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DUmmies Claim Disappointment In Wife Beater Edwards

Oh, so NOW the the DUmmies are claiming disappointment in John Edwards. Go back 2 years and Edwards was BY FAR the hero of the DUmmies. In fact, Pied Piper Pitt claimed (once Edwards was safely out of the race) that Edwards was his first choice for the nomination. Yes, it is easy to forget now that Edwards was overwhelmingly the popular pick of the DUmmies in 2007 and early 2008. Just goes to show how the more than obvious Edwards phoniness easily won over the completely gullible. Of course, now the DUmmies are feigning shock at the sleaziness of Edwards as you can see in this THREAD, "The Enquirer was right about everything else." Keep in mind that these are the same DUmmies who shelled out several hundred dollars to Bev Harris for her easily recognizable con game to "overturn" the 2004 election results. So let us now watch the DUmmies express disappointment in their erstwhile hero John Edwards in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding the DUmmies that John Edwards is just $10 away from being rehabilitated, is in the [brackets]:

The Enquirer was right about everything else

[And the DUmmies WRONG about everything.]

I don't know this guy anymore.

[Normal people knew where Edwards was coming from at the get-go.]

What happened to him?

[Poor Edwards. It was all a matter of bad fate. Sniff!]

I can't believe that I once supported him.

[That's why you are a DUmmie, DUmmie.]

Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards is telling pals that John beat her during a horrific marriage-ending fight, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

[So I guess now it is okay for you to buy a PlayStation3 at WalMart?]

"John lost his temper big-time," revealed a close friend of Elizabeth.

[Elizabeth hid his comb?]

"She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence.

[And sue him for everything he's worth. I call this karma. Hee! Hee!]

"She's holding that over his head right now - and he's scared. Elizabeth is in control."

[Edwards now on the lam in Haiti.]

I understand that the sources for this story passed a lie detector test.

[Gee! Imagine that. A newspaper actually doing some investigating. The National Enquirer certainly deserves a Pulitzer for investigating a story that the MSM shunned. And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

wow!. The end of an ego... it's too bad because his message was on point, and now it has no credibility. That's the biggest tragedy of all.

[LOL! A DUmmie who still believes in Edwards' "message."]

If the Edwards spouses do not like the media firestorm surrounding them perhaps they should stop seeking and tending it so consistently.

[One of those Edwards "spouses" is still in the mistress (or is it ex-mistress?) stage.]

John Edwards is a never ending disaster. Nothing should surprise anyone about him.

[Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye.]

I hope Elizabeth soaks him for every penny and then some.

[Including the North Carolina palace.]

The Enquirer is more honest and trustworthy than the MSM.

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail!]

John Edwards is a SLIME ball. I know we are suppose to be trying to get along on DU now, but I never understood what people saw in him during the primaries.

[Perhaps you need to ask Pied Piper Pitt what he saw in Edwards.]

I have always been suspect of high-profile trial lawyers like Edwards. The likes of him are seriously harming the legal profession

[FUnny, we never heard your suspicion when Edwards was riding high in DUmmieland.]

I supported him because of his policy priorities. Like Elizabeth, but unlike the average DU'er, I wasn't omniscient enough to "just know" that he was a scumbag.

[Actually you were exactly like the average DUmmie who fell for Edwards' phoniness hook, line, and sinker.]

I read, and I believe it was on DU last week, that the Enquirer's editor is putting their stories on Edwards up for a Pulitzer. His contention is that they investigated the story, broke it and followed up on it when other media outlets were not touching it.

[Absolutely. The National Enquirer definitely deserves the Pulitzer for this. Any other winner of the Pulitzer should be embarrassed since they would know who the real winner should be.]

Time to stop the bashing. Enough already.


I can't believe DUers are posting about a NE story as if it is fact. Shameful.

[Strange but the NE was RIGHT about everything in the Edwards story. With that track record you are now accusing them of being suddenly wrong?]

He sure fooled a lot of people! So much talent, so much waste!

[That was posted by Indiana Green. Contrary to rumor, I am NOT Indiana Green. Got that? I am NOT posting as Indiana Green pretending to be a loyal DUmmie while in reality a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

every time I see that damn squirrel. I crack up!!

[You need glasses. It is actually Li'l Beaver that you are seeing.]


Anonymous krazy kat said...

The DUmmies are finally admitting what many others knew years ago---Edwards is a liar and a first-class scumbag.

But it's not entirely their fault as the MSM ignored Edwards' sexual
shenanigans for years even though people in D.C. and North Carolina knew about them and talked about them.

Anyway, we can write the epitath on Edwards' political tombstone---he's dead.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

For me, Edwards has always 'smelled' of slime, in the same way that Sharpton, Murtha, Jackson (Sheila AND Jesse), Blagojevich, Nutsy McKinney, and the obvious others, Pelosi, Reid, Feingold, Durbin, Shumer, Nelson, Landrieu et al., do.

But now, while the nostrils are flared and the blood is high (higher than normal at DU, anyway), why don't they dash over and have a quick sniff at the White House?

Just imagine it's like wine, DUmmies!

Grab a noseful of, oh,
Axelrod, Emmanuel, and even the Obamas. Check out Geithner and some lobbyists (they're in the cellar).

See? It's like Edwards, only... More. So much, much more.

Note the bouquet! The decaying flesh smell of gangrenous intent and self-aggrandizement. Notes of pomposity, loathing, cowardice and greed blend heartily with arrogance, callousness, a belief in self-divinity, and arrogance predominate.

This blend goes well with deception, fatuous and deceptive speech, socialism, hatred of America, disrespect for the military, motherhood, Free Will, the Christian Church and a host of other completely predictable and foul-smelling snacks.

Can you smell it now?

We can.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANON 1:50...

Great metaphor! But, it's like the old saying goes... "But my "stuff" doesn't stink"!

9:48 PM  

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