. . . .

[The Sealing Saline Solution.]

Thursday, December 19, 2013

DUmmies #GetTalkingAboutPajamaBoy

OFA, Organizing For Action--née Obama For America, the neverending campaign operation--OFA, trying to promote their Mutual of Obama health insurance disaster, recently launched a series of ads to get mind-numbed Obamabots to talk up the program over the holidays. The ad that has gained the most attention is the one pictured above. It depicts a scrawny youngish person of indeterminate gender, wearing hipster glasses, cradling a cup of cocoa in a non-masculine manner, and wearing a plaid onesie. The accompanying message reads:

Wear pajamas.
Drink hot chocolate.
Talk about getting
health insurance.

Well, this ad immediately went viral, and subject to much mockery. The plaid-pajama-clad twerp drinking the cocoa instantly gained the name "Pajama Boy." But in honor of our DUmmie FUnnies founder, PJ-Comix, I would like to give him the additional name of "PJ-Cocoamix."

Even some of the Proglodytes are doubting the wisdom of OFA using Pajama Boy/PJ-Cocoamix as the face of their campaign, as we see here in this THREAD by DUmmie B2G, "OFA can't be serious."

So let us all now put on our Obama Pajamas, grab a cup of cocoa, and listen to the DUmmies #GetTalkingAboutPajamaBoy, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, assuring our audience that William Rivers Pitt will definitely be enrolled in ObamaCare within 24 business hours, is in the [#barackets]:

OFA can't be serious

["OFA" . . . Let's see, I think that's short for "Obama F***ing America."]

Will this bring the Millennials in by the droves?

[I don't know about the Millennials, but the Metrosexuals are as happy as a little girl.]

Why can't they get decent marketing people engaged??

[I think one of their marketing guys is engaged to Pajama Boy.]

wow. they can't really believe young people are that stupid.

[Exhibit A to the contrary: The election of Barack Obama. Twice.]

to fall for pandering. . . .

[Panders in Pajamas. And possibly, judging by the look of Pajama Boy, Pampers in Pajamas.]

Seems like the entire Internet is talking about it.

[Amid spasmodic gales of laughter.]

Are you talking about the ad? Then it's working.

[DUmmie JaneyVee tries to defend the ad. Vee for in Vain.]

There are plenty of bad ads, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

[Or in this case, in the gay of the cupholder.]

telling them it's important to have health insurance is pandering? enjoy your stay.

[DUmmie CreekDog thinks DUmmie FatBuddy was slandering by calling it pandering and is meandering into a tombstone.]

Makes all 20 something's look like lazy bums sipping latte's while living at home with their parents. REALLY F***ING BAD image.

[And it is so NOT TRUE! Many of the lazy bums sipping lattes and living at home with their parents are in their 30s and 40s!! They're a good chunk of DUmmieland!]

"Wear pajamas." Geek in a onesie (I wonder if it has a button-up flap in the back?).

[Calm down, benburch, calm down!]

He's in a ONESIE! My conservative mother is having a field day with this pic. Arg!

[Don't you just want to pick him up and cuddle him? I think the not-so-subliminal message is that all liberals just want to suck on the government teat and be cuddled and taken care of.]

What's wrong with wearing one piece pajamas in your own home?

[Give one-piece a chance. JaneyVee keeps trying to sell this stupid ad.]

Yeah, cooler jammies would've been better. . . .

[I vote for some dingbat-yet-hot actress in a teddy.]

Pretty sure it's the crazy wax job to his eyebrows thats freaking everyone out subconsciously. The onesie and cocoa just push it over the top. Missing 1 teddy bear!


haven't you heard? 24 is the new 8

[24 year-years = 8 lump-years.]

I like it. Looks like Christmas Day.

[It looks like the Ghost of Christmas Gay. Give it up, JaneyVee.]

This is only being criticized by the right. Because the man in the ad doesn't fit their view of masculinity.

[I think you're right. They should have gone with Rachel Maddow instead. She looks a little more masculine.]

This is not about masculinity, it's about adultness. . . . The onesie and cocoa are societal totems for children.

[We'll have to take a totem poll on that.]

the right wing is having a field day with this and it`s not pretty.

[Oh, give him some earrings and a little lip gloss and I think he'd be pretty enough. And maybe a nicer clock bracelet to round out the ensemble.]

Young generation feeds off of irony and sarcasm. This is perfect.

[DUmmie Pretzel_Warrior joins JaneyVee in trying to defend this Hipster Hindenburg of an ad.]

Hash tag GET TALKING. Seems to be working, everyone s talking about it.


Miley Cyrus made a zillion dollars after her recent "bad" publicity. #Get Talking

[Miley Cyrus twerking on a wrecking ball, in her pajamas, if she wears any, and holding a teddy bear, could not sell this pile of crap called Obamacare. #GetTwerking]

Young people usually aren't wearing long pajamas and drinking hot chocolate when they get together. I guess they can't really say have a beer or smoke a blunt and talk about health insurance.

[Hashish tag #GetToking.]

why not do a campaign that includes health issues young people DO have: sports injuries, STDs, PREGNANCY. . . .

[If Pajama Boy and Sandra Fluke got together, which one would become pregnant?]

show a snowboarder with three casts and a neck brace & caption: he didn't think he needed insurance. . . . Or a skateboarder: "he didn't think he needed insurance until he tore chestnuts open on a fire hydrant."

[Or a keyboarder posting in DUmmieland: "He didn't think. Period."]

Remember that girl you had sex with at the frat party whose name you can't remember? that's why you need health insurance.

[It doesn't look like that would apply to Pajama Boy.]

Hot chocolate is dangerous and he might poop his onesie before he can get the flap down and develop a rash.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

Are we sure that our side thought up this ad? 'Cause the message I'm getting is, "health insurance is for nerdy losers".

[Yes, it was done by someone on our side. In fact, I think it was the President's #HealthCareRollOut czar . . . Oh, what was his name again? . . . Yeah, that's right, Grove, Kurt Grove.]

He needs a pacifier to complete the cool image.

[I've heard that everyone who signs up gets a free binky.]

These ads (that I've seen posted on DU) are young adults who look middle class or wealthy. Where are the poor and desparate. Why are they all white kids with hip names?

[Don't you get it? They need the young and healthy and wealthy to sign up, in order to PAY FOR the people who are aren't!]

how unsavory it is to try to inject politics into the biggest holiday season of the year. Can't we take a break? Can't we just be done with politics for a couple of weeks and focus on our families? Does everything have to be about Obama?

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! The holidays are ALL ABOUT converting--or confronting--those backward conservative relatives! I'm sure we will see many a bouncy tale about "How I spent Christmas with my teabagger relatives." But we'll leave that for another DUFU about a week from now. Then we'll see how the Pajama Boy approach worked. #GetThrownOutOfRelativesHouse.]

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tales from the Whipped: ObamaCare Sign-up Nightmares

In our last DUFU, we heard from Will the Shill Pitt how wonderful and easy signing up for ObamaCare is--even though he hadn't, uh, exactly completed the process. Well, today's DUFU will tell a different tale, i.e., "Tales from the Whipped: ObamaCare Sign-up Nightmares." We visit this THREAD by DUmmie Demo_Chris, "9 HOURS in and still wont let me look at the actual PLANS."

Fortunately it won't take us 9 hours to look at the actual comments of the DUmmies, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if William Rivers Pitt will be able to get signed up within 24 business hours, is in the [brackets]:

9 HOURS in and still wont let me look at the actual PLANS

[If you like to see plans, you can keep . . . waiting. Patience, my child.]

8 hours and a hundred crashes to get this far.

[Crash of the Type-ins.]

It's impressively and spectacularly bad. It is a freaking marvel of fail, the cirque du Soleil of incompetence.

[Jirque DU Delay.]

Right now my wife is so frustrated by the experience that she is ready to drop kick her computer out the window.

[The Defenestration of Prog.]

So we CALLED the 800 number to get it straightened out. To be precise, I called the 800 number while my wife sat in our darkened bedroom, crying and clutching her cat and occasionally shrieking out random ACA induced profanities.

["I hope this isn't going to take long. My pussy's been locked up for eight hours."]

The guy on the phone, after taking down all my information and typing it into his computer yet again, reached the exact same place the system had hung up before, and he ran into the same error message we had encountered. . . . He informed me that he had tried hitting enter three times. This was apparently the limits of his troubleshooting skills.

[Three strikes and you're out . . . of luck.]

He politely offered to hit enter for me a few more times, but I assured him I could do this myself. I asked what I was supposed to do now, and he did not know. He said, and this is close to a quote "Yeah, it's a mess, it pretty much does this kind of thing all day. Maybe you can try back some other time, that might fix it."

[You know, Demo_Chris, your "Cirque du Soleil of Incompetence" comment earlier was pretty good. Sooo. . . . If you like your Kewpie Doll, you can keep your Kewpie Doll. It's in the mail.]

Jackasses like Limbaugh or Paul Ryan say that government is the problem. It's a sentiment that I oppose. . . . That said, we just handed them a six-hundred million dollar example to point to.

[Demo_Chris, I think you are on your way to becoming a conservative jackass just like us! Watch out, you may have to change your name to Repuke_Chris! For now, though, prepare for a beatdown from your fellow DUmmies . . .]

This sounds suspicious. . . .

[Are you suggesting that Demo_Chris might be a . . . LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???]

Why would your wife sit in a darkened room crying and clutching her cat, etc.?

[Maybe she heard Obama say, "If you like your cat, you can keep your cat."]

I would be pushing to find someone who could help me resolve the situation. . . . I would demand to talk with his supervisor.

["Yes, this is his supervisor. . . . You say you've waited nine hours, and your wife is crying and clutching her pussy?"]

The deadline for coverage on Jan 1st. It had been December 15th but was changed to the 23rd.

[How about changing the whole thing to the 12th of Never?]

You should turn the lights on in the bedroom.

Yeah, at least let the woman have some light while she's shrieking & clutching. Maybe it's the cat that's shrieking b/c she's clutching him too hard.

[Puss in Boudoir: Shriek Forever After]

Maybe try it at 2 in the morning when traffic is low?

[Better yet, try it at 3 in the morning. You may get right through.]

I've heard that starting over with a new email address & user name can get you out of whatever code-induced dead end you are apparently in.

[The cure for the common code.]

anonymous, unverifiable anti-ACA posts, even absurd creative writing fails like this one, should normally just be ignored.

[No criticism of Obamassiah allowed! To the iggy list with you! No, on second thought, TO THE HAGUE!!]

A wave of quiet melancholy seeped from the darkened space where his one true love sobbed quietly. Out in the chaos of the beast-maddened world, the sneering and sarcastic acolytes of the Magical Priest King laughed heartily at the family's pain - they blocked up their ears as if with wax at any sadness, lest the Magical Priest King be considered less glowing. They crowded about, pointing and laughing. Always pointing and laughing....

[Hee! Hee! Very good, DUmmie alcibiades_mystery! I'm going to break the rules here and give YOU a Kewpie Doll, too!]

I don't understand your reference to "unverifiable". I gather that the next DUer who applies should have two witnesses (not immediate family members) in the room with him or her at the start of the process. These witnesses should note when the effort begins, when it ends, and what the results were. They should report their findings in sworn affidavits, which will be notarized. Any post complaining about any ACA difficulty must include the PDF of each affidavit, along with each witness's full name, address, telephone number, and email address, so that the reports can be verified.


I for one am prepared to believe that someone like Demo Chris, with more than 4,000 posts, is not a Limbaughite who's put that much effort into setting up a DU persona just to pave the way for lying about problems. I'm especially prepared to believe it when this admittedly "unverifiable" account is completely consistent with what many other people have reported.


I've been trying since October 1st. You would not believe what I've gone through with the ACA website.


For $768/month presently, we get a $400 deductible, $2,000 out of pocket, $20 doctor co-pays, $10 drugs, and dental and vision. I doubt the ACA can beat that anyway. I sure don't want to save $150/month on premiums and have a $6,350 deductible. That would be dumb.

I entered into the website and it said: "You have tried too many times. Wait 24 hours and try again."

[That's 24 ObamaCare hours, which is like 7 dog years.]

My wife has been trying to sign up since Oct. It has been a nightmare. . . .

[Nightmare on Health Street]

What's weird is that the GOLD level plans seem worse than the SILVER plans they are offering us.

[Silver and gold
Silver and gold
Cost so much more when I ran
Numbers and old calculations
On every healthcare plan . . .]

I see the "attack anyone who complains" brigade is all over you here. . . . Question something you're told or point out inconvenient realities and the knives come out. . . . And some wonder why Obama's approval has fallen to the upper 30's, right along with approval for the ACA. Who wants to be on the side of a bunch of arrogant reactionaries who deny reality and demand that you do as well. . . .

[DUmmieland is the Reality-Erased Community.]

How many different ways can a person/family enroll in Obamacare ... ?

[There must be fifty ways to have your healthcare . . .]

Blind gullibility is bad enough, but the arrogance in attacking anyone who doesn't sing Obamacare's praises to your liking and hit all the right notes for you on the matter is about as appealing as dog vomit.

[The Pukingese breed.]

Real person experiencing a real problem and you and others jump all over him like he's some fox in your hen house.

[The quick brown dog vomit jumped over the lousy fox.]

It took me 63 days to get my application sent to the insurance company. A total of about 80 frustrating hours spent on the phone with the call center and trying to get my account established and visible on the website. I still cannot see my information on the website, other than my name, security questions, etc. I was twice told that my applications by phone had gone through, and then one of them got "lost", and with the other one, an error was made, (not by me), and I had to do a third application, once the application was declared done, like you, I was unable to see the plans on the internet. They told me they could not fix that, and refused to send me the plans by mail. And the call center reps could not pull up my plans, except that one of them said he had some plans become available, which I knew were bogus offers because they were way more expensive than the calculators indicated my plans would cost. So I told the call rep this, and he spoke with supervisors, and then came back and said, well, why don't I just take one of the plans he had previously offered? I got really upset at that point. The next day, another call center rep could not pull up my plans, so I asked to speak with a call center supervisor, and after I was on hold for a really long time, she answered and was able to pull up all 78 plans, and told me that the only way I could get insurance was for her to tell me the information about the plans over the phone. So I had to choose a plan without the benefit of being able to read, study, and investigate them in order to determine exactly which one was really best for me. I was on the phone with the call center for approximately 6 hrs that day. At $20 an hr for my time, and for cell phone bills, and pain and suffering, I figure the subsidies I receive for my premiums will just about cover the expenses for the time that I spent was struggling to get insurance through But, frustrated almost to the point of needing therapy, I chose a plan a plan over the phone, and it seems like a good deal. Unfortunately, the insurance company is claiming that sent them some wrong information. is claiming they sent the correct information. I sent the insurance company a premium payment, and have a policy ID number. But I am not sure if I will be covered on Jan 1, because of this information problem, which the insurance company will not allow me to correct personally, but are saying that needs to correct the information and send the corrected information to them. says it sent them the correct information in the first place, and that they cannot send them any more information, and that the insurance company has the accurate information and is not "accurately relaying correct information" to me. . . . My experience with was in the top 5 most f***ed up things that I have ever experienced in life.

[Hey, DUmmie? Yeah, you, you who voted for Obama. Two words: OWN IT!]

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pitt Delivers Personal Information to Russian Mafia Via ObamaCare

The ObamaCare website is a Russian Mafia dream come true. Think about it. A completely UNSECURE website with the personal and financial information of thousands of highly gullible people. Gullible because the website is known to be UNSECURE and yet they STILL entered their personal info. Think the Russian Mafia won't take advantage of this HUGE payday for them? Of course not. And WHO are the gullible people to so readily hand over their info to the Russian Mafia? Mostly liberals or idiots and since they are not mutually exclusive, make that liberal idiots. One of those liberal idiots who blindly turned over his personal info to the Russian Mafia via ObamaCare is none other than the Trust Fund Kid himself, our own WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. Here is the THREAD where you can see Pitt bragging about performing an act of extreme gullibility, "Well, I just had my first experience with the website..." Perhaps we all shall soon get a Christmas present in the form of Pitt screeching about how his trust funds were depleted by an unknown (Russian Mafia) source. Would he have the cognizance to realize that it happened because he entered personal info to an UNSECURE website? Remember, Russian Mafia, the name of the mark is WILLIAM RIVERS PITT. He is loaded with trust fund bucks and you ALREADY have most the info you need to clean out his account. So let us now watch Pitt happily give away his personal info to the UNSECURE website like a the sap he is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to the Brighton Beach hackers, is in the brackets:

Well, I just had my first experience with the website...

[Soon to be followed by your first experience with the Russian Mafia...]

Creating a user name and account: easy. 
  Plowing through all the questions: easy.

[Losing your shirt: easy.]

Alas, I logged out to track down some personal info, and when I tried to log back in, it said the system was currently down.

[That could have been a blessing in disguise but Pitt still manages a way to deliver that personal info to the Russian Mafia.]

...but then, Ermahgerd! A phone number: 800-318-2596


And it's toll-free, too!

[Wow! An 800 number that's also toll-free! Will wonders never cease!]

So I'll be calling in the morning to finish the process.

["Hello, Igor? Here is my bank account number I promised to give you."]

No. Big. Deal.

[Wait. Til. Steal.]

Thanks, Obama.

[Pitt, about to get the biggest reaming of his life, thanks Obama in advance. Now on to the other GUllible DUmmies...]

The website is nothing more than kayak or Travelocity for travel. It gives you the options available to you (less Southwest air - you have to go to their website for flight info).

[Except kayak and Travelocity are SECURE websites that aren't hacked by the Russian Mafia trolling for personal information.]

My neighbors just got signed up NO Problems..

[Check back with them in a few weeks after they pay their insurance premiums to the Russian Mafia.]

Another observation. Due to an administrative screw-up on my end, I let my BC/BS private policy lapse. Stupid. I applied for a new policy and was turned down. It seems my weight and some medication I was taking before was just fine. Now it's cause for refusal.

[Yeah, crack as a medication does tend to be a cause for refusal.]

ust finished the application process, now waiting for payment info from BC/BS, which can't refuse me. The premiums for three of us - two adults, one adult child - comes to almost the same premiums I was paying before, give or take a few dollars. However, my deductibles are no longer $5,000 or more but rather $2,000. The network is different, and that definitely sucks, but until more changes are made to our ridiculous health care system, I'll just have to accept that.

[Oh, you'll get payment info alright from BC/BS but it will be BS since it will be a Potemkin Website set up by the Russian Mafia expressly to separate a DUmmie from his money.]

It's no worse than Ticketmaster when you want to buy tickets for a hot concert or....sporting event. But Ticketmaster won't send you an email when they're available.

[Don't worry. The Russian Mafia will let you know when your "insurance" is available along with a bill and a link for payment. Hee! Hee!]

I had a great experience with it. Took less than 20 minutes, I got a much better plan for $5 more than I was paying. Thanks, Obama.

[Said the DUmmie Eloi just as the Morlock siren was about to sound.]