Friday, April 30, 2010

DUmmies Slam 3-D

Do you want a successful career as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL? Well, the best way to accomplish this is to get 1000+ posts in DUmmieland. Otherwise you will remain under suspicion. And the BEST way to reach that mark is to post to non-political threads so you don't "out" yourself. Post to non-political threads in which you find the topic to be of interest and with which you agree with most of the DUmmies. A very good example is this DUmmie THREAD, "'Why I Hate 3D and You Should Too' Roger Ebert." In fact, I found this subject so interesting because, like Ebert, I also HATE 3-D that I couldn't refrain from posting on this thread as my deep cover DUmmie alter ego. No chance of being caught since it was on a non-political topic. So let us now watch the DUmmies slam 3-D in Bolshevik red while the comments of your humble correspondent, slipping out of his secret DUmmie ID, is in the [brackets]:

"Why I Hate 3D and You Should Too" Roger Ebert

[I hear ya, Roger! I got all excited about a 3-D broadcast of the Grammies a couple of months ago. For some reason I thought the technology had reached a new tolerable level so I picked up a pair of free 3-D glasses at Target. Result? I had to take the glasses off after less than a minute. It was simply unbearable to watch.]

By Roger Ebert | NEWSWEEK
Published Apr 29, 2010

[Ebert sounds like he is writing from another dimension when discussing politics but on this he sounds like he is from our dimension.]

"3-D is a waste of a perfectly good dimension. Hollywood's current crazy stampede toward it is suicidal. It adds nothing essential to the moviegoing experience. For some, it is an annoying distraction. For others, it creates nausea and headaches. It is driven largely to sell expensive projection equipment and add a $5 to $7.50 surcharge on already expensive movie tickets. Its image is noticeably darker than standard 2-D. It is unsuitable for grown-up films of any seriousness. It limits the freedom of directors to make films as they choose. For moviegoers in the PG-13 and R ranges, it only rarely provides an experience worth paying a premium for.

[Pay extra to be annoyed. I can't even enjoy my popcorn while watching 3-D because of the nausea factor.]

That's my position. I know it's heresy to the biz side of show business. After all, 3-D has not only given Hollywood its biggest payday ($2.7 billion and counting for Avatar), but a slew of other hits. The year's top three films—Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, and Clash of the Titans—were all projected in 3-D, and they're only the beginning. The very notion of Jackass in 3-D may induce a wave of hysterical blindness, to avoid seeing Steve-O's you-know-what in that way. But many directors, editors, and cinematographers agree with me about the shortcomings of 3-D. So do many movie lovers—even executives who feel stampeded by another Hollywood infatuation with a technology that was already pointless when their grandfathers played with stereoscopes. The heretics' case, point by point:"

["Avatar" was nothing but "Dances With Wolves" done up with 3-D and lots of blue body paint. In fact, I call it "Dances With Pandorans." And now to the DUmmie Peanut Gallery (where I temporarily sat).]

I gotta agree. I saw two too many movies since this new wave has hit, and I was dissapointed both times. Now they are going to bring it into the living room? F*ck that.

[Use the F-word liberally if you want to disguise yourself as a DUmmie. However, I am NOT DUmmie Oregone. You got that, Skinner?]

Bells and whistles can turn crap into HiTech crap.

[Hi-Tech crap. Good description of "Avatar." All they did was take "Dances With Wolves" and set it on another planet with blue body paint and long tails. Oh, and with an added dimension that added NOTHING to it.]

That's what's happened to 'popular' music. Tech-generated beats and auto tuned shlock.

[My thought exactly. BTW, I am NOT DUmmie Captain Hilts! Please believe me!]

Great visuals can't save a mediocre story. That's my opinion of Avatar. As George Lucas once said, "A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing."

[Oh, "Avatar" had a story. The one James Cameron ripped off from "Dances With Wolves."]

Maybe some director will create a film that makes good aesthetic use of 3-D, something that raises the entire film -- story, cinematography and all; that would be pretty cool.

[You mean like "Gorilla At Large?" A 3-D cinematic masterpiece from 1954. It ranks right up there with "Casablanca" as one of the film classics.]

Hollywood is not expecting it to be a fad. They are heavily invested especially since the new 3D TVs are coming out.

[Good. Will that mean I can get a discount on 2-D TVs in the future?]

if we're gonna make all these animated 3D movies for about making glasses that actually fit their tiny heads?

[That way they can learn to enjoy "SpongeBob SquarePants" in full 3-D glory.]

I'll Wait Until "Feelies" Are Available. "Feelies: These are the popular films. Filmgoers sit in special chairs that allow them to feel, and to interact, with the movie. The plots are simple, and often involve sex. Lenina takes The Savage to one of these feelies. She enjoys it very much, but he is horrified."

[Ben Burch would certainly love "Anal Intruder" as a "Feelie."]

3-D isn't 3-D. It's flat 2-D on a few flat planes. I want real 3-D with no glasses, no headaches, no dimness, no jacked up prices, and no dumbing down of films. Until then, I'll enjoy the occasional sci-fi 3-D movie, but for most good movies, it's a distraction at best.

[Exactly right but am I quoting myself here?]

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HUffies in a Huff over Obama-Puffing-Cig Pic!

Some county official out in Nebraska was having a little FUn with a picture of Dear Leader puffing a cigarette, and now the HUffies are in a HUff about it! Mad over a pic of Obama lightin' up? Lighten up! Read about it here in this THREAD, "Obama Cigarette Portrait To Be Replaced With Official Portrait At Nebraska's Adams County Courthouse."

It's the HUffies vs. the HUskers in the Tobacco Bowl! The HUffie smoke rings are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, a native of the city of Chicago who lived for four years in rural Nebraska, is in the [Barackets]:

Obama Cigarette Portrait To Be Replaced With Official Portrait At Nebraska's Adams County Courthouse

[The Republic is saved!]

The portrait will hang in a spot that had held a framed black-and-white image depicting the President with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. That photo -- a notorious fake -- drew a complaint from a county official who found it disrespectful.

["A notorious fake"--the picture or the president?]

white people acting like themselves.

[It was a black-and white image of a black-and-white guy acting like himself.]

What a disrespectful racist move to show a sitting president with an open collar smoking a cigarette.

[Only black people open their collars and smoke cigarettes.]

They are disrespecting the first Black President of the United States. If they had done this to Clinton and Bush then it wouldn't be a problem.

[Barry Half-White should be immune from disrespect.]

This President has been disrespected ad infinitum.

[Awwww! Must not diswespect widdle Bawwy! . . . Although, somehow, I missed this concern for respect when it came to Obama's predecessor.]

when this person hung this photo "as a Joke" where is the hew and cry of the people of Nebraska. . . .

[Where is the HUGH?!]

They hang up a picture of our first black sitting president making him look like a street punk. . . .

[At least they didn't use this one:]

Barry Soetoro, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Joints

But this is something he struggles with, at least from what I have read, he has tried to quit.

[I wish he WOULD quit! . . . Oh, you were talking about SMOKING! Never mind.]

If you were trying to quit, would you like these reminders of your vice?

[Now that you mention his Vice, I'm not sure I want him to quit!]

but he still looks hot.

[Is that you, benburch?]

You denigrate true racism when you make ridiculous claims like this.

[Did you say "DENIGRATE"?? THAT'S RACIST!!]

Only those that believe another race is inferior find justification to belittle their own duly-elected President that way.

[Let's see, I seem to recall a little belittling with the previous guy. . . .]

Why are they doing this to the only African American President?

[I seriously question that description of Obama! I mean, the "American" part.]

If I'm not mistaken, the cigarette is photoshopped.

[No, the cigarette is real. It's Obama that's photoshopped.]

I can't believe citizen in HASTINGS, Neb will let this go on for 18 months without doing anything!

[Hastings is not hasty.]

These are the instances where the racists were caught red handed! There may be numerous instances that's going on but not caught yet. For every cockroach you see, there's 1000's hiding unnoticed.

[That picture of young Barry . . . I think he had a bunch of roaches hiding.]

They would not do this to a lily white prez.

[Imagine anyone calling a WHITE president something disrespectful . . . oh, like, "Chimpy" or something like that. Never would happen.]

This is the ongoing signs of disrespect that too many mental deficients in this country believe it is okay to heap on Obama because of his race and color.

[Look, we don't disrespect Obama because of his race and color. We disrespect him because of his socialism and incompetence!]

it is true that Obama should quit smoking. Healthcare for all in exchange for responsibility by all.

[No healthcare for you, Mr. Smoke-Too-Much!]

If anyone deserves to smoke a cigarette - it's him.

[Well, he did just finish screwing America, that's true.]

He looks like he's in a 50s French film noir.

[Did you just say "NOIR"?? THAT'S RACIST!!]

Yes, there's an intelligent black man in the White House. . . .

[Where's he hiding?]

Some people don't like Obama because he is so damn intelligent, handsome and articulate. . . .

[You forgot "clean."]

Looks like another state I will avoid going to. So much for my tourist money.

[As one who lived in Nebraska for four years, I've got to admit, you won't be missing much!]

What a bunch of possum pie eatin' sister humpin' hillbully dirtbags.

[Have you ever eaten possum pie? Tastes like chicken!]

That's what the e-cigarette is all about... all the Nicotine you need and none of the harmful side effects.

[WARNING: Photoshopped Smoking Causes Long Laughter.]

Typical of inbred, uneducated, back-country, hicks.

[No ethnic stereotyping from the left, huh?]

OK, how about D. Cheney in pink thongs?

[Calm down, benburch!]

Actually it was a state that was inhabited mainly by Swedes.

[Hey, I resemble that remark!]

I really dont see anything wrong with the photo. I like it. But I am also a smoker and photo artist. I also drink Scotch (12 year old) and best French and Italian wines and ocasssionally, I switch hit for the other team from time to time and an I had had numerous affairs. Burn me atthe stakes.

[Well, you did say you enjoy smoking.]

I think they should photo shop his pic and show him hanging out with "Dean and Frank". . . .

[As Bammy Davis Jr.]

Republicans are anarchists

[Off with their heads!]

Republicans are antichrists.

[Off with their tails!]

You believe in Christ?

[Dead giveaway! Must be a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DUmmies Discuss Article Written by Certain Humble Correspondent

There is a general rule in DUmmieland not to discuss the DUFUs or YOURS TRULY. However, sometimes there is a break in the dam. In this case the DUmmies are discussing an article written by your humble correspondent as you can see in this THREAD, "Joan Walsh - Mika Brushup - Here's Leftwing Extremists RWNuts come up with." Yeah, the DUmmies are completely mystified over how I came up with a list of leftwing extremists which Joan Walsh was unable to do on Morning Joe today as you can see in this NewsBusters ARTICLE and VIDEO. So let us now watch the DUmmie ants look out through the glass as we look back at them in their ant farm in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still chuckling over Mika's impression of Joan Walsh, is in the [brackets]:

Joan Walsh - Mika Brushup - Here's Leftwing Extremists RWNuts come up with

[And it wasn't at all tough to come up with that list. I could have had TRIPLE the names and still be far from finished.]

Oh please. Newsbusters & Freepers are making Mika out to be a heroine who pwned Joan Walsh.

[Just take a look of the VIDEO of Joan Walsh with her mouth hanging open and pleading to Willie Geist for help and you tell me who got pwned.]

Rosie O'Donnell


Mike Malloy


Bill "The Bomber" Ayers


Mrs. Bill "The Bomber" Ayers


Van Jones


Dylan Ratigan


Rachel Maddow


Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann


[Check, check, and CHECK!!!]

Keith is angry, but I wouldn't call him an extremist. He's not talking about government takeover of corporations or supporting eco-terrorism.

[Keith is just BLAMING Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing.]

Walsh wasn't the one who wasn't able to name our extremists. Mika's the one that freaked out when Joan asked her to name them.

[Yeah, it just sooooo tough to name leftwing extremists when you see them everyday at the MSNBC water cooler. Hi Keith! Hi Dylan! Hi Rachel! Hi Ed! How's the Anger Management therapy going?]

It will be hard to rationalize why GEM$NBC doesn't fire the drunken little tart Mika. Joe the Scab must be using his bat on, er, going to bat for her

[Yeah, they let a non-Moonbat slip in thru the cracks.]

Damn, that's a nasty little right-wing site. They're under the impression that it's extremist to call them out on their extremist/insane behavior.

[And pleading for their EXECUTION.]


[No, Walsh PRETENDED there were no leftwing extremists and THEY WOULDN'T ALLOW IT.]

I thought Olbermann was the obvious person Mika and Joe were (not) talking about this morning. They can't openly criticize him lest they hear it from the higher-ups but the antipathy between Joey Scab and KO is well-known.

[The antipathy between sane people and KO is well-known.]

PJ Gladnick is a total freeptard...

[Whose DUFU Eye of Sauron remains firmly focused on you DUmmies...]

Didn't he have an offensive website that was up for an award a few years back?

[Only offensive if you are a DUmmie, DUmmie.]


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Pitty: "Sarah Palin came to Boston and all I got was this lousy blog"

Happy Tax Day! It's the DUmmies' favorite holiday (next to May Day). Of course, in "Tea Parties" all across our land, overtaxed Americans have been rallying AGAINST oppressive, intrusive Big Government. But that's not for the DUmmies. Like vampires drawn to blood, liberals rely on the taxes paid by others to support their socialist wealth-redistribution schemes and scams.

But surely you would think that in Massachusetts, in Boston, in the Cradle of Liberty, in the HOME of the ORIGINAL Tea Party, all the citizenry would rise up as one, fused in patriotic fervor against the taxing tyrants on the Potomac! But no. Fittingly enough, William Pitt, the namesake of the British prime minister, opposes the cause of freedom from overtaxation. And so William Pitt the Drunker took to blogging this week when the Tea Party--and guest speaker Sarah Palin--came to Boston. We'll read about it in this
THREAD, "Tea On The Common (Palin and the 'Baggers are in Boston tomorrow...and I'm blogging the whole mess)," and this THREAD, "Sarah Palin came to Boston and all I got was this lousy blog...."

William Pitt and the DUmmies are in Redcoat Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, is in the overtaxed [brackets]:

Tea On The Common (Palin and the 'Baggers are in Boston tomorrow...and I'm blogging the whole mess)

[Wee Willie will use the term "'Baggers" dozens of times throughout these threads. He seems obsessed with it. I think it goes back to games he and Jason Leopold used to play.]

By William Rivers Pitt

[Primed Minister William Pitt the Drunker]

they're coming to my town, hell, to my neighborhood, and tagging along with them is none other than the Queen Of Duh, Sarah Palin.

[Pitt is the King of DUh (or at least the prime minister).]

the former half-term governor of Alaska

[Which is more executive experience than a certain third-of-a-term, part-time, absentee senator had when he became president.]

From Boston, the 'Bagger parade heads to Washington, DC, for a rally on tax day, which will in all likelihood earn itself a first-ballot nomination to the Public Stupidity Hall of Fame.

[Pitt has his own wing in the Public Stupidity Hall of Fame.]

the average American has been well-trained to believe Massachusetts is some far-left haven dotted with statues of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, with abortionists and gay marriage chapels on every street corner and drifts of marijuana seeds in the gutters.

[And that's such a distorted view! It totally neglects the Wiccans, for example.]

but the liberal stereotyping of Massachusetts does not dovetail with the reality on the ground. Massachusetts, and Boston, enjoys a decent-sized Republican/conservative contingent.

[They must take up, oh, two or three phone booths at their convention.]

Adding to this is the ugly subtext of racism, which is all too prevalent in . . .

[. . . the made-up stories about the Tea Parties.]

With Obama in the White House, the combination of 'Bagger bedlam and Boston-style racism will almost certainly turn Boston Common into an open-air insane asylum complete with pigeons poop and trolley services.

[And Pigeon Pooper Pitt.]

The front page of the Boston Herald . . . carried a picture of Scott Brown under a headline which blared "PARTY POOPER". . . .

[I sense a theme here.]

A friend suggested I show up with a big cardboard outline of Russia on my head, just to make Palin feel more at home, but that seems a little much.

[You could fit a life-size drawing of Russia on the bald pate of Planet Pitt.]

Sarah Palin came to Boston and all I got was this lousy blog...

[It's now the day of the Tea Party, and the Boston Blogger begins . . .]

8:35 a.m. - Woke up and turned the TV on. . . .

[Pitt had blacked out for a moment after an all-night bender at Bukowski's.]

9:50 a.m. - Tranquility Base, the Stupid has landed.

[Tequila Base, the Ego has Landed.]

It's a bright sunny day, so a lot of white people will be pink before the show is over.

[That's the Pitt calling the Caucasian white. Take a look at Ol' Pastyhead:]

10:00 a.m. - This might be the oddest crowd I've ever seen.

[They're not all drunk, tattooed, and pierced.]

10:05 a.m. - All these people are carrying pro-Constitution signs, but I keep hearing . . . anti-Federal government comments. It begs the question . . . since the Constitution itself established federal governance to begin with, what document are these people actually reading? Maybe the Reader's Digest version?

[Maybe the version that limits the federal government to only those powers explicitly delegated to it in the Constitution. You know, the old document that Obama thinks is "fundamentally flawed."]

10:25 a.m. - Just spent ten bucks on five buttons. I'm wearing the red one with the Soviet symbol replacing the "O" in "Obama."

[Wear it with pride, Will.]

10:40 a.m. - I am throwing up into my mouth right now.

[Usually Will gets it all over the floor.]

I've never seen so many people metaphorically masturbate in public before. . . .

[At the prog rallies, it's no metaphor.]

11:05 a.m. - Palin is on, but the microphone just cut out. Can't hear a word she's

["Hey, tell that sunburnt bald guy with the cigarette over there: Read my lips. No new taxes!"]

11:15 a.m. - The audio is working in fits and starts.

[Merry Fitsmas!]

Even at half volume, Palin's voice is like fingernails across the chalkboard of my soul.

[Uh, Will, have you listened to your own gravelly voice lately?]

11:15 a.m. - it appears the show is over. It's early, but d*mn, I need a drink.

[Coffee, tea, . . . or five beers at Bukowski's?]

11:25 a.m. - OK, this is Boston, right?

[Pitt is disoriented already. So, in closing, let's hear from at least one of the DUmmies . . .]

m$nbc just reported that 'sarah palin ROCKS boston' do you feel rocked will?

["Stoned" would be more like it.]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Impeachment back on DUmmies' table!

Now that Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, Rove, Rove's cleaning lady, et al., all have left office, the DUmmies are suffering a severe case of Impeachment Deficit Disorder. So now they have turned their righteous anger toward the Supreme Court. Specifically, toward the Fascist 5 of Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and sometimes Kennedy. (I suppose Swinging Anthony Kennedy is the "y" in this set of vowels, as in "a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y.")

What is the impeachable offense of John Roberts and the Supremes? I don't know, we'll make something up. But the DUmmies have latched onto a comment by one of their heroes, Russ "He's So" Feingold, and they have run (wild) with it. Russkie Russ said something about wanting to get new justices, without specifying how, and that opened the door for the "I" word, as seen here in this
THREAD, "Senator Feingold Suggests Impeachment of Corrupt Supreme Court Justices."

So get ready for a DUmmieland high-tech lynching, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, suddenly in the mood for a supreme pizza, is in the [brackets]:

Senator Feingold Suggests Impeachment of Corrupt Supreme Court Justices

[OK, what if I suggest impeachment of corrupt Democrat senators?]

U.S. Politicians must often result to indirect means for expressing their ideas. . . .

[Like you, DUmmie Time for change, resulting to the wrong word when you want to express the idea of "resort."]

Senator Russ Feingold recently suggested that corrupt U.S. Supreme Court justices be impeached for, among other things, their transparently corrupt decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, in which they asserted in a 5-4 decision that “No sufficient governmental interest justifies limits on the political speech (including bribery of public officials) of corporations”.

[Uh, I think you put in the part there about bribery.]

Senator Feingold called the decision “one of the most lawless in the history of the Supreme Court”.

[Sometimes called the "Xena Decision," for being the most Lawless. Thus these Supremes are the "Xena 5."]

He said . . . "The best thing to do is to get new justices, different justices, who will do the right thing."

[Hmm. . . . What do you mean, Russkie Russ, by "get new justices"? Are you inciting violence, perhaps?]

He didn’t specifically use the word “impeach” – But what else could he have meant. . . ?

[Maybe something like American Idol, where we call in and vote them off.]

One possibility is that he meant that we should wait for the current justices to retire or die of natural causes. . . .

[Why stop at natural?]

As John Bonifaz said in criticizing Feingold’s statement, “Based on the age of some of the justices in the majority, that’s suggesting that we wait a very long time”. A very long time, indeed! I’ll be long dead by that time, and so will many tens of millions of other Americans, as well as what’s left of our democracy.

[Tens of millions of Americans--DEAD! All because we waited too long! MUST ACT NOW!!!]

Another unlikely possibility is that Feingold meant to wait for the justices in question to die quicker deaths – along the lines of John F. Kennedy, his brother Bobby, or Martin Luther King. But Feingold isn’t that type of guy, so I doubt that that’s what he had in mind.

[Unlikely, doubtful . . . but I wouldn't rule it out. Thank you, DUmmie Time for change.]

There is only one other possible way that we could “get new justices”, as Feingold suggested: Impeachment.

[Yay! The "I" word is BACK! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!]

Of course, impeachment of our public officials must not be taken lightly.

[Unless they're conservatives.]

The Bush v. Gore decision of December 2000, which mandated that the counting of votes for President cease, and thereby handed the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush by a 5-4 decision of the USSC, set the precedent for transparently corrupt USSC decisions to slide by without consequence. It is no coincidence that of the five justices who handed down this abomination, three of them (Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy) are the same ones who perpetrated the Citizens United decision on the American people; and the two others in the majority in Citizens United were then appointed to the Court by the “winner” of the 2000 sham Presidential election, George W. Bush.


Many progressives have suggested a Constitutional amendment to deal with this attack on our democracy.

[Constitution? Amendments? Feh. Too much bother.]

Constitutional amendments are very difficult to pass and take so long. . . .


IF illegal corruption is clearly proven in a court of law and not blogs -absolutely agree

[The Supreme 5 have been found guilty in a court of blog. That should be enough.]

That's my senator!

[DUmmie Dinger posts a picture of herself standing with Russ "He's So" Feingold {swoon}.]

What are you doing with my future husband? Aaaah, Russ Feingold. . . .

[Calm down, benburch!]

Hee hee. I know this is lame, but it kind of makes me all giggly when I think Russ put his arm around me (first), and then I did the same to him. Dang, me and a U.S. senator! Ahhhhh, it was nice.

[Feingold is on the Senate Arm Services Committee.]

I still think the remaining members should be impeached and O'Connor and Rehnquist should get little marks by their names for posterity as part of this shameful group of motherf***ers who did more to destroy this nation than anyone in Al Qaeda could ever dream of doing.

[Keeping Algore from stealing the election was WORSE than the deadliest attack in American history! Of course!]

what justifies the label "corrupt" being attached to this decision? . . . If he's saying that it was an ideologically based decision, that's not at all the same thing, and by no means impeachable.


Bottom line . . . this decision was entirely in line with the free speech clause of the First Amendment (which makes no distinction based on who is doing the speaking).

[OK, DUmmie skepticscott, you are making entirely too much sense here! For that you get . . . a Kewpie Doll from us! And a DUmmieland granite cookie in your near future!]

Further, you falsely inserted the phrase in parentheses in “No sufficient governmental interest justifies limits on the political speech (including bribery of public officials) of corporations”. The SC decision did not contain the phrase "including bribery of public officials", despite your claim. A little more intellectual honesty would be appropriate.

[DUmmie skepticscott, you are on a ROLL! Prepare for tombstoning!!]

Do you realistically believe that any of the five will ever be impeached and removed from office?


Get a grip my friend. . . . We would be better off to concentrate on the possible . . . rather than engaging in fantasies about impeachment. . . . Dream on my friend.]

[To dream . . . the impossible dream. . . .]

What the people need to do is protest in front of the SCOTUS day by day. Send them letters. Lobby the snakes til they quit or the senate finds some balls and evicts the bums.


"Impeachment is for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors". Treason? Check. . . . Bribery? Check. This decision facilitates, not to say legalizes, massive bribery the likes of which the world has never known. Other high crimes and misdemeanors? Check.

[Checkmate! This is the greatest crime IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!!!]

Sorry. But Feingold didn't suggest impeachment. And no one with an ounce of sense is going to push for it.

[Ergo . . . enter the DUmmies!]

Since 2000, I've been calling for impeachment of Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, O'Connor and Rhenquist. Now the latter two have died/retired . . .


and yet no one has heeded your call.

[WHY has no one heeded the call of DUmmie Hawkeye-X?? When will they LEARN???]

The Congress can increase the number of justices in the Supreme Court. . . . This would be an inherently partisan act designed to pack the court in favor of the left.


Fiengold is smart enough to know that there is no way 66 Senators will vote to remove a Supreme Court Justice, unless that Justices sacrificed a baby live on national TV at halftime during the Super bowl.

[Even then, sacrificing babies is simply a matter of "privacy" and "choice."]

Wearing brown socks and black shoes can be grounds for impeachment.

[For violating the Stacy and Clinton Act.]

I understand you are angry, and this decision is very bad, but it in no way violates any law that I know of.


Indeed, by the logic of this proposal, every time there is majority decision with which Congress agrees, Congress should "investigate" the dissenters to see if they acted in "good faith". Dumb.

[And DUmber.]

The Fascist 5 need to be treated as the treasonous b*st*rds they are.

[Love, love, love. . . .]

With the exception of the Civil War, no greater acts of treason than Bush v. Gore and Citizens United have ever been committed in this nation's history.

[This DWARFS the Civil War!]

This is truly pointless sh*t.

[The DUmmie stock-in-trade.]

Don't suggest the Impeachment of Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia & Kennedy. DEMAND IT!

[A Million DUmmie March! Nail it to the Congress door!]

On what f***ing grounds?

[Grounds? GROUNDS??]

Obama could appoint, instead of one new judge.. 3 new judges. There is no limit to the size of the supreme court, just as long as there is a deciding vote.


no one with a brain is thinking impeachment.

['Nuff said.]

The writer who finagled impeachment out of Feingolds statement is the real dummy. . . .

[Will the real DUmmie please stand up?]

Monday, April 05, 2010

DUmmies Fear Tea Parties

Well, I finally saw my first LIVE Tea Party yesterday. It was going on at the corner of University and Oakland Park in Sunrise where I was heading to do some couponing activities at WalMart. My first observation was that it seemed a lot more exciting in person than just watching a Tea Party on YouTube. Even though they were just making an appearance with the Gasden Flag and signs such as "Remember November," their mere presence served as a great reminder to folks driving by. I also knew it would drive the DUmmie types even CRAZIER than they already are. You see, the DUmmies hate the Tea Parties because they fear the Tea Parties even though they put up fake front as you can see in this THREAD, "The End of the Republican Party." Yeah, they claim that the Tea Parties will spell disaster for the Republican Party but they really know the Tea Parties means victory for them at the polls. The DUmmies even have their old excuse at the ready to explain away the elections in November---touch screen voting machines. Yeah, and how did those same touch screens give Obama a landslide victory in 2008? So let us now watch the DUmmies pretend the end is near for the Republicans in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, back after a too long DUFU lapse, is in the [brackets]:

The End of the Republican Party

[Freudenschade, baby!]


[So that explains Pied Piper Pitt.]

After watching the behavior of the Teabaggers for several months I have come to the inescapable conclusion that they are nothing more than a gang of fourth grade bullies. They are uneducated beyond rudimentary communication skills, which leads them to be bigoted and susceptible to mass delusions. They are easily programmed, as can be seen by their signs (many misspelled) and their chants, which are often ludicrous. (Health Care Equals Tyranny). Their existence and apparent flourishing are symptoms of the dissolution of the Republican party. This process is not an overnight collapse. It began with Nixon and really hit its stride with the illegal accession to the presidency of George the Stupid in 2000. But it is clear; the Republican party is disintegrating before our eyes. They have no leaders, they have no morals, they have no platform and no constructive ideas. They do have plenty of perverts and hypocrites. Not a week goes by when the public is not presented with a new Republican sex scandal.

[Check with Pitt. He would probably tell you that the Tea Party movement peaked when the American hockey team beat the USSR at the 1980 Winter Olympics. USA! USA! USA! ]

The party is desperately trying to hold on to its “base,” which at this point is anyone who’ll vote for them, which is why the Republicans are welcoming the Teabaggers, who have found a home among the desperate and corrupt political hacks, which is all the Republican party has left.

[So no need to fear them this November?]

It seems that all the Republicans can do now is obstruct anything and everything Democratic, hoping to prevent any progress from being made, in order to make the claim that the Democrats are ineffective, therefore people should vote Republican in the next election. This tactic wouldn’t fool a five-year-old.

[But it would fool a DUmmie.]

It seems that all the Republicans can do now is obstruct anything and everything Democratic, hoping to prevent any progress from being made, in order to make the claim that the Democrats are ineffective, therefore people should vote Republican in the next election. This tactic wouldn’t fool a five-year-old. So who do they have left? Sarah Palin (a money-hungry fool), Rush Limbo (an overblown bigot) Glenn Beck (a crazy idiot), and Michele Bachmann (Hahahahaha). I don’t think any of them is capable of saving the Republican party. What we’ll see eventually is a weakened Republican party, (having finally repudiated the Teabagger Klan) too damaged to do anything, trying desperately to get back to the middle of the road, and the formation of a third party for the Teabaggers and assorted nutjobs, conspiracy fans and tin-foil hatters .

[So no need to fear the Tea Parties...except that is EXACTLY what you really fear as your fellow DUmmies will now confirm.]

Touch Screen Voting Machines. Anyone can be president whomever the monied interests choose until voting can be protected.

[Ah! Getting your Diebold excuses ready well in advance of November.]

EXACTLY!!! Whoever counts the votes can "win." They've done it before and they'll do it again if allowed. We all need to remember what damage cornered, desperate, rabid animals can do. They are utterly corrupt and don't care what damage they do.

[Speaking of desperate. I really love your desperate excuses for the possibility of LOSING bigtime this November.]

So, no, don't underestimate--oops! wrong verbiage, I meant to say misunderestimate--the stupidity of the American people. And therein lies the proof. "Misunderestimated" was was used on CBS a month ago or so ago by one of the reporters covering the Chile earthquake and NO ONE F*CKING CORRECTED HIM!!! Bush's lexicon has been absorbed into our modern English and DON'T ANY OF YOU F*CKING BE LAUGHING ABOUT IT, GODDAMN IT!! This, more than anything, illustrates why I don't think that the Republican Party is going gently into the sunset anytime soon. In fact, I think they just might come roaring back stronger than ever. May I make my case, please?

[And I don't think you will be going gently into the Rubber Room. Tranquilizer darts will be necessary.]

I won't agree that they are at the end until after November's elections. IMO, they are gaining strength through the teabaggers, Fox "news" and other MSM. Maybe I'm being taken in by the polls and media reports, but I'm not believing that they are done.

[Would you like me to apply the chloroform rag to your face so you can wake up on the other side of November? It will be so much less painless that way.]

Ken Blackwell and Karl Rove rigged the Ohio results to give the chimp another "win". Kerry actually won in 2004. The rigging was quite obvious to anyone really paying attention.

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from overturning the 2004 election.]

As you so aptly observe: DESPERATION resounds from their EVERY act. They will soon go into full Panic mode. Could be interesting if not just a little scarey.

[Desperation? Full Panic mode? Projecting much?