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William Pitt The Fraudster Calls American Voters Stupid

Look who is calling the American voters stupid. William Pitt The Fraudster who was so stupid as to place his cojones into lying degenerate Jason Leopold's hands by depending on him for the scoop that Karl Rove would be indicted on May 12, 2006. The same William Pitt The Fraudster who asserted that the Third American Empire commenced at the 1980 Olympics when fans screamed "USA! USA! USA!" The same William Pitt The Fraudster who has a history of completely changing his mind shortly after making bold assertions. And, yes, the same William Pitt The Fraudster who was so STUPID as to very publicly announce that he was QUITTING SMOKING only to now being forced to completely avoid the topic due to his relapse. So now we have William Rivers Pitt proclaiming the stupidity of the American voter based ENTIRELY on the poll of a very BIASED Public Policy Poll as you can see in his THREAD, "I'm not a fan of calling American voters stupid...but Jesus effing Christ..." So let us now read why The Fraudster who placed his brain into a permanent holding pattern while mesmerized by the sound of Jason Leopold's zipper thinks American voters are stupid in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who is still waiting for Pitt to publicly confess his smoking relapse, is in the [brackets]:

I'm not a fan of calling American voters stupid...but Jesus effing Christ...

[Proclaimed the "Kennedy Catholic."]

New polling data:

[And we all know that polls are 100% reliable without a hint of bias.]

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds that House Republicans "have fallen so far out of favor with the American public that it's entirely possible Democrats could take control of the House back next year."

Key findings: 43% of voters think that House Republicans are doing a worse job now than the Democrats did, compared to only 36% who think the GOP has brought an improvement while 19% think things are about the same.

[Key finding: Public Policy Polling is a leftwing polling organization whose biases can be counted on to make the results look good for the Democrats. Read HERE to find out about the PPP bias.]

Stunningly, independent voters now say they'd vote Democratic for the House by a 42% to 33% margin, representing a 28 point reversal in a span of just five months.

[And now The Fraudster adds his two bits...]

Despair. "Independent voter" is fast becoming a kind euphemism for "Blithering idiot."

[To replace "Will Pitt" as the euphemism for "Blithering idiot?" Remember, this is the same Blithering idiot" who swallowed Jason Leopold's excuse about waiting 24 BUSINESS hours hook, line, and sinker. And now to the rest of the DUmmies who have yet to ask Pitt how his "No Smoking" pledge is working out...]

I'm a big fan of the truth. American voters are largely idiots the wisdom of the American voter is an oxymoron.

[When elections don't go the way the DUmmies want them to, they call the voters idiots. Still licking your wounds over the Prosser VICTORY in Wisconsin?]

They "largely" voted for Obama in '08...Were they (and you) idiots then?..Duh.

[They were brilliant then but will return to stupid (and racist) category when Obama loses in 2012.]

Buyers' remorse has set in really fast.

[No Smoking Pledge remorse set in really fast for the Pittster who is now back to sucking down the cancerous fumes of his beloved coffin nails.]

That's what happens when we let a lunatic fringe news network do our thinking for us.


Time for Democrats to get on board and surf this wave to victory

[Time for you to wear a "I'm With Stupid" sign if you believe this biased Public Policy poll represents any sort of "wave."]

And they'll change their minds again when gas gets to $4.50/gal

[Gas at $4.50/gal? WOO! HOO! I'm voting for Obama in 2012...right after I quit smoking.]

I wish you'd take a class on making up titles for posts. Because I find yours are so annoying that I don't even want to read the content.

[A DUmmie who doesn't like the title the Temporary Sockpuppet gave to his thread.]

Then don't. I'll enjoy being spared replies like this.
Tit. Tat.

[...Tut. Annoyed reply by the Relapsed Smoker.]

Americans do not value education. They have started to value religion over all else. This leads to ignorance and idiocy.

[The same DUmmie who would defend Sharia Law Muslims for covering their women in ugly black robes and treating them like dirt.]

I blame mass communication and mass consumerism. We've become inattentive adult idiots, with no deeply rooted feelings outside our immediate surroundings and NONE older then a decade. Our world is all about appearance. America is all about the perception of our appearance as a nation. We've gone from living in a material world, to giving it all to the 1%ers.

[A DUmmie stuck on stupid.]

I just hope it f*cking equates to the douches losing the house on the next cycle.

[And when that doesn't happen, you can go back to blaming Diebold.]

It's the Faux "News" on the Tee Vee. Once they start watching that stuff, they get hopelessly brainwashed. Maybe some day we can find a cure.

[The cure would be censorship aka restoring the Fairness Doctrine.]

We are a nation of idiots. And it's getting worse.

[One of those idiots is still waiting for a sealed indictment to become unsealed in 24 business hours.]

I would like to see We, the People, file a Class Action Lawsuit against the republican party. Their Own bills demonstrate an egregious power grab and an unprecedented shift of power and financial resources to the small minority of the wealthy and corporations

[How about if we file a Crass Action Lawsuit against you for your stunning display of crass stupidity?]


Blogger Tazzerman said...

Yep, we're ALL idiots. That sums up the the default stance of the left in regards to ANYONE who doesn't immediately fall into line whenever they deem it appropriate to share their OBVIOUSLY superior way of thinking with us mere peons.

"I blame mass communication and mass consumerism. We've become inattentive adult idiots, with no deeply rooted feelings outside our immediate surroundings and NONE older then a decade. Our world is all about appearance. America is all about the perception of our appearance as a nation."

Well that DOES pretty much sum up the left, doesn't it??

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In support of Pitt's argument is the fact that 52% of the voters in the last presidential election voted for Jug Ears.
As for his contention that voters think that Dems are so popular now that they'll take the House back, Rasmussen, in a generic congressional ballot shows "Republicans 44%, Democrats 39%". That does not indicate a tectonic shift to Commucrats to me.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

How does Pitt have time for posting at the DUmp and writing columns for Truthout? Shouldn't a journalist of his statue and importance be covering the trial of his sex offender co-author Scott Ritter? Can't wait for those articles.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoth Pitt: "I'm a big fan of the truth."

Is this supposed to be some amusing variation of the classic "All Greeks are liars..." paradox?


8:31 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

All the typical DUmmy reactions when things aren't going as they want:
1. All Americans are stupid morons (Except themselves, of course)
2. Christians are stupid and ignorant.
3. Americans are poorly educated (Never mind that this can largely be blamed on how much the American education system has in recent years been dumbed down by the ultra- liberals running it).
And they honestly wonder why the reast of the country views far- leftists like them as pompous, arrogant, smug, condescending elitists.
Oh, and when listing Pitt's claims to lame, don't forget last December when he was loudly bragging to all who would listen about how one of his essays was quoted by Michael Moore in his annual Christmas rant, only to have it then reevaled that the section Moore quoted from Pitt was a part that Pitt had plagiarized from a Douglas Adams novel.

2:03 PM  
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