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"I marvel at how . . . Republicans vote against their self-interests"

Above we see DUmmiettes undergroundpanther, kpete, and Sarah Ibarruri working on their posts--trying of course to make it into the DUmmie FUnnies. And it worked! Thursday it was undergroundpanther with "Why I hate the rich..." Yesterday it was kpete with "Why Not Rob The Rich?" And now today it's Sarah Ibarruri with this THREAD, "Every day I marvel at how poor and middle class Republicans vote against their self-interests."

The Three Little Progs and their posts: It's a trifecta of class warfare! So let us now hear from Sarah Ibuprofen and her fellow travelers, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, thinking that the Three Little Progs should stay away from the Huffingandpuffington Post, is in the [brackets]:

Every day I marvel at how poor and middle class Republicans vote against their self-interests. . . .

[Every day I marvel at how the DUmmies don't get why conservatives are conservative.]

people whose very life is precariously balancing on a high wire choose to vote for those who persistently destroy American life for the poor and middle class, and ensure they never get out of the hole.

[That would actually be the Democrat base, who vote for those who created and perpetuate the Great Dependency Society.]

poor and middle class Republicans don't like being made to feel stupid. . . . Republicans talk on the same level as people who don't have a great deal of education. . . . HOW did poor and middle class Republicans come to regard education as elitist? WHEN did education become something to be despised, rather than something to be strived for? WHY did ignorance become something to be proud of?

[Sarah Imadummi, let's compare the educational levels of Republican voters with Democrat voters, shall we? I don't think you want to go there. But you will.]

Republicans . . . don't bother people with statistics, with numbers, and they engage in a good amount of name-calling. They also use a lot of "us versus them" (them being the enemy, of course), which makes the poor and middle class Republican feel important. . . . Democrats use statistics, numbers, and tend not to name call. Democrats tend to the label groups as the enemy far less than Republicans do.

[Name-calling? Labeling enemies? Let's see . . . "Chimpy McBushitler" . . . "Chimpus Khan" . . . "Rethuglicans" . . . "Repukes" . . . "Teabaggers". . . . Nope, you Democrats are as pure as the driven snow!]

Why must intelligence be hidden and relegated to a lower level? Why do poor and middle class Republicans feel that lack of education is desirable?

[Why did I, a middle-class Republican, bother to get a Bachelor's degree, two Master's degrees, be "ABD" on a Ph.D., and learn seven languages? What was I thinking??]

But the problem is that not all of them are stupid. Many are even well educated. . . .

[Someone disturbs Sarah's theory.]

Everyone really should read Tom Frank's "What the Matter With Kansas". . . .

[Everyone really should read PJ-Comix's "What's the Matter with DUmmies."]

I have John Dean's book, Conservatives Without Conscience, and it is spectacular! I couldn't put it down.

[I tried a recipe from Paula Deen's book, "Carbohydrates without Consequence," and it is cardiovascular! I couldn't get my blood sugar down.]

The thing that gets to me is that the religious are supposed to believe in a higher power, try to do good, try to be benevolent, try to be kind, try to help those who suffer the most.

[So get the federal government out of the benevolence business and let the church do her thing. Stop taxing people out the wazoo and we'll have more money to give to charity.]

Instead, their deeds and words reflect hatred, authoritarian attitudes, a love of punishing, a cruel streak from here to there which would make the Marquis de Sade look like Bambi.

[You know what makes me de Sade? YOU DO!]

Get "The Family" because a real eyeliner. . . .

[This educated DUmmie means "it's a real eye-opener" and writes "a real eyeliner." Irony to the max factor.]

hundreds of radio stations and thousands of programs kicking out right wing propaganda. . . .

[The Three Little Progs are afraid of the Big Bad Fox.]

there really isn't anything quite to that level on the left that I'm aware of.

[Let's see . . . CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Current TV. . . . Shall I go on?]

I got quite close to a right wingnut, and he really has no ability to discuss issues. . . .

[Sarah Ibuprofen reminds us of her experience dating a rethuglican. He treated her like a princess, was very nice and kind, but . . . he was still a rethug. Ick!]

If a person is in the 70th to 90th percentile then generally Republicans will do better for him than Democrats will. . . .

[If people are in the 0th to 51st percentile, the Democrats will try to get them to vote Democrat and take money away from the 49% minority above them.]

As far as left vs. right though, I notice here on DU that discussions of facts do not get much traction. Numbers seem to bore the left too, whereas name-calling draws many more participants.

[Oooh, careful, DUmmie hfojvt, someone may call you a . . .]

I don't buy the whole Jets vs. Sharks divide. Nor do I insist on socialism or an end to the capitalist system.


you will continue to "marvel" for as long as you wrongly believe it is YOU who knows what is in THEIR best interest. It's not about your opinions on education, it's about their views on individual rights and freedoms.

[Oh-oh! ANOTHER LFT comes out of the woodwork! This time it's DUmmie kctim. Please continue, kctim . . .]

Are people who place individual rights and freedoms ahead of statistics and numbers, "voting against their own best interests?" . . . Resorting to weak haves vs have not arguments is not working.

[DUmmie kctim, you are now one of the "haves" who have a Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

No one has the "liberty" or a "right," in a decent society, to callously disregard the suffering of their fellow human beings while sitting atop a vast pile of cash, much of which is stashed offshore, and lighting their cigars with $100 bills while virtually pissing on the rest of the country.

[DUmmie hifiguy responds with the $crooge McDuck argument.]

The people you are condemning in your post believe placing the government before citizens is NOT protecting rights and freedoms. It takes freedoms away from citizens and fully gives that power to the government. Government is the ONLY entity with the power to do this.

[DUmmie kctim, I think you're about to feel the power of a tombstone.]

You seem stuck on this 99% vs the 1% nonsense and that the wealthy are all that stands in your way. You are wrong, and you will continue to be wrong as long as half the country keeps believing that it is government who is overreaching.


what another person legally earns is a non-issue that has been turned into an issue for political purposes.


[Enough from kctim. See you in freeperville. Now let's get back to those highly intelligent, non-name-calling, non-enemifying arguments of the progressives . . .]

Nazi Germany backed Hitler because they believed the propaganda and fear. . . . That's not that dissimilar to what Repukes do here. . . .

[Flag on the play! Godwin's rule. #73, Sarah Ibarruri. 15 yards.]

Pol Pot killed off people who wore glasses because they were educated.

[Pot pols cultivate people who smoke grasses.]

And the repugs use the fear card all of the time. . . . People like limpballs. . . . some of these cretins. . . . That's part of what they adore: having an enemy. . . . Repukes. . . . the teabaggers. . . .

[DUmmie discourse at its finest.]

There's no big mystery, it IS simply because they are stupid asses. . . . I know you're asking why they are stupid asses but the answers to that are as varied as the stupid asses are. Some are fearful of learning, some are racists, some are abused, some are brainwashed by propaganda, some are pathological liars, etc... The one common trait is that repukes do not learn from actual information regardless of the reasons why.

[DUmmie just1voice sums it up. But do go on . . .]

It's a hard idea to comprehend, that people who appear to be mentally functional are not but that is indeed the case. I think sometime in the near future our corrupted, for-profit mental health care system will start diagnosing people incapable of learning with appropriately named illnesses and then finally there will be some help for them.

[That's the answer! Lock 'em up! Put those fascist right-wingers in padded cells and throw away the key!]

Republicans vote with their "Black Heart". . . .

[That's racist!]

A working American voting Republicon is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.

[A DUmmie is like a birdbrain voting for Bernie Sanders.]

Everyone has priorities. Doesn't mean they're good priorities. Even pedophiles have priorities. Conservatives have different priorities. . . .

[Not satisfied with Nazi analogies, Sarah Ibuprofen now reaches for a pedophile comparison.]

Conservatives' priorities lead them to vote for the most heinous, selfish b*st*rds on the planet, who end up damaging our country, enriching the richest, and impoverishing the rest. They have no sense, don't base these on education or facts, and are infantile in their view of life.

[Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. . . . Conservatives vote for "the most heinous, selfish b*st*rds on the planet"?? Now who is falling in the infantile percentile?]

By the way, I seem to have a fan base of Repigs. If you do a search on the Internet for any sentence in this original post, you will find them discussing it.

[Yes, Sarah Ibarruri, you are a favorite of the DUmmie FUnnies and the Conservative Cave. When you told us about how you were dating a Repig boyfriend who treated you nice but you were conflicted because he was, after all, a Repig--well, Sarah, you stole our hearts. We think of you as DUmmieland's Sweetheart. And so you placed in the Top Ten DUmmies of 2011. And now, with this stupid screed, you have made the DUmmie FUnnies once again. We appreciate it!]

The poor little rats are angry that I call them what they are.

[And we call YOU, Sarah Ibarruri--you and undergroundpanther and kpete--we call you the Three Little Progs. Keep up the good work!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

The other two Moonbats that make up The Little Progs are simply babbling insane maniacs. It's obvious from this post, however, that Sarah Ibarruri is a vicious hate-mongering bitch of the first magnitude as well as being a brain-dead Moonbat.

In other words, wife material for Troglaman The Guttersnipe.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ah, but it's not 'hateful' to hate people you disagree with, dontcha know!

Sub-human Conservatives should be put in re-education camps so they can be as open-minded as Liberals!"

^Me, channeling a typical Prog DUmmie.

And, nope, they never get their own irony. Like, ever, man.

9:16 AM  

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