Sunday, June 26, 2011

DUmmie kentuck says, "Let's talk about Republicans."

DUmmie kentuck hates Republicans. I mean, he really, REALLY hates Republicans. He thinks we want to throw Grandma out on the street so we can give tax breaks to billionaires. So from time to time--like from now until . . . now--DUmmie kentuck feels a need to let loose with his hate, and he wants others to join in. Thus he posts this THREAD, "Let's talk about Republicans."

So let us see kentuck and the DUmmies work up a frothing good hatefest, in Bolshevik Red, while the cool, calm, and collected commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who believes in love, love, love, is in the [brackets]:

Let's talk about Republicans.

[Let's HATE on Republicans! OOOH, HOW I HATE THEM SOOOO!!!!!]

I really don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror?

[We're vampires. We can't see ourselves anyway, so why bother?]

Or how they can sleep at night?

[We're up all night and only get back in our coffins just before daybreak.]

Anybody that would throw Grandma out on the street and take away her health insurance - just so they can give a tax break to a billionaire -

[Yep, that's it! You smoked us out! We want to kick Grandma to the curb and take away her bridge money and give it to C. Montgomery Burns. We hold secret meetings where we plan all this out.]

. . . is lower than whale sh*t, and that is at the bottom of the ocean.

[Democratic Underground vs. Republican Underwater Whale Sh*t.]

Anybody so unpatriotic that they would hold our government hostage to get these tax cuts is not worthy of being in "government". Would you ever marry a person that you hate?

[Republicans are not worthy to marry Mrs. IRS.]

Republicans hate our government. It is something to be destroyed.

[Actually, DUmmie kentuck, we just want to downsize our government back to where it's supposed to be. It is something to be LIMITED.]

It is something to be drowned in a bathtub.

[How did we get from the bottom of the ocean into a bathtub?]

But what should we think about people that would vote for these low-lifes?

[OOOH, they're LOWER than the low-lifes who live at the bottom of the ocean beneath the whale sh*t!!]

The truth be known, they are in need of psychiatric help. . . . They deserve to be in an institution. . . .

[OOOH, they're driving me CRAZY!!!!! To the FUnnie Farm with them!]

There is no need to be nice to them. They hate Grandma.


It's time to call them out.

[DUmmie kentuck, Mr. Internet Tough Guy, CALLS OUT the evil Republicans . . . on a Democrat-only forum . . . where Republicans are not allowed. Such courage! . . . Now let's see how many Republicans are called out and culled out and/or how many DUmmies join in kentuck's hatefest . . .]

Sure, some may be the psychotic low lifes that you describe, but most are our neighbours, our workmates and our families.

[THEY LIVE AMONG US! Rat them out! Call them out! Pull their human-like "skin" off them and expose them for the invasive species they are!]

many did give a chance to Mr. Obama, they voted hoping he might be different. But of course he is not. . . .

["Mr. Obama" too is an alien in disguise, a crypto-rethug!]

HAHAHAHAHA, Right, Convert Greedy, Non Thinking, Bigots. that will happen right after santa comes down the chimney.

[HAHAHAHAHA, you sleigh me!]

Many hide behind the screen of being a nice neighbor and good religious, but turn around and vote to give our money to the rich and not the poor.

[You know, maybe, just maybe, we vote to let people keep their own money and not have it taken from them and given to others.]

About 80% of the people I know are Republicans. The overwhelming majority of them are wonderful people that truly want the best for the people of this world. They have different views on how to make the world a better place. Many believe that individual charity is more effective than government safety nets.

[DUmmie FreeJoe (196 posts), YOU win the Kewpie Doll for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity®! Unless you are a--oh, I don't know--a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Sometimes people think they are so smart and they can troll and unrec to their hearts content and no one will ever know. They can do it for years.

[Or for 196 posts, whichever comes first.]

It appears that you are calling me a troll. I'm not.

[Ah, so you DENY IT! That PROVES it!]

they are not demons who despise grandma and want to through her off the bus.

[They are demons who despise grandma and want to throw her into the OCEAN!]

F*** them and everything they stand for. And f*** any Democrat who thinks you can "reach out" to them or "compromise" with them.

[Would you ever f*** a person that you hate?]

REPUBLICAN B*ST*RDS ! .... There, I spoke my peace. . . .


The first time I said it I almost got hit by a republican bastard who was carrying a clipboard. . . . I called him a REPUBLICAN B*ST*RD, and he was right in my face taking my picture with his cell phone. He said I was going to be turned "in to the authorities." I sure hope they make me "the authorities", I replied, The first thing I would do is put your stupid ass in jail." I don't think he was bright enough to catch my play on words. "turned in to" vs "turned into"

[You are SOOOO clever! Man, you showed him!]

"Come out, come out, wherever you are..." You low-life sons-of-b*tches.

[Once again DUmmie kentuck CALLS OUT the Republicans lurking in DUmmieland!]

Republicans are unpatriotic. Why do they hate America? Clearly they do hate America.

[Clearly you hate Republicans, DUmmie Enthusiast. DUmmie Enthusiast is DUmmie kentuck's main acolyte on this thread.]

Help me communicate this fact to everyone you know. Republicans, in fact, ARE lower than whale sh*t.

[It's a FACT! Go down to the bottom of the ocean, lift up a piece of whale sh*t, and there you will find a Republican! They live down there! Communicate this!]

If only they could be exposed to an alternate explanation for the reality they embrace. . . . For example, just imagine if they didn't believe deregulation and tax cuts were the only answers for every problem that the nation faces.

[I've got it! Once we insitutionalize them, we lobotomize them! Take out the right side of their brains! Rewire their circuits! Then they'll be passive peaceful progressives like us!]

Oh my...

[Is that you, franksolich?]

people sit here and believe that calling them out, confronting them, etc., will change Republicans' minds.

[It sometimes works in the bouncies.]

If they're not going to change their minds, how does that translate to actually getting anything accomplished?

[Hey, it makes us feel good, here in our echo chamber.]

You know, not everything Republicans believe is garbage.


I will admit that this post uses a different tact. It's purpose is to piss off Republicans and to draw a few trolls out of the woodwork, which I think it did.

[Which it did . . . not. It didn't piss off Republicans, it just gave them something to laff at!]

It is meant to be a verbal 2x4 up the side of the head.

[It turned out to be a verbal chopstick in a bowl of Egg DUFU Young.]

Many ideologues no longer consider their political opponents to be people with different ideas and philosophies. Nowadays, they are evil, low-life monsters who want to kick our dogs, kill our grandmothers and end the American way of life.

[How did you know? Who told you? Have you been eavesdropping on our meetings?]

I think you're a troll. . . .


Let me be more clear. If you are a Republican reading this....Screw you! You traitorous, unpatriotic, greedy piece of sh*t.

[Greedy piece of WHALE sh*t!]

I have no Republican friends.

[I believe you.]


Blogger Dan said...

"our money" ????? Kumbaya, motherf*****!

5:21 AM  
Anonymous JK said...

One of the things must deliciously amusing about liberals in general and DUmmies in particular is how they so blatantly and clearly engage in projection ... without even the vaguest hint of self-awareness.

Without even noticing what they're doing, they can leap gleefully into a thread like this and call the other side "haters."

The projection is so pure its perfect. And they never, ever seem to notice it.

They are exactly what they claim to hate.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illiteracy on parade. "Through" for "Throw," "Tact" for "Tack." They have so much ego and hubris, but so few functioning neurons. Tsk, tsk.


10:17 AM  

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