Monday, April 28, 2008

"Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset"

On the heels of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech last night in Detroit, the happiest person in the country has to be Hillary Clinton. The Wright speech, over a half hour chock full of total buffoonery, is the best thing that could have happened for Hillary. Meanwhile, one can picture Barack Obama with hands over his face as Wright spouted nonsense about left and right brains along with poor impressions of JFK and LBJ along with his imitation of the Florida A&M marching band. For most of us it was high comedy laughing AT Wright but for Obama it must have been total MISERY. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised if Obama had pulled an Elvis on his TV screen while shouting "STFU!!!" If you missed the Wright entertainment you can catch it in full at the CNN website. I am also sure that the comedic highlights of the Wright club act in Detroit will soon be uploaded to YouTube. Although normal people will laugh AT Wright, the leftwing blogosphere is cheering him on as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset." Wright is an Obama asset? The KOmmies better pass that message along to Obama's campaign manager, David Axelrod, who just appeared on "Morning Joe" and sounded like he wished Wright would just go away and disappear. I'm expecting even more comedy gold later this morning when Wright gives another speech to the National Press Club. However, despite Rev. Wright bombastically undermining his campaign, the good news for Obama is that Ken Norton of THE KEN NORTON EFFECT has predicted that Hillary will be dropping out of the primary race on May 7 after losing in a landslide to Obama in both North Carolina and Indiana. Keep in mind, that Ken's predictions have a consistency record of 100%. So let us now watch the KOmmies praise the reverend who is undermining the Obama campaign in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, braving the wrath of John McCain for daring to cast a few aspersions on the sanity of Rev. Wright, is in the [brackets]:

[UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Ken Norton and he predicts that Rev. Wright will have NO EFFECT on the Obama campaign.]

Wright in Detroit--an Obama Asset

[More accururate if you deduct that "ET" at the end.]

I had no intention of starting a diary thread, but see no other on the topic. Reverend Wright's speech to the NAACP tonight is brilliant, amazing...and potentially culture changing. I wonder how many will actually listen to it?

[Barack Obama wished he NEVER heard it.]

Quick points that Wright has made tonight: African-Americans have a different (not better or worse) educational tradition, different music tradition, and different religious tradition. He began with musical examples that relaxed everyone...and then moved into some of the deepest social commentary I've heard this year (Obama included.)

[Yeah, I loved that impression of an opera singer. Was that before or after he did his marching bands impression?]

The shouting that is perceived as "hate speech" is simply the different religious tradition.

[What religious tradition is making FUn of the way certain presidents spoke?]

"If you are not an 'do be' an immigrant..."

[You 'do be' a buffoon.]

His comments on the way that people are trying to make something out of Obama's middle name, which morphed into comments on how we treat one another, were amazing.

[Was this the point in his speech where Obama shot his TV screen?]

I wonder: Is it possible that a high-profile Jeremiah Wright could become a real asset in a general election?

[You bet. Republicans right now are raising money to send Jeremiah Wright out on the campaign trail. And now to hear from the rest of Rev. Wright's acolytes in KOmmieland...]

Let's give tips to Reverend Wright!

[Hillary will give Wright a $100 tip every time he gives a speech.]

I'm a bit worried.

[Is that you, Barack?]

Initially, I was overjoyed by the speech. Then I started browsing the web and reading people's comments. Some people thought he had insulted the Kennedys. Others wondered if he was insinuating that there are biological differences between the races, or whether he was making fun of white music, white ways of worship, and Irish people. Others thought he was screaming and raving. I was stunned.

[David Axelrod was nauseous.]

In short, from browsing the web, it's clear that this speech went WAY over people's heads.

[We just aren't nuanced enough to fully comprehend the complicated message behind Wright's impression of the Florida A&M marching band.]

Rev Wright as prophet

[Judging from his mult-million dollar mansion, it would be Rev Wright as profit.]

I have been talking a lot about Wright for awhile now with a close friend of mine in Illinois who is Jewish. She has been saying for awhile now that he sounds like an old testatment prophet...

[Krusty the Klown?]

Reverend Wright's speech tonight was pretty drop dead amazing.

[It made the Obama campaign drop dead.]

The tabloid journalism forces will be in full swing tomorrow morning, trust me. The surrogates for McW and HRC will be screaming and launching whatever desperate attacks they can against Obama.

[Such as replaying Wright's entire speech.]

Jeremiah Wright's speech was inspiring, challenging, eloquent and brave.

[And hilarious.]

Jeremiah Wright made me think of the old Chautauquas, when people would come from miles around to hear speeches and debates. His speech shows how far our public discourse has fallen, by how rare such rhetoric has become.

[Jeremiah Wright made me think of open mike night at the Laugh Factory.]

I loved the part about the music, I hope someone YouTubes it, as an Alumnus of an HBCU band, he hit that one on the head as far as the differences between PWCs and HBCUs.

[I'm sure the Hillary campaign YouTubes it.]

His critics should just crawl into a hole and stay there.

[They would have to share that hole with Barack Obama and David Axelrod.]

I'm a Buddhist and I would go to his church.

[A Ken Buddhist is a believer in the complete consistency of Ken Norton's predictions.]

I am so moved by what Senator Obama's campaign is bringing this country.

[The Rev. Wright comedy act which moved us to a lot of laughter.]

Since Rev. Wright wasn't an Angry Screaming Scary Black Man, but instead an Impassioned Servant of Christ, the more the speech gets played the more it will be obvious to viewers how badly the corporate media has lied to them.

[Maybe you should ask the Obama campaign to post that Wright speech video on their website. Hee! Hee!]

First I thought, "Who is this!", and then, finally, "This has to be Jeremiah Wright". I sat listening in my driveway for ten minutes, with tears streaming down my cheeks.

[Obama is certainly crying over what that speech has done to his campaign. The rest of us are laughing so hard that we are crying.]

is this gonna hurt obama?

[Gee. Give me a few days to think up an answer.]

please, get this man out campaigning with Obama.

[Is that you, Hillary?]

Well America has gotten a second taste of why Barack found Christ with Jeremiah Wright. Now I really must ask when is it Hillary would have walked out again. Was it when he talked about the differences? Is that what she disagreed with? I'm truly curious, and I think it is a legitimate campaign - Why are you walking out of the Jeremiahs church

[When the comedy there is so much better than any Vegas act.]

He certainly is not Presbyterian or Lutheran.

[If he's not a Lutheran then he can't co-host the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I am an Obamamaniac, but Rev wright scared the shit out of me a month ago. This speech has made me do a complete 180...

[Now you laughed so hard that you crapped in your pants.]

Obama should shove this loser into a closet already

[And deny us a terrific comedy act?]


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