Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will Obamacare cover circular-firing-squad injuries?

"If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what." --Dr. Ob, June 15, 2009

The impact of Obamacare is starting to hit the DUmmies. And not all of them are pleased. Employers are canceling health insurance for their workers. People are having to pay higher premiums. People are having to meet higher deductibles. And this is not going over well with all the denizens of the DUmp. My gosh, who could have predicted that these things would be happening????

Who could have predicted all this? Why, WE did, you stupid DUmmies! We TOLD you this would happen, way back when. But did you listen? NO-OOOO!!! You went and voted for the Moron-in-Chief and his co-moron accomplices. And so this is what you get. Enjoy!

The whining and moaning continues apace in DUmmieland. And when one of the DUmmies dares to lay this debacle at the doorstop of Our President, the circular firing squad steps forward to shoot down the heretic. It's FUn to watch!!  Witness this THREAD, "Companies' cancellation of existing health insurance policies continues."

So let us now travel to the Land of DUmmies, where reality is an unwelcome guest and all the comments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--wondering if the DUmmies are out in their pumpkin patches tonight, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive--is in the [Barackets]:

Companies' cancellation of existing health insurance policies continues

[Who could have seen this coming??? I'm SHOCKED!!]

It's now hitting the news more often and the nation will soon be much more widely aware of it.

[Prepare for even greater sticker shock come January.]

The cancellation of existing policies is spreading around the country, as insurance companies seem to be using ACA as an excuse/reason for cancelling existing policies and offering their former customers a choice -- pay higher premium for new policies or bye-bye.

[Wha-- WHAT?? I can't believe this is happening!!]

This isn't Obama-hate and crap like that. This is real stuff actually happening to hundreds of thousands of people (300,000+ in California alone), soon to be millions nationwide.

[DO NOT BRING UP REAL STUFF! Real stuff is too disturbing.]

It directly contradicts what the President said about people keeping their existing policies. This has nothing to do with any GOP troublemaking. It's a real event.

[Say, DUmmie hooverville29, you with your whopping 91 posts, why are you bringing up these things anyway? Hmmm. . . .]

The White House is going to have to face it and get a handle on where they are on the issue.

[When in doubt, blame the Republicans.]

Again, it's really there.

[OK, DUmmie hooverville29, we get your point! So let's hear from your fellow DUmmies . . .]

Pointing out that the Insurance Industry was and continues to be the problem.

[I thought it was the Rethuglicans. . . . OK, same difference.]

Yep. Not saying wheels are coming off, but it's not good.

[Wheels of Misfortune.]

Did the insurance companies betray Obama?

[They betrayed Obamassiah for thirty pieces of silver. Obamassiah is an innocent victim here.]

Anybody know what's really going on?

[Does anybody really care?]

Looks like the counry will be moving to single payer faster than anyone ever thought.

[The end goal.]

It'll never pass this Congress or the next. Even if the Dems keep the Senate, remember the 60 vote rule? Odds are the GOP will squeak by in the House, if for no reason other than the usual mid-term result. Anyhow, it's really unlikely we could get the legislation.

[Boy, DUmmie hooverville29, you're being a real DUmmie Downer. I'm having my suspicions about you. . . .]

This law helps the eternally stupid by not allowing insurance companies to sell them sh*tty non insurance.

[What if people LIKED their "sh*tty non-insurance," and now they're sh*t out of luck?]

This was done very clumsily and doesn't make the Prez look good in the eyes of many ordinary who simply took what he said to mean what the words ordinarily mean. Unfortunately, that won't keep it from really pissing off a lot of people who did take what the President said at face value and now have to pay higher premiums, which contradicts another expectation most have -- ACA won't make my insurance cost more, etc. For some, it will, and there will be a political price to pay for that, like it or not.

[It's THEIR fault for believing what the President had to say! He couldn't help it if he had to lie in order to get the bill passed and then get re-elected! Oh, and by the way, DUmmie hooverville29, you are REALLY starting to get on our nerves! You keep bringing up these problems! Stop it!]

Disapproval is going up (back to 50+% levels)and so is approval (42%) as undecideds decide where they are. This one has a tough row to hoe.

[I predict the hoes will approve.]

Is it rolled out? No! Not one person has started on insurance through exchanges. People are sheep. They are going off of vague info they are hearing. When people are signed up through 2014 and the other pieces kick in fully, this will be a VERY popular program. Right now, low information people are listening to morons.

[Less take-home pay, worse benefits, higher premiums, higher deductibles--posh and piffle! This is just VAGUE INFO that the sheep are hearing! So it's showing up in statements from their employers and insurance companies! Big deal! It's not really happening! Think HAPPY thoughts! Obamacare gonna HELP us! Obamacare gonna make all thing right! Greedy insurance companies! Greedy corporations! Obamacare VERY popular program! VERY popular!! Baaa! Baaa!]

It's that kind of elitist contempt for ordinary people that can cause real problems down the road. Those 'morons' and 'low intelligence' people are American citizens who vote. . . .

[OK, that cuts it, DUmmie hooverville29!! We know who you are! You are a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

What was done in ACA to prevent this?

[You're assuming anyone actually READ the bill before it was passed.]

the reason policies are being cancled and blamed on ACA, is those policies did not meet the standards set by ACA. so now you have more complete coverage and of course since it covers more, it costs more.

the existing policies didn't cover what is required by ACA. Most of these policies were junk.

[This is the new talking point at the DUmp. All previous policies were "junk" insurance. Now, under ACA, we have so much better policies, and, naturally, that may cost a little more. But it's worth it. Indeed, we should THANK Lord Obama for raising our costs, because now our insurance is so much better! Not like that bad junky insurance we used to have! Eww! Bad! Junky!]

Policies weren't 'junk' to people who first bought them. Now rug's pulled out from under them and they're going to be pissed at having to pay more or be uninsured. When they bought those 'junk' policies, nobody warned them that the federal government would come along and take them away (and that is definitely the way people directly hit will look at it).

[STOP it, hooverville29, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Somebody, get this man out of here! Throw him out the door!!]

The Prez should never been set up to make the broad assurance he did. It was done clumsily.

[LFT hooverville29 tries to cover his tracks by making "the Prez" just an innocent bystander who didn't know what was happening. Sorry, hooverville29, you've been exposed. We know who you are.]

You are so transparent.

[See? What did I tell you?]

Thank you for your concern. The only thing clumsy in this picture is your attempt to portray yourself as a Democrat.

[Get him! Grab him! Time for a tombstone! Lock! Ban! Delete!]

My current plan, which ACA kills as of January 1st:
~$150/mo, $1500 deductible, and a 0% co-pay.
My new ACA-approved "recommended plan" is now:
~$240/mo, $3000 deductible, and a 50% co-pay.

[Ah! Another one! Trying to confuse us with facts, eh? Well, we don't put up with that sort of thing around here!]

But at least I have, as an adult male, maternity and pediatric dental/vision until I am 19, right? Right? RIGHT?!

[Think of it like this: You can IDENTIFY as an 18-year-old female, and then you're covered! Who knows, you may NEED that maternity coverage someday! It's a crazy, mixed-up world.]

we've already heard stories about some companies moving employees to part-time status to avoid the issue.

[Like Forever 29.5.]

"If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what." Barack Obama June 2009

[DUmmie leftstreet then quotes President Obama saying basically the same thing on TWELVE DIFFERENT OCCASIONS! Hey, DUmmie leftstreet, what are you, another LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???  Don't quote Our President! You make it sound like he wasn't telling the truth! But, but . . . . he was misled! Yeah, it's the staff's fault! It was clumsy! No, wait! It's the RETHUGLICANS' fault! It's ALWAYS the Rethuglicans' fault! Ted Cruz! Tea Party! Boo! Hiss!]

What a shock to see an anti-ACA troll like you posting rightwing screeds against the ACA.

[Lousy Freeper Troll, AKA "anti-ACA troll."]

Everyone's running around with their hair on fire about something that's not even in effect yet, and about which the details are sketchy because of the website thing.

[Speaking of the website thing, did you see that they've taken ObamaCare Girl off the site? Here is what she looked like:

Maybe she was embarrassed to be associated with this stinker and asked to be taken off. But now they will need a NEW ObamaCare Girl to grace the website. I suggest these three candidates to replace her:

[A Fluke, a Flunk, and a Flake.]

this is going to be a HUGE f***ing problem for Democrats. . . . If millions have their current policies cancelled and face increased premiums for new plans it will be a problem for Democrats. . . . This could be a "read my lips" level political catastrophe.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears!]

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DUmmie FUnnies Go Video

Okay, we are now entering a new era for the DUmmie FUnnies. In addition to the regular DUFUs, I will also be posting stream of consciousness observations based on whatever is in the newspaper. The first of these you can see in this VIDEO. I don't really plan the topics, they just sort of come to me as I analyze the newspaper. In this edition, I analyze the decline of the Miami Herald, the sad fate of a friend of mine named Tom who made a bad business decision, the testimony yesterday of Marilyn Tavenner of CMS, and the incredibly robotic Kathleen Sebelius. I sign off with a special message to my Japanese friends in their lingo.

I originally thought to do videos of me reading aloud the DUFUs but how would that be an improvement over the written version? Therefore I decided to go with the completely different angle by doing video observations on current events in general. Everything is off the top of my head so as to keep the material fresh. Oh, and don't worry. the regular DUFUs will continue as usual. And if Charles ever gets around to getting a Smart Phone, perhaps he can post videos as well.

Monday, October 28, 2013

DUmmies Now Want to Ditch ObamaCare for "Single Payer"

Okay, so now even now the DUmmies have realized that ObamaCare has completely bombed. So what is their solution? Even more big government in the form of single payer aka socialized medicine. Yeah, the government overpays for 10 year old website software to the tune of over $600 million that doesn't even work and now the DUmmies want to entrust our entire medical system to the feds. DUmb idea but that is why they they are called DUmmies. You can see the DUmmies abandon ship on ObamaCare only to reach for the equally ridiculous "single payer" in this THREAD, "We need single payer." So let us now watch the DUmmies latch onto even bigger failed government program in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, announcing that the DUmmie FUnnies may be entering a new space/time dimension in a few days, is in the [brackets]:

We need single payer

[We need an even bigger government FAILURE.]

All this ridiculousness, this person pays this, that person pays that... to a f*cking insurance company!
I'll choose only this, I'll chose that... and take my chances....
We are frigging human beings we all deserve the care, and for it to cost the goddamned same thing for everyone!
What is so freaking hard about this concept.

[The government can't even provide a website that works so, hey, let them take over every aspect of health!]

What I like about it, no refusal due to pre existing conditions, and caps. Those go away to with single payer.

[Government just needs to wave its magic problems and, voila, health problems are instantly cured.]

It's inevitable.

[Less evitable than ever now that the public has seen how the government has completely screwed up on ObamaCare.]

Single payer has to be the end game .

[This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end]

A Public Option could have been a baby step

[Obama would have tripped over that baby step as well.]

  We have to hang on to ACA and help it thrive, and it will reveal that, just as ACA is better than what came before, single payer will be better than ACA, we will move in that direction.

[Since "ACA" crashed on the launch pad, the only direction you will be moving is DOWN. BTW, why the sudden reluctance to call it OBAMACARE?]

I'm trying to convince myself we will see single payer out of this. But we won't if we just accept this as being great. Republicans are disgusting and work against my goal, and I don't want to add my concern to their voice in any way. So, what is the careful way we can make our issues rise to the top?

[Psst! Let's not acknowledge that ObamaCare is anything less than WUUUUNderful so as not to show they were right all along about how much it sucks.]

Single payer would have made so much more sense. ONE PLAN & the rules are the same for all.


Time to scrap our health care system and go to a non-profit universal health care model, its the civilized thing to do.

[You will get single payer in just 24 business hours.]


Friday, October 25, 2013

KOmmies Pray to Blue Fairy to Fix ObamaCare Website

Please Blue Fairy. I beg of you to fix the ObamaCare website by the end of November or we will all look like complete fools. Please Blue Fairy. Those EVIL Rightwingers will laugh at us now and forever unto the end of time if the ObamaCare website is not fixed. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and make it all better for us. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and stop the ObamaCare Death Spiral. Blue Fairy, wave your magic wand and let me just wake up and find out this whole ObamaCare fiasco is just a silly nightmare. Please Blue Fairy. Blue Fairy, can you hear me? 

And now the Blue Fairy for KOmmies turns out to be Jeffrey Zients who has promised to wave his magic wand and fix the ObamaCare website by the end of November. Sorry, Jeffrey, even if that website with its outdated 2003 software, is somehow magically fixed by Turkey Day, it will still be a turkey. Most experts have stated the website must be fixed by Nov. 1 or it goes into an ObamaCare Death Cycle. And with 5 million lines of code to fix, good luck with that. Those in the know say the old crappy billion dollar software must be removed and replaced with new software. However, the KOmmies continue to place their faith in the Blue Fairy to magically make things right as you can see in this THREAD, " expected to be 'running smoothly' by the end of November." So let us now watch the KOmmies pray to the Blue Fairy to save them from eternal ObamaCare mockery in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Liberal Eye of Sauron is in the process of tumbling down as a result of liberals grasping for their Precioussssss ObamaCare, is in the [brackets]: expected to be 'running smoothly' by the end of November

[Blue Fairy Jeffrey Zients made that promise.]

The punch list for fixing has been identified and the fixes to have the system "running smoothly" will be done by the end of November, according to Josh Zeints, the former Office of Management and Budget official President Obama has put in charge of fixing the website. These developments were announced in a conference call the administration held with reporters Friday.

[Actually his name is JEFFREY Zients so you are probably praying to the wrong Blue Fairy.]

When asked on the conference call exactly who had advised the administration on its assessment, officials would not reveal names. Another question is what exactly the administration means by "running smoothly." Officials declined to give too many specifics on that question, as well. [...]

[They mean you will be able to see the ObamaCare chick and that your personal information will be quickly forwarded to Nigeria.]

Still, the assessment Zients gave over the phone was more candid and detailed than any public accounts administration officials had given previously. He acknowledged, for example, that high volume was one source of trouble for the site—but only one of many. He also explained that the site had two separate series of problems. One group consists of “performance problems”—the issues consumers have encountered, like seeing error messages, delays, and crashes. The other group consists of “functional” issues, which are “bugs” that prevent software from working the way it’s supposed to work. An example of this would be the erroneous data reports that (like some of the state-run exchanges) have been delivering to insurance companies. Zeints said that problem was at the top of a “punch list” of tasks that need to get done.

[At the top of his punch list is to punch out the idiot who thought it was a great idea to pay a billion bucks for 2003 software.]

Getting the system running before the end of November, if not sooner, is critical. People have to purchase insurance by Dec. 15 if they want their coverage to start on Jan. 1. That's millions of the uninsured in the 36 state relying on the federal exchange. Zeints said that HHS has already completed a number of fixes that have increased the performance of the site, allowing about 90 percent of would-be customers to create accounts.

[Oh, they can create accounts but beyond that thees website comes crashing down. And now on to the KOmmies fervently praying to the Blue Fairy for an ObamaCare website fix...]

Well there's a deadline that has the potential to backfire on the administration.

[Did I say a month? I really meant 30 Business Days.]

Failure is not an option

[Not an option but a likelihood.]

If the Obama Administration is to "blame" for anything, it's willingness to bend over backwards to try to work with Republicans. Even the ACA itself is a compromise! And they hired a private contractor (who donated mostly to REPUBLICANS last year!) because we just can't have too much "big guv'mint" involved. Oh, and let's not forget why this web site is so critical in the first place: Republicans succeeded in getting 36 states to actively sabotage the ACA by refusing to set up their own exchanges! It still amazes me that ACA has been able to work as well as it has despite all the G-O-TEA sabotage attempts. It's one reason why my respect for the President has grown in the past four years.

[Not one Republican voted for ObamaCare but now that it doesn't work, its all their fault.]

A lot of us who voted for Obama are embarassed about this too. They shou/ld have MANAGED expectations before the rollout saying that some glitches are going to be expected with the shortened timelines. They should have reduced scope of the intial rollout too.

[They should have listened to Ted Cruz and reduced the scope to zero.]

why isn't Obama leading?

[And cut back on his golf time? Silly question.]

It would be unfortunate if the Dems were to shoot themselves in the foot by not having their proverbial sh*t together on setting up the ACA website.

[Yeah, I'll cry me a river when that happens.]

how is he so certain that it will be fixed by Thanksgiving?

[Tinkerbell whispered that info into the Blue Fairy's ear.]

Just imagine how the Republicans will feel when millions of Americans are signing up on the Obamacare exchanges.

[Yup that will definitely be happening in the Alternate Universe.]

Try to remember the end of November when sites worked right and folks were mellow...

[It sounds like you are making a parody song proposal for Charles.]

I have considerable experience with the management of large software development projects. Based on what I've read to date I would suggest that it is highly unlikely that the website will be running smoothly for many months. The kind of problems that are arising now should have been exposed thru testing at least several months ago. Unfortunately if I'm right then the 'end of November" will just become another trigger to flog the Obama administration.

[Killjoy! Strike that heretic down with your magic wand, Blue Fairy.]

I hope this is true...

[The Blue Fairy requires that you sacrifice your sanity before granting your wish.]

In that Tinkerbell world they live in I'm sure the gop truly believes that the way to get this healthcare initiative to fail-----is just a matter of REALLY believing---and clapping REALLY hard!

[No. All we have to do is watch you KOmmies and laugh at in your Blue Fairy world begging for the ObamaCare website to finally work.]

DUmmies Blame Republicans for ObamaCare Disaster

Did you know that the Titanic had a "glitch?" Well, remember that scene in the "Titanic" movie when Rose asked the architect of the Titanic what was going to happen and he replied that it was a certainty that it would sink? Well, despite what liberals now desperately want you to believe, ObamaCare like the Titanic doesn't have a mere "glitch" that somehow can be fixed by an A-Team of software nerds. I mean almost four years ago I got rid of my then computer because it was running on 2005 software which I felt was outdated yet Team Obama awarded a software contract to a company that designed ObamaCare to run on 2003 software. Hey, did they throw free floppy disks into the deal because, after all, the Obama Regime shelled out not a hundred million, not a half billion, but about a full billion bucks for a completely outdated system. Remember 2003? Back then what were considered advanced cell phones had crude cameras that took blurry pictures. No bluetooth yet but if you clamped a "car baby" onto your cell phone it would project the sound to your FM radio. So why was this absurd contract awarded to CGI which was already fired by the Ontario government in Canada for incompetence? Most likely we can follow the money to figure out why this contract was awarded to the highest bundler. And like the Titanic, ObamaCare is doomed to sink. Yet somehow the DUmmies, refusing to face the reality of Obamacare's utter failure,  are now blaming it all on the Republicans. I kid you not as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Howard Dean: 'You Gotta Blame' The GOP For Some Of Obamacare's Glitches." So let us now watch the Reality Denialists blame Republicans for ObamaCare's failure in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering when Obama will start calling it SebeliusCare, is in the [brackets]:

Howard Dean: 'You Gotta Blame' The GOP For Some Of Obamacare's Glitches

[That hair dye Howard has started using must have seeped into his brain.]

"I think the fundamental flaw was not having multiple districts and multiple bidders and multiple contractors working on this because then what you could have done if one contractor screwed up, as this one clearly has, you could actually just use a different exchange in a different region."

[Like Solyndra, the ObamaCare contract went to the highest bundler. How many millions kicked back to the Obama coffers?]

"I think it's a problem, I think the fundamental mistake that was made — well, first of all, in fairness you gotta blame the Republicans for some of this because they delayed everything they possibly could, threw as many monkey wrenches into the process as they could, and there's some success here," Dean said.

[What delays, Howard? What monkey wrenches? Or maybe you were thinking of monkey courts?]

"But the truth is, what the Obama administration should have done is divide the 36 states that are on the federal exchange up into four or five regions, do it the way the government does health care. And then put each of these regions out to bid, so you don't have one single contractor who, if they screw up, screws up the whole system, which is what's happened."

[And the Republicans prevented this how? Meanwhile everything is run on outdated, obsolete software from 2003. Explain how the Republicans caused this?]

He added that the Obama administration was forced to set up a single federal marketplace "because the Republican governors refused to accept exchanges.

[And now that looks like a very wise move.]

"The states with exchanges are doing pretty well," he said. "There's some glitches. They're not big. A lot of people are gonna be able to get their insurance in the 14 states that have their own exchanges."

[Wrong. The state ObamaCare exchanges are also disasters in Colorado and Vermont but, hey, lets blame Republicans for that as well. And now on to the Reality Denialists aka DUmmies...]
I'm glad to see the Dems fighting back strenuously against the RW noise about the ACA website.

["ACA Website?" Too embarrassed to call it ObamaCare?]

FINALLY! And let's also not forget that House Republicans refused the HHS additional funding when they were asked.

[And yet the Regime managed to overpay for the software by about 999 million dollars. What should have cost only about a million ended up costing about a billion for ridiculously outdated software.]

I 've had my suspicions about this all along, but being someone who doesn't make up facts to suit myself (unlike Right wingers!), I did not make this claim. Kudos to Governor Dean for putting this out there with the back story!

[Yup! It's absolutely the fault of Republicans that Team Obama awarded the outdated and grossly overpriced software contract to a company that had already been FIRED by the Ontario government for extreme incompetence.]

Oh I blame them alright. Wouldn't surprise me if there was more to this story, like they're paying somebody to throw a monkey wrench in there. We know how obsessively they despise Obamacare--why wouldn't they sabotage it this way?

[Yeah, the Republicans wanted to sabotage it by infecting the software with the Stuxnet virus but then figured the obsolete software would do a better job of completely destroying ObamaCare.]

.. and the contractor at fault will pay back what the gov't paid them or lose contracts, right?

[Would that be a billion dollars minus the kickback money?]

And now the House GOPers are holding hearings, OMG, with Issa leading the charge. More taxpayers money going down the drain, but alas, it will only make OBAMACARE stronger. These people live on another reality plain but have the corporate media to spew their biddings.

[Thus spake an extreme Reality Denialist. Yeah, it sure will make ObamaCare "stronger." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

I know there are a lot of problems with the ACA website, but I am not sure you can count out a coordinated DOS attack by right wing nut jobs. We already know that they use bots and trolls to disrupt discourse on many news forums. I'm also sure that a large number of people were just there "kicking tires " rather than actively seeking health insurance. Also, some of the contractors may not have been giving their best in the run up to roll out due to being disheartened by the controversy and obstructionism by the GOP. If they thought that it was likely that the ACA would fail to launch, they may have seen little prospect in their work. We need to take the example of Kentucky and press our state lawmakers to institute state exchanges. No matter, the media grabs hold of the failures and never the successes.

[Oh, I get it. The 2003 software would have worked beautifully but the web developers were so demoralized by Republican criticisms that they completely lost it and wrote crappy programming.]

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

True Believer KOmmie Burned By ObamaCare

You know ObamaCare is in big trouble when even true believer KOmmies are getting burned by it as you can see in this THREAD, "Just my 2 cents-Health Care Market Place." This is what happens when a community organizer with no real world business experience awards the ObamaCare software contract not to the lowest bidder but to the highest bundler. It's the Chicago Way and the result is that CGI Federal has become the Solyndra of government software contracts. It just doesn't work and won't be working any time soon...if ever. So let us now watch KOmmie appledown lose his ObamaCare faith due to cruel online experience in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who spotted an ObamaCare navigator at Walmart today earning $48 an hour for doing NOTHING since NO ONE was at her table, is in the [barackets]:

Just on the phone with an ACA representative about verifying my identity. This happened because my first signup was “lost” (no such login) and I had to signup again. The Representative was nice, courteous and very helpful.

[For $48 per hour they better be nice.]

I explained that I uploaded my ID a week ago and still cannot complete the process and that I had been trying to get thru the application process for 2 weeks now. I was placed on the line with Experian (yes the credit rating company) and the recording stated I needed a reference number-I explained that the system did not give me a reference number and wondered why the upload was not received by Experian? The Rep said the “system” went down-I asked if I could upload again and was told I could only mail my ID via US mail.

[The system went down? Gee, what a surprise.]

I also stated that I am very surprised that Experian is involved with this process. I then asked for and spoke to a supervisor-who was courteous and explained that Experian is behind on verifications and I will get an email when this process is complete-that I did not have to “mail” my ID.

[No need to snail mail your ID that they will steal.]

All in all a pretty frustrating experience and since I support the ACA I cannot believe they were not ready for this roll out and that they should have chosen software and verification vendors that could handle the volume.

[The main qualification for the software was how much the company was willing to donate to the Obama campaign.]

Just my 2 cents.

[Your 2 cents and another $500 million in overruns for a software system that will NEVER work. Now on to the other KOmmies...]

All Good Reasons to Have Adopted Preschool Technology and limit signups to small fractions of the alphabet or birthdays each week for a month or 2 so that an untried system could never be overloaded.

[There could be only 10 people per day logging in and that software Solyndra still won't work.]

Anyway, what about calling the number at the bottom of the initial page and start your application over the phone?

[Sure. I've got nothing better to do with my life than to be placed on permanent hold.]

The problem is the Dems missed a huge opportunity by not making sure the site worked well from day one. We are going to take massive hits on this and if it is fixed very soon, like by the time the shutdown and debt limit arguing is off the done and the media and the asshole Republicans start to focus on the website problems it will be ok, if not watch out it is going to get ugly!

[The Solyndra website won't be fixed by this time next year so very very ugly.]

I have tried to log on for the past 5 days in Georgia to look something up (we have already purchased Insurance through the exchange) but can't get past the login page.

[Georgia? I know someone in your state who successfully "enrolled" in ObamaCare: Chad Henderson. Find out how he did it.]

apparently if the system is too busy, you will sometimes be told that your account doesn't exist even if it does. The key as I discovered last night is to access your account in the middle of the night eastern time. I was able to log in at 11:00 PM Arizona time which is 2:00 AM eastern. The verification went OK but some entries like SSN were difficult to enter properly and took a number of tries. If you have trouble at the first query on SSN, check to see if it's an optional entry and if it is, just don't bother with it. The process will ask you for it again later. Sometimes entries like a phone number expect -'s to be used sometimes not. It also hiccuped on my email addressJust try and see what works. Anyway, I got most of the way through the process but decided to log out and continue another day. I hope the system remembers me!

[The Solyndra system already forgot that you even exist.]

Yes, the ID verification is a nightmare. For me, this is the biggest bottleneck I've encountered. It screwed up and flunked me when I answered the various questions about my life. Then Experian had no record of my applying, no code number. I finally have a drivers license uploaded, but over a week later my verification is still pending. The chat people are worthless, the number one priority of phone help is to give you the bums rush so they can move on to give the next caller the bums rush too. I've been going to everyday since Oct. 1. I'm no closer to accomplishing anything. One of my favorite authors is Kafka. This whole experience reminds me of him.

[Is Joseph Heller another favorite author of yours because this sounds like you are stuck in "Catch 22."]

On, I was asked for which cat I bought veterinary insurance.

[ObamaCat. It's ObamaCare for cats.]

We thought we'd just window shop, but for some reason there isn't a way to just look without signing in. I realize that's not the same as signing up, but I still don't really want to tell anybody I might be out there looking. Who wants to know? The NSA? The IRS? Credit bureaus? Other insurance companies who want to advertise to me too?

[The DNC? Nigerian emailers?]

My application says "Status: in progress". I wonder how long it will be before I can shop.

[The day after next year.]

We should just have a national ID card that gets issued to all citizens for use with exactly this kind of thing. Then there would be no problem whatsoever.

[But NOT for voting. No, no. We musn't do that.]

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Wendy": DUmmies stand with Abortion Barbie

It's a familiar strategy: Ultra-leftist candidate enters race, regardless of whether he or she has any chance of winning. Candidate's extreme left-wing posturing gets DUmmies all aroused. Candidate fleeces DUmmies for lots of money. Candidate loses, but has vastly increased his or her bank account. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Call it the Alan Grayson Method.

The DUmmies' Darling DU Jour is one Wendy Davis, a state senator in Texas who has just thrown her tennis shoes into the ring for governor. Ms. Davis catapulted to fame in June, when she filibustered a bill regulating abortions by standing for eleven hours in her pink tennis shoes, until the legislative session came to an end. The bill was delayed, but it eventually passed. Wendy's Fila-buster was full of bluster, but it accomplished nothing.

Except . . . to make Wendy a "star." She now is the new Elizabeth Warren. Fortunately, though, Texas is not Massachusetts. Wendy's chances of winning are Slim and None, and Slim just left town. Her likely opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, is likely to win, unless he displays Clayton Williams-grade stupidity.

BTW, Wendy's nickname down in Texas is "Abortion Barbie," "Abortion," due to her fervent devotion to the Sacrament of Abortion, and "Barbie," due to her glammed-up appearance, i.e., her bleached-blonde hair and her--well, let's just say that Wendy "has had some work done" over the years:


So last week Wendy announced for governor, and the DUmmies got all excited. We'll sample several threads, beginning with this THREAD, "Wendy Davis launches bid for Texas governor."

But before we get to the DUmmies, it's time to sing this salute to Abortion Barbie. Click the music link and sing along!


Who's freaking out at the threat of a baby
Calling abortion a right to hold dear
Who's trying hard to give it a halo
Everyone knows it's Wendy

Who's looking like a bottle-blonde Barbie
Standing for hours in pink tennis shoes
Whose filibuster captured attention
Everyone knows it's Wendy

And Wendy's abortion lies
Brought cash and she found allies
Now Wendy has means to try
For governor
(For governor)
For governor
(For governor)

Flute interlude

And Wendy's abortion lies
Brought cash and she found allies
Now Wendy has means to try
For governor
(For governor)
For governor
(For governor)

Who's looking like a bottle-blonde Barbie
Standing for hours in pink tennis shoes
Whose filibuster captured attention
Everyone knows it's Wendy

Who's looking like a bottle-blonde Barbie
Standing for hours in pink tennis shoes
Whose filibuster captured attention
Everyone knows it's Wendy . . .

Now on to the DUmmies, as they declare Wendy Davis their Wendy Darling, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel, is in the [brackets]:

Wendy Davis launches bid for Texas governor

[I wonder what's on Wendy's launch menu . . .]

“We love Texas not only for how good it is, but for how great we know it can be,” Davis said in a news release. “With the right kind of leadership, the great state of Texas will keep its sacred promise that where you start has nothing to do with how far you can go.”

[Hmm, no mention of the "A" word. Of course, baby-killing does not go over too well with decent and civilized people. But to her far-left donors, I'm sure Wendy will trumpet her standing up for "women's reproductive rights" (sic).]

“. . . sacred promise that where you start has nothing to do with how far you can go.”

[Unless you happen to be a baby, in which case you may not go very far.]

[The DUmmies are aroused . . .]

I'm dreaming of a Blue Texas!!!!!!!!


Just made my first donation to the campaign. . . .

[The Fleecing of the DUmmies begins.]

It's not a pipe dream.

[It's a bong-pipe dream.]

Yay! Go Wendy!


Sorry, but I'm not optimistic. I'm not looking for someone who can make me feel good by saying things I want to hear; I'm looking for someone who can actually win and implement something.

[Well, you've come to the wrong place. This is DUmmieland.]

Texas produces some awesome women. Think Ann Richards and Molly Ivins.

[Do I have to? Ma Richards, Poison Ivins, and now Abortion Barbie. Yuk.]

Wendy Davis for Texas Governor!!! Okay DU it's your turn now.

[DU it for Wendy!!!]

That would be super awesome for Texas. She'd have my vote if I lived there.

[That doesn't matter. Just as long as you send her your money.]

If you want to feel good, go ahead. If you want to accomplish something, think hard about your contribution, and what it means about where you're NOT contributing. The sad reality is that the Texas Democratic Party is weak, and this race is rated as "SOLID REPUBLICAN".

[Oh, who cares? We just want to FEEL GOOD!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!]

wendy can win . . . wendy will win . . .

[I DO believe, I DO believe, I do I do I do!!!]

I'm glad she's running for governor.

[So are the Republicans!]

Vote for Wendy Davis based on .... what? Based on her filibuster? Or just that she's a Democrat? What are her accomplishments and/or qualifications to run a state as large as my Texas? Did anyone even know who Wendy Davis was before her famous filibuster?

[HERETIC!!! Since when do "qualifications" matter?? She's a WOMAN, isn't that enough? She CARES about reproductive rights and women's health issues! I stand with Wendy!!!]

Wendy Davis shook my hand last year. . . .

[THERE! There's a qualification for you!]

Donated just a few minutes ago. SSDI came in and after making out this month's budget, figured I had $10 to donate.

[Now Wendy is just $10 away from becoming governor! C'mon, comrades, let's DU it!!!]

Wendy Davis has the right-wing scared sh*tless!

[While YOU are FULL of sh*t!]

Just look at how scummy they're getting already. "Ghoulish," "Sick," "Aspiring Baby Killer". . . .

[Not scummy: Condoning the killing of babies. Scummy: Condemning those who do.]

nothing on her about any policies or ideology just name-calling . . .

some nasty names including . . . "abortion barbie"

[We call her "Abortion Barbie" because "Klaus Barbie" was already taken.]

I've seen the "abortion barbie" comment. . . . That's so indicative of how they think. Always sexist.

[Calling Wendy Davis "Abortion Barbie" = Sexist. Calling Sarah Palin "Caribou Barbie" = Not Sexist.]

I just can't see a Democrat winning in Texas. But good luck to her.

[Bless her heart.]

We need to give money to her and Franken.

[Franken & Davis. Say, if they both lose, they could start a comedy team!]

Nate Cohn: "Wendy Davis Doesn't Stand a Chance of Becoming Texas Governor." "A Davis candidacy will surely thrill Democrats and reignite dreams of turning the Lone Star state “blue,” but don’t kid yourself: Davis is doomed. . . . there isn’t a pathway to victory for progressive Texas Democrats. Obama lost by 16 points last November, despite favorable turnout and demographic trends. It’s even tougher for Democrats in an off-year, when non-white and young voters are unusually likely to stay home."

[DUmmie trumpetero (15 posts), for posting this note of pessimistic reality, I hereby declare you a . . . LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Your time was brief, but it was well played.]

The Rude Pundit: Help Wendy Davis F*** Up the Texas GOP's Sh*t

[The Crude Pundit checks in.]

State Senator Wendy Davis kicks so much ass that actual asses pucker in fear when she's around.

[Chuck Norris turned in his Texas Ranger badge when he heard Wendy Davis was coming.]

Davis just announced that she is running for governor of the Lone Star State. . . .

[Now she's a Loon Star.]

Let's help her f*** some sh*t up.

[DUmmie discourse at its finest.]

I will take this out of my entertainment budget to support two incredible people -- Elizabeth Warren and Wendy Davis!

I gave to Al Grayson before his last run and I will do the same for Wendy Davis.

[Let the fleecing begin!]

Monday, October 07, 2013

"This Land's Not Your Land": DUmmies down with Obama's park shutdown

"And you shall set limits for the people all around, saying, 'Take care not to go up into the mountain or touch the edge of it. Whoever touches the mountain shall be put to death.'" (Exodus 19:12)

Mount Rushmore has become Mount Sinai. Lord Obama has declared it. Even though the partial "government shutdown" affects only a small percentage of federal spending, and the Chief Executive has the discretion to manage and adjust and prioritize accordingly, the Offended One is determined to make the "shutown" as visible and as miserable as possible, so that he can blame the eeevil Rethuglicans. And so King Obama has chosen to close public access to our National Parks and National Monuments. This may backfire in his face, but Boy President is throwing a little temper tantrum, and he wants ordinary Americans to suffer.

The DUmmies are down with what Our President is doing, as per usual. They too want to blame the Rethugs, and they don't care who it inconveniences--as long as they themselves are not inconvenienced. Just witness this THREAD, "Anyone know...can you still GET IN to National Parks?"

But before we get to the DUmmies, it's time to have King Obama sing us a song! Click the music link and sing along:

Tune: "This Land Is Your Land"
As sung by King Obama

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

If you go driving an interstate highway
And see an orange cone, you'll do it my way
You will obey me and not go forward
This land's not made for you to see

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

You'll want to travel and go to Mount Rushmore
But at Rapid City, you won't go much more
Guards will surround you, their voices sounding:
This land's not made for you to see

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

If you oppose me, I'll make you suffer
Come near memorials, I'll put up a buffer
I am Obama, I am your land lord
This land's not made for you to see

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

If you go looking, you'll see a sign there
And on the sign it says:  "There's No Trespassing"
And on the other side:  "No Looking or Nothing!"
Both sides were made for you to see

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

At the Redwood Forest, in the land of the Canyons
By the Gulfstream Waters, you'll see my minions
As they stand there guarding, you'll stand there wond'ring:
Is this land safe for me to see?

This land's not your land, this land is my land
Shut down or open, it comes from my hand
From Barack Obama to the bitter clingers:
This land's not made for you to see

No one can stop me, my mind is made up
As I go putting my Barrycades up
Nobody living can make me give your land back
This land's not made for you to see

New voices:

But King Obama, this land is our land
So shut your piehole, you can go pound sand
From the bitter clingers to Barack Obama:
This land was founded to be free

This land ain't your land, this land is our land
So shut your piehole, you can go pound sand
From the bitter clingers to Barack Obama:
This land was founded to be free

So with that, let us now go to the DUmmies. Fortunately for us, DUmmieland National Park is NOT closed. Their comments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel, is in the [Barackets]:

Anyone know...can you still GET IN to National Parks?

[Just because you can get in doesn't mean you'll get out.]

I mean, will they block off the roads?

[Yes. It's all for your safety, though. Lord Obama will protect you from those eeevil Rethuglicans who are to blame for everything bad in the world.]

Thinking of taking a drive to Bryce Canyon this weekend. . . .

[Bryce yourself for a shock.]

Trailheads are always open. . . .

[The feds need their target practice.]

No: Day use visitors will be instructed to leave the park immediately as part of Phase 1 closures.

[Phasers will be set on "Stun."]

we are not permitted to be there. . . .

[King Obama says so. But one day, perhaps, Dear Leader will be gracious and let us back in.]

gates will be closed and people arriving turned away. If you're already there, you get 48 hours to leave.

[Or 24 business hours, whichever comes first.]

I do wonder if they're going to scour the backcountry as well. . . .

[Release the hounds!]

What about roads through parks?


The Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor is closed. . . .

[By a dolt who will live in infamy.]

Yellowstone is blocked. . . .

[And Yogi Bear has been evicted from Jellystone.]

Mt. Rushmore is closed.

[This poor woman tried to get in, and they chased her halfway up to the mountain:]

Here in Philly, people are still walking past Hall and the Bell, but can't get in.

[Philadelphia Freedom.]

What You Can and Can't Do During the Government Shutdown

[What you can do: Blame Rethuglicans. What you can't do: Criticize Dear Leader.]

Of course, all of the park facilities along the road will be closed, but they CAN NOT stop you from parking your car on the shoulder, hopping out, or taking in the view while stretching your legs.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! You know, the Hope and Change Mental Rehabilitation Centers are still OPEN.]

Anyone near Rocky Mountain National Park?

[Not anymore!]

some of the longer trails in Bryce begin outside the park entrance...I wonder if people would be found getting in that way...and I wonder how well staffed the place is to be able to patrol that.

[Well staffed. Don't try it. There is no staff to keep the park open. All of the staff is being used to keep people out. Go figure.]

You can go in, but if you fall and break your ankle, it'll be a long, lonely crawl.

[And if a ranger finds you, he'll kneecap you, just to teach you a lesson.]

Nonsense. I'm sure there would be a wolf or bear to stave off the loneliness.


Parks Closed, Moose out front should have told you.

"No you can't!"

Avert you eyes, no unauthorized wildlife viewing allowed !

[And then there was this guy, who tried to get a glimpse of Mount Rushmore:]

"I TOLD you: Do NOT look at the mountain!"

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

DUmmies Slam WWII Vets Before Changed Liberal Talking Points Arrived

Apparently the DUmmies revealed their TRUE selves when they slammed WWII vets for going through the WWII Memorial barriers before they had a chance to review the liberal talking points memos that came out later. See, according to the liberal talking points, the vets were prevented from entering the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. because the EVIL Republicans caused the government shutdown. Of course, all mention of the FACT that it was Republican congressional officials, including Michelle Bachmann, and NOT any Democrat helped to lower the barriers for the vets was not mentioned at all as you can see in this NewsBusters STORY. Unfortunately for the DUmmies, they let their true feelings out before they saw the memo and the result was Michelle Bachmann Promises To Keep WW II Memorial Open During Shutdown ('however long it takes'). DUmmie names WILL be named for the hall of shame. So let us now watch the DUmmies reveal their true selves in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the REAL names of these DUmmies will be exposed as happened to DUmmie DainBramaged, is in the [brackets]:

Michelle Bachmann Promises To Keep WW II Memorial Open During Shutdown ('however long it takes')

[Shhh! Didn't you get the new liberal memo that it was a BIPARTISAN group of elected officials (that included NO Democrats) that opened up the WWII Memorial?]

Reps. Michelle Bachmann, Bill Huizenga, Steve King were all on hand when Mississippi World War II veterans stormed the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. amid a government shutdown. King apparently “distracted” a guard while the veterans knocked down fences to get inside, said a witness.

[This was great according to the liberal memo (which conveniently gave NO credit to the Republicans but DUmmie big dog posted this thread before he had a clue.]

“We’re very excited… It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it,” Bachmann (R.-Minn.) said at the memorial on Tuesday, according to the Political Line website. Bachmann and other lawmakers will be at the site “today, tomorrow, the next day, however long it takes” to keep the memorial open, she told CNN. ”The last thing we should see in America is a barricade for World War II veterans to be prevented from coming to their memorial,” Bachmann added.

[No! No! It was an unnamed "bipartisan group (that included NO Democrats) that opened the memorial according to the NBC Nightly News.]

“America is not shutting down,” she said. “If we have anything to say about it, we’re going to keep this open.” The veterans, who are from Mississippi were attempting to visit the memorial, but it was closed down due to the government shutdown that was placed in effect on Tuesday. A witness said that Rep. King (R.-Iowa) helped “distract a park police officer” while veterans “knocked down the fences,” according to the Talking Points Memo website.

[DUmmie big dog doesn't get it yet but he is making Rep. King look great. And now on to your equally clueless fellow DUmmies...]

f*ck these assholes.. they act like they're f*cking heroes for this, and they caused this damn mess! f*ck. them.

[So when do you check yourself into Anger Management rehab, DUmmie frylock?So when do these folks get the same treatment from DC police that Occupy did? Not wishing for it, mind you, but how is this different?]

So when do these folks get the same treatment from DC police that Occupy did? Not wishing for it, mind you, but how is this different?

[They will get the same treatment as OWS when they start defecating on police cars, dealing drugs, and leaving their entire site looking like an open sewer.]

what a bunch of assholes. they should have arrested those veterans for trespassing and those congress critters for aiding and abetting a crime.

[Does anybody know what this twerp, DUmmie gopiscrap, looks like? Perhaps we can find out WHO he is about as fast as we tracked down DUmmie DainBramaged to his New Jersey Chevy dealer where he SABOTAGED the TV.]

WWII vets? --check
Mississippi? --check
Going up against "Big Government" park police? --check
Kicking down "Big Government" fences? --check

[Shot mouth off before getting liberal talking points? --check]

Vets storming a memorial? Are they sure they knew what they were fighting for? I guess they think rule by force is better than rule by law then huh?

[That was DUmmie Blue Idaho badmouthing the vets. I repeat, DUmmie Blue Idaho.]

Don't charge the vets, but charge them for "Conspiracy to Commit Trespassing" or something. It'll be a slap on the wrist fine, but I think it would be funny as hell.

[How about a slap on the face for you DUmmie Hayabusa when you find out the liberal talking points HAILED this "Conspiracy to Commit Trespassing" although they pretend it was a "bipartisan" group that helped.]