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DUmmies warming up the guillotines!

"JUMP! YOU FINANCIERS!" the sign says. Well, not exactly. Actually, it's a different "F" word on there, one that I had to X out. Some DUmmie posted that photo to demonstrate how he felt toward the Wall Street banksters. And that sentiment is shared by many in DUmmieland, wishing eight-story jumps and guillotine shaves on those who have more money, the so-called "1%."

The DUmmies' violent fantasies come out in this THREAD, "Chicago Traders Respond to Protesters With Sign Reading 'We Are The 1%' - pic,"

So let us watch as the DUmmies hope that a bankster will jump out a window and land on a guillotine, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:

Chicago Traders Respond to Protesters With Sign Reading 'We Are The 1%' - pic

[This was FUnnie. The OWSies keep yapping about "We are the 99%," so some workers up in the Chicago Board of Trade put signs in their windows, to tweak the protesters below, saying, "WE ARE THE 1%."]

That kind of dicketry won't be considered "funny" for long

[DUmmie arcane1 does not see the humor in "The 1%" simply AGREEING with what the OWSies have been calling them!]

Actually, it's hysterical... when there's a little negative feedback, the crusaders are suddenly indignant: "How dare they respond with such flippant defiance? Our cause is Holy! They are EVIL by our terms!" Yeah, well, doesn't anybody on this site have friends and family in the financial sector? . . . surely there's a CPA or Broker or two in the familial closet? How about a little empathy? The people in the window are working people, too, or they wouldn't be, well, working.

[DUmmie Syntheto, I know it's early, but I don't see how anyone will top you for today's Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

I agree with you. Unlike many DUers, I don't believe anyone with money is inherently "evil".


"I fault no one who worked hard to make their money." Don't you think Genghis Khan would have said that he worked hard?

[And these banksters are NEO-Khans!]

I work in the financial sector. . . . I'm a pee on worker for a small firm doing mundane back office crap.

[So you support the 1%?? Somebody OUGHT to pee on you!]

Solidarity 99!

[Superiority 1!]

someone needs to post that "Jump, You F***ers!" image.

[Someone did, and we've put it up above. So you're hoping those guys up on the eighth floor would jump out the window? Nice.]

That one never gets old, does it?

[Oh, the thought of all those banksters leaping to their death! Hilarious!]

I don't think it ever will. That sign has become downright iconic.

[And the humor here is downright ironic!]

Ya need the tune to go with the pix

[Believe it or don't, somebody has written a SONG, "JUMP! YOU F***ERS!" based on the sign.]

You made my morning. . . . ..."Jump you F***ers" needs to be the theme song for the movement. . . .

[It's #99 with a bullet!]

All DU'ers need to sing this little ditty on a daily basis!

[DUmmie mother earth, reporting for ditty!]

Let them eat cake? cause that worked out so well last time.

[DUmmie OffWithTheirHeads--whose avatar is a GUILLOTINE--responds to the "We are the 1%" taunt with a not-so-veiled threat.]

Your name and avatar are beyond the pale. Seriously. How is this acceptable on DU? What is this site turning into?

[How dare you criticize DUmmie OffWithTheirHeads! Whose side are you on, anyway? The banksters? Off with YOUR head!]

"Any worker who supports the capitalist class is not working class, but just a bourgeois cop." Leon Trotsky

[This DUmmie is hot to Trotsky.]

F*** them. Up, down, sideways, over, under, around, and through. F*** them. F*** them. F*** them.

[Feel the love.]

They're begging for torches and pitchforks.

[Fork them. Fork them. Fork them.]

signs high up in ivory towers. . . . we're coming for you

[Storm the towers!]

the world will be better off without them

[Love, love, love. . . .]

they are obese, flabby-jowled porkers


Enjoy your little "ha ha" moment now, pigs. Pretty soon, like any mockingly bad aristocrat, you'll be targeted.

[Violent rhetoric much?]

They are hoping to incite violence. That way, there will be a reason to shut the Occupy movements down.

[AAH! It's all a right-wing plot! So when the OWSies attack, it will be the 1%ers' fault!]

I fully expect that within the next week, there will be some "incident", likely instigated by an agent provacateur. . . .

[Would an agent provocateur who infiltrates the movement be an OWSIE FREEPER TROLL???]

Laugh now, you f***ers, because your day will come. And sooner than you might think.

[DUmmie hifiguy then posts this cheery image:]

Stop it with the violent images and rhetoric. This is a peaceful movement.


Act like an adult rather than a testosterone-controlled adolescent.

[Actually, the DUmmies are acting like the basement-dwelling Bolsheviks they are, too lazy to lay down their Doritos, get out on the streets, storm the towers, and fire up the guillotines.]

"LYNCH HERE" Thanks for directing the 99% on where to focus their energies!


soon they will have to send out for lunch and sleep in their sleeping bags, cowards, too scared to come down.

[Lousy sleepbaggers!]

If you really think that people are going to keep on suffering while these mfkers are firing people just because of the President skin color then keep on dreaming.

[DUmmie butterfly77 manages to work the obligatory Race Card into the thread from out of nowhere. Nice!]

We are the 99%. YOU are the 1%. Does the name CUSTER ring a bell with you?

[Does the word BLUSTER ring a bell with you?]

These people truly have no souls


Those idiots think it's funny, they have no idea the can of worms that has been unleashed.

[YES WORM CAN! Oh, and btw, DUmmie sarcasmo, for "unleashing" a "can of worms," you win today's Mixed Metaphor Award! Congratulations!]

It's all fun and games until somebody wheels out the f***ing guillotine, motherf***ers!

[Then the REAL fun and games begin!]

Roll out the guillotines and give these financial scumbags justice.

[Roll . . . out . . . the guillotines . . . we'll have a barrel of heads . . .]

Maybe they should build a moat.

[Maybe the OWSies should build a catapult.]

I can't believe the police are defending these criminals. . . . You'd think police would at least be a little upset that they are being treated like imbeciles who do THEIR bidding, traders go home and drink $3,600 bottles of wine with their prostitutes, while the police go home to studio apartments. And the police defend THEM! Unbelievable.

[Not $3,500 bottles of wine, mind you, which would be bad enough. But $3,600 bottles of wine! The B*ST*RDS!]

We're going to drag them out and put them face first in manure.

[Into the DUnghill with you, you banksters!]

"We"? Are YOU going to physically drag them out, or are you one more internet chest thumping typer who is no where near the place, and won't get going there. . . ?

[I'd go with "internet chest thumping typer."]

The posts showing violent images and threats are completely inappropriate. This movement is a peaceful movement.

[Listen, DUmmie I Have A Dream, we've had QUITE ENOUGH of your "Stop the violent rhetoric" crap! "The movement is a PEACEFUL movement! The movement is a PEACFUL movement!" WAAAAHH! Aren't WE the namby-pamby little girl! Look, sometimes--sometimes--HEADS WILL HAVE TO ROLL! And yours might be next!]

I'm thinking those people who placed the "We are the 1%" sign in Chicago are office pranksters just thinking they are having a good time and believe they are bringing some levity to the situation.

[Banksters or pranksters, either way, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!]

This thread should be locked.

[Your head should be lopped!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people have no moral compass. None whatsoever. What makes these people live on such a low level? It is my hope that they are enjoying the welfare checks because I doubt they have the brains to hold down a normal job.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an entire crew of similar losers at this site:

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"firing people just because of the President skin color"-DUmmie

You got that right DUmmie. Those evil WallStreeters were just waiting for their opportunity to fire employees based on the skin color of the President. Because that makes all kinds of sense.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jump You F***ers"-DUmmie

AW! I thought it had something to do with the movie "Duck You Suckers". On second thought, it wasn't a very good movie. Very disappointing considering it was the same director as "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".

But then, this Occupy (anytown) is playing out like a bad movie too.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We are the 99%. YOU are the 1%. Does the name CUSTER ring a bell with you?"

Ultimately that didn't work out so well for the Sioux, you know.


8:40 AM  

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