Thursday, September 19, 2013

DUmmies Mourn Overturning of Tom DeLay Conviction

It was a sad day today in DUmmieland. The DUmmies are mourning the overturning of the POLITICAL conviction of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay as you can see in this THREAD, "Tom DeLay verdict overturned by Texas appellate court." No word yet on the reaction of Charlie Rangel who had tons of REAL evidence against him yet still escaped any prosecution. So let us now watch the DUmmies sad but angry reaction to the overturned conviction of The Hammer in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how long before the Democrats conjure up imaginary charges against fellow Texan Ted Cruz, is in the [brackets]: 

HOUSTON -– A Texas Court of Appeals in Austin has overturned the conviction of former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, attorney Brian Wice tells KHOU 11 News.

[DUmmies begin the long mourning process.]

In documents released early Thursday, the court said the evidence in the case was "legally insufficient to sustain DeLay’s convictions." The court said all judgments against DeLay were reversed, and the former congressman was formally acquitted. DeLay was convicted in 2010 for his alleged role in a scheme to influence Texas elections. Since then, he has been praying for vindication but also preparing for the possibility of imprisonment.

[And now the angry reactions from the outraged DUmmies...]

The asshole never spent a day in jail.

[Psst! Neither did Karl Rove. Just ask WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

So...the BUGMAN Walketh...

[Which is why you are BUGGED.]

Imprison all Republicans! They are the terrorists of the United States. They have ruined the country, and needs to be placed in prison, hard labor and no benefits - no mail, no phone, no nothing. All privileges they had, completely and irrevocably revoked. They are to be declared enemy combatants and imprisoned.

[Time now for the DUmmies to deliver another "Civil Discourse" sermonette.]

A mockery of justice. Totally politically motivated.

[An accurate assessment of the conviction.]

Onwards to the Texas Court of the Criminal Appeals where the justices will reverse the errors of the Third Court of Appeals and rebuke them for overturning the jury's decision by poltically motivated decision.

[That's going to happen in exactly 24 business hours.]

All of the members of the Court of Criminal Appeals are repbulicans

[Make that 25 business hours.]

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pitt Calls Obama Syria Speech Incoherent

DUmmieland's expert on incoherence has declared Obama's Syria speech to be incoherent. Yes, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has weighed in and declared Barack Obama's speech on Syria to be incoherent as you can see in his thread, That was pretty goddamned incoherent, frankly. For once, Mama Raven, can relax because I won't be slamming Sonny Boy this time around since he is correct in his analysis. You know what they say about a broken clock being right twice a day. Anyway, Pitt was quite disappointed in Obama's speech as you can see. So let us now watch Pitt slam Obama's incoherence in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if John F. Kerry will be mad if Albert Brooks steals his Nobel Peace Prize from him, is in the [barackets]:

That was pretty goddamned incoherent, frankly.

[He sounded like you after you had a few at Bukowski's.]
That was pretty goddamned incoherent, frankly

[You ever read Pied Piper Pitt Performs Endless "Penitence" At DUmmie Canossa? ]

The rub: Gas sucks, dead children are terrible, so I want to attack, but we're working on a diplomatic solution, yet if you're on the right and love the military, or if you're on the left and love human rights, you totally have to look at the dead kids on YouTube and get behind me on attacking Syria even though I've asked Congress to suspend the vote and we're pursuing diplomacy so there won't be an attack, or something.

[The rub: You just might be forced to perform one of your infamous self-recantations again.]

Gobldeygook. Tell me I'm wrong.

[I'll leave that up to the DUmmie Peanut Gallery which follows.....]

One can't be too bothered by those troubled by the speech, they always expect the worst. So many failed predictions by Obama detractors it's hard to take them seriously.

[No credit to Albert Brooks for proposing the peace plan on Twitter while John F. Kerry merely stumbled into it, then disavowed it, before pretending he meant it all along.]

Obama has held the morally consistent and correct position the entire time.

[Enjoying the Kool-Aid?]

That it went right over the head of the OP is understandable, but regrettable. He did something pretty earth-shaking there.

[Are you casting aspersions upon OP Pitt?]

Not only was it incoherent, I had the impression that the President knew it. It was a turd-polishing attempt to appear on top of what's happening.

[Incoherent and proud of it.]

Are we applying pressure by threatening the imminent use of military force or are we backing off the threat of force in order to give diplomacy a chance? The President seemed to be trying to have it both ways in this speech.

[I am still trying to figure out just WHEN Congress is supposed to vote on this. Next week? Next month? Next year?]

I dont think he even really neede to give the speech..unless we were bombing tomorrow. It was pretty vague and since they are going to try the diplomatic route the speech seemed kinda awkward. and No, I'm not going to watch all the videos. Sure kids died, but kids will just as sure die in any war, or strike, or conflict... Nothing was really accomplished by talking for a few minutes to the US tonight. No news broke, nothing was determined.

[A Jerry Seinfeld speech. About nothing.]

you are wrong. I'll tell you now instead of you waiting for 24 business hours.

[OUCH!!! You will NEVER forget. Hee! Hee!]

He doesn't have a clue. He's been all over the place, and now he's twisting himself in knots trying to reconcile the resulting contradictions.

[It's all part of his masterful three dimensional chess plan that mere mortals are unable to see.]

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

MIC Check! DUmmies Fall In Love With Another Abbreviation

The DUmmies have always had a deep romance with obscure abbreviations. Why? Because it makes them seem like experts on various subjects when they're not. Want to sound like Know-it-all Nadin? Just spout 9-11 conspiracy abbreviation such as LIHOP or MIHOP. Another such abbreviation they used to push was PNAC. And now we have MIC. Yes, during the past week "MIC" has popped up in numerous DUmmie threads including these titles, Why did the MIC instruct Obama to seek Congressional authorization for an attack?, Syria isn't about money or corporations or the MIC, I LOVE Watching MIC Presstitutes Get SMACKED DOWN By A Real Journalist, and President Obama is NOT a tool of the banks/MIC, a liar or a murderous warmonger among others. So what is MIC? I looked it up on an abbreviations website and the closest I could figure was "Multinational Interoperability Council" but that wasn't it. In fact, I would wager most DUmmies posting in the MIC threads as well as tossing "MIC" around also had no idea of what it meant. However, after some investigation I found the Rosetta Stone DUmmie thread, We need to begin dismantling the MIC as soon as possible, which revealed that MIC stood for Military Industrial Complex. Strange because if that was the full term for MIC, then the abbreviation page would have listed it. In fact, when have you ever seen Military Industrial Complex abbreviated as "MIC?" So far pretty much in DUmmieland where they love to impress each other with phony insider knowledge of abbreviations. So let us now watch the DUmmies attempt to impress each other with a new abbreviation in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, applying the abbreviation BS to the DUmmie discourse, is in the [brackets]:

Why did the MIC instruct Obama to seek Congressional authorization for an attack?

[When MIC decided that Obama was their Temporary SockPuppet.]

Even a tool of the MIC has to obey the constitution

[MIC? Somehow that sounds vaguely racist against Irish folks.]

If it is approved by Congress, and goes badly, then the MIC was just following orders.

[Before one can be absorbed by the BORG, he must be processed by the MIC.]

DU has been awash in accusations that Obama is just like Bush/Cheney and that he's completely in the thrall of the MIC. I'm just trying to figure out why the omnipotent machinery of the MIC allowed Obama to detour the eager run-up to war.

[Maybe Obama figures he will get a MIC check to support his never ending campaign even though it has officially ended.]

Either there IS NO MIC, or Obama is the HEAD of the MIC

[Silly me. I thought he was being controlled by SKYNET.]

Maybe Big Oil trumped the MIC in this case

[Shame on you for not being properly obscure by saying "BO."]

Syria isn't about money or corporations or the MIC. It's pure, naked, unvarnished American Presidential Dick-Swinging. Reagan did it, Clinton did it, both Bushes did it. It is bipartisan.

[Are you saying that Obama has a tiny MIC?]

I think the MIC has been pushing for this outcome for a while.

[Spike the MIC!]

I am so f*cking sick of bullshit excuses like "TPTB," the "MIC," or the "PNAC" being used to obscure the fact that the President is the one who makes the goddamn f*cking decision to attack. The POTUS. President Barack Hussein Obama. Not some bullshit construct like the "MIC."

[No, no. The President is helpless before the all powerful OZ, I mean MIC.]

He makes the decision but he is heavily influenced by the MIC. I honestly don't think Obama makes that red line comment if he wasn't pressured by the MIC lobbyists.

[Can you recommend a good MIC restaurant? I don't care for the menus at LIHOP or MIHOP but IHOP does serve great breakfasts.]

The "MIC" is a horseshit construct used when someone doesn't have the balls to put blame where it belongs.

[MIC was dreamed up so the DUmmies could sound like foreign policy experts and sit at the same table with the grownups. However, if you said "MIC" to Henry Kissinger, I doubt he would even know what you were talking about.]