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"Saturn and Hillary (with a dash of Uranus)"

I love DUmmie astrology threads primarily because they take this nonsense sooooo seriously. Notice how they are very specific about how the alignment of the planets (including Uranus) and the moons affected events in the past such, in this case, as Hillary's failed healthcare plan in 1994 but very hazy about anything in the future. So hazy that they can claim that astrological predictions were dead on almost no matter what happens. Okay, I'll confess the REAL reason why I am DUFUing this DUmmie THREAD. With a title like "Saturn and Hillary (with a dash of Uranus)" how could I resist? In fact if the DUmmies put Uranus in the title of a thread there is always a great likelihood that it will be DUFUed. So let us now watch the DUmmies analyze how a conjuction with Uranus affects Hillary's political future in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the astrological action from Pluto, is in the [brackets]:

Saturn and Hillary (with a dash of Uranus)

[With just a touch of Uranus.]

Saturn, like all planets, works in a cycle of potential defeat and hoped-for success. If one learns the lessons of Saturn, achievement is right around the corner. If one is faced with the delays and frustrations Saturn can bring and attempts short-cuts or tricks to get ahead in lieu of hard work and acceptance of one's temporarily diminished state (Saturn loves puncturing our Ego Balloons and squeezing all the air out), Saturn will slap you upside the head with a healthy dose of humiliating failure. We've all had it in our lives, I trust, and we all have the chance to balance that defeat with a strong sense of personal success. It all has to do with the Cycle of Saturn.

[Enough with Saturn. Let's get to Uranus.]

For example, in 1994, Saturn traveled over Hillary's Pisces IC and through her 4th House. During that time, she had the very public, humiliating failure of her Health Care plan which without question affected her Home and Family (very 4th House) as the Dems lost in the Midterms and the White House and it's goals found themselves under attack.

[And how did Saturn running through the 4th House affect the outcome of the Norwood-Dingell bill?]

So, here we sit 14 years later and Saturn is now meeting for the final time her MC in late-June/early-July traveling directly opposite the area he was (generally 1 Pisces to 11 Pisces) during her 1994 failure. And Saturn certainly without doubt has tested her during this campaign. He offered her Front Runner Status as he crossed her Midheaven in October and then rudely swiped it away when he backed up and passed over it via retrograde in February and March. But as she learned the Saturn lesson of doing more with less -- less money, less support, etc -- and really, really earning with good old-fashioned hard work what she wanted, he rewarded her with wins in the March 4th Primaries (as he sat 10 minutes past exact the day of the Primary).

[So who is Hillary's MC? Terry McAwful? Love all that past specificity but why do I get the feeling that the future predictions will be very fuzzy?]

As Saturn meets the area from 1 to 11 Virgo over the next several months, astrology explains this "full circle", if you will (via Stephen Arroyo and Bernadette Brady, among others), of Saturn as a time of reward for that period of failure 14 years (or 180 degrees) earlier.

[So the reward for Hillary will come when Saturn meets the area from 1 to 11 Virgo. Silly me, and I thought it would happen when Saturns meets the 3:10 to Yuma.]

I believe Saturn turning direct and meeting her MC again won't coincide with her dropping out, as some may have said. And the fact that Saturn is traveling through 8 and 11 Virgo during the time of the Convention this year directly 180 degrees opposite the spot he was when Congress officially, quite publicly and with humiliating fanfare killed her Health Care Plan in 1994 should give one pause.

[Does this mean we can find out if the Democrat convention will end up in chaos by gazing at Uranus?]

In fact, if one looks at this Saturn cycle in relation to the cycle of the Moon, it would make sense that Saturn would reward during it's "Full Cycle" eg. when it moves opposite the point when the native had their full-on Saturn failure.

[So how many hours a day do you waste fixating on Moon cycles?]

Now, as we head to the Convention in late-August, we amazingly find Saturn sitting directly opposite that 11 Pisces point of personal defeat.

[And no matter what happens at the convention, I am sure you will come up with some sort of astrological explanation of how it happened...always AFTER it happens.]

Before that time, though, we have both candidate's dealing with the onslaught of transiting Uranus in potentially different ways due not only to how their charts are laid out and how they personally seem to deal with crisis or unexpected change, but also with the nature of the transit Uranus is making with each chart.

[FINALLY we get to Uranus.]

I have an earlier thread about this one can reference for a more complete look, but to briefly recap:

Barack is dealing with a challenge (in the form of an opposition) from Uranus to his goal-driven, energetic, relentless, need-to-control Virgo Mars -- planets in Virgo don't appreciate surprises which throw them from their orderly, perfectly laid-out Game Plan -- in the very public 11th House.

[Damn those ungrateful planets in Virgo!]

Hillary, with Uranus conjunct her 4th House Pisces Moon, will find her emotions and how she deals with or handles them changing in unexpected, surprising ways (this transit sets off a natal Moon-Saturn quincunx eg. the lifelong battle between her strong Pisces emotion and her public 9th House Leo Saturn sense of appearing strong and responsible). As the 4th House, can also indicate one's parent (and Mother, in the case of the Moon itself) or the family structure, she may also be faced with sudden changes dealing with her Mother which may cause unexpected emotion or affect her home life (as her Mother lives in DC with her and Bill).

[Describing Uranus conjucting with Hillary's Moon is pushing it but that whole bit about the natal Moon-Saturn quincunx is way too risque for my family oriented DUFUs.]

The reason I bring up Uranus in relation to Saturn's passage over Hillary's MC and through that 1 to 11 Virgo territory is that the beginning of his final meeting with her Midheaven coincides with that time period when Uranus will be working Barack's Mars (by opposition) and, by tense quincunx, Barack's Progressed Mercury (conjunct Progressed Mars in his 12th House) in a potentially ham-handed way.

[Hey! Easy on the profanity! I will not tolerate discussions about a tense quincunx! Quit it or I will have Barack work Uranus!]

But let's chat about Uranus and Mars in aspect. It's helpful to remember that Mars, in general, is a planet (as the ruler of Aries) which has a relentless, goal-driven, often glory-driven energy. He really, really wants what he wants and he wants it now, thank you. Furthermore, he's going to go for it like gangbusters and, at the end of it all, would really, really, really like people to throw him a parade and marvel at how wonderful he is for having achieved what he has. Nothing wrong with that, of course, if you're Mars. But that's really not how Uranus works.

[I think we all know how Uranus works. No need for a chat about Uranus. Most of us already had that discussion before we were 4 years old.]

Uranus has a strong energy, no doubt about it. Strong enough to go toe-to-toe with blustery Mars, but Uranus is anything but relentless. He's more like a bolt of lightning which lights up everything around you for one second and one second only. Not enough to really see your surroundings in detail (detail enough to make plans, anyway), but just enough to become aware that quite suddenly the ground you're standing on is radically different than you thought it was. And, because of this, one has to dig deep and adjust to this new landscape ... and quick.

[Uranus has strong energy especially after eating a bag of Pepita beans.]

Quite honestly, Uranus (as the ruler of Aquarius) is interested more in the Big Picture, your Soul and it's Path and could really care less about your big plans and your glory-driven goals. His interest is in Spiritual Clarity and he's not above throwing you AND your goals out the window if it'll help you move forward on your Spiritual Path. Seeing how Uranus will aspect one's planets (whether "easy" or "hard") via transit as well as the Houses involved will give some clue as to what kind of experience Uranus may bring.

[Ben Burch would like to experience Uranus.]

So, with Saturn meeting Hillary's MC for the final time before he continues his journey through Virgo and Uranus in tough aspect to both Barack's Mars and Progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction, this Summer is sure to hold several more surprises.

[Yeah, and I'm sure that no matter what happens you will claim that it was predicted by Uranus. And now to hear from your fellow DUmmie astrologers...]

I've been very impressed with your astrological talent. Would you be willing to share how you acquired the skills to get to this level of expertise? Are you self-taught? If so, how long have you been studying on your own?

[Detailed study of the back of a comic book for 10 full minutes.]

Not only do I have a family background in the more esoteric arts stretching way, way back (my grandmother is a famously accurate psychic in Los Angeles and my mother strongly supported my earlier talents with tarot, palm reading, clairaudience and clairsentience), I've read books and articles on astrology, studied charts, haunted astrology blogs, started reading for those close to me (and found I was fairly accurate) and I double-check myself endlessly. Obsessively.

[Your grandmother accurately predicted that her grandchild would become a BS artist. Los Angeles? Why am I NOT surprised?]

One thing I've learned, though, is that if you have to dig deep, deep into the chart for the answer you're looking for -- if you are, in fact, looking for an "answer" -- you're probably not going to find it. Usually big events or life changes will be right THERE in the transits or progressions just screaming for attention.

[The answer can always be found if you dig deep enough into Uranus.]

I hope to someday have things really click for me in reference to truly understanding astrology, but, until then, I'll just stand back in awe in appreciation of your work and allow it to inspire me to continue to plug along at my own efforts to master this amazingly complicated art/science. I have no illusions that I'll ever be as good as you, but your work shows me what's possible, and I thank you for the inspiration.

[Work hard on the BS and someday you will be as skilled in this art as DUmmie Chief Astrologer ccpup.]

Oh, I'm already hopelessly addicted... have been for a long time. (It even kept me awake last night -- astrological things kept popping into my head.)

[I believe those things that keep popping into your head is what is known as acid trips.]

Uranus may be the most unpredictable of planets but he does guarantee a surprise or two. That much I do know.

[Uranus is chock full of unpredictable surprises.]

I would watch the time frame between now (April 25th) and May 2nd for some kind of shift or news event in the race. The planet Mars will be in opposition to Barack's Saturn in a few days (April 30th through May 2nd) which is, in and of itself, a frustrating transit no matter how one slices or dices it. Best to lie low for a few days during that one. And watch one's health. Look at the sky. Play with a puppy. Tie pretty bows on packages. But don't overexert oneself.

Like Saturn, Mars has his own cycles of give and take. When Barack announced his run for the Presidency on February 10, 2007, Mars sat at 18 Capricorn. As he charged ahead to 18 Cancer this past April 16th and 17th (180 degrees opposite that 18 Capricorn spot), Barack took part in the Pennsylvania debate which -- regardless of the specific reasons -- many agree didn't help his campaign or help him gain votes in the following Primary.

So now we have Mars continuing his journey, finishing the cycle and readying to oppose his Saturn. Although there is nothing in Hillary's chart during that time which would suggest happiness or a "win" (save for Mars' upcoming trine to her Jupiter May 9 - 11 and a very brief Venus opposition her Sun), I get the sense there may be some news or event which may perhaps unpleasantly surprise Barack or his campaign.

[News from Michelle that she WON'T be leaving him?]

The truth about the Republican party is no longer shielded by slogans like compassionate conservatism, etc. All the masks are falling off and the naked truth about the Republican party is becoming evident. It is good to know that the party will be destroyed by the time the election is over.

[Uranus has spoken.]

When Bill was first elected in 2003, he named Hillary as the Head of the Health Care Task Force on January 25, 1993, when Saturn was at 19 Aquarius.

[Hey! Well that definitely does explain the failure of Hillary's healthcare plan.]

He then moves to Hillary's Nodal Degree, 23 Leo (the degree which one's North and South Nodes lie is a sensitive spot in one's chart eg. with Hillary's North Node at 23 Taurus, the 23rd degree of each sign will be sensitive to transits, progressions, etc) as she formally announces her Candidacy on January 20th, 2007, and then retrogrades back to that 19 Leo in March 2007 making his final visit in June 2007.

[You need to take Preparation H to treat those North and South Nodes in Uranus.]

It's a bit like a marble block with Saturn as the sculptor. He just chisels away all that's unnecessary until he finds the piece of art within. Not easy, takes talent and is often dusty and messy and sometimes confusing. And I believe quiet chaotic and painful if you're the stone he's chipping away at! But the end result is always worth it.

[Ben Burch wants to know when Saturn will chisel away Uranus.]

You've been consistently accurate, ccpup.

[Absolutely accurate in predicting events of the past.]

I am learning so much from your threads. They've really encouraged me to study astrology in earnest and stop dabbling. I can hardly follow them sometimes, but certain things just "click".

[That clicking sound you hear is the lightbulb being clicked off inside your skull.]

Not quite at 180 degrees from the "birth" of that situation? More like 90 degrees away? Then the square energy would apply. That sense of "yeah, you'll get to your goal, but you gotta take THIS route instead of THAT route. Deal with it". Same thing with the trine at 120 degrees, the light at the end of the tunnel, as it were.

I'm even finding similar cycles with Mars now and I suspect there could be Jupiter cycles as well! That's why it's so difficult to confidently predict how something will play out based solely on one or two transits to a chart. You have to be aware of the Progressions, the cycles of the planets and what preceded them 180 degrees ago, 90 degrees ago, etc and so on. And, of course, an awareness of what phase the Progressed Moon is in. But seeing how the native handled earlier parts of the cycle really gives one a strong sense of how this part will be handled.

[An English translation to follow sometime in the distant future.]

Got a little excited when I saw Saturn on Cheney's Ascendent, but then realized that it was trining Pluto (more megalomania, intimidation, power, strength, authority and domination? Nooooooo...! ACK!!). With the transiting Pluto in his 4th house it feels like he's putting down some roots or working toward some sort of permanent change. This was in effect while he visited the Middle East recently, pushing his weight around, bribing, twisting arms, no doubt. Toward what end? And his progressed moon is also approaching the Ascendent sometime around August. Ought to be interesting... I'll bet he's making some grandiose plans...

[I am hoping Cheney is planning on trining Uranus full of buckshot.]

A brilliant and painfully young (he's, like, 21 or 22) astrologer friend of mine in London recently explained to me -- in a 4-star hotel over tea, actualy -- that a trine is a bit like personal lubricant: makes the whole process a little easier, but doesn't necessarily guarantee the celebratory cigarette at the end. Needless to say, I choked on my scone and almost had tea squirt out of my nose.

[Did he explain about that personal lubicrant while gazing at Uranus?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mind got completely fogged about halfway through this tripe.

I think I now know how a person reacts when on a acid trip. It's the only coherent logical way to explain someone who says all this in a serious fashion - of course they could also be criminally insane.

This also explains the people who in 2004 said we the public were just not smart enough to comprehend the brillance of John F-ing Kerry and who today are saying the same thing about the Obamassiah. In their universe this crap passes for brilliant thought.

I need to get some asprin, that tripe gave me a BIG headache.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well, that's about 5 minutes of my life that I won't get back...

(And to think, they let people like this VOTE!!! Ya gotta have a license for a dog, for cryin' out loud, but even these schmoos are allowed in the polling booth!)

10:28 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

I've been very impressed with your astrological talent. Would you be willing to share how you acquired the skills to get to this level of expertise? Are you self-taught? If so, how long have you been studying on your own?

The same way he developed "spell casting" and "alchemy" mastery... Poor self-esteem, and the need to be talented... even if with imaginary skills.

Now go ahead and whip up a voodoo doll of ol' Son Of The Godfather... I await my fate.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Godfather, a ring around Uranus will spell certain discomfort for you.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few people I know are into the astrology stuff, and they've all noticed something strange about me: with pretty much one hundred percent consistency, neither tarot-reading nor aura-reading works on me. Last time this hippie girl I know volunteered to read tarot cards at me, she gave up halfway through because she just wasn't getting anything. Likewise, everyone I know who claims the ability to read auras can't read mine.

These people do not all know each other. The consistency is pretty interesting, though.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For cryin' out loud! These people whine and complain that global warming exists using the "consensus of scientists" argument...(when it it far from a consesnsus)...BUT they believe in Astrology when there is a TRUE CONSENSUS among scientists that Astrology is BUNK!

As Ebeneezer Scrooge said, "I'll retire to bedlam"

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same way he developed "spell casting" and "alchemy" mastery... Poor self-esteem, and the need to be talented... even if with imaginary skills.

Yet these are the same assholes who call Christians and Buddhists "superstitious".

I also believe these people are nucking futs.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, was any of that in the English language??? What in the world was that??? Have I entered the "Twilight Zone"

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cripes, put a suspected fool in front of a key board, and they remove all doubt. Astrology, humph, my rosy red urAnus.
Ranks right up there with that other false religion.


6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some questions for this Moonbat Oracle.

1)If I move to Uranus does that change my astrology?? Will the Earth aquire the same astrological properties that Uranus had when I was on Earth??

2)If I could secretly break into my local newspaper shop and switch the headings on tomorrow's horiscope before they go to print..Put Virgo's heading on Leo's reading and so on...Would any readers know the difference?? Could I destroy the Universe if I did???

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liberals can't figure out how to work an economy, but they can intricately track events of the past using star maps.

Why do I get the feeling practicality isn't big among these people.

Oh, wait.

2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet these are the same assholes who call Christians and Buddhists "superstitious".

Christians and Buddhists aren't stupidstitious?

Whoda thunk it?

All religions are stupidstitious.

2:04 PM  

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