Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama 'Offer'"

This STORY is HUGE over at the HUffington POst. How huge? At least 29 pages of comments worth, many of which I shall be DUFUing. Apparently Hillary Clinton suckered Barack Obama into "offering" her the post of Secretary of State. What she did is take Obama's rather vague suggestion that Hillary could help out in a number of areas, including in foreign relations and turned that into a solid "offer" to become Secretary of State. The details follow in the story below so let us follow the HUffies ranting on it in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Hillary pull the football away from Barack once again, is in the [Barackets}:

Report: Clinton Camp Fabricated Initial Obama "Offer"

[Gee. Why am I NOT surprised?]

In the New York Review of Books, Elizabeth Drew sheds some more light on the behind-the-scenes wrangling between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the Secretary of State post:

Obama's meetings with Hillary Clinton and John McCain about playing important roles in his presidency indicated his imagination and his shrewdness, although sources close to Obama say he did not offer her the job of secretary of state when they met. He had said during the campaign that he wanted various views in his government, and in turning to his own former competitors, Obama was at the same time magnanimous and seeking to keep them close. Both were in a position to cause him difficulty in the Senate--Clinton, in particular, had kept her constituency intact (through HillPAC) and was planning her own Senate agenda, including her own health care program, no matter what Obama proposed. But Clinton lacks the seniority, and therefore a committee position from which to get her proposals taken up by the Senate. (She tried to get a special subcommittee appointed, but Edward M. Kennedy, who has his own health care plan and is chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over the issue, blocked her, offering her later a role concerning health insurance.) McCain had indicated that he wanted to help Obama in the Senate, and by taking him up on it, Obama has both flattered and coopted him.

Mrs. Clinton's and her closest advisers' turning a suggestion by the President-elect that she might, among other things, head the State Department into an "offer" and reports that she was agonizing over whether to accept it, did not please officials in Chicago, some of whom hoped that issues over disclosure of Bill Clinton's post-presidential record might block the appointment. But the former president's camp blocked that by promising to cooperate with requests for information and to accept limits on his activities, including clearance of speaking engagements abroad. Statements by the Hilary camp on November 21 saying that "she's ready" for the position but then backtracking, saying that some matters were "under discussion," typified the whole mess, the only snag thus far in an otherwise unusually smooth transition involving impressive choices--an object lesson to Obama (which he had reason to know already) that getting involved with the Clintons is rarely uncomplicated.

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It's apparent that Obama had no intention of really offering Hillary the Secretary of State post but now he is TRAPPED! And now to read the angry comments from the HUffies...]

Politics is such a dirty game...

[As the Clintons said, politics is a blood sport.]

Obama's her daddy now. Period.

[Hillary's his mommy now. Period.]

Well, I hope Obama does what is best for the country. If he feel Hillary should not have the job, then, she should not be given it...especially not out of feeling pressured/bullied to do so.

[Too late now. The Clinton's already massaged Barack's vague suggestion into a solid "offer."]

Deja vu.....I absolutely abhor this woman

[Deja vu all over again as Yogi Berra would say.]

So basically Hillary and her people forced Obama's hand by leaking this "offer" to the media and shaping public opinion just as Obama was publicly considering Bill Richardson for SoS, all because she was getting punked out in the Senate and couldn't dominate like she wanted. Obama is gonna learn the hard way, let your no be NO, and your yes be YES.

[So Hillary finally gets her revenge on Richardson...and Obama.]

so you're saying she bullied him into giving her the position? and how does that make him look? I believe he's stronger than that.

[I don't.]

I knew she couldn't be trusted as his vice president and she can't be trusted now. Lying is just second-nature to the Clintons.

[The tell that the Clintons are lying is when their mouths move.]

I am fed up with the Clintons and embarrassed that our President Elect allowed them to manovour him in this manner. disgusing on both sides.

[I find it all HILLARYOUS!!!]

Believe me when I say, this won't be the LAST fabrication. I tell you shee.. people, but you just won't listen! The Bush and Clinton dynasties will continue. Watch, and learn. You have just seen a bic lighter appointed to watch the fuel dump.

[FUn fact. Ol' PJ was once friends with Jon Bic, heir the the Bic empire. (His mother portrayed Nurse Ratchett on the big screen.)]

What the hell. Mr.President-elect. This cannot stand. This is outrageous. There are people more scrupulous and more deserving. Don't you think that Richardson wishes he had thought of this? Shameful.

[I sure hope Obama appoints Richardson to a cabinet post. Imagine when Hillary and him have a cabinet meeting together. Fireworks or cold glares?]

Of course the Clintons would use blackmail. As I've maintained, I trust the Clintons no more than the mafia.

[Less. I trust the mafia more.]

Please make Richardson the SOS. He has the right temperament, the actual experience, and he isn't harboring his own agenda. It seems pretty obvious.

[Too late. Maybe this is Hillary's revenge against Richardson.]

1. Fabricate an "offer" from Obama.

2. He can deny the truth of it but it then becomes a he-said v. she-said thing.

3. If 2, she makes a huge stink and causes him terrible harm, dividing the party
right in half.

4. Obama realizes this and gives in.

[It's a BLOOD SPORT. Hee! Hee!]

The lady and her consort are all about psychodrama. I know Obama can handle them, but he's got enough on his plate without this b.s.

[So far he hasn't done such a great job handling them.]

Team Hillary distorted, missrepresented, bore false witness? Tell me it ain't so.

[It ain't...sorry, no can do.]

Can we make this stop. Hillary and the whole Clinton circus need to just go away. The idea that this nonsense, dram and political wrangling is going to be intertwined with the foreign policy of this country at this time of crisis is enough to make me sick. Just say NO ! Given the multitude of issues this country faces she is a huge distraction Giving her this position is not a good idea.

[Too late. Obama has alreay been suckered into it.]

it IS delightfully funny!!! LOL!!!!!

[You bet! LOL!!!!!]

I feel bad for POTUS-elect. Everyone else involved in both his campaign and his transition, while not without both self-interest(or ego, really the same thing) and/or agendas of their own, seems willing to follow Obama's high-toned lead by thinking about the greater good. Even at this time of crisis for the nation, the Clinton's are thinking about themselves, their power. Obama has his hands full. The Clinton's and their hanger-ons need to give their self-righteousness a break. Our country certainly doesn't need their BS.

[The Clintons always think of Numero Uno.]

So she hoodwinked her way into the job, I know Barack must be really mad being played like this. I've got three words for Hillary, Gen Jim Jones.

[Is that general equipped with that special Kool-Aid?]

Bill and Hill: please do what is best for this country and just go away.

[Sorry. They are sticking around like Michael Myers.]

If President Obama wants a career in politics he should stay as far away from the Clintons as he can get. They BRING TOO MUCH DRAMA WITH THEM. THERE IS AN AROMA AROUND THEM THAT DOESN'T PASS THE SMELL TEST In almost everything they do..

[Obama is stuck with the Clinton stench.]

So what are we saying...that Obama is so weak and stupid that he was forced into picking her by her leaks? This is insulting on so many levels for both of them that it's sad.

[Sad but FUnnie!]

Team Clintons are manipulative conartists. Think about... By prematurly and delibratly lying about Hillary being consider for SOS they put obama team in difficult position and forced them to reluctantly consider her for the position since Obama is aware of what it would mean if he is to reject Hillary for the second time.

[And they sure conned Barack!]

Do you really think that somebody who is smart enought to become president would so easily be hoodwinked into giving somebody a job--for SoS no less?


Well after learning all this I'm kind of p!ssed off. I feel the Clintons used Obama and the press to bully their way into the SoS position. And I for one completely understand how Obama's camp feel on this matter. It makes you wonder what their ulterior motive is.

[Their ulterior motive is called the "Oval Office."]

He should withdraw the offer. She can't get over the fact that she lost to him and seems intent on undermining him at every turn.

[Too late. Once Charlie Brown tries to kick Lucy's football the game is over.]

Hillary, I keep hoping you'll get some class but I'm always disappointed.

[Not me. Hillary always provides reliable entertainment.]


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Blogger PJ-Comix said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tell y'all what, I never really believed that "political instincts of a Chicago thug" noise for one minute. Obama's a no-spine liberal creampuff wussbag. He'd probably be more at home in academia than in politics.

I can only imagine what other heads of state are thinking, watching Obama get stomped on like this by members of his own government.

Man alive, Hillary is gunning HARD for that 2012 run. She's going to sabotage Obama every chance she can get.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel bad for POTUS-elect. Everyone else involved in both his campaign and his transition, while not without both self-interest(or ego, really the same thing) and/or agendas of their own, seems willing to follow Obama's high-toned lead by thinking about the greater good. Even at this time of crisis for the nation, the Clinton's are thinking about themselves, their power. Obama has his hands full.

Obama has his hands full with a couple of picks for a couple of positions in his government?

How is he going to stand up to running two wars and fixing the economy while simultaneously finding a whole lot of extra tax money (without raising taxes except on THE RICH!!!111!!), providing free universal health care, and repairing the damage eight years of Bush's uinilateral cowboy-ness has done to America's standing within Teh Interntaional Comumunity!? Not to mention creating a civilian security force that is as well funded as the army, and filling up that fat black girl's gas tank and paying her mortgage?

Why do I get the feeling that this will be Teh Narrative for the next four years? "Oh Obama is totally thinking of the greater good and stuff, he is setting a good example, he is awesome, but um the dog ate his homework and all those Clinton retreads stopped him from turning America into an earthly paradise and it's also all Hillary's fault that he's a lame duck."

Still, it's better than the alternative - Obama having the balls and/or the power to put into practice all the ridiculous policy ideas he ran on. Hey, DUmmie infighting and backbiting could be the one thing that saves America from Obama, who knew?


12:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do have to wonder if the sources for this are any more reliable than the GOP "Insiders" who were pursuing their own little games with the whole 'Sarah Palin thinks Africa is a country' bullshit that was so eagerly devoured by our allegedly-questioning press. Looks like the scandal sheets are fresh out of scandals and Republicans, a truly sad day for them. A few Democrats will have to be sacrificed to the Big Bus Underside in the name of circulation (web hits, Nielsen share, etc.) now.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is there about this story that is something beyond conjecture?


6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

troglaman said...
What is there about this story that is something beyond conjecture?

Does anyone care? It's the DUmmies that are discussing it. We're discussing them discussing it. Ya see?

2:49 AM  

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