Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pitt pursuing Pied Piperdom again? And some BIG news!

The Pittster is coming out of hibernation. Perhaps he is trying to reclaim his Pied Piper status. Perhaps he is trying to rehabilitate his reputation over at truthout, after the Great Fitzmas Debacle. And of course, this Obama thing is a Big Event, and so Willie feels a need to weigh in. In any case, he is posting more, which in turn gives us more to DUFU. Thanx, Pitt!

This latest foray into ponderous pontification begins with an
ESSAY at truthout, which P3 then parlays into a THREAD in DUmmieland, "A Great Gettin' Up Morning (my essay on...well...all this)." Comments ensue at both places.

One fascinating aspect of "all this" is how Pitt--like the other libtards--is playing the race card. Indeed, the ONLY people I see bringing up race in regard to Obama's inauguration are LIBERALS. Conservatives like me don't care about Obama's RACIAL GENETICS; instead, we're concerned about a RADICAL AGENDA. But the libs are OBSESSED with race!

Well, in addition to "all this," there will also be some BIG news in this DUFU! So pull up a stool at Bukowski's, as Pitt and the TRUthouties and the DUmmies regale us in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, noting that the DUmmies' #1 obsession--namely, rabid BDS frothing and foaming--STILL is THE hot topic at the DUmp, is in the [Barackets]:

A Great Gettin' Up Morning

[For Pitt, this usually follows a Great Fallin' Down Night.]

(my essay on...well...all this)

[My attempt at being your Pied Piper again.]

The cover of the newest Nation Magazine depicts a painting of Obama's inauguration rendered and submitted by a member of the online web forum DailyKos.

[KOmmieland--where Pitt wishes he could be, instead of being stuck in lowly DUmmieland.]

The painting is in no way historically accurate. . . .

[It's like a Pitt essay.]

Thurgood Marshall . . . Nelson Mandela . . . Martin Luther King Jr. . . . Malcolm X. . . . They are all on that podium today.

[King wanted a man to be judged on the content of his character, not by the color of his skin. Yet you libs want to make this about race!]

You wait for a day to come, you wish for it and pine for it and imagine what it will be like, you want so badly and wait so long for it to come that you despair it will ever be. . . .

[It's like a Pitt run-on sentence. When will it ever end??]

and then one day, you're there, and you're not quite sure what to do with yourself.

[When in doubt, have another beer.]

There is a song I have been saving for this day.

["99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"?]

"Medium Man/Floating Candles/Nighean Caileach Nan Cearc"

["Black and Tan/Porcelain Handles/Kneelin' Coughin' and Retchin'"]

it's this wild, loud, exuberant bagpipe detonation. . . .

[It's this weird, long, inebriant windbag pontification. . . .]

I have opened all the curtains, I have opened all the windows, I have cued up my song, and once the oath is done, the whole neighborhood is going to hear it.

[And like a good neighbor . . . no, Pitt is NOT like a good neighbor.]

MSNBC showed an aged, slow, trembling Muhammad Ali being led to his seat at the inauguration. Ali, who shocked the world, who adopted Islam, who offended and frightened the mainstream sensibilities of his time, who was pilloried for speaking his mind, who was stripped of his title for refusing to fight in Vietnam, who won again and again in the face of all comers, Muhammad Ali came to Washington to witness this day.

[Somebody needs to do a Rope-a-Dope on Pitt.]

Dick Cheney allegedly injured his back moving boxes in his Maryland house, and was relegated to a wheelchair.

["Allegedly." Darth Cheney probably hurt his back torturing little bunnies, right, Will?]

President Barack Hussein Obama. Vice President Joe Biden. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

[God help us all.]

Aretha sang, Biden swore, Yo Yo Ma played. . . .

[Pitt's neighbors swore, Pitt played his loud bagpipe music. . . .]

I was alone in my room on December 13, 2000. . . .

[Passed out.]

when this all started, when the Supreme Court decided to unleash Bush. . . . I was alone in my room again more than eight years later. . . .

[Still passed out.]

Thank you, William Rivers Pitt, for your good words, and for all the work you and Truthout have done in the past. . . .

[Like that scoop on the Rove indictment!]

Love is back on the table.

[Pitt is back on the floor.]

Thank you WillPitt, for articulating the ineffable joy of Inauguration Day - now known the world over as The Day Everything Changed!

[I thought that was the Downing Street Memo day?]

So yesterday we finally exhaled; at last we could open the fists clenched unhappily about our noxious shreds of Schadenfreude and . . . Participate!

[Freudenschade, baby!]

By some weird twist of fate maybe it took a president like Bush to bring about a President Obama.

[Maybe it will take an Obama to bring about a President Palin/Jindal/Sanford. . . .]

On November 17th 1938 I fled Nazi Germany. The last eight years started to resemble Fascism.

[The last eight years--is that how long you were held in the WalMart Detention Camp? And I bet you're glad to be able to finally use the Internet again!]

The sad part is I was growing so used to living with this fear.

[Don't worry, you'll find something else to be paranoid about.]

Mr. Pitt your words have always moved me.

[That's one way to put it.]

I thank you for your profound service, Mr. Pitt. Your work has been a light in the darkest 8 years of this country's history. . . . You give journalism a good name.

[Mr. Pitt, the REAL star of this day!]

This goodly moment was earned and more than earned through all the heartache and agony of the last 8 to 20 years, possibly the last 100 years.

[Heck, go for a whole millennium! And it's all thanks to Mr. Pitt!]

William Rivers Pitt deserves some reward for his courageous reporting -- I surely hopes he gets it.

[Increase his pay to TEN dollars an essay!]

Words are not sufficient to thank you for all of us who waited anxiously for your next article, like addicts in need of a fix.

[We need our Pitt hit!]

The moment needs to be seen as truly unique which, in keeping with the ancient legal maxim - "res ipse loquitur" . . .

["reads pitts logorrhea". . . .]

I am not part of the "Hallelujah Chorus" just yet.


I am puzzled and disturbed by some of President Obama's appointments. . . .

[It could be a short honeymoon, folks.]

The minute that McCain conceded, this elderly white woman grabbed her cat and ran out and danced all but naked in the snow.

[ T M I !! ]

We are much more likely to simply look to the new emperor. . . .

[Emperor Zero Possumus Arugula.]

While we all engage in the mental masturbatory session Mr. Pitt articulates so well. . . .

[So THAT'S what Wee Willie was doing alone in his room!]

I have spent most of the day with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

[Pitt will spend most of the night with a pint in his hand and his head in the pot.]

And I'm not even American!

[Neither are the DUmmies, really!]

I hope your neighbours enjoyed the bagpipe detonation.

[They're planning a detonation of their own.]

Mr. Pitts. . . .

[There's more than one??]

I met you four years ago on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington as you were . . .

[. . . passed out in the street.]

Will, I don't know what I would have done without you these past eight years. . . . You spoke truth to unbridled power. . . .

[Obligatory "speaking truth to power" reference.]

As if by will and outrage. . . .

[As if by Will and poutrage. . . .]

Thanks for speaking truth to power all this time. . . .

[TWO "speaking truth to powers"!]

tough to put such a day in words. . . .

[Pitt can always find a few thousand.]

Somehow I'm breathing better. Will, is that the wedding song?

[Wee Willie's real-life mother, DUmmie Raven, checks in. But what is she getting at, talking about a "wedding song"???]

Close. The wedding song is "Bodachan A Gharaidh (The Jolly Old Gardner)," also a Battlefield Band song...and also a bagpipe detonation.

[Wee Willie replies, and HE TOO mentions a "wedding song"!! What IS this??]

Are you getting married, Will??

[. . . someone asks.]

I am indeed, in Ocfober.


today is amazing. . . .

[The MOST amazing thing is that there's a gal willing to marry Pitt!! A lid for every pot--or Pitt--I guess!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Are you getting married, Will??"

Who's the "lucky" guy, Willy?
BB's going to veeery disappointed.

"I am indeed, in Ocfober."

Y'all might have better luck if it was OcSober!
What a maroon.


(waiting patiently for troggy-boys inane whine)

1:35 AM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Repeat after me, Obama is only a man, Obama is ONLY a man.

You'd think that he was the second coming or something.

I did not vote for him, I have SERIOUS reservations in regards to his policies and general 'worldview' but, he is my duly elected President and I will support him.

Unlike most leftards AND the MSM who had it out for Bush since day one. And yes Trog, I can produce chapter and verse from over the past 8 years proving my point.

Whether you care to see and/or believe it is your problem.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

["Black and Tan/Porcelain Handles/Kneelin' Coughin' and Retchin'"]

Black and Tan? Is this a Psych reference? Good show.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Somehow I'm breathing better. Will, is that the wedding song?" -DUmmie Raven

"Close. The wedding song is "Bodachan A Gharaidh (The Jolly Old Gardner)," also a Battlefield Band song...and also a bagpipe detonation." -DUmmie Skinner

How can she ask about a song that is playing unless she is in the same vicinity? Is she responding to his blog from the kitchen while he is downstairs blogging in the basement?

This brings me to another question. Will the newlyweds keep residence in MamaPitt's house? Or will they get a house sure to be offered by the GodEmperor on some future Obamarosa? Surely he's got an inside track, being so "connected" as he is.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth to power...I hope all the poor DUmmies who suffered at the hands of evil guards while in detention for such bravery these last eight years can somehow be made whole...

Oh wait a minute, they were just whining and complaining, fully immunized from any negative consequences (except easily-ignored criticism by the sane), saying basically the same stuff various mainstream Lefty media pundits were spewing, weren't they? If that's speaking 'Truth to power,' it doesn't seem to actually involve any risk. Or take any guts. Or brains.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is Massachusetts from where he hails. Who's the lucky guy - Andi Sullivan?

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth be told (Truthout?), the MSM are right-wing leaning and gave George Bush Jr. a pass on most everything.

Pitt is at least honest and lets all know his views.

I have no problem w/other Americans being Communists (all 20 or 30 of them these days) or Socialists or bigots etc. I DO have a problem w/anti-abortionists bombing buildings, or religious nut-bags flying planes into buildings.

Like Pitt I agree the nut-bags need to prosecuted, not persecuted or tortured. THIS is where the MSM gave George Bush Jr. a pass. To our collective shame the U.S. tortured human beings and that is NEVER acceptable, including the phony Jack Bauer scenario.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Truth be told (Truthout?), the MSM are right-wing leaning and gave George Bush Jr. a pass on most everything." -Maxx

Maxx, take a look some time at It uses quotes, video, audio, and links to actual examples of liberal media bias. There are dozens of them each day.

Take a deep breath and try again.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newsbusters is conservative site.

Truthout is a liberal site.

I read both, but to be honest Newsbusters is (to me) pretty much a shill site.

We just disagree on U.S. MSM. To me, ANY offiicial who did what George Bush Jr. did regarding torture and is not skewered by ALL the media shows that the MSM is giving him a pass. Especially after George Bush Jr. admitted to it.

Unlike George Bush Jr. and Richard Cheney I was drafted and served during Vietnam. We learned in boot camp torturing humans is NEVER acceptable no matter what. That is an absolute.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Newsbusters is a conservative site, yes. However it can't be taken out of context because, although it's opinions are conservative, it still directs you to the enitre quote, article, video, and/or audio.

It wants you to see everything even though it's giving you it's opinion along with it. The writers there don't try to hide that. They don't claim to be unbiased like the MSM does.

But you are arguing two things here. One being that the MSM gave Bush a pass on most everything. They gave him a pass on almost nothing. The other being that your accusing Bush of torture. The media coverage on this subject was constant and always critical. Please link any that weren't.

I'll admit that I don't know everyting there is to know about the subject. I do know however that with torture the subject is liable to give false information in order to stop whatever is going on. I also know that the interrogation used on the subjects in question gave true information that the U.S Goverment used to save lives and prosecute the guilty.

Is it a fine line? Maybe. I don't have all the answers, I don't claim to. But the busses I get on won't explode. I don't have to be worry that a car parked somewhere overnight is going to blow up. I don't have to hope someone won't rush into a resteraunt with a TNT vest.

At least I don't right now.

Bush won't get the credit for what he helped prevent.

Thank you for your service Maxx. I will always appreciate people who do what you did for our country. However I don't believe it gives you moral authority over the commander in chief.

Can you disagree and be mad about it? Sure you can. We were told by the left that protest is patriotic under Bush. Except now we're told that protest unpatriotic under Obama.

As for Bush admitting to torture. My research shows the only sites that show this "admission" are, to use your terminology "shill sites".

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the only sites that show this "admission" are, to use your terminology "shill sites"." -anon 2:51pm

Sorry, I'll be more specific:

To name a few.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I DO have a problem w/anti-abortionists bombing buildings,"

To the best of my knowledge, nothing like that has happened for years and years. Pro- lifers, especially nowadays, are pretty much always content to just engage in peaceful demonstrations that follow the law.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A lid for every pot--or Pitt"

I think that it could also be:

"Some pot for every Pitt"

10:18 AM  

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