Monday, March 29, 2010

All HUffies Guilty of INCITING VIOLENCE!!

All we heard last week was that the "Teabaggers" were guilty of "inciting violence." For instance, by her use of traditional political metaphorical language like "reload" and "targeted," Sarah Palin, the right-wing Moosiah, was sending clear signals to her rabid followers to literally hunt down progressives. And there were those stories about protesters shouting the "N"-word against Reps. Lewis and Cleaver--although audio of the alleged incident could detect no such shouts. Even so, all you heard last week was how the right wing had become dangerously unhinged and was turning violent.

Well, now today, lo and behold, there is an arrest of a person making legitimate threats of violence against a congressman. Must be a Teabagger, right? WRONG! The man arrested is from the Looney Left! He is one Norman Leboon of Philadelphia.

So now I guess we'll have to call it the LEBOONEY Left! It seems that Mr. Leboon posted video threats against Republican Rep. Eric Cantor--who, you will recall, recently had a bullet fired into his office.

What do we know about this Norman Leboon? He's an Obama donor! Indeed, Norman Leboon, it turns out, is . . . a HUffie!

Yes, Norman Leboon, aka HUffie NLEBOON1653. Therefore, using the logic we heard this past week, and now with at least some evidence to back it up, we must conclude: THE HUFFIES ARE GUILTY OF INCITING VIOLENCE!! ALL PROGRESSIVES ARE DANGEROUS, UNHINGED, VIOLENT NUTCASES!!

Let's see how Mr. Leboon's fellow HUffies try to deflect and defend themselves here in this
THREAD, "Norman Leboon ARRESTED, Threatened To Kill Rep. Eric Cantor." The HUffies' comments are in Violence-Are-Red, while the calm, cool, and collected commentary of your peace-loving humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, appalled at the violence inherent in the Lebooney Left, is in the [brackets]:

Norman Leboon ARRESTED, Threatened To Kill Rep. Eric Cantor

[Leboon must be a Teabagger, right, and Rep. Cantor must be a Demo--WAIT A MINUTE, CANTOR IS A . . . RETHUGLICAN!?! Wha-aa???!! How can this BE??]

During the video NORMAN LEBOON made the following statements: "My Congressman Eric Cantor, and you and your cupcake evil wife..." "Remember Eric...our judgment time, the final Yom Kippur has been given. You are a liar, you're a Lucifer, you're a pig, a greedy f*cking pig, you're an abomination, you receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads. You and your children are Lucifer's abominations."

[Love, love, love. Norman Leboon, HUffie, violence-threatener, anti-Semite. Norman is a candidate for the Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award™.]

His mental condition should only determine what treatment he needs in prison.

[He's a HUffie. Doesn't that tell you enough about his mental condition?]

The story doesn't mention that he's also an Obama donor.

[Oops! And it doesn't mention that he's a HUffie, either!]

This is very sad. People are getting fired up by talk shows, Fox News and Fox News' nemesis, MSNBC.

[Fox's fault!]

So what if he is an Obama donor??????

[It means that OBAMA is inciting violence!]

The teabaggers come home to roost.

[This HUffie tries the Jeremiah Wright Gambit.]

This guy is a bigot and a nut - allegedly.

[And a HUffie - definitely.]

You are making all this up.


WTF?....Where are the folks who threaten Democrats? Why are they not arrested yet? ARGHHHHHHHHH!


Rev. Wright said it best "violence begets violence"....the teaparty needs to stop running around being violent because it only begets more violence from others.

[One little problem with your theory: The Tea Party people haven't been violent.]

I don't see where he says he wanted to k!ll Cantor.

[I guess "you receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads"--that's just a friendly greeting.]

"cupcake evil wife" is that a backhanded compliment?

[Depends if you like cupcakes--or evil.]

Liberals are not anti-Semitic.

[Tell that to Benjamin Netanyahu, who just got dissed by Hussein the Bower-in-Chief.]

Karma, just plain old Karma.

[Cantor's own fault! He brought it on himself!]

hey do you think we can all chip in and get this guy a good lawyer

[I hear John Edwards is available.]

He's a plant.

[A perfect ROVIAN plant! Devious, isn't it?]

Norman Leboon needs to be on meds, in a straightjacket and in a rubber room ASAP

[Better yet, lock up ALL the HUffies, since they all must be guilty of INCITING VIOLENCE!!]

A Liberal? Sounds more like a mental patient.

[Same difference.]

Loonies are just loonies.

[Leboonies are just leboonies.]

He donated $815, or so, to the Obama campaign.

[Change we can believe in!]

I'm glad this insane man has been locked up.

[Olbermann's been arrested too? I hadn't heard.]

He's an Obama donor.

[Shhh!!! Quiet!!!]

Why do you think Liberals would defend threats on someone's life and family?

[Oh, maybe the 8+ years of unrelenting attacks on Bush and Cheney. Just a thought.]

Lefties are not anti-semitic.

[Except when they are.]


[Is that you, John Calipari?]

Cantor DOES however merit a good spanking at the very least.

[Is that you, benburch?]


[HUffie! Norman Leboon is a HUffie! Therefore ALL HUffies--all Lebooney Lefties--are guilty of INCITING VIOLENCE!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH!]

Friday, March 26, 2010

Marx Madness: Baracket Busted! The Curse of the Obamabino!

It's Marx Madness, bay-beeee!!! The DUmmies are weighing in on the tourney! Witness this THREAD, "NCAA on now, WVU v. Wash."

Which leads us to take a look at
Barack's Baracket. The good news is that many of Obozo's picks are falling by the wayside! His Baracket is busted! It's the Curse of the Obamabino! And so we'll check in at the end on this THREAD, "I loves me some Obama ..... NCAA picks" and this THREAD, "So - if Obama wins the DU NCAA pool."

So let's go courtside now and join the DUmmies down in the paint (Bolshevik Red, of course), while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson (6'3", 220 . . . well, needs to get back to 220), who, even at age 57, challenges the scrawny, limp-wristed Pretender-in-Chief to a game of one-on-one, is in the--this time, above all--the [Barackets]:

NCAA on now, WVU v. Wash., Syr. v. Butler

[In the first game, the DUmmies are cheering for Washington--DC, that is--and in the second game, Syria.]

You're very friendy but I'm sorry

[You're BOTH pretty sorry, you DUmmies, no matter how "friendy" you are.]

Rooting for the doggies in this game.

["Doggies" here refers to the Washington Huskies. Say, speaking of rooting and Washington, doesn't Dunham-Obozo have some roots in the state of Washington? Prediction: Washington will lose.]

This is what's wrong with society: Over-reliance on abbreviations. West Virginia v Washington, Syracuse v Butler. Was that so hard? Er, West Virginia versus Washington, Syracuse versua Butler.

[Apparently, for you it WAS too hard!]

My Cuse are not doing well.

[Sycacuse (sic)? I'm sure they'll come up with an ex-cuse.]

First lead of the game for the Orange!!


Huskies are bein SCRAPPY!

[And then they'll turn CRAPPY!]



Love Appalachian State but they're not playing right now

[At least they won't lose. But, hey, how about that Kentucky vs. Cornell game? (The Kentucky Cornells?)]

Go Big Red!!

[Go Bolshevik Red!! Unfortunately, it looks like Calipari has recruited some NBA players for Kentucky. Let's move on to Syracuse vs. Butler . . .]

Thanks for playing, Syracuse. FAIL

[The Butler did it! Sycacuse (sic), another Obama pick, goes DOWN! It's the Curse of the Obamabino!]

K-State/Xavier is a good one

[Democratic Understatement!]

A classic battle of wills.

[It looks like they made up . . .]

Gotta love the madness!

[MARX Madness! Now let's go back to last week and see how one DUmmie Nostradamus filled out his brackets . . .]

I loves me some Obama ..... NCAA picks

[Are you imitating some Ebonics there? THAT'S RACIST! I'm calling the NCAAP!]

Jayhawks to win, w/ Kentucky, Kansas State and Villanova as the other teams in the final 4

[Rocked Shocked Jayhawk! "Obama's Team," Kansas--OUT! Yes, we are "Self-less in St. Louis" here this weekend. Kansas State, Kentucky--OK, they're still in it, although Kentucky might move up to take on the Lakers. But you'll need some Nova-caine to numb your pain over that other pick. . . . BTW, you would think DUke would be DU's team. Maybe they're seen as too "white and conservative," though--and with a Rethuglican coach to boot!]

The President has a very nice bracket.

[Is that you, benburch?]

So - if Obama wins the DU NCAA pool, will he make an appearance here to pick up his prize?

[Yes, he wins the DUNCECAP.]

I think he's already busted his bracket.

[Indonesia State was out early.]

He has Kansas winning it all and Villanova in the final 4. It's probably safe to say he's done.

[Hee! Hee! It's the Curse of the Obamabino! Let's hope it's an omen for November!]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Head DUmmie Skinner cheers ObamaRx victory, but not all are happy campers

Well, as you might expect, the DUmmies are cheering this ObamaRx victory. At least some of them are. Head DUmmie Skinner, for one, in this THREAD, "A Promise to the American People."

But not all the campers are happy. Many recognize the ObamaRx prescription as merely Mutual of Obama--a mandated health insurance bill, under the threat of fine, that will not lower premiums or improve care. And they recognize that political payback is coming on November 2. If the polls are any indication, the Dems may be laughing all the way to the brink--the brink of a steep cliff they will plunge over when the voters strike back. We'll see.

And so maybe we conservatives need to try to find a laugh or two ourselves. This DUFU actually encouraged me! I expected to find the DUmmies in nothing but FULL gloat mode, that at least this is a start on the road to full-blown Marxism. But I was surprised to find so many of them were able to see the massive problems with this bill, both practical and political. This tells me a lot of other people will be angry with the Democrats come November. One can hope.

So let a smile be your pre-existing condition, as we venture into DUmmieland, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, taking a quick break from his Lenten hiatus to remind everyone that "This too shall pass" applies to more than bills, is in the [Barackets]:

A Promise to the American People.

[A Premium Increase to the American People.]

It's been said a million times here that this bill is not perfect.

[Democratic Understatement.]

Like most people on DU, I would have preferred a single-payer system. . . .

[As long as that single payer is someone richer than me.]

But even if it is less than I had hoped for, this is still a historic piece of legislation.

[It gets the camel's nose into the tent.]

Quite possibly the most important piece of legislation of my 38-year lifetime.

[Quite probably the most socialist piece of crap in my 57-year lifetime.]

For the first time ever, the people of this country are making this promise to our fellow citizens: Affordable health coverage for everyone.

["Affordable"? I'll believe that when my premiums go down by the $2500 Dr. ObamaRx promised. "Health coverage"? I'll remember that when I have an ear infection and have to wait six months to see a government-approved doctor to get a prescription. "For everyone"? WHEEEEE!!!!!! Look at me, I'm doing cartwheels!!!]

Only time will tell if the bill can actually deliver on this promise.

[Only history and common sense will already tell you: IT CANNOT!]

But now that the promise has been made, it's going to be very difficult for anyone to take it back.

[Translation: Head DUmmie Skinner already is anticipating stunning defeats for the Democrats in November. But even so, he also is anticipating the party line after that: "You can't change it now!"]

It is inevitable that this legislation will not work exactly as it is intended. Problems will arise that will need to be fixed.

[Needs more socialism!]

I do not know what those problems will be, and I have no clue how they will be fixed.

[Basically, I'm a stupid, blithering idiot! That's why I'm a Democrat.]

Health care is now the responsibility of the United States Congress.

[Oh joy. Why does that thought not thrill my heart?]

The promise has been made. If they try to renege, they do so at their peril.

[I think it's the Democrats who are in peril, because they neged in the first place.]

Congratulations to President Obama, and to Speaker Pelosi, and to every Member of Congress who had the guts to do the right thing.

[Congratulations to Dr. ObamaRx and Nurse Nancy and Bart Stupid and Harry the Undertaker and and all the rest of you socialist swine! Here's to you, you Commie traitors! May you get what you richly deserve!]

To all the members of DU, I want to thank you for keeping this debate mostly civil.

[Except for those times when you were at each other's throat because things weren't moving far left enough, fast enough, which was--and will be?--most of the time.]

Still, there are some pretty deep wounds here right now. . . .

[Dr. ObamaRx can see you in about, oh, 18 months, to treat your wounds.]

we all want what is best for this country.

[Communism. Now let's hear from a few of the fellow travelers . . .]

We have class, compassion and feelings for the poor and needy.

[Good, 'cause now EVERYBODY is going to be poor and needy. WHOOPEEE!!!]

I love our President.

[Signed, Barack Obama.]

Can't wait for the second act.

[I'm waiting for the November 2nd act.]

definitely the best one-term president since Carter

[Damning with faint prez! Hee! Hee!]

This is a wictory for corporations/lobbyists and DLC/Corporate Democrats!!

[Big Pharma had a GREAT day on Wall Street! Think of all subsidized drugs to sell!]

I'd bet you money this is going to turn into a windfall for insurance and a problem for almost everyone else.

[And for YOU, DUmmie bkozumplik! You win a KEWPIE DOLL for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity!]

Wondering when someone would break that "Isn't Disneyland wonderful!" mood going on. . . .

[Welcome to Pirates of the Health-Care-ibbean.]

The genie is out of the bottle. . . .

[Some of us are hitting the bottle.]

"Tenet Healthcare Corp. gained 9% in the wake of passage of a health-care overhaul after a year of debate. Health Management Associates Inc. rose 11.3%." . . . Do these numbers mean anything to anybody? Or is everyone too drunk on champagne to notice?


Is this a grouse?

[Look at the grouse!]

Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride...but we're going someplace very special!

[Over the cliff, in November! Happy landing!]

I think it's going to hurt the Dems in the next election cycle(s).

[Thank you, Nostradamus, for that daring prediction.]

The only promise in the passage is a promise to further impose for-profit insurers between me and my doctors.

. . . and the promise to separate you from approximately 30% of your income, with nothing guaranteed in return. . . .

[Sorry, guys, only one Kewpie Doll per thread.]

I don't understand how people think forcing people to buy insurance is going to be popular. It's not. I think it will be okay until the fines kick in. I also think the Republicans are going to get into office and dismantle this--or make it completely unbearable.

[Just call me Mickey Dismantle!]

IRS will do the forcing!!! They will take 2% of your income if you don't sign up!!

[THANK you, Dr. ObamaRx and Nurse Nancy and Bart Stupid and Harry the Undertaker, for this brave new world you're creating!]

Since so many here think of government as a football game, we should see that we didn't make a touchdown. Through timidity, fumbles, and missed calls, we have been pushed back to almost our own goal. All we did yesterday is pick up a first down.....barely.

[But on November 2, Charlie Brown--on November 2, you can kick the winning field goal!]

What if someone can't afford to buy that mandated healthcare?


this bill sure looks sh*ttier the more questions you ask about it.

[Then stop asking questions. Go with the Fantasyland version the Democrats are putting out there.]

Anyone who thinks this is going to be popular is living in a dream world.

[But it's OUR dream world!]

As a gay man any politician's promise is less than nothing to me.

[Let me guess: Bawney gave you a promise ring.]

This entire process has been like inviting someone into your house for a meal, watching as they light the place on fire, stare in disbelief as they chuck the fire extinguisher out the window and cut off your water, and then, when everything is smoldering ashes, they turn to you and go "Why so glum? We can rebuild it! Aren't you excited? Don't be such a downer! Destroying your house was progress!"

[Fire Marshall Barry.]

I call them the Ike Turner Democrats. After spending a year beating the crap out of anything and everything slightly to the Left of Newt Gingrich, now it's "C'mon, baby. You know I love you. Things will be great from now on, you'll see!"

[I Like Ike!]

We certainly know what it's like to be pissed on by Democrats. . . .

[Is that you, benburch?]

Prediction. My health insurance is going to go up big time after mandated coverage because it will now be mandated by law and enforced by the IRS and because there is nothing to stop them. Those who think that because they already have insurance that they, themselves, won't be affected are as wrong as they can be and they're going to be furious when they find out.

[Jeane Dixon now, with another daring prediction.]

I'm hoping this is water on the wicked witch of the health insurance industry.

[It'll be more like an army of flying-monkey IRS agents and red-tape bureaucrats.]

one of our nation's biggest health problems concerns undiagnosed mental illness.

[Especially in DUmmieland.]

When it fully hits the American people that they will be forced to buy health insurance, at whatever rates that are presented to them (and God knows what they will be), or lose tax refunds, they will be enraged. It's just a really really unpopular concept, and I cannot comprehend how Democrats don't understand this. . . . will be seen as a massive giveway to the insurance companies - which it is - and which will be seen as more government intrusion into the life of most Americans, who will not be positively impacted by this bill. . . . what's in it for them, is higher premiums, enforced coverage, and no improvement of plans or reduction of costs. This is insane. I predict a big loss for the Dems in 2012 and 1 term for Obama.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears! Thanx for that optimistic glimmer of hope! Yes, an enraged, awakened electorate would be just what the doctor ordered!]

We took a giant sh*t in the Freepers' mouths last night. Eat it, b*st*rds.

[At least you admit what this bill really is. And we'll see who's eating what in November.]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DUmmies Slam St. Patrick's Day

Who doesn't like St. Patrick's Day? I mean it is a lot of fun. Okay, the historical St. Patrick from what I understand was actually a Gallo-Roman which means he was more Italian than Irish but that doesn't interfere with the fun. I mean how Irish is corned beef which was actually picked up from Jewish delis since there is a dearth of traditional Irish food. Come to think of it, what exactly is traditional Irish food? I once asked an authentic Irishman (from Ireland) about this and he told me that over there food is nothing more than a dietary supplement between rounds of beer. It seems that good food is NOT a priority anywhere in the British Isles. And don't get me started on Shepherd's pie...yuch! Okay, so Irish food sucks but what kind of mentality is it that condemns St. Patrick's Day? Okay, I'll tell you what kind of mentality, a DUmmie mentality as you can see in this THREAD, "Everyone gearing up for St. Douchebag's Day?" So let us now watch the DUmmies get downbeat on St. Patrick's Day in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who won't be posting in Emerald Isle green because it is hard on the eyes, is in the [brackets]:

Everyone gearing up for St. Douchebag's Day?

[Posted the DUmmie Douchebag.]

St. "Look At Me!.. I'm 18 and Drunk off my Ass!" Day. I hate it.

[Posted the bitter DUmmie from deep within the confines of his dark, dank, joyless basement.]

A big part of St. Patrick’s Day is having white people feel particularly upset at the oppression of their ancestors that has in no way trickled down to them. If you find yourself talking with a white person who tells you about how their great grandfather was oppressed by both the English and the Americans, it is strongly recommended that you lend a sympathetic ear and shake your head in disbelief. It is never considered acceptable to say: “but you’re white now, so what’s the problem?”

[You're a DUmmie now and that IS your problem.]

I'm no saint. Just a run-of-the-mill douchebag.

[A leprechaun Kewpie Doll to you for that moment of accurate self-realization.]

I love the fact that I can stock up on corned beef wicked cheap.

[Hmmmm... Gotta check up on my coupons. I just got a years supply of BO sticks FREE via coupons so why not also stock up on that "Irish fare" of corned beef?

nothing like institutionalized drunken douchbaggery.

[aka DUmmieland.]

I just think it sucks that I can't go out on my birthday without slipping in teenage vomit.

[So stop by Bukowski's and slip in middle-age vomit.]

But I am just sickened by the idiots (Irish and otherwise) who use it as an excuse to spend the entire day drunk.

[Then you must like Pied Piper Pitt who uses NO excuse to spend EVERY day drunk.]

I Enjoy Drinking To Excess On St Patrick's Day

[As well as on the other 364 days.]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Patrick Kennedy, Motivational Speaker

If you thought that Patrick Kennedy's recent rant on the House floor sounded familiar, then this VIDEO will provide the answer. What is amazing is the astounding similarity of the voices of the real loon and the pretend loon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass HCR!"

WOO! HOO! The DUmmies and KOmmies are celebrating the passage of ObamaCare before it actually happens. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi has SAID she has the votes to pass ObamaCare. Of course, one has to wonder why, if she has the votes, she doesn't immediately call for a vote in the House. A skeptic might suggest that she does NOT have the votes and is just blowing smoke. No matter. There is great jubilation in DUmmieland and KOmmieland as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass HCR!" and this KOmmie THREAD, "Pelosi: 'We have the votes.'" So let us now join the DUmmies and KOmmies in the middle of their victory celebrations in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if a nekkid Rahm will be joining them in the locker room for their Freudenschade champagne, is in the [barackets]

Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes to pass HCR!

[Strange that she doesn't call for a vote. Not matter. Break out the victory champagne. FREUDENSCHADE, BABY!!!]

With or without a Public Option is the big question?

[How about with ANY option, my reality-challenged DUmmie??]

The house never voted on the Senate Bill. That's the bill they're going to vote on now.

[Back to sad reality.]

She's talking about passing the current Senate version which doesn't have a PO. That's step one. Step two is going to reconciliation where the PO has a good chance of being included as it saves $. Right now, Pelosi is trying to get assurances from the Senate that they will allow an up or down vote on the PO in reconciliation.

[Step 3 will be the realization that there will be NO reconciliation.]


[Yeah, guzzle down that victory champagne now. No need to wait for the mere technical detail of an actual vote.]

Pass it and then find out what's in it! What a way to run a country!!!

[A leap into the unknown. Way to go!!!]

You mean she has the votes to pass the Max Baucus Insurance Corporate Welfare act? If so, that's nothing to celebrate.


Yes it's good to take time to appreciate a hard earned victory. I hope Nancy wasn't just blowing smoke.

[Perhaps it was that special sweet green smoke.]

If she had the votes she would bring it to the floor and take the vote. She wouldn't be talking about it.

[Please! Stop with the brutal reality! You're killing this victory party!]

If Nancy has the votes..then why not vote now Nancyyyyyyy?

[Nancyyyyyyy will call for a vote in just 24 business hours. And now to the KOmmies.]

Pelosi: "We have the votes".

[And the vote is scheduled for May 12, 2006.]

Ladies and gentleman. It appears that in short order this thing will be moving ahead and with Pelosi's proclamation that the votes are there.....HCR will be a reality.....very, very soon.

[Very, very soon. In just 24 business hours.]

If She Really Had The Votes For This... It would already be on the floor.

[Harsh reality seems to set in earlier among the KOmmies than with the incredibly naive DUmmies.]

Question is what did she give Stupak?

[A House Gym shower curtain?]

When she says she has the votes to pass HRC now, I really don't know what she means.

[She means she wishes she had the votes.]

Pelosi has been an excellent tactician. And I have no doubt she has the votes exactly as she claims to. She would not show her hand if it wasn't aces.

[Unless her judgment was affected by a Botox overdose.]

When she says she has the votes, she's got 'em. She knows how to play the game well enough to not make bluffs that will immediately be called out.

[She parked it.]

Exactly. Pelosi does not bluff.

[She banked it.]

She probably has MORE than enough votes and is now letting certain vulnerable incumbants in conservative districts know whether they can vote NO and have the bill still safely pass.... part of the recipe for making congressional sausage :)

[Is that you, Pollyanna?]

Rule number 1 of Congress: If you have the votes, take the vote. If you don't have the votes, keep talking.

[You dare cast aspersions upon the genius that is Nancy Pelosi?]

If Nancy Pelosi says she has the votes, you can rest assured she has them. It now looks like there is light at the end of this tunnel, and we've never been closer to a health care reform bill. Let's help her bring this thing home now by keeping the pressure on.


If they could pass it today, why wouldn't they?

[They're waiting until the end of the D.C. Nosh Fest.]

I hope Speaker Pelosi is correct on HCR votes. But it ain't over till it's over, the House vote.

[Nancy Pelosi is just $10 away from passing ObamaCare.]

No we don't necessarily have the votes! The title of this diary is terribly misleading. Nancy gave a qualifed statement about having the votes, not an absolute statement of having the votes.

[Please don't ruin our fantasy!]

It's a typical politician's bluff.


It is almost 2 months post-SOTU. We still don't have a bill. What are you people so excited about?

[Because they think the endless ObamaCare Groundhog Day is about to end.]

Friday, March 05, 2010

DUmmies Despair Over Another Obama Cave-In

The DUmmies are in a state of great despair over another apparent betrayal by The One. It looks like there will be NO civilian trials for terrorists and this has plunged the DUmmies into the depths of depression as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "WH Leaning towards MILITARY TRIALS for 9/11 Suspects." Oh boo-hoo-hoo! Let us now break out our hankies and watch the DUmmies weep over another backstab by Obama in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your correspondent, still loving his new FREE Compaq Presario laptop, is in the [barackets]:

WH Leaning towards MILITARY TRIALS for 9/11 Suspects

[No hope; no change.]

*sigh* Need i say more. The comments on HP are exploding with rightful negativity towards Obama. Wish this guy would stand strong for one thing without compromises.

[Eric Holder the latest to be thrown under the bus.]

Cowardice. Once again caving into the conservatives.

[All your Obamas are belong to us!]

What solution would you prefer?

[Give up all hope NOW!!!]

Make a decision and STICK WITH IT. THIS is a sign of weakness, and the GOP will continue these tactics... especially since this will be viewed AS WORKING. Another disappointment from Obama. I am tired of supporting this man.

[Would it make you feel better if we allowed you to polish his halo?]

Help me! I'm being crushed beneath all this change!

[Don't forget the hope!]

Is always what the republicans want. Every freaking time

[We control the chip in the Obama brain.]

I really hope they stick to their guns on this. But after so many caves, nothing will surprise me.

[You won't be surprised. I promise.]

lol. You can never blame Obama. His hands are always tied. He must be the most ineffective President in a generation. He can't do a thing for the media, congress, the senate, conservatives, liberals, lol.

[And a Kewpie Doll goes to this DUmmie for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Like I said, his hands are forever tied on every major issue. It is always someone else who is at fault or standing in the way.

[Bush's FAULT!!!]

This may be a trial balloon. We need to shoot this down. Call the WH, call your reps, raise a fuss.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

DUmmies Outraged by Yet Another Campus Fake Hate Crime

And this year's KERRI DUNN campus Fake Hate Crime award goes to...UC San Diego for getting all lathered up over a noose hung in the library. Folks, whenever you hear the word "noose" used in the same story about a supposed campus hate crime, it is a SLAM DUNK that it is a FAKE hate crime. A Columbia U professor goes BALLISTIC over a hanging noose and it turns out that SHE was the one who hung the noose in the first place.

What set off this noose incident was the OUTRAGE over a Compton ghetto themed party that brought charges of racism. So who was the dastardly organizer of that party? Some Klan member? Well, not quite. Check out this VIDEO to see the party organizer, Mr. Jones, give an explanation and you can see why those who got all upset turned themselves into complete laughingstocks. So how to save face? Well, suddenly a few weeks later a noose conveniently appeared on campus. Who hung the noose? Another Klan member? Well, today's San Diego Union provides the answer in this ARTICLE:

LA JOLLA— In an anonymous letter circulated on campus yesterday, the University of California San Diego student who hung a noose in the school library last week apologized for what she called a “mindless act and stupid mistake.

“I know what I did was offensive — regardless of my intentions — I am just trying to say I’m sorry,” read the letter, which was published in the student newspaper, the UCSD Guardian. “As a minority student who sympathizes with the students that have been affected by the recent issues on campus, I am distraught to know that I have unintentionally added to their pain.”

Ooooooh! It was a MINORITY student who hung that noose, not David Duke. And here is her incredibly lame CYA excuse:

The student claims in her letter that she and her friends were playing with a rope when one of them tied it into a noose.

“I innocently marveled at his ability to tie a noose, without thinking of any of its connotations or the current racial climate at UCSD. I left soon after with one of my friends for Geisel to study, still carrying the rope,” she writes. “After a bit of studying I picked up the rope to play with, and ended up hanging it by my desk. It was a mindless act and stupid mistake. When I got up to leave, a couple hours later, I simply forgot about it.”

The student said the rope was left in the library last Tuesday. It was not reported to campus police until 10:30 p.m. Thursday.

And who would actually be suckers enough to fall for such an obvious fake hate crime? Why DUmmies of course as you can see in this THREAD, "UCSD "Compton Cookout": And now they've found a noose in the library." So let us now watch the DUmmies easily fall for yet another Hate Crime scam in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, posting his first DUFU on his brand new FREE Compaq Presario laptop, is in the [brackets]:

UCSD "Compton Cookout": And now they've found a noose in the library

[Place chip firmly on shoulder and work yourselves into Outrage mode.]

Student admits leaving noose at UCSD

[Hate Crime! Investigate no further. Place brains on ice!]

SAN DIEGO — Campus police at the University of California San Diego are questioning a student who admitted she hung a noose on the seventh floor of the university library Thursday night. The incident is the third racially charged episode on the campus in two weeks, and has spurred a new round of rallies.

"This is truly a dark day in the history of this university," Chancellor Marye Anne Fox told students gathered along Library Walk. "It's abhorrent and untenable."

The noose was found hanging from a bookcase of the Geisel Library at 10:30 p.m. Thursday, and the student called at 9 a.m. Friday to confess, according to vice chancellor Gary Mattews.

"It's someone who didn't think that leaving a noose was an issue," he said....

[Is Chancellor Fox applying to DUke University for the Mike Nifong Award?]

she hung a noose on the seventh floor

[Obviously a Ku Kluxer.]

REALLY! Someone who just thought, "hmmm...a noose, Black students, yeah all just harmless fun.." What the f*ck are these kids being taught at home? That is ridiculous bullshit!!

[She was being taught to fake a hate crime for victimization purposes. Of course, you DUmmies fell for it hook, line, and sinker.]

What did she think nooses were for? Catching butterflies?

[No. For catching manufactured outrage.]

I feel for the students who feel unwelcome or unsafe there. I hope this doesn't get any uglier.

[No but it got a lot FUnnier when it was revealed who the hanging noose perpetrator was. Almost as FUnnie as the perpetrator of that Compton Ghetto Party "hate crime."]

I got a forward this morning from my friend. One student he talked to was just terrified.

[HELP! I'm soooo terrified by fake hate crimes!]

It has f*cking exploded.

[ laughter. That video from Mr. Jones still has me chuckling. Yeah, some hate crime there.]

My friend says that some of his students (he's a part-timer there) are afraid of the anger out there. For once, I'm grateful for UCLA!]

[Is your friend still fwightened by the Tooth Fairy? ]

"It's someone who didn't think that leaving a noose was an issue," they not teach these kids history anymore? And if it wasn't "an issue" what was the point?

[Yes. The history of FAKE hate crimes certainly does need to be taught. Tell #1 that a fake hate crime has been perpetrated is any appearance of a noose on campus.]

Statement of UC President Mark G. Yudof, the Chancellors of the ten UC campuses, and the Chair and Vice Chair of the Universitywide Academic Senate
February 26, 2010

As leaders of the University of California, we are deeply disturbed by recent events at a few of our campuses. We condemn all acts of racism, intolerance and incivility. Regardless of how such offenses are rationalized, or what free speech rights they purport to express, the acts we have witnessed are unacceptable. The actions of these individuals reflect neither our principles nor our values, nor the sentiments of the University of California community. We will not allow the actions of a few to speak for this University. We denounce them.

[Sooooo Mr. Yudof...When will you get around to denouncing the perpetrators of FAKE hate crimes? Apparently you have learned nothing about a certain incident at DUke U.]

Will students be expelled for hate speech or actions?
I want to know what constitutes a "criminal act," how it will be prosecuted, and what constitutes "punishment" by the University.

[How about this for punishment? Surveillance camera video of the perpetrator hanging the noose posted on YouTube so we can all have a good laugh about who actually committed this "hate crime?"]

I can think of exactly zero innocent explanations for having or leaving a noose on campus...

[How about the manufacturing of a FAKE hate crime as a reason?]

It will be interesting to see what the motivation was, and how the university responds to this...

[The motivation was predictable manufactured outrage as was displayed by the Univesity. Oh, and where is Kerri DUnn nowadays?]