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"Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?"

Hey DUmmies! If you want the honor of having your thread DUFUed, then be really creative in your titles. The main reason why this THREAD was DUFUed was its title, ""Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?" No matter how many times I read it, I never fail to chuckle. In fact, the rest of the thread is pretty much anticlimactic although the personal woes posted by the author, DUmmie thunder rising, is also quite FUnnie. This thread has even inspired a new DUmmie description on my part: Ramen Noodle DUmmies. Ramen Noodle DUmmies are DUmmies who placed complete faith in their savior, Barack Obama, yet despite great personal sacrifice now have NOTHING to show for it. So let us now watch the Ramen Noodle DUmmies recount their disappointment in The One in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who just checked in the back of a kitchen cabinet and found Lime Shrimp Ramen Noodles, is in the [barackets]:

Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?

[LOL! One of the FUnnies DUmmie thread titles ever!]

How many gave up savings? How many people gave up entertainment? How many people sensing the collapse of our financial system literally threw you forward like a Hail Mary pass in hopes that you would act in our best interest; you know, the *people* people of the United States?

[I gave up living on raw carrots to eat nothing but Ramen Noodles. Such was the sacrifice I made for our Beloved Barack.]

I'm now unemployed, uninsured, and foreclosed. All of these issues were addressed in your campaign promises. Do you think we as a group of evermore impoverished plain Americans we can preserver as long as the Democratic Asshole Senators can delay? The proof is in: 122 less voters will be available by tomorrow; 4K by the next election.

[Maybe you should have been one of those who lined up in Detroit to get yourself a share of Obama's stash.]

And I know that in the Democratic political strategist minds they are thinking; you're broke, so you really don't count anymore.

[Would it make you feel better to cry into my bowl of Lime Shrimp Ramen Noodles?]

My employment prospects were sent to India and/or simply filled on site with an H1-B. Do you think we could get some relief on that. At least let us know that you're interested in the plight of the plain everyday Americans that sent those small donations?

[Good news! Ramen Noodles are widely available in India as long as they aren't beef flavored.]

Do you think the younger voters that were *so* hyped up about your election are still excited? I was once 18-25 yrs old and I can tell you they are seeing the same old politics of getting served scraps justified with more intellectual arguments. Yes, the crowds love to cheer you--you being a charismatic speaker can work a crowd. However, that glow isn't lasting nearly as long as it used to. There is no "force multiplier". Nobody is going out registering voters or calling their friends. The party is in fact in decline and it's your watch.

[Obama's Ramen Noodle has gone limp.]

The time is at hand ... we need you to work for us now.

[Obama will work to make sure your Ramen Noodles don't have too much MSG.]

(Sry folks, I love that President, but I'm getting frustrated)

[Thus concludes the Ramen Noodle soliloquy. And now on to the rest of the DUmmies...]

he's a millionaire, YOU are not. His friends are from Goldman Sachs. Yours? He has accomplished some good things in his term. But now that he is an insider and no longer a challenger...well things change don't they?

[The big change is that Obama gets arugula as a side with his Ramen Noodles. ]

Can I get in here and take my crap on him, too?

[Did you eat too many Ramen Noodles?]

Since 11/25/08, when I first voiced my "concerns" about the Geithner appointment and got flamed for it here on DU, I have said that we the people were being ignored, and they the bankers were getting all the attention.

[Geithner. The only Episcopalian born in Brooklyn in over 70 years. Hmmmm?]

The U.S. has ONE president.

[The One.]

On a positive note, in New Orleans he said he's just getting started. Keep hope alive!

[Keep Ramen Noodles warmed up!]

I am beginning to think that for the next four years all they are doing is shilling for votes. and going to the wrong side looking for them.
the DC beltway crowd is out of touch.

[Do they serve Ramen Noodles inside the Beltway?]

The problem is that he did not recruit us. A nation of followers lost their leader the day after the election.

[ACORN will trade a bowl of Ramen Noodles for your vote.]

I know MY life went flaming into the crapper right after McCain lost.

[And how many Ramen Noodles flew into that crapper?]

Millions are frustrated. You are not alone and the question remains, "WHERE ARE THE JOBS GOING TO COME FROM??"

[A more important question remains, "WHERE ARE THE RAMEN NOODLES GOING TO COME FROM??"]


Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Another sad awakening for the DUmmie faithful. No jobs, no money, no entitlements, and a bleak future of an ever growing mountain of debt.

Looks like Ramen Noodles are back on the menu boys!

9:07 PM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

Is it too late to vote for the white guy?

9:35 PM  
Blogger Mo K said...

As much as I cringe at the thought of their vote counting as much as mine, I hope that they gain an ounce of sense and get fed up enough to vote out the socialists this time next year.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Mike Terrill said...

Mo K, they won't. Trust me, I live in Oregon, where the Democrat governor and state legislature got re-elected despite the state's economy being in the crapper and the state having the second highest unemployment rate behind Michigan. The DUmmies that live Portland, Salem, and Eugene (OR's three largest cities, with about 70% of the state's population) have no common sense or brains.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

"Enlightened self-interest", is what these DUmmies are catching.

Nothing is "trickling down" for them, because Obama's moronic moves haven't done diddly. The list of 'busts', auto, stimulus, etc., etc., is growing daily and none of it is working.

Neither are they, and, it would seem that soon enough, neither will I. Layoffs were just announced at my place of business, and, while it would be inconvenient for me, for many, it's a prelude to complete disaster.

How many will 'see the light' and start getting 'enlightened' by the midterms?

We'll see, won't we?

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many DUmmies have you seen proclaim belligerently, "I'll never vote Democratic again!!"?

I've seen lots. Do I ever believe them? Nope.

DUmmies, collectively and individually, have the memory span of a fruit fly.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor stupid DUmmies,chicken might be the favorite of real estate agents too.
Gold isn't going up, the dollar is going down, the stock market isn't going up,the dollar is going down.
Newspapers failing,GE might sell NBC,cities going under,too much cost,too little return.Look for budgets in the red for years to come,and yes there will be big cuts to come
When yo start to see old industrial buildings knocked down for new condos that are not selling now, one wonders about the survival of a city,Blue cities.DUmmie cities
There is change,just not the one you hoped for.

I'm happy,have a new job and more money,took me three whole days, in the i-net age that is awhile.

Oh,BTW the railroad is looking for people to repair track out in the Dakotas this winter,can you weld with stick @ -60 windchill between two beet fields in the middle of nowhere?

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Shambhala said...

Time to buy FerFAl's book, ladies and gentlemen.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jobs won't come back until the money comes back. And it won't come back until it is pretty certain that the government will not be getting the money. If it is allowed to grow and expand markets the money will come back. But the taxes have to go down and the excessive spending from congress has to stop. If governemt shrinks then the market will expand.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

Anon, 2:006PM,

Sadly that's not the White House's plan. Taxes and spending will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

This year's 1.42 trillion dollar deficit is just the beginning.

Hard times are here for a while.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"This year's 1.42 trillion dollar deficit is just the beginning." kat

Jesus. Well...were you whining about the trillion being spent on our two wars? We're you darkly predicting economic doom while a trillion was cut from the budget because of tax relief given to the 1% of our richest (who make more than the rest of us combined)? How about the deregulation of our financial industry? That happen on Obama's watch? The $850 billion dollar TARP bail-out happened before Obama was even elected (McCain was leading in the polls at the time). Medicare part D was enacted 2006 but never paid for.

Now I'm not saying that I, troglaman, disagree with your gloomy outlook. And I'm not saying you aren't aware of the bullshit outlined above. You are rather oblique. But I can say with absolute certainty that the current administration did not put us where we are today.

Is it reasonable to say that we've all been pretty much fucked by Wall Street? Are you saying, like dumbshit anon, that the free market really helped us all out and the answer to our current dilemma is to give them MORE money so we'll all get our own sparkle pony? Should we give the insurance people MORE money so they can fix the health care thing?

What's the difference between paying higher premiums, higher interest, or higher taxes? The money is coming out of your pocket either way. I agree that we're fucked. But these problems didn't come up in the last 10 months. They came up years ago.


You people are "Gorillas in the Myst, Part Two". No shit. Watch out for poachers.

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blame Bush, that'll work until next election, maybe even 2012. Eventually, however, Obama and the Donks (sounds like a 50s doo-wop group) are going have to fess' up and admit their tremendous fuck-up. Of course they won't admit to anything as the deficits continue to pile up and the national debt eventually exceeds the GNP.

Obama and the Donks will raise everyone's taxes but it won't help anyone or anything. Meanwhile, it appears you've found the latest Leftist boogeyman to bash---Big Insurance has replaced Big Oil, Wall Street and Big Pharma as the ogre de jure.

$1.42 trillion, that's a lot of money to owe and it's only going to get worse (and worse). Our grandchildren will appreciate the choices we made for them when they inherit our debt.

Meanwhile, have another beer.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


Can you please tell me what Obama's Afghanistan policy might be? Can he make a decision? Will he make a decision? Does he know what to do? Will he blame Bush? [Obama always blames Bush, whatever the problem: "Stop Bush before he makes me spend more money!", "Stop Bush before he forces me to make a decision about Afghanistan!]

Question: Which President said "The buck stops here."

Remember, it was Obama who called Afghanistan the "necessary war".

BTW, that's my post directly above.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

So you're dumbshit anon AND elrond. You must be proud.

"$1.42 trillion, that's a lot of money to owe and it's only going to get worse (and worse). Our grandchildren will appreciate the choices we made for them when they inherit our debt." elrond

Obama did not put us in this position. You're guys did. But you're right in that how Obama handles all this will become his legacy. Too early to tell. But I'm heartened that you think he'll fail. I think you know why.

Do you think Afghanistan isn't a necessary war? Do you wish us to surrender to the terrorists? Do you want America to fail in Afghanistan? Have you gotten all anti-war on us, elrond? Are you some sort of peacenik now, komrade? What do you think we should do?

I think you're on the rag. You're just being bitchy. Let's face it, if Obama ate a BLT for lunch you'd have some stupid whiny-assed opinion about it.

So instead of bitching and whining, why not offer up your idea of what should happen. You're smarter than every goddamn teacher in the whole country, for Christ's sake. If anyone had the answers it'd be you, for sure.

1:48 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

Hey...I heard around 20% of the country now admits they're RepubliDUM. The rest of us think you're all screwballs.

Keep up the good work, folks.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

So you're dumbshit anon...

No, just anon 3:01PM. I'm not any other anon.

Obama did not put us in this position.

You're correct, but Obama is rapidly deepening the hole we're in, a $1.42 trillion deficit this year and $9 TRILLION (probably much more)in addiitonal debt the next 10 years. Obama must accept responsibility for this insane spending spree before the country goes over the fiscal cliff.

Yes, Afghanistan is a "necessary" war, that's why I'm concerned as to why Obama can't make a decision about it. Maybe he's so obsessed with waging his personal war against FOX News and Limbaugh that he's overlooking the shooting war in Asia.

Obama, like Nixon, has an enemies list.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I heard around 20% of the country now admits they're RepubliDUM"

Poor, stupid piltdownman can't accept that not all conservatives wish to be part of the GOP. Even I only list on the voter registration that I "belong" to the party for the local candidates, since the national party has only given us the likes of the tap-dancer Larry Craig, that dipshit who went to Argentina for some poon tang he couldn't get at home, the maggots who voted for the cap-and-trade bill and now, Dede Scuzzafava, someone who's so far out there that not even the DUmmocrats would have her - basically people who do things that the DUmmocrats think it should be OK to do.

But then again, that's just the tip of the iceberg - which the DUmmocrat party owns outright. They can have it.


4:27 PM  
Anonymous Thomas F said...

Troglaman said...

Hey...I heard around 20% of the country now admits they're RepubliDUM. The rest of us think you're all screwballs.

Keep up the good work, folks.

Yeah Troggy you keep praising that 20% numbers ignore the 40% that call themselves conservatives....

Dee Dee Scozzafava is going to learn that lesson real soon in NY-23......

6:35 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"but Obama is rapidly deepening the hole we're in, a $1.42 trillion deficit this year and $9 TRILLION (probably much more) in addiitonal debt the next 10 years."

Prove it. Especially the "probably much more" part.

Why don't you jackasses help out by admitting and trying to understand just how much you fucked us up? It'd be a beginning. Otherwise, just shut the fuck up.

This leftwing/rightwing circle-jerk is so corrupt and so dysfunctional that there's a real and significant danger that our offspring, 15 or 20 years from now, will not be able to afford anything - Health care. Gas. Electricity. Cars. Food. Water. All you have to do is look. We're either fucked or we're not. It's up to us.

Maybe we should decide, as Americans, as a people, to honestly confront what we can and cannot do. I, troglaman, think that if that happened, if this country became unified, we'd kick ass. But I don't know what it'll take to get us there.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


Prove it.

Here's an simple exercise, go to Google and type in "nine trillion deficit". See what you get.

Obama predicts the $9 trillion deficit, many think that figure seriously underestimates the actual deficit, given the current spending binge and falling revenues. It's Obama's spending binge...and that binge is only going to get worse. If single payer health care and cap and trade become law, the bottom falls out of the tub. We'll be freezing in the dark by 2020, burning inflated twenty dollar bills in a futile attempt to stay warm.

Meanwhile Obama's war against FOX, Limbaugh and Big Insurance intensifies as the soldiers in Afghanistan await a Presidential decision.

Obama is more obsessed with domenstic enemies than foreign enemies...paging Richard Nixon, white courtesy phone, please.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Meanwhile Obama's war against FOX, Limbaugh..."elrond

So the characterization of Fox as being an arm of the Republican party is "A WAR AGAINST FOX".

First of all, anyone with even a small portion of their brain knows Fox is bought and paid for by Republicans. If anyone disagrees, I, troglaman, will make you into small little bits of monkey chow.

So, as always, this WAR AGAINST FOX!!! exists only in your little pea brains.

I'm sorry to tell you fucking sheep that Fox is an arm of the Right. Simple as that. Doesn't mean MSNBC isn't an arm of the left.

Are you all fucking blind? Do I have to go back and get all the links to journalistic prosecution during Bush? Where were you fuckers then? Nowhere.

And you're just waking up to this...fucking baboons.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Elrodn Hubbard said...

So, as always, this WAR AGAINST FOX!!! exists only in your little pea brains.

Who's being naive now? The war against FOX exists in the febrile brains of Axelrod, Emanuel, et al.

The Chicago mafia rules (or is it the ghost of Richard Nixon?). I expect Rahm Emanuel to put a horse's head in Roger Ailes' bed.

Meanwhile, you're sounding like a horse's ass; maybe Rahm put that part of the equine anatomy in your bed.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"If single payer health care and cap and trade become law, the bottom falls out of the tub." elrond

You're either lying or don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Here's a simple question - does Medicare come in at a lower cost compared to private sector coverage of the same population? Remember this is our older population that is sicker and getting nearer their final days. They require the MOST health-care and, because of preconditions...well, you know the story. You can't get private insurance when you're old and retired unless you're filthy, fucking rich. And yet Medicare, despite the fact that they're taking care of the oldest, sickest, most infirm part of our population, and thank God they do...Medicare kicks ass when it comes to the numbers. That's a fact.

I've said this before - if we all had a tax increase equal to one month's insurance payment, everyone could have health care. Everyone. Do the math.

But no. You fuckers somehow think paying 12 times that to private insurance is better.

Keep on keepin on, you stupid dumbshits. Maybe there will come a time when you realize what's true is true. Until then, you dumbasses are the number one problem.

And that's why I, troglaman, am here.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Who's being naive now? The war against FOX exists in the febrile brains of Axelrod, Emanuel, et al." elrond

The WAR against Fox. Think about it. Fuck. Drama queens.

"Fox News is opinion journalism masquerading as news."

Any of you lemurs care to dispute that statement? Let's go. I'll kick your ass.

And you all seem to have short memories. Remember this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this (best for last),2933,83503,00.html

War on the press? Move along. Nothing to see here.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

War on the press? Move along. Nothing to see here.

Especially when you refuse to look.
But the war isn't against the press which (wtih few exceptions) are tame Obama cheerleaders.

FOX is opinionated, just like MSNBC. So what? So sadly we have the Obama administration growling and threatening like a bunch of junior high bullies. Somewhere in Hell, Nixon and Agnew are enjoying the show.

BTW, none of your links work.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


Since I can't get links to work either, I recommend that you look up "" and then go to "The Federal Government's Long Term Fiscal Outlook, Fall 2009 Update". This is a report by the Government Accountability Office, their conclusions are bleak. This country faces an ever growing mountain of debt, the bottom will indeed fall out of the tub in the next 10-20 years.

I'm older and probably won't see the worst of it, but my children and grandchildren will; they face a future of diminishing expectations, penury, endless debt and crushing taxes.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"BTW, none of your links work." anon (probably elrond)

"Since I can't get links to work either..." hmmm. "elrond" is not aware of "anon"...sybil anyone?

Really? I just tried them (cut and pasted) and they all worked. I'm using Firefox (like I know what I'm talking about).

Is anybody else having this problem?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous crazy kat said...

Me. For whatever reason, links do not work.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Me. For whatever reason, links do not work." kat

What? Are you shitting me? (Please don't reply with "Yeah, you're my favorite turd")

I'm going to try them again right now. I'll let you know how it turns out..............

Worked for me. Randomly chosen...

You're obviously encountering a fascist malware filter installed on your computer while visiting Stormfront.

Not my, troglaman's, problem. Your hard disk's probably toast. Reformat time. Sorry.

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Steve Ryan said...

Wow! The Ramen Guy, "thunder rising" is John Morgan, 2010 Democratic Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, District 82, Tequesta.

John Morgan posted this on 10/7/07, showing his identity as "thunder rising": thunder rising (1000+ posts) Fri Aug-10-07 07:49 PM
Response to Original message
34. You just after the 2000 Selection and from then until
Edited on Fri Aug-10-07 07:50 PM by thunder rising
I saw Dean on the Democratic Debates in about Oct-ish 2005, I thought I was a closet traitor. I was so mad at the U.S.A falling for the lies (I knew they were lies anybody with at PC can count missiles).

Well I found out about the DFA blog and for the first time in my life donated money, and then actually went to De Moines Ia to help with the campaign. I found others that were just as upset (ranting mad) as I and I felt better that there was hope.

After the Dean's defeat I wondered around the wilderness of emptiness knowing that there must be a site out there that I just couldn't find. I ran across DK and at first it was like an extension of the DFA site, but then the rules started showing up. I lost "jnmorgan" over a rant about a ringer correspondent asking questions at the Congressional Debates for FL-16 (Folley's district). I ended up calling ringer a bitch and that was the end of jnmorgan. My login at DFA that was used at the bloggers breakfast in De Moines the day of the primary (caucus). "I am John Morgan and I am "the" JNMorgan. West Palm Beach, FL" And, it was gone.

Should look at his other postings on Democratic Underground defaming Baptists, Catholics, and promoting foreclosured property owners to destroy the house and take the kitchen sink.

How would you like him representing you? Maybe the Florida House of Representatives will be missing a Kitchen Sink?

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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