Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shell Shocked By Surge Success

The big story out there right now is how the Left has been completely blindsided by the success of the Iraq Surge under the leadership of General Petraeus. At the present moment they are in a state of shock and haven't yet come up with a way to react. Yes, the Left have completely invested themselves in DEFEAT and now the success of the surge is sawing off the limb they have climbed out on. One big indicator of the success of the surge is this New York Times Op-Ed ARTICLE titled, "A War We Just Might Win." Written by Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution, it explains how it looks like the surge in Iraq seems to be working. Of course, any idea that we might be winning in Iraq enrages the Left as you can see in this Daily KOs KOmmie THREAD titled, "I Spent a Week in Iraq and Now I’m an Expert." The whole purpose of that post is to denigrate the O'Hanlon and Pollack article. Nice try, KOmmies, but the "sad" fact for you is that the surge IS working. The limb you and the Democrat Party climbed out on is being sawed off by the surge's success. So let us now watch the KOmmies deny surge success reality in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who can scientifically measure the success of the surge by observing the increasingly glum look on the face of Dingy Harry, is in the [brackets]:

I Spent a Week in Iraq and Now I’m an Expert

[I Spent a Week With My Head in the Ground and Now I'm a KOmmie.]

Don’t believe these charlatans like O’Hanlon, Graham, Malkin, McCain, or Lieberman. They are ignorant and have no frames of reference on which to build their assertions concerning Iraq.

[Please don't believe the FACTS of the surge's success as they come out. We NEED for there to be defeat. And now on to the other KOmmies invested in DEFEAT...]

This is a RIGHTEOUS diary and I am 100% behind your anger, palpable as I read it. Thank you for doing a genuinely classy and to-the-point job of showing these charlatans to be assholes.

[I am 100% behind your anger over the success of the surge.]

A "victory" in Iraq would be a disaster for USA

[Wrong. A victory in Iraq would be a disaster for the Democrats.]

The only people who benefit from this insanity are employees inside the military industrial complex, the military industrial ENTERTAINMENT complex and graduates of elite foreign policy colleges at which Pollack and O'Hanlon are employed. Any average American supporting this nonsense is no different than a battered wife who refuses to see she's being abused.

[Hmmm... It appears that the prospect of victory in Iraq is making you VERY nervous.]

So, for America's safety and security, I'm happy that Bush has been defeated in Iraq.

[Don't count your defeat chickens before they hatch.]

I was in Kansas City once for a few hours, on my way across country. I did my laundry there & spoke with a local. So I must be an expert. I also drove across the Texas panhandle, & saw Paper Moon in Salina while our car was being repaired, so I know all about day to day life there.

[I visit KOmmieland and DUmmieland on a daily basis so I know all about where you clowns are coming from...and where you're going to---over the edge along with the rest of the Democrat Party due to the success of the surge.]

What Is The Surge?

[That thing causing the gloomy look on Dingy Harry's face.]

I am also concerned about the public knowledge of and perception of the surge itself.

[A KOmmie sweating over the perception that the surge is SUCCEEDING.]

I'm concerned because, as I'm sure you noted as well, that the surge was designed to create an 'artificial' sense of success and to sway public thinking on the war.

[Surge success is giving this KOmmie severe heartburn.]

I know most folks out there are learning what the surge means in real terms now. And, should be prepared for the report coming out in September.

[Be prepared for the terrible news of surge success in September.]


Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

So, for America's safety and security, I'm happy that Bush has been defeated in Iraq.

An obsrvation proving once and for all that DUmmies are actually from The Bizzaro World, where everything is back asswards.

PJ, are you back with us, or is this still a guest poster?

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I Spent a Week in Iraq and Now I’m an Expert"

Nice title from a DUmmie who hasn't spent any time in Iraq and is less than ignorant about military strategy.

"the military industrial ENTERTAINMENT complex"

What the hell does this mean?
Is this DUmmie complaining about Hollywood?

"So, for America's safety and security, I'm happy that Bush has been defeated in Iraq."

In DUmmieland; black is white, up is down, and the Soviet Union won the cold war.

Hay DUmmies, you all need to change meds as yours are no longer working. I suggest that all DUmmies emigrate to Cuba. I hear they have an excellent medical program that is free to everyone.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, actually my dear DUmmies, the surge is an effort to get us to one of your own favorite places, that "Tipping point" Will Pitthead is always talking about. A lot of time, treasure and lives got invested in finding and fixing the enemy and now it's time to do the other "f" word to them.

And speaking as a tiny cog of the 'war machine,' we actually don't like seeing our friends and children coming back missing pieces or in boxes anymore than you would, the difference is that we have friends, children, or ourselves in the fight, or have.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys from Brookings have been in Iraq for quite a bit over the past 4 years. They were for the war, but were very critical of the Coalition and Bush's handeling of the war after Sadaam was overthrown and continued to be critical until this recent assesment. These guys aren't neocons either, they are lefties, and this is what has the moonbats in a lather. John Burns the Baghdad beuareau chief for th NYT wrote an op-ed that gives a similarly positive take also..another liberal giving a positive assesment, and the DUmmies adjada. Not all Democrats are idiots, and there are some who realize how far out of touch their moonbat base is, and how it is hurting the party. I also think the truth can no longer be hidden by the dinosaur media, the new media is there to bring the facts to light. This probably isn't news to the Democrat leadership, they knew the surge was showing signs of working. Why else did they try and rush legislating defeat in July, instead of waiting until September for Petraus to report to congress?? They were afraid if signs of success in Iraq began to show, then their defeatist agenda would be seiriously hampered in the fall and this won't sit well with the Kommie base. The moonbat base is near oepn rebellion against them.. first no impeachment, now possible progess in Iraq..some of the more ardent Kommies are probably suicidal..LOL!!! Moonbats rule!!!

I hope for the soldiers' sake that this is indeed progress,,they've had it pretty tough, having to try to defeat our enimies, while the Democrats are stabbing them in the back..just so they can win the next election. Way to hang tough guys!!!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Any average American supporting this nonsense is no different than a battered wife who refuses to see she's being abused."

Would that be similar to the people in big cities who keep electing Democrats as mayors and council members(like Minneapolis), only to see violent crime continue to rise?

9:12 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Dingy Harry Reid has spent *zero* time in Iraq, so what is his opinion (or Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has also spent zero time in Iraq)?

10:13 PM  
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