Monday, December 06, 2010

Obama tax cuts the last straw for DUmmies! DUmmieland in Meltdown Mode!

It's almost BEYOND Meltdown Mode. This has been coming on for a while now: The DUmmies' utter disappointment in their erstwhile true love, Barack Obama. And now with this betrayal on taxes, he's gone from Obamassiah to Judas Isbarryot. For the CENTERPIECE of the Obama campaign was his pledge to punish the rich by raising their taxes. But now. . . . Oh, well!

So the DUmmies are beyond disenchantment. They are, in some sense, even beyond seething rage--they've been there for some time now. But this, what we saw today--this moves them into more of a settled opposition. The talk now is of primarying B.O. in 2012.

As you might expect, today's cave-in on the tax deal has pushed DUmmieland decidedly over the edge. We're getting the "early returns" tonight, and it's not pretty. The threads are just building up, even as we speak, so tonight I'll pick and choose from a variety of posts--there are tons to choose from--both
General Discussion: Presidency THREADS and General Discussion THREADS. And I'm guessing PJ will have more for you in the days to come.

So let us now don our asbestos suits and enter the fiery furnace that is DUmmieland, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, having more DU threads to look at than you could possibly imagine, is in the tax [brackets]:

A crossroads for DU... I betcha there's a record amount of locked threads tonight...

[NO! Are you kidding? DU is a close-knit community of loyal Democrats, all standing together, arm in arm, UNITED in support of our wonderful President and Congress. Why, this has been a Golden Era, you know, with our beloved Democrats in charge of everything. No, no! No dissent or disunity HERE, of all places! Locked threads? Perish the thought!]

Locking. While we love a good challenge, we actually do not want to set a record for thread locks and hope members will follow the site's posting rules.

[Well, off to a shaky start. Probably just an anomaly. Let's move on . . .]

I can't wait to see all the damn posts defending this Tax decision here tonight.

[The Obamabots are now as welcome as LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!]

Well you see it is all part of Obama's grand plan. it's a three dimensional chess game you just don't understand, we got em right where we want them now.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

I think it is up to FIVE dimensions now. Beyond my understanding!

[The Fifth Dimension. Up, up, and away!]

Locking. We consider this a call out of other members with whom you may disagree.

[O-KAY!! So much for THAT thread!]

I, right now, begrudge him every penny I sent, not that it was that much, but I could have gotten more than a f***ing car magnet out of it. Our masters have spoken. F*** it. I'm through.

[You got a car magnet? I'm jealous!]

A Once in a Generation Opportunity for "CHANGE".....wasted. History won't be kind to Obama. He will share Neville Chamberlain's legacy....A Failed Appeaser.

[Flag on the play! Indirect Godwin's Rule Violation! Five yards and a first down.]

My Line has been crossed. That is all.

[What's My Line? Crossed!]

Mine too.

Mine as well.

Mine too.

Add me to your list. . . .

[The Line forms at the back.]

Going outside to remove my bumper sticker right now. . . .

[Don't forget your car magnet.]

What Democrat can we nominate in 2012 since we lack one now?

Alan Grayson. HE has a set of cajones and a mouth to back it up.

[Perhaps not the best combination of metaphors, benburch.]

Somehow I don't think I'll be buying the same sh*t sandwich again.

["Here, try this Obamwich!" "Uh, no thanks!"]

My Obama/Biden yard sign is going in the fireplace tonight.

[But think of the carbon emissions!]

Guess I will find a republic sticker to put on my car because you progressive won't stand up and fight - I am done with the progressives- they are nothing but whiners.

[The Daze of Whine and Poses.]

Stick a fork in me .... I'm done.

[Fork you!]

Thank you President Obama and the Democratic Party. . . .

For f***ing NOTHING. Traitors.

[Feel the love.]

It's a shame that threads praising our DEM. president gets 0 recs . . . and threads bashing our Dem. president get multiple recs.

[It's a trained rec.]


[DARN! It happened AGAIN!]

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." Oh...wait.... There IS no change. . . . It is OK to BE A DEMOCRAT and be PISSED! . . . The good people on this board who are watching things that Barack campaigned on crumble like domino's are DEMOCRATS. The REAL question at this point has become: IS OBAMA? He failed on health care for all. He failed on DADT. He has now failed to get rid of the Bush tax cuts.

["Read my fat lip: No new old taxes."]



My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time ... Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.

[Another Neville Chamberlain reference. Nice.]


[Locks and D*MNS!]

The caver in chief...Sheeesh I have never been so disgusted. I hate to say but that was my last straw for the President.

[This was the straw that broke the commie's back.]

I believed..really, really believed in Obama. I feel more than betrayed.



[DUmmie anger: Takes a locking and keeps on rocking!]

Alright, the tax sh*t does it. Take the motherf***ers down...NOW ...

Missing Topic. If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator.

[Down the Memory Hole!]

Time to vote for a republic president. let's get out there for one of those idiots because our side is no good.


Bill Maher: Obama is a WUSSY


Jebama. Cripes, what a HUGH disappointment. Henceforth, I shall refer to him as Jebama.


"Your order Mr. President?" "One term?" "You got it."


[More locks than a Jewish deli!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...


More breathing less laughing starting to get light headed. Oh the humanity. DU should have some grief councilors on high alert.

For the record I predicted that Obama would be the best thing to happen to the Conservative movement after he won the election. I didn't realize he would be this good at it, I really underestimated his community organizing skills. The American community is united in their dislike/hate/rage/party switching inducing Presidency of the"One" (LOL) and only Barack Obama.

This is priceless you should have put up all of the locked threads. I might have to just go there and check out the carnage although the site might be shut down for a little while.

Johnny 5 is alive

1:22 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

Maybe it would be a little more honest if you stupid jackasses reacted to What Actually Happened instead of high-fiving yourselves about the DUmmies REACTION to What Actually Happened.

Where does this go next? Should I, troglaman, be reacting to your dumbshit reaction to the DUmmie's reaction?

You're all certifiable.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm conservative but this is the most funless humor website on the entire internet ! Both the DUmmy commentators and you are not even vaguely funny. Please try writing something funny !

2:48 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

I've heard one Moonbat/Troglaman Clone after another howling with foam-at-the mouth insane rage over The Obamassiah not demanding taxes go up on "the rich".

The political bloodletting from now until Election Day 2012 will be impressive to watch.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

>>i'm conservative but...<<

Obvious Troll is Obvious.

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Cue the speech from Emperor Arugula!

"You just don't understand the complexities (because I are smart and you are you).

When you see the now-passed legislation, you will know what's in it. I formed a committee!

What? Oh, well, yes, I suppose some of them are 'ethically challenged', but they agree with me!

Can't we all just get along? (Have a beer!)

Thank you. Goodnight. Gotta take the girls for ice cream!"

6:30 AM  
Anonymous 98ZJUSMC said...


Trogletard is all wee-wee'd up.


6:38 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

"Maybe it would be a little more honest if you stupid jackasses reacted to What Actually Happened instead of high-fiving yourselves about the DUmmies REACTION to What Actually Happened."

What Actually Happened was that the O!bama caved.

Yet another win for the Republicans.

And somewhere Jimmy Carter is breathing a huge sigh of relief. He is no longer the worst President in American history.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

The whole locking sequence reminds me of a very old, very funny Simpson episode where Homer says, "Look out world, here comes Homer Simpson" and he goes to look for a job. What followed was a short montage of Homer standing in front of business windows which immediately closed in his face, each window being smaller and more insignificant than the last. And the last one was his own front door.
Bart - "Don't give up, Homer." (slam)

9:28 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Jeeze, after two years of trying to pass off one-party rule as 'Bipartisan' to rave reviews from the sycophantic MSM about his ability to bring America together (*cough*), he finally actually does something semi-bipartisan, and the Leftists all have Exploded Head Syndrome over it.

He may be primaried by some far-Left dingdong like Dean, but he's still going to get 90-95% support and high turnout from the Black voters in any primary contest. It might look like he gets off to a weak start since the co-racialist vote isn't much of a factor in IA and NH, but it's going to make him nearly impossible to overturn in the longer primary process.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

Oblabla my have just cemented his place in history as the last black President of the United States.

11:45 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Not true, there are some outstanding black Representatives in the Republican bullpen.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Trogalman I think I actually agree with you the Dummies are dumb their points are meaningless and their hopes and desires for this country are not on any known scale of possibility or reality....

So maybe we're all laughing at adults who just found out Santa isn't real but really isn't it funny that these types of people exist at all. Should we just consider them all "special," their world view is pretty retarded. Of course though shouldn't you be upset with DU for even providing such a forum to warp their fragile little minds. We're just looking in at their craziness/stupidity/pipe dreams/fictional utopias. We get the big boot if we try and deliver any reality to this place.

Oh and this is the first thing that Obama has done that I agree with. And sorry about the Santa not being real thing it sounds like you just found out too.

Johnny 5 is alive

2:13 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Watching Obama's afternoon presser. It's still all Bush's fault and those rotten Republicans. After all, the economy is, in his words "my main job" and he spent the entire last two years working on that. Oh. Wait a minute. He had veto-proof Congress and could have passed a tax bill he liked, but he was busy pushing Obamacare and such.

Now he's calling Republicans "hostage takers".

Stay classy Obama. [I can hear the voters peeling away from him now. Talk about a tin ear. "Greatest Orator of our time". Right.

He's delusional.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"Going outside to remove my bumper sticker right now."
[Another crestfallen Dummie gives in to rage and dispair.]

This agreement is Obama's first serious defeat and it occured during a lame duck Congress with the democrats still in control. So far, so good.

If you go to the leftie blogs, it's obvious they're all enraged about the deal and about Obama's "sellout". This is a definite plus.

But, considering the size of the recent Republican victory, we could have gained a lot more. Getting the extension of the Bush tax cuts was good but should have been made permanent.

I'm inclined toward thinking that the deal won't do a hell of a lot for the economy but it will prevent much more harm. Qualified approval.

This fight will take place again in two more years.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Question: Will lame duck Democrats sabotage this tax "compromise" (or "stimulus" as Obama prefers to call it)?

They can do it, they still have the votes and ideological motivation. The DU/Kos/HuffPo axis would support it.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFL! That's some funny stuff. I hurt from laughing so hard.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Skully said...

Don't get too complacent,Obama did the right thing here...the frothing of his moonbat base confirms it. 0 can afford to shit on his progessive base; where are they going to go?? It was the loss of independents and a rejuvinated right that handed the left turds their ass last month. If Obama takes back some of the independents he lost, and the economy looks like its coming back(unemployment under 7.5% in 2012) Obama may have a shot of "Bill Clintoning" his way to a 2nd term.

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In order for Obama to win a second term, he'd have to suddenly discover his leadership skills. He completely missed his opportunity with these tax breaks. Instead of taking credit for the deal and saying he decided to do what's best for the American people, he whined about how he was powerless and compared the Republicans to hostage takers. The last thing people want is a powerless president who views himself as a victim and whines about how he couldn't deliver.

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these leftists have any moral compass . . . even just a little one? If you read DU, you have to come to the conclusion that they have very little understanding of right and wrong. Thankfully, they are an extremely small minority of people.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DU is even better than election night. A bunch of 47 year old virgins hyperventilating with their mascara running down their faces. How many "last straws" are we up to now?

9:43 PM  
Anonymous jbarntt said...


11:10 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"We're just looking in at their craziness/stupidity/pipe dreams/fictional utopias." troglanon


And I'm sorry to tell you Johnny 5 is dead.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"A bunch of 47 year old virgins hyperventilating with their mascara running down their faces." troglnon


You could've said "A bunch of 47 year old hacks"...or "A bunch of 47 year old dumbshits"...but no. You say "A bunch of 47 year old virgins".

Is this some sort of complicated metaphor about liberals having never been fucked? I think it is. troglanon has evidently been offered a glimpse of the liberal's super secret (and virginal) "Sparkle Pony Land" where every single animal in the kingdom (including the liberals) have never, ever, been fucked.

Next time you go there, anon? Stay there and count your blessings.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

Yep, it's another Troglatard Double Post®!!!

1:17 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

You can count, Kirk. Very good.

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Foxx said...

Hey Troggie, I think Ozzy performs a song that you might like.

It involves a lot of screaming.

So, scream Troggie, scream!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Trogalman

I must admit, having a DUmmie show up here and entertain is quite the twofer.

I'm glad you've come here to have a good laugh at our expense. Yet that's not really what I pick up from your comments. You sound far to angry to be having any fun with this. Perhaps you're a sadist of sorts.

You might be better served by trying to help your DU buddies because we're all doing fine. After all laughter is the best medicine. It's the DU bunch that's all on the verge of suicide or moving to Canada *fingers crossed*.

Johnny 5 is alive

1:44 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Johnny 5 is alive. Cheers" troglanon

No. He's dead. Deal with it.

12:52 AM  

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