Monday, December 01, 2008

DUmmies think Obama is so weak he can't handle Hillary



"DUers think that Obama is so weak he can't handle his SoS." No, that's not my assessment. That's a quote from a DUmmie thread poster! DUmmie xultar said it, in her clumsily titled THREAD, "Well, I knew it wouldn't take long. Barely a month since Obama won and DU is already. . . ." (The rest of that sentence reads, ". . . up in arms about Obama and feeling like he's screwing up and he can't manage to lead a government because he isn't strong enough to handle mean ole Hillary Clinton." But then that would make for a REALLY long thread title.)

As you might guess, this thread provides a forum for the DUmmies to a) bash Obama, b) bash Hillary, and c) bash each other. Thus it makes for fine DUFU fodder! So finish your turkey waffles, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the DUmmie angst, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, counting down the days of Obama Advent, is in the [Barackets]:

Well, I knew it wouldn't take long.

[Unlike your next sentence. . . .]

Barely a month since Obama won and DU is already up in arms about Obama and feeling like he's screwing up and he can't manage to lead a government because he isn't strong enough to handle mean ole Hillary Clinton.

[Democratic Upinarms.]

I mean after all, she will be calling all the shots when she's SoS and poor ole Obama and his weak brain and weak balls and weak governing skills can't possibly stand up to her, I mean for gawd sake he's only the f*cking president.

[I detect a note of sarcasm.]

So, Colin Powell was SoS he was doing his own thing and told GWB I f*ckin got this, georgie porgie, you sit there and look pretty and smart. . . . Even though I know you want peace, georgie, I want war and I'm gonna have it.

[The Colon Bowell Doctrine.]

Condi, she told Lil boots I'm gonna go in there and destroy any chance @ peace. . . . Yes, lil boots, I know you want peace but I'm gonna do my own thing.

["Little boots" = Caligula. "Little balls" = Arugula.]

DUers think that Obama is so weak he can't handle his SoS.

[SoS SOS!]

What an insult. I don't think Rush could have said it better, DU.

[The DUmmies are Rush's mind-numbed robots. Now let's hear their replies. . . .]

I have a friend who's writing a book and he says that the Martians have flown down and taken over Obama's brain.

[Working title: "Martians Are from Mars, and So Is Obama's Brain."]

And that the intergalactic order has commanded that he turn his entire foreign policy over to the evil and machiavellian Clintons. This is fact. It is very well researched.


Sounds plausible, but then I only read DU.

[Plausible DUFUability.]

That mean ass woman has mad ass skills.

[And mad ass pantsuits.]

It really is well researched! I saw it in a thread right here on DU! Someone was visiting an outworld planet called FreeRepublic, and saw it there.

[FR, where DUmmies go to find the truth.]

I'm going to vacate DU after this thread has run its' course. This place is ignorant.

[But it's so much FUn, DUmmie xultar!]

Well, that will make the collective IQ go up a few points.

[Could hit double digits!]

Better to stick around as President Obama racks up success after success, it'll be enjoyable hearing the air leaking out of the hysteria balloon.

[DU, the Red-Faced Rager, you'll go down in hysteria!]

I'm sure the hot air from the balloon will warm the world this winter.

[BTW, whatever happened to Global Warming? . . . Anyone? . . . Anyone?]

xultar...girl don't leave us. Your voice of sanity is always welcome!

[A voice of sanity in DUmmieland??]

the hysteria and the sky is falling and Obama isn't even into office yet!

[But I thought he WAS in office! I saw a sign on his podium: "The Office of the President-Elect"!]

I'm trying my hardest to enjoy this win, but when I need a downpour of despair...there's no place like DU.

[When we need a Flurry of FUnniness...there's no place like DUmmieland!]

I can't believe he picked her. . . . Where's tha change?

[Change you can be livid on!]

There's Anti-Hillary for SOS Macro #2!

[Hillary as Imelda Macros.]

I don't think she's the right fit for SoS.

[I don't think she's the right fit for Ol' Crusty.]

Obama and Hillary were 93% the same on issues.

[Barack Hussein McSame.]

Hillary got way ugly during the primaries... near the end, it was like 93% the same as McCain's campaign in uglyness. . . .

[Hillary Rodham McSame.]

Should have just voted for McShame. . . .

[Buyer's remorse sets in.]

there is no anticipation of anything "changing" from the last eight years.

[Chimpy McBama.]

I've actually gotten PMs from people. . . .

[I didn't know it was contagious.]

I'm leaving again after this post. This place is sick as hell.

[DUmmie xultar again threatens to leave. Get on with it, will ya?]

Weird you keep posting. After twice saying this was your last post.

[DUmmie xultar is a graduate of the Pitt School of Opus-Writing.]

Hope I can convince you to stay with us. . . . If you need to, take a little more of a break but do come back.

[The predictable "Beg the Opus Writer to Stay" post. Pitt likes these, too.]

It's a shame that the same group of strident hysterics are allowed to blather on day-in and day-out. . . .

[Daylight come and me wanna go home. . . .]

She is more of a mover and shaker rather than a resolver. I actually think that Obama is being very Machiavellian about this . . . because he sees more downside in what they will do otherwise.

[I wouldn't want to see Hillary's downside moving and shaking.]

I've met Hillary, at my all black church. . . .

[Did she do that accent and talk about eatin' chitlins?]

This is the internet. Did you really expect people not to bitch about stuff?

[This is DUmmieland. Did you really expect people not to get hysterical and up in arms?]

Obama is still a politician and he'll only do right by us if we hold his feet to the fire.

[And deprogram his brain from the Martians.]

Obama isn't a progressive. Never was. The idiots who believed that myth are...idiots.

[I.e., DUmmies.]

But.....Progressives worked butts off to get him elected.... He owes us. . . .

[He USED you! Hee! Hee!]

The majority of us here at DU are progressives and we will not stand idly by while you piss all over us. . . .

[benburch will, though.]

Maybe you can start a site called "Center-Rightists Underground". Maybe you can go to Neutral Underground. . . .

[How about LOUSY FREEPER TROLL Underground?]

I'm kind of disappointed in DU - I really didn't expect it to get this cynical, this fast!!

[We did!!]

There needs to be a new type of DU. Freepers have really taken over this joint.


Those of you who get upset because of a little criticism are the ones I worry about, they think that we crowned Obama king. . . .

[Our Glorious Emperor, Zero Possumus Arugula!]

Trying to herd cats on politics is like throwing up between your fingers. You get some on everybody and it stinks.

[Barf Ovomit.]

I'm about ready to give up on DU. Half the posts (OPs) are counterproductive . . .

[. . . and the other half are complaining about the counterproductive ones.]

I feel ya. I think DU is mostly underground freepers f*cking with us.

[DUmmie xultar complains once again.]

Then leave already. . . .

[But DUmmie xultar wants more people to beg her to stay!]

SOS gives the Hillary bashers ammunition and they WILL use it.

[Ready, fire, aim!]

The loudest portion of DU strive on conflict and fake outrage. if there is nothing to complain about, they'll make something up.

[DUmmie wyldwolf, you win today's Kewpie Doll for a brief moment of mental clarity.]

If anyone thinks that Hilary will not work her butt off for this president and the american people in the top diplomatic post, then they do not know her.

[I think Hillary could work 24/7 for the next 15 years and still not work her butt off.]

we should at least give Barack a chance before attacking him like fools.

[Oh, what the heck! Why wait?]

I'm completely fine with Clinton serving at Obama's pleasure.

[You may want to rephrase that.]

DU = 133,351 registered members, 50 states, countless countries, etc.

[DU = 3,351 actual DUmmies, 130,000 LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!]


Blogger Beefeater said...

Woooo Hoooo!

Another one of my comments makes the DUFU!

Damn that's fun.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



"DUers think that Obama is so weak he can't handle his SoS." No, that's not my assessment. That's a quote from a DUmmie thread poster!" PJ and associates

Time for me, troglaman, to go. My friends, I and my clan have been documenting our journey together with an intricate series of cave-paintings which will, hopefully, be discovered thousands of years from now and will tell the true story of what happened during these difficult times.

Troglamatic prediction - you guys are fucked.

Best wishes.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it. Troggy boy just can't resist.
Buh by troggy boy. Just remember, we told ya so.


3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really thought that the honeymoon would extend to at least a month after inauguration! It's very interesting that the foment, insecurity and distrust has reached this level in, what, a month?

What will happen when the "Obama gonna pay my mortgage and put gas in my car"-types realize that, like every other Democrat, he took them... For suckers, their lunch money and for granted?

It's not going to be pretty.

But it ought to be fun!

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Adios dumbass. Write if you get work.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

::: watches Troglaman slam his head so far up his ass he disappears into his private fantasy universe :::

Good riddance, guttersnipe - you won't be missed.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeezum crow, I for one hope Trog returns. DUFU wouldn't be the same without him.
Trog, take a reprieve and come back when you can. :)

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Time for me, troglaman, to go."

Is that you, Will Pitt?

"an intricate series of cave-paintings which will, hopefully, be discovered thousands of years from now and will tell the true story of what happened during these difficult times."

Thousands of year from now, some intrepid explorer will find that the Liberals have attempted, once again, to rewrite history in order to advance their agenda. The proof is on the paintings.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see tman is flying the coop before the chickens come home to roost.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodbye and good riddance, Trog. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw, getting back on topic,
I loved this topic! The DUmmies tear each other apart as usual, and one of them actually brought up the "Alien conspiracy" claim! No one on DU has really used that with a straight face in a good long time, it's always classic to hear someone espouse that!

9:05 AM  

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