Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DUmmies Debate ShamWow Guy

Here is another example of how you can become a successful LOUSY FREEPER TROLL by safely building up your post count in DUmmieland. Just post on an interesting non-political topic such as this DUmmie THREAD, "Shamwow guy's handywork." Unless you reach the magic 1000 posts in DUmmieland you will remain under perpetual suspicion of being a LFT. However, if you stick your neck out and post on the political threads, your chances of giving yourself away are much greater than if you post on non-political topics such as about Vince the Shamwow guy. Your humble correspondent finds this topic fascinating. I mean, what the hell was going thru the mind of the Shamwow Guy? I mean, he is already famous as a TV pitchman so why can't he make use of that fame to pick up chicks? Is Vince's personality so horrid that he has to pay for hookers? Inquiring minds would like to know so let us now watch the DUmmies debate the arrest of the Shamwow guy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Vince will soon be pitching condoms that can also work as can openers, is in the [brackets]:

Shamwow guy's handywork

[The hooker wasn't wowed by Vince's sham pitch.]

Someone will be in here to talk about how he was the victim with the standard 'what about teh menz" victimhood stuff.

[I guess it could have been worse for Vince. Imagine if the hooker chomped down on something even more sensitive than his tongue.]

What would *you* do if someone had *your* tongue clamped down in their teeth and wouldn't let go?

[Call 911?]

I wouldn't try to buy a woman, since I don't believe in the whole sexual exploitation thing.

[Ben Burch only purchases men.]

If you bite someone's tongue and refuse to let go, how did she think he was going to react? I mean, she ought to be getting some assault charges slapped on her, too. What he did was self-defense. Of course, I think he should get charged for picking up a hooker, but that psycho bitch needs to do some time for such a sick crime.

[And Vince needs some counseling for even thinking of sticking his tongue in her mouth. Did he ever stop to think where her mouth was just that night alone?]

Um no it is believeable that he punched her to get his tongue back and yes Vince is stupid to a) be picking up hookers and b) be sticking his tongue in their mouths.

[Did he use a ShamWow to absorb those disgusting body fluids?]

Of course, everyone is going to assume that the male celebrity is telling the truth and the cheap street whore bitch slut got what she deserved.

[Actually she was an expensive street whore bitch. She cost Vince a thousand bucks. How many ShamWows can that buy?]

His fists could reach every place on her face that was hit. There were no fist hits to her mouth which is what I would expect if the hits were post biting and he was free to hit her anywhere. They are all on her eyes nose and upper face.

[CSI DUmmie.]

Maybe but I think Shammy guy did them with a right jab close in. that hit her in the eye and continued across the nose.


Who knows but you don't have the right to maim someone by biting off their tongue

[Is that you, John Wayne Bobbitt?]

Biting someone's tongue off is a serious assault..

[Except in the upper peninsula of Michigan where it is classified as a misdemeanor.]

She's got blood in her hair!


Fact is, he laid into her like a punk. Unless there's more, I'd rule $100,000 + plus her meds.

[Plus a lifetime supply of ShamWows.]

$750 for a room? Do I have that right?

[Holiday Inn was booked up that night.]

Art Deco places like the Tides on Ocean Blvd are extremely expensive. What hotel was it in by the way?

[The Quickie Hour hotel.]

I've been there just a few times but the thing that stuck with me most was the drive cross the causeway from the barrier strand into Miami at night. It seemed to put Miami in a whole new light as a dazzling, cosmopolitan city. I was very impressed.

[A title shot from "Miami Vice."]

Right now I'm unemployed again but I'm still looking at jobs located down there if any open up.

[You can always pitch ShamWows down here. I was at the Dania Marine Flea Market last Sunday and there had to be at least a dozen ShamWow pitch people there.]

I'm often jealous of people who live in Florida, especially in the summertime, when the skies fill with thunderclouds in the afternoon. It's very beautiful there in summer. The sky especially. And all the snowbirds have vacated and the beaches aren't as crowded.

[I hear ya! I love those afternoon thundershowers in the summer. Temperature drops at least 10 degrees and the rain is refreshing. Then you can use a ShamWow to dry your car off.]

I'm thinking Nancy Grace will want to do a 2-hour Panel show on this one.

[Nancy Grace: A Sham minus the Wow.]

assuming she did bite him he most likely pushed her away and then went on to beat her.


he was able to hit her on her mouth while she was biting his tongue ?

[And chew gum at the same time?]

Monday, March 30, 2009

Joe Biden Enrages DUmmies Over Cuba Embargo

The DUmmies are really pissed off at Joe Biden. Why? Because he stated that the U.S. government will NOT end the Cuban embargo as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Biden says U.S. does not plan to lift Cuba embargo." Some of the DUmmies are even saying that is not really what Biden means and you have to microanalyze the word he used, "No." Of course, what the DUmmies need to realize is that all of the Obama administration promises have an expiration date. In the meantime the DUmmies remain angry as you can see so let us watch their Bolshevik Red slams while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Biden is purposely trying to keep his mouth shut for fear of what could spill out, is in the [barackets]:

Biden says U.S. does not plan to lift Cuba embargo

[Boo Hoo!]

VINA DEL MAR, Chile, March 28 (Reuters) - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Saturday the United States would not lift the country's embargo on Cuba.

"No," Biden told reporters at a meeting in Chile when asked if the United States planned to lift the embargo.

[I love how Biden knows he could get himself in trouble if he provides anything more than monosyllabic answers.]

Saying there's no plans to and saying they would not do it are two different things. Reuter's reporter shouldn't equate the two.

[Let us now all do a microanalysis on the meaning of "No."]

There's not many hairs there to split. He gave a one word answer to a fairly specific question.

[Go ahead and split away!]

Or the Reuters story is crap. What are the odds.

[Pay no attention to the "No" that was provided.]

100% chance that story is weak.

[100% chance that you are denying reality.]

Something is "up" with Cuba--I don't know what it is, but it's Not Quite Right.

[I think that thing that is not quite right in Cuba happened on New Years Day 1959.]

My opinion is that the right wing never really leaves office --

[Said the DUmmie completely unaware of the irony as regards Castro.]

Happy karma, Joe. This is way past wrong.

[And a Merry Kwanzaa to you!]

Beside doubling or tripling the annual federal deficits, where is the substantive 'change'?????

[Patience. Change will happen just after the quadrupling of the federal deficit.]

One thing Cuba could do is allow ordinary Cuban citizens to have Internet access? What are the Cuban authorities afraid of? Gosh, with Net access Cubans could even read DU.

[Even better, they could read the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Its a shameful imperialist attitude to suggest that Cuba should bow to US imperialism in any way. They have managed OK since casting off the shackles of US hegemony. Plus the people have achieved the social infrastructure they wanted by participation in their system of government - something that Americans haven't done.

[We are lacking the free elections for which Cuba is known.]

I wonder what else he said? When has Joe ever answered in a monosyllable?

[I remember that one word "Yes" from him at the presidential debates.]

I was thinking the same thing. "No" is so un-Biden-like. Looking around to see if can find the exact question and the exact answer.

[Maybe he was warned he would be fired like the GM president if he made a fool of himself just one more time.]

The rest of the story ....

[Is that you, Paul Harvey?]

"We think that Cuban people should determine their own fate and they should be able to live in freedom and have some prospect of economic prosperity," he added.

Several South American defense ministers this month urged President Barack Obama to lift the embargo on Cuba, saying such a move was crucial to improve U.S. ties with the region.

"Obama and I made it clear during our campaign that we thought there's a need for transition in our policy toward Cuba," Biden added.

[Uh-oh! This is not good. However, the DUmmie reaction should be verrrrry interesting.]

Can I still hope Reuters got it wrong or should I just accept that this is neo-colonial cr@p? Hmmm. What to do.

[Close your eyes, lean back, and click your heels together three times while reciting, "Take me away to the alternate reality. Take me away to the alternate reality. Take me away to the alternate reality."]

Let's wait for the Spanish version (if there is one). I have to see if the question was asked in Spanish or English and how it was framed. Unsee anything yet on Santiago media.

[Hmmm... I wonder what the Spanish translation of "No" is?]

why would Cuba be on the terrorist list? according to people on here, Cuba is the happiest place on earth

[I'm suspecting this DUmmie is really a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Cuba can become the Dubai of the Caribbean Basin, while the US watches. Again, if this happens, watch how fast Biden et. al. change the tune overnight. Our collective memory in the US is about two years anyway.

[Workers Paradise is that light at the end of the tunnel.]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DUmmies Determined that Obama Go Over Leftwing Cliff

Do you want President Barack Obama to succeed? Rush Limbaugh would IF ONLY he instituted rational policies. Since it looks like that won't be happening, then Rush wants him to fail because of his errant policies. And it is those very policies that will ultimately cause Obama to fail which is why I am glad that the DUmmies refuse to listen to the one bit of rational advice from one of their own in this THREAD, "Evan Bayh steps up, Good for Him." Yes, good for Evan Bayh since he might force Barack to not cater to the looney left. And this is just the advice that the DUmmies DON'T want to hear. They want Obama to go over the cliff following the advice of folks like Paul Begala aka The Forehead aka The Skull. Yes, Barack, follow The Forehead's attack and obsessively attack Rush Limbaugh so his radio ratings will go thru the roof which is exactly what has happened. So let us once again watch the DUmmies reject rationality in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the lemmings run toward the cliff right behind their Beloved Leader, is in the [barackets]:

Evan Bayh steps up, Good for Him

[Prepare the flamethrowers!]

I am so pleased to hear he has rallied a few centrist democratic members of the senate behind nothing more than sensible public policy.
They will allegedly vote as a block to maximize their influence.

Thank you thank you thank you

[Your remarks here, DUmmie cleveramerican, are not welcome not welcome not welcome.]

I for one do not want to see Obama's presidency hi-jacked by the fringes of our party, much like W's was by the kooky-right wingers in his party.

[Ah yes! I remember well how the "kooky-right wingers forced Bush to push the shamnesty bill.]

when all is said and done WE ARE A NATION OF CENTRISTS. I am glad to see the brakes applied to either parties more kooky fringe.

[So "A NATION OF CENTRISTS" elected Ronald Reagan in two landslides?]

I wish Senator Bayh much sucess, stand by for his being savaged by the more blind follower types in our party.

[Which means most DUmmies. Speaking of which...here they come with their flamethrowers...]

We need to marginalize the right fringe jesus freaks and get the world of make believe (religion) out of our lives and the political process (reality). They mix like oil and water. Being centrists leaves the door open for the kookie right to tug us back into a center right nation, which sux as we have seen since the Raygun era.

[I'm kooky left and PROUD of it!!!]

I surely hope he sees this view as the hog wash that it is.

[Uh-Oh. DUmmie cleveramerican just laid down the gauntlet to the kookie left DUmmie.]

Oh, please. Who in the Senate or House can be considered the fringe of the left?

[Just give me the list of Democrat senators.]

F*ck Bayh. Where were his balls when Bush was pResident?

[In Mama T's lockbox?]

Oh yeah... shriveled up and stuck between his ass cheeks. He might as well switch parties because he has as much chance of garnering support from the democratic base as Lieberman does after kissing Bush's ass and turning on his own. He can kiss his bid for 2012/2016 goodbye. And I will hit the ground running to keep him from getting re-elected to the Senate next year.

[May I help you?]

Blah is a despicable piece of human excrement.

Where the f*ck was he when it came to standing up to the Bush Administration? Why the hell is he towing the mortgage company line about bankruptcy judges changing terms of mortgages? Why would someone who claims to be a Democrat claim that Democrats are becoming too powerful. Where the f*ck was he when the Republicans were in charge? Right I remember, he was busy capitulating to the Republicans and now apparently that the Republicans have lost the House and Senate due to their ass backwards policies, he apparently sees it as his job to help the Republicans get back into power.

Evan Blah is a DLC, corporatist, DINO who needs to be primaried out of his f*cking job. Either that or he needs to join the Republican party as he seems more concerned with what they think than he is about the rest of us. Pathetic excuses for Democrats like Blah and their pathetic sycophantic followers (yeah I mean you!) make me want to puke.

[Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do,
You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?]

Seize the moment while the ashes of reaganomics are smoldering. To wait is to deny and this is a golden moment to push forward. If we are not confident that our ideas will succeed why do we fight for them? Given the current players in DC is it even conceivable to over-reach? Bayh represents the party of going backwards less quickly, not moving forward.

[Bolshevik Revolution NOW!!!]

Bayh is NOT the center. He is a conservadem which is more like a moderate. Rethug. Heck, I think I like Snowe and Collins more then him. Yuck. I cannot stand him, thankfully he was not the VP!

[Yes, and are you not pleased as punch with Joe Biden?]

I hope Evan Bayh gets kicked out on his ass. It's amazing to me that anyone can be happy with him and his little cabal. Where was his bravery during the last eight years?

[A DUmmie waves Bayh-Bayh.]

Saturday, March 28, 2009

DUmmies Condemn Obama for Opposing Marijuana Legalization

Ol' PJ here is perfectly happy with his drug of choice...caffeine. I simply can't function without several cups of java in the morning. Therefore I never felt a need for marijuana. Plus I am like Woody Allen in that scene from "Annie Hall." Any inhalation of smoke causes me to go into coughing fits so that pretty much nixes the use of the green weed for me. However, I don't have strong feelings one way or another about it although I suspect that it reduces mental ability over the long run. I've had friends that strongly support the legalization of marijuana. Some will claim that hemp can change this country for the better if only it were legalized. I don't know about this but the debate over the legalization of marijuana is changing the attitude of many DUmmies towards Barack Obama as you can see in this THREAD, "I'm going to change my party affiliation after what obama did." And what Obama did was oppose the legalization of marijuana which was blasphemy in the eyes of many DUmmies. So let us now watch the DUmmies getting all worked up over Obama and the green weed in distinctly non-green Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who needs to "inhale" at least three cups of caffeine daily in order to keep his article output flowing, is in the [barackets]:

I'm going to change my party affiliation after what obama did.

[Let me guess. You're going to switch to the Green Party?]

agricultural hemp would be immediately a 1/4 Trillion dollar industry, even before it frees us from foreign oil, THAT IS WHY IT IS ILLEGAL.. !! BEST, CLEANEST RENEWABLE BIO-DIESEL THERE IS. then there is the building materials, chemicals/resin/plastics, non toxic base for oil paint, textiles, animal feed, human food, fiber for clothes, non acid paper..

[And don't forget it's invaluable use as brownie filler.]

I agree with the whole "let's end the drug war, let's tax it, let's have it for medicine and fuel and fabric" idea, but start a new single-issue party that doesn't have a chance in hell of beating Democrats or Republicans in any but a tiny number of races? How does this work?

[Just take a big hit on the bong and worry about all that later.]

we got screwed by Obama, badly

[For Ben Burch that would be a positive.]

I'm done with him, We The People are being betrayed in so many ways:

-- mj/hemp -- no backing for legalization
-- war in Afghanistan
-- no prosecution of war criminals/traitors/blatant lawbreakers
-- health care -- single-payer "would raise taxes" so it's out
-- handover of our tax dollars to wealthy welfare recipients for jets, yachts, "bonuses"
-- "bipartisan" bullshit that simply dilutes any effort at progressive legislation
-- DLC/fake Democrat/right wing appointees
-- retention of as many of bushco's lawyers in DOJ as wanted to stay
-- continuation of rendition, and Guantanamo detainees still held without being charged
-- calling Chavez a "terrorist" instead of taking the golden opportunity to enjoy a good relationship with our neighbors to the south = ASININE

If you're not a billionaire, just as with *, you don't count, and if it doesn't have to do with war war war war war and Wall Street, it doesn't count.

this was a "community organizer"? community of bankers, perhaps.

[It sounds like you really need the legalization of marijuana in order that you can take those many bong hits just to forget your betrayal by Obama.]

I feel the same way.

[Just breath deeply the secondary smoke emitted by the previous DUmmie.]

I'm pissed too... You list several issues that are important as well...Single Payer Health care is a big issue,but looks like we're gonna get the shaft on that as well....hey!Can't go pissing off the big money people.

[For Ben Burch, getting the shaft is a good thing.]

What I fear is that some of the talking heads are right. Obama is a cult to some like Bush was to the Freeps.

[We pledge our sacred fealty to our Blessed Master, the Emperor Chimpus Khan.]

There is apparently no disagreeing with Obama on DU. If you do disagree you are being petty and your outrage is "faux". Just because there is no real case for keeping pot illegal, just because every single argument can be refuted in the blink of an eye, just because Obama is DEAD F*CKING WRONG about this issue, doesn't mean you are allowed to say that. No we have to be good little Dems and march in f*cking lock step or... or... or... someone might call us names on DU!!!! I've stayed away from here for a few months and came back to being called a lazy whiny pothead. Well that's good enough for me, it's on DU so it must be true.

[Perhaps you should form a Lazy Whiny Pothead caucus and lobby Obama on this issue. I even have your slogan: "Bongs, NOT Bombs!"]

I was annoyed at the way he handled the question yesterday. He could have given the same answer without being flip and dismissive. Now I see he completely and purposely mis-characterized the question into something totally different. That was completely unnecessary and harmful. Very disappointing to say the least.

[Don't blame Barack. Blame his teleprompter.]

The thing that bugs me about this is that Bush, or whoever the hell was in charge, was able to do just about any goddamned thing he wanted to do, any goddamned time he wanted to do it, and f*ck anybody who didn't like it. Those pricks did whatever the hell they wanted for 8 years. I'd like to see the Democrats get just a little ruthless for once.

[Would it make you feel better if they sent out roving Chekhist squads to liquidate EVIL Republicans between bong hits?]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

DUmmies Debate Circumcision

Do you have a recently born infant son and want to spare him the pain of circumcision? Well, then circumcise him NOW! Huh? How can you spare a someone the pain of circumcision by circumcising him? Simple. Most of the people whose parents were so clueless as to not circumcise them at birth are going to volunteer to be circumcised as adults and that is when they will feel the pain. A lot of PAIN! I've met such people and they have all told me they wished their parents had circumcised them as infants. Ask anyone who was circumcised as an infant and they will all tell you they have NO memories of pain.

Anyway, circumcision is now the topic of debate among the DUmmies. What sparked it was a Wall Street Journal REPORT about how circumcision decreases the risk of contracting STDs. No surprise there. As the years go by, I keep reading report after report about the health benefits of circumcision. However, the debate rages on as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD, "Circumcision Decreases Risk of Contracting STDs, Study Says." So let us now watch the DUmmies debate circumcision in bloody Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who heartily endorses the health benefits of body sculpting the talleywhacker, in in the [brackets]:

Circumcision significantly reduces the risk of contracting herpes and human papillomavirus, says a new study that adds to the growing scientific evidence that the procedure helps stem the spread of some sexually transmitted diseases.

[As the Cable Guy said: "Healthy as a horse. Not a drip."]

Circumcised heterosexual men are 35% less likely to contract human papillomavirus (HPV) and 25% less likely to catch herpes than their uncircumcised counterparts, according to the study, published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine.

[And the circumcised men are a-head! (Pun intended).]

The study, led by scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Makerere University in Uganda, relied on data from the same randomized control trials in Africa that already showed that circumcision cuts in half the risk of contracting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which can cause AIDS.

[So which would you rather have? A circumcision or AIDS? Gee, that's a toughie.]

The researchers hope the latest findings on HPV and herpes will help turn circumcision into a more widespread medical procedure. "The scientific evidence for the public-health benefits of male circumcision is overwhelming now," says Aaron Tobian, a pathologist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and one of the study's authors.

[I pity you guys who now have to get circumcisions as adults. My circumcision isn't even a memory because I can't even remember it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!]

In the study, researchers randomly assigned 1,684 men in Africa to undergo circumcision and tracked their health against a control group of 1,709 uncircumcised men over the course of two years ending in 2007.

[And here is how the assignment request sounded in pidgin English: "We cut wee-wee." And now on to the DUmmie "body sculpting debates...]

Nonsense. Nothing is more important the keeping the teeny tiny turtleneck. This report must be false or unimportant.

[Keep your "teeny tiny turtleneck" along with all those icky diseases tucked in the collar.]

Removing an area of loose skin where bacteria can collect reduces the chances of infection? Go figure... Seriously, is there anybody who feels strongly either way?

[Yes, the DUmmie Teeny Tiny Turtleneck Preservation Society.]

Yes, circumcision is cruel and it's a load of bullshit. If we did something similar to baby girls DUers would be screaming bloody murder.

[Um... Is it Un-PC to tell this DUmmie that boys and girls are built differently?]

comparing male and female circumcision is, well, incomparable. As my aunt put it, female circumcision takes away a woman's "happy button." I'm guessing men don't suffer the same fate.

[And this DUmmie WINS a circumcised Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Male circumcision seems to be an attack on male sexuality -- and the ability to perform.

[It apparently hasn't hurt Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy.]

I once new a guy who had multiple organisms. Snakes, lizards, turtles, cats, dogs--you name it.

[Thow in Cornish Hens and you've described Ben Burch.]

Yes . . . and it should be stopped .... cruel behavior to newborn males . . .

[But grinding up babies inside the womb is perfectly okay with you?]

Why does this have to be so hard? Such a pain in the ass?

[Because that's the way Ben Burch likes it.]

I also haven't seen any study saying this effects first world guys, who can wash their wangs daily.

[The Chinese name for John Holmes is Wang Hung Lo.]

Look at the statue of the David . . . he has but a small nick . . .You could with a penis as nature intends it to be ---why mutilate it?

[Ben Burch's favorite statue. He loves "nicking" it whenever he visits Italy.]

"Circumcision" is loaded language. It's loaded to render trivial a permanent damage done to babies. And I'll be as emotional about the foreskin amputation practiced on me as an infant as I bloody please.

[Don't blame your performance problems on circumcision.]

True that most circumcised men don't even think about it. I didn't even understand that it was an issue until I was about 20 and a gay friend informed me about the topic.

[Were you both sitting in the steam room at the time?]

I want my nerve endings back, and more importantly the nerve endings of infants to no longer be amputated (since the former can't happen).

[Would someone out there FedEx DUmmie JackRiddler his nerve endings so he can quit whining and blaming his performance problems on circumcision?]

I never gave it a thought until I found out as an adult that half my penile nerve endings had been removed because of myths about health and God. And I talked with adults who'd lost it (as one might lose an appendix, which is not removed preemptively just because it might get an infection one day) and thus knew the big difference it made in their lives. But that would be true of any other bad practice: you only know if you know, right?

[Hey DUmmie JackRiddler! Are you also going to bitch and moan about the lost nerve endings when you cut your fingernails?]

I just asked Little Devil about this and he said that if he were uncomfortable about it at all he'd just tell me to put a sweater over his helmet.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Chavez vs Obama: DUmmies Must Choose

The DUmmies have a dilemma. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has called their beloved Barack an "ignoramus." So who should the DUmmies defend? Hugo Chavez a proven socialist who is on the way to nationalizing the entire Venezuelan economy or Barack Obama who has recently shaken the DUmmie faith by backing the AIG bonuses via his chum, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner? You can watch this melodrama played out on this DUmmie THREAD, "Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama 'ignoramus'." So let us now watch the battle of the DUmmie heroes played out in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding the DUmmies once again that it was The One and Timmy who approved the AIG bonuses, is in the [barackets]:

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama "ignoramus"

[Who to choose? Who to choose?]

(Reuters) - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama was at best an "ignoramus" for saying the socialist leader exported terrorism and obstructed progress in Latin America.

"He goes and accuses me of exporting terrorism: the least I can say is that he's a poor ignoramus; he should read and study a little to understand reality," said Chavez, who heads a group of left-wing Latin American leaders opposed to the U.S. influence in the region.

Chavez said Obama's comments had made him change his mind about sending a new ambassador to Washington, after he withdrew the previous envoy in a dispute last year with the Bush administration in which he also expelled the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela.

"When I saw Obama saying what he said, I put the decision back in the drawer; let's wait and see," Chavez said on his weekly television show, adding he had wanted to send a new ambassador to improve relations with the United States after the departure of George W. Bush as president.

[And now lets see which leftwing hero the DUmmies decide to support...]

Chavez is crazy...he had a chance to be civil towards the US once again and he blew it

[Accurate post DUmmie David_NSU but your mere 9 posts leads me to suspect that you are a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!]

Doing you know what Obama did during his inauguration week, David_NSU? If you know what Chavez is reacting to, then you know that it was Obama who had a chance to be civil to Chavez and he blew it.

[The Hugo DUmmie contingent quickly leaps to the defense of Chavez.]

Question: Where is the biggest terrorist training camp within the United States?

[Just down the street from the newly closed Walmart Detention Center.]

Anyone who says Chavez exports terrorism *is* an ignoramus. I have not seen one act of terrorism come out of that country since Chavez was elected President.

[So you are also accusing our Beloved Barack of being an ignoramus.]

Chavez is a disgusting pig. the meeting in Trinidad next month should be interesting though.

[If you weren't defending Obama, that statement would have been grounds for your immediate tombstoning.]

If you read the posts, you can pick out those on this thread who probably have a lot more in common with Freepers than they do with DUers.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS are everywhere! Hee! Hee!]

Chavez is a blunt man. I wouldn't descibe Obama as an ignoramus. But Chavez certainly has a right to. He is the one who was wronged, by Obama's interview on a rightwing corpo 'news' monopoly during his inauguration week, following some Bushwhack script about Chavez loving "terrorists" and being "bad for the progress of the region." Both things are wrong--untruthful, uninformed. So I would call Obama ignorant of South American events and trends, badly misinformed and very ill-served by someone, probably partly the Bushwhack holdovers in the State Dept., the foreign service and the CIA. Latin America has obviously been on Obama's "backburner," and that is understandable, considering what he has had to deal with his first two months in office (the Bushwhacks' Financial 9/11, and two wars). But Latin American policy has suffered, and somebody--or several parties--have been creating problems where there don't need to be problems. I would call that broadcast a major blunder. It was designed to provoke Chavez, and it did. Now Obama is stuck with that, unless he does something dramatic to reverse it. He has inflicted further injury on an elected president--not to mention a very popular president within Venezuela and throughout the region, including many Chavez friends and allies among South America's leaders--who was the target of Bushwhack assassination and coup plots. It must seem to Chavez that Obama agrees with that Rumsfeldian shit. And it is up to Obama to change that impression, unless he isinto that shit. Ignoramus, no. Ignorant, apparently. And making what may be grievous mistakes in Latin American foreign policy, basically pitting the U.S. against the vast majority of Latin Americans, once again.

[Lets just blame it all on the Bushwhacked Rumsfeldians.]

Chavez did not call Obama an ignoramus, but an ignorant poor man.

[Ah! That makes it all better.]

We are wasting a huge opportunity by not allying with Venezuela.

[I bet you love the sound of "Bolivaran States of America."]

and Chavez is one big "stupidamus"

[Posted the big bad "DUmmieanus."]

do you support Obama or Chavez?

[The DUmmie dilemma.]

I'm curious how the freepers are taking this...heads explode?

[Yes. Heads exploding with laughter.]

I wish Chavez were a Communist. He wouldn't have the opposition press that he has. And he would have tried and executed every single one of the coup plotters, and he would have put the Caracas elites and the stupid Catholic Church in their place! The fact he hasn't done any of those things, tells you that Chavez is just a socialist, like Bernie Sanders or many Europeans.

[The above posted by DUmmie IndianaGreen, a college professor.]

People, Obama STARTED WITH THE INSULTS during his inauguration week! Chavez didn't start it. He is REACTING to what Obama SAID. And Chavez doesn't take shit like that by sitting back and not responding. He has not survived a Bushwhack coup and assassination attempt, and several more attempts, and a Bushwhack instigated oil professionals' strike, and a Bushwhack-funded recall election, and non-stop demonization by the Bushwhack State Dept. and the corpo/fascist press, by being a weenie. He is not polite. Why should he be?

[You condemn the Bushwacks but what about the Rumsfeldians?]

Obama's LIES about Chavez were totally uncalled for. he demonstrated complete ignorance in his inauguration week comments, and that is regrettable because there is no reason at all that we should be hostile to Venezuela. Obama CLAIMS to have been a "community organizer," yet denigrates someone whose entire administration is devoted to the cause of The People of his country.

[So I guess we can mark you down as in the Chavez column?]

Regardless of Venezuela's policies, Chavez has the maturity level of a 16 year old. What a buffoon.

[And you we can mark down as in the Obama contingent of DUmmieland.]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I, NanceGreggs, LUnatic ...

One of the biggest lunatics in DUmmieland is NanceGreggs. Her brand of lunacy takes the form of a gigantic chip on her shoulder. In the demented NanceGreggs mind, she has attained the highest level of morality while the EVIL rightwingers don't even deserve to live, especially if they had anything to do with incarcerating terrorists as you can see in her THREAD, "I, NanceGreggs, US Citizen ..." Yeah, shame on anybody who had anything to do with "torturing" terrorists by overfeeding them and providing air conditioning in the tropical Gitmo weather. So let us now let SHE, NanceGreegs, Lunatic dare you to knock the chip off her shoulder in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if NanceGreggs ever had a moment of distress over terrorists sawing people's heads off, is in the [brackets]:

I, NanceGreggs, US Citizen ...

[I, NanceGreggs, LUnatic ...]

… do hereby declare that all fellow citizens who have participated in the use of torture, or the decision-making process that led to its use, or the “legal opining” that sanctioned it, are animals, totally unfit for living amongst the rest of us in freedom, completely unsuited to interact with ourselves, our family members, our friends – and, above all, our children.

[You overfed an imprisoned terrorist with orange glaze chicken and rice pilaf? I hereby declare you an animal, completely unsuited to be anywhere near my glorious presence.]

I further declare – nay, demand – that if you are truly of the belief that your efforts have been for the good of the nation and its security, you come forward and state your case – and allow the rest of us to be the judge of your behaviour and your actions.

[I further declare - nay, demand - that you allow me, with my superior morality, be the judge of your fitness to even exist.]

It’s easy. Just call your local “news” network and ask to be a guest in prime-time. You can then plead your case before the nation, and before the world. Hey, if you’re so sure you’ve “done the right thing” by all of us, you shouldn’t have too much trouble saying so in a public forum.

[Can they plead their case on "American Idol?"]

Be sure to have your wife and children in the audience as you look into the camera, and explain to the viewers how you knew what was going on, and said nothing – describe how you stood by and failed to lift a finger to stop the barbarity. You might want to throw in the phrase “I was just following orders” every now and then, just so we all understand your situation.

[You didn't lift one damn finger to turn off the air conditioning nor prevent the terrorist prisoners from getting second helpings on their chow. Yeah, and don't hit me with that "Just following orders" routine.]

Direct the cameras to capture the reaction of your family members as you make your excuses – let the world watch your daughter’s horror-filled eyes as you talk about having made the nation safe by water-boarding detainees who had never been tried nor convicted of any crime. Let the world see your son’s reaction, when he learns of your involvement in torturing children of his own age to extract vague information, rendered under the most horrific of circumstances, that you would later point to as justification for your participation in some nameless young man's unending anguish.

[Poor widdle terrorists. The horror, the horror, that we didn't tuck them in to bed and sing them lullabies.]

Let them, and the world at large, watch as you describe the excruciating pain you allowed to be inflicted on others, who had never been found guilty of anything – while you, as guilty as they come, beg for the understanding and mercy you never afforded others in their moment of torment.

[Hey Nance! You love them so much, why don't you wear a black bathrobe and join the Taliban? Be sure to cover your face or you get you head chopped off.]

Truth be told, I guess you and I are not so unalike. Because I want to see you sweat. I want to watch you squirm, like the worm you are, as you beg for mercy from your fellow citizens – as you grovel for forgiveness for your crimes against humanity, against your country, against your fellow man.

[NanceGreggs continues pronouncing the Rubber Room Manifesto.]

But if you are guiltless, as you now want to claim – why don’t you come forward and declare your innocence?

[I, Big Bob, am completely innocent of feeding Harold and Kumar a particular type of meat sandwich in Gitmo.]

Oh, that’s right, you can’t – because you are as guiltless as the guards at Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Dachau – need I go on?

[If the prisoners at those locations had been fed half of what the Gitmo terrorists get to eat, they would have been in a state of jubilation.]

There is always a time of reckoning – sometimes it comes sooner rather than later, sometimes it catches you off-guard, just when you’ve lulled yourself into that false sense of security that tells you that you’re safe – because too much time has passed, and the world has forgotten your transgressions.

[Avenging Angel NanceGreggs. Keep her away from the kitchen knives.]

But this will not happen for you, my torturing friends. In a world of instant communication and access to the internet, your crimes will NOT be forgotten, nor your whereabouts relegated to some obscure news item that pronounces your current address as “believed to have escaped to South America”.

[Proclaimed the female Javert of DUmmieland.]

You criminals live among us – we know who you are, what you’ve done, and where you can be found

[And you can be found at Happy Town FUnnie Farm.]

And we will NEVER forget. And some of us will never rest until you are brought to justice.

[Look! Look! I just spotted Jean Valjean escaping into the sewer!]

Having said all of the above, all I can add is: “Have a nice day.” Because it may be your last – before you’re hauled off to face the consequences of your crimes.

[Hauled off to The Hague!]

Oh, and just one more thing, if I may? YOU DISGUST ME, EVERY LAST F*CKIN’ ONE OF YOU.

[Screached NanceGreggs at the moon from underneath the bridge.]

I guess that last bit needn't have been included - being so obvious and all. But I wanted to say it, just the same.

[You need say no more. Your Happy Town housing application has already been approved and your Rubber Room is ready for you.]

I am not alone in my anger, and my quest for justice.

[True. Happy Town has many other DUmmies baying at the moon.]

But you are alone, as you stutter your excuses.

[And what's YOUR excuse for the rabid drool?]

How's that feelin', right about now?

[Pretty damn good. Crazy people always make me laugh. And now to check the patient charts of your fellow loons...]

The shame will never go until there is accountability but elected officials and the press will deny us

[We shall not be denied our massive chips on the shoulders.]

Let them read the mockery of there excuses . . . in their grandchildren's high school history books.

[Only if their grandchildren go to school in the alternate universe.]

Just when I can't see how she could top the last one, she does in spades! Your excellence knows no bounds.

[Just when I thought she couldn't get any more looney...she gets more looney.]

The barbarians responsible for these crimes must face consequences and media starlets and pundits who condone this savagery should be booed off the air.

[Is any DUmmie on this thread the least bit upset with the head-sawing terrorists? Oops! Stupid question.]

You should be a script writer.

["I Was a Teenage Moonbat."]

What really pisses me off is that they just laugh at us.


i agree, the human race is unworthy and probably deserves to be eradicated ASAP in all shapes and form. i have a feeling mother earth will grant that wish soon enough. sucks being a parasite.


This should be sent to every last member of the Bushista/crime family.

[They appreciate good comedy material.]

Nasty disgusting pile of shit freaks! Every last f*cking one of them!

[You look cute when you are rabidly foaming at the mouth.]

I think it is extremely important to prosecute those that did the hands on torture. There will always be tyrants like Cheney, Rove, Bush family, Yoo, Gonzo, Rummy, etc. But they have to find sicko people to do their biding. Prosecute the tortures. No "following orders" excuses. Let future possible torturers know that we will go after them with a vengeance.

[Shouted the lobotomy candidate.]

Monday, March 16, 2009

Corned Beef and Cabbage and "Another Irishman" from Chicago

I grew up in the city of Chicago during the reign of Hizzoner da Mare, Daley I. My family came from Sweden, but even so, everybody was Irish on St. Patrick's Day. The city even dyed the river green. So now, as we come to this year's St. Patrick's Day, I feel a need to salute a Chicago Irish politician who made it big. This is a little ditty co-written by a friend of mine, Fritz Baue, and yours truly, Charlie Henrickson, the wag tailoring the doggerel. Click one of the music links and sing along!

ANOTHER IRISHMAN (In Old Chicago Town)
Tune: "The Wearing of the Green"
By Fritz Baue and Charlie Henrickson

Oh, Paddy dear, and did you hear
The news that's goin' round?
They found another Irishman
In old Chicago town!

O'Bama's just as Irish
As Daley and O'Hare
He's one of them "Black Irish"
As come from County Clare

He worked his lucky shamrock
On Hillary, as is known
And when he gets up to speak you know
He's kissed the blarney stone

The leprechauns all love him
Or so I have been told
He's bailin' out the country
With their lovely crock of gold

We eat corned beef and cabbage
When we're in County Cork
But at O'Bama's White House
They're only servin' pork

Colleen and all the lasses
Just think that Barry's great
They say he's got a package
That's sure to stimulate

He's like an Irish tenor
A-singin' "Danny Boy"
The hope and change he's singin'
Bring Oprah tears of joy

He is a new St. Patrick
A-drivin' out the snakes
Like Rezko, Wright, and Blago
They'll pay for their mistakes

Let's lift a glass of Guinness
And Irish whiskey too . . .
Is quite a pot of stew!

Oh, Paddy dear, and did you hear
The news that's goin' round?
They found another Irishman
In old Chicago town!

Now to the DUmmies. I find it ironic that the DUmmies would observe St. Patrick's Day, since St. Patrick was A CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY! Oh well, any excuse to get drunk, I suppose. Let's go to the DUmmieland Lounge and check out their
THREAD, "The problem with corned beef and cabbage." For this special edition of the DUmmie FUnnies, we will put their comments in Chicago River Green, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, interrupting his Lenten hiatus to serve you people with your DUFU fix, is in the [brackets]:

The problem with corned beef and cabbage . . .

[. . . is that it's not beer.]

whenever I eat it I roll over about 4 am the next morning, belch and taste cabbage all over again. . . .


Well, yesterday was the county St Paddy's Day Parade and they made 200 forken pounds of corned beef (plus who know how much cabbage and spuds) down at Vinny's Boom Boom Room and I passed it up.

[Otherwise, you would have gassed it up and passed it out. 200+ pounds is an awful lot of food.]

So tonight when I go down there to pick up the loot (I am Treasurer). . . .

[A typical Democrat. You want to spend other people's money, but you don't want to pay in yourself.]

I am going to have to answer about a brazillion questions about how come I didn't show up for the BIG MEAL.

[Say you're sorry if anybody's offended, and it's time for everybody to take a deep breath and move on and turn the page. That's what Democrats do when they get caught at something.]

I'm gonna fib, say I had to go to a kid's birthday party.

[Well, that's the other Democrat option: Lie.]

Does this make me a bad person?

[Yes. But then, you're a DUmmie, so who cares?]

Off topic? Well, "Yay, Obama!"

[Make that, "O'Bama."]

Just send me the leftovers. . . .

[Leftover cabbage, sent through the mails. . . . Ar-o-matic!]

I don't eat the cabbage for that very reason.

[You're belchin' when you should be Irish!]

But I love the corned beef!

[MURDERER! Cattle-killer! And think of all those corns who died, too!]

I've got to get some buttermilk to make the soda bread to go with the corned beef tomorrow. . . .

[You kill the cow and you steal the poor mother's milk! How low can you go?]

Irish food is vile. . . .

[Especially Irish REPUBLICAN food!]

HATER ! You're dead to me now. . . .

[When Irish eyes are smilin'. . . .]

I grew up on boiled dinners. . . .

[Sounds painful.]

Now Scotland... there's a country with vile food!

[They make up for it with the Scotch.]

In the 12 hours or so after eating a big corned beef meal, I must go through 3 quarts of water (choose whatever liquid you prefer) because of the salt. Then I have to get up 4-5 times during the night to use the bathroom.

[It's a "European" meal.]

Try Irish Stew made with Guiness next time.

[Hold the stew.]

Try soaking the beef before cooking it. . . .

[Soaking the beef AFTER cooking it does not work as well.]

Tell them to mind their own business Or yuir gonna bash their faces in with yuir shillelagh. I think that's the proper Irish response.

[That, or a car bomb.]

I love it, but it comes out the other end for me. . . .

[T. M. I. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

We never drank much in my house. . . .

[We usually went out back. . . .]

but none of this nauseating green beer.

[You're not one of those Green Beer Backers.]

It's amusing to imagine what other ethnicities would do if they behaved in as cliched a way as the Irish.

[If you're Swedish, you'd have lutfisk for Christmas Eve, like we did. Lutfisk: the piece of cod that passes all understanding.]

I thank every deity at every meal that I was born Italian.

[Praise Gaia!]

Irish people (or any self-respecting human) do not drink green beer. . . .

[I wonder what the English pig William Pitt the Drunker will be drinking at O'Bukowski's tonight.]

If it's light enough to dye it green, it's too light for me!

[Unless you're a member of the Green Party. At a Green Party you would drink Green Beer.]

Corned beef and cabbage (with yellow mustard) is sublime.

[Would corned beef and lime be subcabbage?]

How do you corn beef?

[With kernel mustard?]

First, you buy it a drink. . . .

[No, that's how you pickle Pitt.]

Very few people cook cabbage correctly. "Boiling the hell out of it" is not the right recipe. . . . cook it with leprechaun blood, bled from its ears after smashing its skull with a shillelagh. . . .

[The Joy of Cooking.]

Your problem is that you didn't drink enough alcohol after you ate the cabbage. drink at least 6 mugs of Guiness followed by an equal number of shots of either Jamison's or Bushmill's Irish Whiskey. Then puke. You won't notice the cabbage so much after that.

[Then drink more whiskey so you won't notice the puke.]

I personally embrace the cabbage and the gas. . . . Yay, Obama, I'll second that.

[Embrace the gas: Support Obama!]

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Olbermann Mum on Stewart vs Cramer: KOmmies Outraged

According to TVNewser, MSNBC hosts were asked NOT to comment on the CONFRONTATION between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer. After all, MSNBC and CNBC are both part of the NBC parent company and money is at stake here. Therefore, NBC wanted as little attention paid to Cramer's pathetic performance defending himself on the Daily Show as possible. This was a moment of truth for Keith Olbermann who endlessly brags about speaking "truth to power." So did Olbermann pass the test? Well, I'll let this Daily Kos KOmmie THREAD, "Moment of Truth for Keith and Rachel coming up tonight" answer the question. So let us now watch the KOmmies blast Keith for chickening out in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Olbermann is well aware of who signs his paychecks, is in the [brackets]:

Rachel and Keith are just hours away from a very important moment.

[They're going to mate?]

All their talk about Edward R. Murrow, the importance of a free press, and telling truth to power comes to a test in how each of these news programs are going to cover the Stewart/Cramer smackdown.

[Vee vill obey orders!]

The cable news networks are giving the story a very light coverage in both tv reporting and website coverage. I think last night's Stewart interview is a historic classic confrontation of corporate news bias that deserves to be in our history books for generations to come.

[Right up there with the Gettysburg Address...NOT!]

I will be watching Keith and Rachel closely tonight in hopes of seeing the clip of Stewart's interview, and the 2006 clip of Cramer admitting to questionable practices.

[Nausea always sets in when I attempt to watch Rachel closely. We're talking FUgly here.]

If this story is ignored, or given a light touch in passing such a Best Person in the World, we will know that even our best and bravest news shows have been significantly censored. We will know that Keith and Rachel are not free to report on the compormised state of television journalism in America. Please Keith and Rachel, take a page from Jon Stewart and hit it out of the park tonight, or it will be a very sad day for television journalism in Mudville.

[Disappointment is just around the corner for this KOmmie.]

If not now, then when.... will someone join Jon Stewart in standing up and speaking truth to the networks?

[And now a KOmmie update in which Rachel and Keith are graded on their responses...]

The results are in..

[How did the MSNBC hosts score in "speaking truth to NBC power?"]

Rachel mentioned the "dust up", gave a link to the video, and showed the Robert Gibbs reaction.

[I give here a lame D.]

Keith- No mention and he has commented in this diary that he did not feel the story to be especially news worthy, and he has been under no pressure from management to suppress the story.

[Keith earns himself an F for big Fat Failure. He should also get an L for Liar.]

I've got to say that I feel really sad about how this is turning out.

[Cry me a river.]

Keith and Rachel are regular companions in my home and I am very fond of both of them. When I wrote the diary, I had every expectation that Keith would have a special comment in store for us about the dire consequences from Iraq to Wall Street of the media being in bed with the powerful.

[I need to get that image out of my head. Keith and Rachel in a threesome with a KOmmie.]

As much as I love Keith, I've got to say that he is missing a big story.

[Keith is also missing a piston. And now to hear from the other broken-hearted KOmmies as well as a really lame excuse from Olbermann himself who is also a KOmmie poster...]

Both Rachel and Keith have discovered the line that they are not allowed to cross, and it's criticism within their own corporation.

I'm pretty disappointed in both of them, but I feel bad for Rachel. She left a venue where she could say pretty much anything that was on her mind, and not all that long ago. I'm sure she did her little "story of the story" piece because she wanted to do more but they wouldn't let her. Now she's in the corporate media, like it or not.

Keith's talked himself out of so many jobs over the years, I'm not surprised that he chickened out. He'd probably say the same thing as all the Democrats who've lately decided that working for Mayor Bloomberg is just swell: they've got kids in college, or a mortgage to pay.

[Pass the chicken feed. It's dinnertime for Keith. Cluck! Cluck!]

KO almost never stops himself from commenting on viral videos or stories.

[Except when his paycheck is on the line.]

Edward R Murrow must be turning in his grave knowing that awards in his name are being handed out to news hacks with no journalistic integrity.

[That pretty much covers the entire MSM.]

I love Olbermann; never miss a show. But right now without some statement from him, I believe MSNBC is suppressing the story on Countdown and every else, because they're just as much a part of the cheerleaders for the financial sector rather than doing the job they should have been doing.

[Keith knows where his bread is buttered.]

I can no longer watch MSNBC because COMCAST moved it to a digital tier that I can't watch unless I pay extra and get a converter box. I can watch clips online, but I doubt if online viewing affects the ratings. In the meantime, FOXNEWS remains part of the "basic" cable lineup here

[The only piece of good news I've heard about Comcast in a long time.]

given that Keith LOVES to point to the hypocrisy of FOX News personalities and their tendency to take orders from their Australian overlord, it puts him in iffy territory.

[Very iffy. If-he doesn't clam up as ordered he loses his job.]

Keith is part of the problem and...NOT the solution!

[A KOmmie makes an astounding discovery. And now Keith Olbermann himself leaps to his own defense in this thread...]

The assumption that we would automatically do a story on a story Jon Stewart did is not a good one.

There is no interaction between his show and mine, and while it's possible that we did some significant segments on any of his previous smackdowns or vivisections (as good as they might have been), I don't remember when that would've been. So it's either not happened, or it hasn't happened in a long time.

Also the premise of corporate no-touch orders to keep what happened "quiet" is silly. That horse (in fact, an entire stable-full) left that barn as soon as the video hit the internet. My understanding is Rachel's doing a little something on this.

There is also - and of course I know this from being on the other end - the element of competitive gamesmanship about this. If there had been anybody of Cramer's heft on Fox Business, subjected to Stewart's hammering, I don't know that ABC, CBS and Fox would've been quite so interested in covering it. Conversely, I recall Stewart doing a lot of hammering of Foxies and it's not like I've turned all of those into 10-minute segments on this show.

[Declared Keith from within the doorway of MSNBC Obedience School. And now an Olbermann encore...]

I threw Santelli in twice to Worst Persons, played clips, and called him "Sick Rantelli" - an internet nickname bestowed upon him from way before his Marie Antoinette moment... and I never heard a word of criticism from management.

[But now that you have been ORDERED to lay off, you laid off.]

Keith, with all due respect, a post on TVNewswer by a right-winger doesn't alter the fact that this story was not covered by MSNBC today. All you had to do was to rely on your own eyes to see that MSNBC had an almost total black-out of the story. And when you have almost a total black-out of one of the most popular stories of the day it doesn't take much to figure out that someone at NBC made sure to communicate that they didn't like the story. They may not have come right out and told you not to cover it but it looks like everyone got the message just the same. A lot of us have worked for corporations so we know the drill.

[Keith slapped for denying reality.]

You just gave a fairly long-winded explanation about not covering something covered on the front page of Huffpo, FT, CNN, CBSnews, MSNBC.com, and countless other sites, where you could've mentioned it at a minimum in passing in Best Persons, and we're NOT supposed to be skeptical about a possible corporate gag order when it preceded the deafening silence on the matter? Alrighty then.

[This KOmmie doesn't buy Keith's lame excuses.]

Sorry Keith. I do not buy it. Kramer/Stewart was the headline for the BBC tonight. The fact that it was ignored all day long on MSNBC is obvious. Corporate shill is not becoming.


I am a huge fan, Keith, but you can put me in the very disappointed column on this. This is a big news story regarding the biggest issue on deck for the US right now. The fact that most media outlets seem to be covering the story in some fashion but not a single one of the MSNBC news/hosts has had one word whatsoever to say about it (other than here and on Twitter) very clearly indicates you were all told not to touch it. To expect me to believe otherwise would indicate MSNBC thinks I'm some kind of dunce.

[You are a DUnce but on this you're right. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.]

Keith, the fact that you came here and posted a comment right after your show aired would tend to support the idea that you were very much aware of the interest in this story yet in your comment here you try to downplay the story. Why is that and why are you here on a Friday night posting a comment about something you didn't cover on your show?

[Because Keith got scared when even the KOmmies saw him for the fraud that he is.]

Today David Schuster indicated on Twitter - in a reply to someone else - that he wasn't able to cover the story. So he was gagged but you weren't?


If you really had the freedom to cover this and chose not to, then that was a very bad decision on your part because in my eyes, you lost credibility today and I know I'm not alone.

[That credibility left the gate long, long ago.]

We watch TV. We follow politics and political blogs and know a big story when we see it. You may have had your reasons for not even mentioning the story, but the ones you cited don't add up.

[Keith Counts Down which is why he doesn't add up.]

Keith, much as it pains me to say it, this is the first time I can honestly say that I don't think you are being entirely honest and truthful about a situation.

[First time? I guess this KOmmie has had his blinders on until now.]

Bullsh!t Keith, you are so full of it. I can't believe you would try and claim the story is not newsworthy! How am I supposed to believe that, when your show spends five minutes a night covering American Idol? You bill your show as "what news people will be talking about tomorrow." Stewart-Cramer was hands down THE BIGGEST news story of the day -- it was all anyone was talking about. I don't buy your BS, not for one minute. You, SIR, are part of the problem. You're no better than Cramer.

[Calling BS on Olbermann. Something that can be done over and over and over...]

MSNBC will be known as the hypocrite: Always ready to "call out" others who misbehave, but not their own.

[Look for your Kewpie Doll in the mail.]

If Keith thinks that's unimportant than he is surprisingly dumb. However, I don't believe that is the case. I believe Keith sold out to his bosses to save his ass. He and Rachel were obviously threatened by corporate executives. They acquiesed. Everyone can be bought if the price is right. KO sold out!!

[Keith never sells out...except for money.]

Keith you've wasted plenty of hours of TV time spouting off on things one could consider not "newsworthy" and yet here is a potential home run tee'd up just waiting to be blasted out of the park and you won't come out and play. You're silence speaks volumes...SIR.

[Speak silence to power.]

I notice that nobody on MSNBC ever gets "worst persons" its only Fox people and Lou Dobbs. Sometimes I also wonder if he would have the guts to report an important story that MSNBC tells him not to.

[When the paycheck is on the line, Keith goes MIA.]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

South Park Video: Disney Boss Slaps Jonas Brothers Around

I love South Park! Unlike most other TV shows, South Park actually gets BETTER as time goes by. Last night had an incredible South Park episode called, "The Ring." It features the lame Jonas Brothers who push purity rings on little girls so it is "safe" for them to pitch sexy themes on them. Also featured is the Disney boss who is all business. This VIDEO is just a taste of what is on this episode. You can either watch the full episode when it is rebroadcast tonight or on the South Park site link you will see at the end of this clip. Below I present the comments posted in blaring red on the South Park FORUM about "The Ring." Meanwhile watch and ENJOY:

GREAT episode, it was a great parody and it had some really funny lines. I loved the creative Kenny "death" and I liked some of the ending scenes with the other characters. Great way to start the new season!

The concert scene was just hilarious. The lyrics to the songs were so lame they were funny.

The... the Mickey Mouse scene was one of the funniest scenes I've ever seen. That was classic!

Act 2 has taken this episode into another dimension.

Well done, guys. You knocked this one outta the park. Great ending and everything. After all, they killed Kenny. At least he died happy.

I forsee it getting permabanned from Comedy Central though, Disney is always suing motherf*ckers. That's why when some other show (Drawn Together maybe) made fun of Micky Mouse, they edited his face out.

Trey and Matt also made a very good point in this episode regarding the image portrayed by the Jonas Brothers and the, very different, message of Purity rings. I would say this is a very solid start to season XIII!

[Anybody out there know if there has been a reaction to this show yet from the Jonas Brothers?]

Personally, my favorite part of the episode was the beginning when Kenny goes insanely happy finding out that Tammy was a whore. It was too hilarious! Then of course, Mickey Mouse beating the crap out of a Jonas Brother.

about time somebody ripped the jonas brothers im a guitarist and im sick of guys like that butchering the art of music

Its about time someone made fun of the Jonas Brothers
they are annoying and untalented.. and retarded... i think its hilarious

I just watched episode 1301... BADASS!!! You guys have balls, huge BALLS!!!! It was soooooo funny! Thanks for all of the laughs, let me know if you need help with any legal fees.

Long Winded Idiot Pitt Blows Ill Wind

It seems like William Rivers Pitt has forgotten his role in perpetrating one of the biggest journalistic frauds (Karl Rove "indictment scoop") of the 21st century. Having conveniently removed that episode from his memory banks, Pitt has now jumped back on his soapbox to lecture conservatives as you can see in his latest DUmmie THREAD, "Idiot Wind." You want some idiot wind, Pitt? Well, this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies is going to blow your own idiot wind right up your butt with your own words. Yes, every single reply will consist entirely of Pied Piper Pitt quotes so we can see just who is the idiot. So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt blow yet more hot air in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who will now do nothing more than copy and paste Pitt's own ill wind, is in the [brackets]:

One thing is certain: martial arts movie star Chuck Norris does not like President Obama. Not at all. Not one little bit. Norris dislikes Obama so much, in fact, that he discussed running for the office of president of Texas, which doesn't exist, as part of a larger move by him and a variety of other right-wing groups to overthrow the American government and return honor and decency to the country.

No, really, he said all that, and more. Read it yourself if you don't believe me. The best part is where he writes, "Remember the Alamo!" Great stuff.

Or something.

["It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the third American empire came into being, but a hockey game will suffice as a marker. On February 2, 1980, the American Olympic hockey team came from nowhere to defeat the unbeatable Soviet squad in Lake Placid. The subsequent eruption of nationalistic fervor, augmented by the American squad’s victory over Finland in the final round to capture the gold medal, led to an outpouring of public emotion that no sporting event had ever created."]

There's more. The owner of right-wing web forum Free Republic, Jim Robinson, was recently forced to post a truly deranged piece of apologia regarding the attention his web site recently earned from the Secret Service. "Unfortunately," wrote Robinson, "we are saddled with a communist sympathizer in the White House. I don't know whether or not he's an actual card carrying commie, but he's definitely an America-hating, anti-capitalist Marxist leftist who thinks communism is the way to go. So now comes the problem. If you feel it's your duty to call Obama a traitor and use salty language in your proposed resolution, ie, suggest the commie be keelhauled, walked off the plank, run up the yardarm, tarred and feathered and run out of Dodge, etc, etc, etc, you may be facing a visit from your friendly Secret Service."

"Keep," wrote Robinson in closing, "your powder dry." Yeah, O.K., good thinking.

Or something.

["It was at Lake Placid that the now-familiar chant of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” was born. The American people had been well-trained during the second empire to expect being on top, and the years prior to Lake Placid had been hard. Something so simple as a win on that ice was enough to strike sparks again, to ignite the long fuse that has been this third American empire. The American people were mesmerized by the vision of their flag rising next to but just a little higher than the red Soviet banner. It was their first taste of what would become a long and uninterrupted stretch of total global dominance."]

Last month, Fox News celebrity Sean Hannity ran a poll on his web site. It asked readers what kind of revolution they'd prefer: military coup, armed rebellion or war for succession? "#3 seems most realistic," opined Hannity, "since it does present an opportunity for more homogeneous states to sort of capitalize on their homogeneity. However, it would likely lead to mass migrations of the minority partisans out of the rebel states. Of course, that may be fine with those states. Yet it seems that the ultimate paradox in any rebellion for freedom from within is that the ultimate goal is to impose the will of the rebels on everyone else through force. It seems the very foundation of representative democracy is ****tered if we accept that we exchange the power of ideas for the power of the sword upon each other. Nevertheless, I am still very interested in your own preferred form of revolt."

That page has since been removed from Hannity's web site, surely due to some technical glitch, but before it was taken down, "armed rebellion" appeared to be the most popular choice of the three.

Of course.

["Friday 12 May 2006...Within the last week, Karl Rove told President Bush and Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten, as well as a few other high level administration officials, that he will be indicted in the CIA leak case and will immediately resign his White House job when the special counsel publicly announces the charges against him, according to sources."]

Earlier this week, right-wing loudmouth Glenn Beck asserted during his radio show that President Obama's lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research would open the way for the genetic development of a new master race. "So here you have Barack Obama," said Beck, "going in and spending the money on embryonic stem cell research, and then some, fundamentally changing - remember, those great progressive doctors are the ones who brought us Eugenics. It was the progressive movement and it was science. Let's put science truly in her place. If evolution is right, why don't we just help out evolution? That was the idea. And sane people agreed with it! And it was from America. Progressive movement in America. Eugenics. In case you don't know what Eugenics led us to: the Final Solution. A master race! A perfect person. The stuff that we are facing is absolutely frightening. So I guess I have to put my name on yes, I hope Barack Obama fails. But I just want his policies to fail; I want America to wake up."

["I'd have told you, had you asked, because you are owed that much. But sadly, no. You threw me and Jason and truthout under the bus. Publicly, because you do not have the COURAGE to stand with someone who has stood with you. You couldn't even do it silently... This was a wheat-from-the-chaff moment, and you failed. You spend a good deal of time talking about standing strong, but you publicly f*cked one man who has stood stronger for you more than any other. Name for me please the New York Times and international best-selling book, translated into twelve languages, that thanks you and your site above anything else. First and foremost... There is one. Only one. Mine. Before my own mother, I thanked you."]

One assumes this forthcoming master race will enjoy minds of greater volume and depth than Mr. Beck's, because, well, people just can't get much dumber than this. It would be a profound waste of genetic material if we went out and created some master race that, like Messrs. Beck, Hannity and Robinson, was incapable of rational thought or speech. Just an idea.

["The stickier wicket, aw hell, let's be honest and call it the stickiest wicket, came when I posted the truthout story that Karl Rove had been indicted. Another thread in big block letters."]

There is even more out there like this, from all over the place, with each seemingly trying to out-weird the other. So, yeah, it appears a fair portion of America's hard-right population, along with most if not all of their spokespeople and commentators, have been driven absolutely, positively bat-poop crazy by the election of and policies by Barack Obama.

["For clarity: Truthout stands by this story, today as yesterday, as described on the blog page. Period, end of file. I am not speaking for them in any official capacity, because this is a personal thread, but I can read the TO blog as clearly as you can. If you want more than that, consult an astrologist, or talk to someone besides me. Read the first sentence of this paragraph again if further clarity is required on the basic premise."]

The trend has been sucking in more and more high-profile members of the conservative community. Newt Gingrich was forced to jump up and down on Rush Limbaugh for saying he wants Obama to fail. Limbaugh responded by calling Gingrich "a fly-by-night operator," who can't be depended on and who "will sell you out." Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah came close to threatening Arizona with an infestation of crickets to shut John McCain up about earmarks in the budget. Conservative commentator David Brooks called House Minority Leader John Boehner "insane" after Boehner called for a complete freeze on federal spending as an answer to the ongoing economic crisis.

["I am not going to engage in any back-and-forth about how TO handled and/or reported the story, and if you're looking for that brawl, look elsewhere. TO stands by the story, and that's where it's at, period. The truth will out when Fitz is ready to share."]

Let the idiots follow through with their hollow threats. Let us take of this problem sooner, rather than later...

["I am writing this to address my own behavior on this forum when the story first came out, because my behavior deserves both an explanation and some apologies... One thing, before I get into this, about my silence regarding this issue and my absence here over the last weeks. The Rove story is the biggest story Truthout has ever handled, and there was a lot of attention on us. A lot lot lot. I learned, from hard experience, that really basic comments here would wind up on 200 blogs in 0.000004 seconds."]

Traitors...one and all!

["The choice: a) Keep posting on DU and excruciatingly measure every word, syllable and letter to make sure I'm not saying anything that can be taken out of context, twisted, manipulated, or simply misunderstood...or b) Keep my mouth shut and not complicate an already-complicated situation... I chose "B," which, for those of you who have spent a lot of electrons posting about how appalling it is that your questions didn't get answered, is the answer you get. I owe an apology to the DUers who have been forced to slog past all the threads along this particular line. I wish it could have been different, but that would have been irresponsible. I hope you understand."]

Calling Beck dumb assumes that he believes all that trash-talk...
and isn't just filling the airwaves with hate for money. That's an enormous assumption, and an incorrect one, I suspect. He's playing dumb, because dumb makes him rich. Whether or not he ever learned to be smart may be a secondary concern.

["I put all the stuff above about my time here into this post so I could maybe give folks a basic idea of how awful it was when the attack dogs were loosed on me. I couldn't believe it. These were not people who wanted the story to be true and were angry when confirmation didn't come. These were people who started, right out of the gate, attacking me and Leopold and truthout as liars and bullshit artists. It was immediate, and extreme, and very personal."]

the right wing is imploding

["I lost my temper. There's no way to sugar-coat it. I couldn't believe this place I had spent so much time in could turn on a dime and dole out so many hurtful, personally hurtful, deeply hurtful, statements. I flipped out. I can't take it back, erase it, smooth it over. I blew my stack and vented my spleen. Once upon a time I could do that safely...but then again, once upon a time I could log on to DU and not see 15 GD threads attacking my character, so...selah."]

You know, if all this right wing hot air could be harnessed we'd go a long way toward solving our energy woes. It's really a shame not to have it serve some useful purpose.

["Now...as for the "cretins" and "f*ckwits" who made this whole experience brutally personal, who inspired the thread that has been much ballyhooed, you know who you are, you know that you were the intended target of that post, and you get absolutely, positively no apologies from me in this or any other life. Hammerhead sharks could take feeding-frenzy lessons from you...which makes me wonder to what degree you need hobbies beyond this online life. Seriously."]

Unfortunately, it's not just hot air. It is dangerous, traitorous, inflammatory rhetoric.

["...but I am not like you. Above and beyond all the other differences between you and me, there is this: The first day I signed on here, before I was anything more than an anonymous high school teacher, when I had the chance to be another anonymous screen-name and nothing more, I had to decide what to call myself here. It was 2001, and the deal had gone down, and we had a lot of work to do, and I had decided that come hell or high water, I was going to do my part. "]

If this is the kind of crap that's making it onto the airwaves, just imagine what's being swapped in the bars & basements.

["I signed up as WilliamPitt, the name my parents gave me on my first day on the planet... I can certainly be a bastard, an asshole, a jerk, name the perjorative and at some point I have qualified for it, but I sign my real name to everything I do, for good or ill. I have it in the back of my mind that this kind of self-generated accountability is worth something in this wild-west online hoohah. When I do good, I do so under my real name. When I blow it, I do so under my real name. The swings are pretty wide and wild, and maybe if I were another anonymous "BushSux2008" name out there, it wouldn't be so nuts."]

Chuck Norris the President of Idiocracy? But, but, but... I know Texans who are really smart. Will they have to move away, if for no other reason than the inability to stomach idiots?

["Ronald Reagan, the first president of this third empire, was the avatar of these movement conservatives, who first began to become an organized entity in American politics during the campaign of Barry Goldwater. Reagan was their perfect man: Confident to a fault, dedicated to the enrichment of the wealthy corporate class while deconstructing Roosevelt’s social safety net by any means necessary."]

I'm guessing cities like Austin will not accept a President Norris.

["When the Berlin Wall finally fell, when the Soviet empire finally imploded, the banner for this third American empire was unfurled for all to see. For the first time in history since the apex of Roman rule, one nation and one government and one military ruled supreme over the known world. The movement conservatives, having lost communism as the main target for their energies and ire, turned inward and laid siege to the tattered remains of the leftover establishment that lingered from the second empire."]

Ah, good ol' chuckie....spoken as a true child of christ! It's the nature of the beast. I think chuckie is a looneytarian, even though he did that campaign commercial with huckabee. It's just so damn hard to tell the Republicans from the Libertarians anymore.

["There will be a fourth American empire. Like the previous three, its realities will exist far beyond platitudes and utopian desires. If the ultimate collapse of the third empire is as debilitating as it threatens to be, this fourth empire will be hard put to sustain itself any better than its predecessors. In the collapse of the third empire looms the ultimate threat: A breed of American fascism that will dwarf in both scope and brutality all previous breeds of harsh authoritarian rule."]

Idiot Wind? More like Idiot Hurrican or Idiot Tornado. These people (and I have to use the term loosely here because they're so stupid) should be in a room with padded walls.

["Several years ago, I was wrongly and clandestinely accused of terrible things in two separate incidents. The action appears to have been motivated by petty maliciousness in one case and by fear and racism in the other. The rumors were discussed and believed by literally hundreds of people, including those in administrative and dominant social positions. I found out about both years or months later from people outside the organizations, as no one inside them bothered to confront, warn, or face up to me in person. Prior to this, I was one of the most universally respected persons, but since then I have been stained, and carry a legacy of disgrace. Upon visiting one organization after my direct involvement ended, I heard about the accusation there again from people much younger than me, indicating that when I and the others left, the story and the mark stayed."]

Call it idiocy, call it lunacy, but these f*ckers are dangerous. And most of their listeners could easily be molded into another Timothy McVeigh.

["Though the accusations were never brought to legal ends, I fear that they carry the effect of multiple felony convictions. I believe that should I ever apply for a job that requires a thorough background check, run for public office, or make an enemy of any person, these rumors will spring out of my history, and because they are believed by so many people and I have no means to disprove them, be taken as fact. This won’t ever go away, no matter how old I live to be. It will follow me all the way to my grave."]

Absolutely. They are the biggest threat to this country

["I’m in a different town now, but I remain surrounded by people involved in both incidents. At any time, should I be recognized publicly, or should someone have a grudge against me, some of the very accusers themselves can step forward and instantly destroy my career prospects, social relationships, and most other aspects of my life beyond hope of repair."]

of course beck fears a master race, coz it would rub out mental midgets such as himself and his ilk.

["There have been three American empires since the creation of this nation. Each has fed the other, and each has been established and fortified by war, and more importantly, by the vast profits derived by the few in the making of war."]