Monday, January 05, 2009

"Do you have a minimum intelligence level for other DUers?"

Our DUmmieland Ant Farm provides us with hours of endless entertainment! What's FUn is that we get to observe them in their natural habitat, yet all the while they don't realize that we're watching them! Like here in today's DUFU, where they engage in rituals of presumed liberal intellectual superiority.

You see, the DUmmies fancy themselves so much smarter than us Low Information Voters (LIVs). But some of them, apparently, even look down upon their fellow DUmmies, if they don't measure up to their lofty intellectual standards. Witness this
THREAD, posted by DUmmie sniffa: "Do you have a minimum intelligence level for other DUers. . . ?"

Now the idea of DUmmies holding other DUmmies to a certain level of intelligence is kind of like members of the Detroit Lions looking down on their teammates. They ALL stink! Just like, THEY'RE ALL DUMMIES! Eo ipso, ipso facto, ex officio, cogito ergo DUmmie.

So put on your thinking caps (or DUnce caps?) as we enter the rarefied air of DUmmie discourse, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if his two Master's degrees and one "ABD" Ph.D. would measure up in the Mensa group that is DUmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

Do you have a minimum intelligence level . . .

[Of course I do, I'm a DUmmie!]

. . . for other DUers in order to converse with them?

[Oh, NOW I getcha, DUmmie sniffa! You're talking about OTHER DUmmies!]

If they do not meet that minimum threshold do you put them on ignore?

[I put them on "laugh."]

Depending on your answer you may be put on ignore.

[Oh-oh! This is some kind of test, isn't it? Let's see if the DUmmies can meet sniffa's standards. . . .]

Nope, I have a maximum @sshole threshold.

[Sorry, you just failed sniffa's test.]

no. there are some nice people who are not overly intelligent but are empathetic and some real @ssholes who are intelligent but not necessarily politically empathetic. . . .

[Then there are real @ssholes who are also not overly intelligent. We call them "DUmmies."]

like liberal versions of rove. . . .

[Kind of like Bizarro Rove.]

Then there are the @ssholes who think they're tres smaht. . . .

[By throwing French words into their sentences and spelling with an accent.]

I have a minimum asshole level. . . .

[Increase your roughage.]

I'm smart and I'm not smart. I'm all over the charts.

[They just can't figure me out here at Happy Acres! But the doctors tell me I'm making progress.]

the dumber the DUer the better.

[That's what WE say here at the DUmmie FUnnies!]

In real life I do. But not here.

[Not here in the Reality Based Community.]

I don't post with you.

[Ex post whacko.]


[Huh? You say something?]

I enjoy the idiots nearly as much as the geniuses.

[There are so many more of them!]

I must have about 1000 on ignore. . . .

[sniffa, that's about HALF of the real DUmmies!]

I can't even remember why most ended up there but it's most likely because they were beneath my intelligence threshold.

[I'm too DUmb to remember.]

I wonder how many on your list are no longer among us.

[The Island of Tombstoned DUmmies.]

Who knew there were so many @ssholes here?

[Readers of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I don't know that it's fair to try to judge others' level of intelligence in this truncated medium.

[Wouldn't a truncated medium be a small?]

Hear, hear!!

[Hee! Hee!]

If I think a thread is stupid, I just stop reading it or I hide it.

[I DUFU it.]

I haven't understood a single post in this subthread.

[That was part of the test. You failed.]

Don't be an Asher Basher!

[Be a Chummie DUmmie!]

I have a maximum douchebag level. You've reached it. Plonk.

[DUmmie Midlodemocrat calls sniffa "Il Douche." With friends like this, who needs enemas?]

Figures as much, Freeper.

[Oooh, diss! sniffa replies with an insult worse than "douchebag"!]

I can't read this post.

[Too many big words.]

If I put "Ignore" on the minimum threshold I think 75% of the DU members would disappear.

[75% of the DU members are not really there anyway.]

Ooh! This sounds good N snobby!

[sniffa snobby!]

Someone clue me in here. what caused this?

[Huh? What?]


Blogger Tazzerman said...

No real surprise here. FUnnier than hell but no surprise.

Lefties ALWAYS think they're superior.

They're almost as bad as Brits :)

I was listening to the BBC yesterday and some 'bloke' said that he was SO happy Obama was in office because he 'reads' and has very 'nuanced' opinions on complex matters..

Obviously the mark of an 'intellectual' which he found to be SO refreshing after a certain Texans' lack thereof....

I almost threw up. Is there any wonder our forefathers tossed them outta here???

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...cogito ergo DUmmie."

Needs a negative modifier in there.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way anyone could understand this claptrap is as follows - if you buy into the groupthink, you're intellegent enough. If you fail to buy into the groupthink 100% of the time on every issue without hesitation, then you're not smart enough.

11:54 AM  

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