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DUmmies decry--and then defend--DUmbed-down America

"Don't know much about history. . . ." A new study shows that such is is the case for a significant percentage of the American populace. For example, they don't know much about the historical basis for Independence Day, the Fourth of July. They don't know what it's about, when independence occurred, who we became independent from, or why.

So how do the DUmmies react to this study? At first, they assume that the ignoramuses must be a bunch of mouth-breathing redneck rethugs. But then it begins to dawn on them . . .

What does this study say about the state of American public education, which is dominated by LIBERAL TEACHERS' UNION MEMBERS? Many of the DUmmies themselves are teachers' union members. And for years now, they have been pushing "diversity studies," while dismissing traditional American history. So it's no surprise that you'll see LOTS of DUmmie avatars of Sojourner Truth, Che Guevara, or Bobby Kennedy, but NONE of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.

And what does this study say about a huge chunk of the Democrat base, which has learned to HATE the Founding Fathers as a bunch of old, dead, patriarchal, slave-owning, rich white men?

So the DUmmies quickly have to backtrack off their condemnation of the ignorant masses. It's FUnnie to see! We see it here in this THREAD, "26 PERCENT OF AMERICANS DON’T KNOW U.S. DECLARED INDEPENDENCE FROM GREAT BRITAIN."

So let us now do a study of DUmmieland, where they don't know whether to decry or defend DUmbed-down America, in Redcoat Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the [brackets]:



The poll comes on the heels of test scores that showed few American students gaining proficiency in U.S. history. . . .

[Thank you, NEA!]

26% of Americans are really f***ing stupid.

[But at least they feel good about themselves!]

Ignorant, not necessarily stupid.

[An early responder realizes how this study could backfire on the DUmmies.]

That 26% about matches the die-hard Republican base.

[Or the die-hard Democrat base. . . . Uh oh. . . .]

In the South, 32 percent of respondents either responded incorrectly or weren’t sure. . . .

[I don't think you want to do a demographic breakdown of those numbers.]

235 YEARS!! Our country is so new, and people don't know our history! What if they lived in Greece?

[They wouldn't know much about the Fourth of July there, either. It's all American to them.]

what does that say about our education system for the past 40 years?

[Watch it, you don't want to go there!]

We declared independence from Great Britian? I'm not seeing the news covering it at all. When did they do this????

[I think just a few years ago. Bush's fault.]

there are dummies, everywhere. not only U.S.

[DUmmieland is full of them.]

Of course there are, But not like here. Compared to Europe, we ARE stupid.

[100% of DUmmies are Euro-wannabes.]

In practical terms, it really doesn't matter. whether or not we declared independence at all, or from which "nation". It doesn't even matter if some people aren't aware of the "proper" answer.

[The Declaration of Indifference.]

Among all the condemnation, there should be at least the minor point that the historical fact in this case doesn't matter f*** all to the lives of most people, and that people will tend to focus their mental energy and memory on Sh*t that Matters to Their Lives.

[The backtracking begins in earnest.]

whether Jane Schmoe manages to find a much desired minimum wage job this week doesn't seem to be affected in the least by whether she can recite little facts about her nation's official history, and so she thinks she has better sh*t to pay attention to than that.

[Maybe if Jane (or Ja'Niqua) Schmoe had been expected to learn real history, literature, etc., she could get more than a minimum-wage job.]

The problem is that if Jane Schmoe doesn't know this bit of history, the odds are high that her verbal and math skills are also low. That means she's likely going to have trouble getting beyond that minimum-wage job to a living wage, with long-term negative results for herself and her family.

[Today's Kewpie Doll goes to DUmmie okasha!]

Mary Jane would get so such slack if she liked history and wasn't into mat so much and couldn't be called on to say multiply single numbers to any degree whatsoever.

[You weren't into Composition much, were you?]

ignorance can itself be a deeply political act. It could be that the 26% don't know, but there's also a sense in which they (quite rightly) don't give a good goddamn, for reasons that are completely justified.

[Ignorance am GOOD!]

Americans believe they live outside of history... Well we don't know history and are PROUD of it.

[DUmmie nadinbrzezinski MAJORED in History and is PROUD of it!]

I think if I presented you with the many old, obsolete, out-of-print biographies about our "foundering fathers" and other historical books I discovered as a youngster in my parent's attic, they'd be deemed propaganda AND hate speech by today's standards. . . . The leaders who get all the credit were, in large part, wealthy landowners and powdered wig elites who pontificated from behind safe walls. . . . the more things change the more they stay the same.

[DUmmie fivepennies thinks the founding fathers should get lost.]

I hold a Masters (in Mexican History mind you) so before fully grasping the job of writing a US History of Labor I am slugging through the regular readying list of a Graduate in a US History program... it is not an elite thing to do... it just is. . . . Yes I have read, more than once, the statements of the American Historical Association, the same association that has been fighting the revisionist history of places like oh Texas. But hey, whatever. . . . and yes, readying that elite history.. (which for the record it exist and it is written and it is always a matter of discussion in places like oh the AHA. I am sure though that you do not realize this.

[Nadin is not a condescending know-it-all with a smug, superior attitude. It just seems that way.]

About the only thing I got out of that response was that reading extensively and knowing a great deal about a given subject is worthless until you've got the framed diplomas hung neatly on the wall to prove you know it.

[DUmmie fivepennies is not impressed.]

whatever, have a good life welcome to my iggy list... oh and it is not about diplomas. IT is about GENERAL KNOWLEDGE... have a good life. Bye bye, oh and happy propaganda fourth of July. . . .

[Know-it-all Nadin's iggy list is turning into a BIGGY list!]

Why is this surprising? At least that many people don't know that eating is why we poop.

[The Defecation of Ingested Peanuts.]

Independence from England....

I wish the US hadn't. We'd have a national health plan.

[Time for a Declaration of RE-dependence!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I need to know about Nadine is she refers to her Ignore List as and "Iggy List" and nobody likes her. Something she is quite used to from childhood, I'm sure. As if being ignored by this turd is a punishment or something. Disagree with her in the slightest and she ignores you. An impressive level of confidence in this one. What an anoying twit.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I was just a few credits from a history major. Love history. The kind of ignorance displayed in that thread is absolutely frightening.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

[Ignorance am GOOD!]
Heh heh.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And elitist liberals continue to be surprised that they are not winning converts to their side. Maybe if they stopped insulting everyone else they would get further. But that will never happen.

1:31 PM  

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