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KOmmies Denounce Bush For Attending Virginia Tech Memorial Service

Here is a case where President Bush could do NOTHING right according to the Daily KOs KOmmies. Bush attends the memorial service at Virginia Tech for the shooting victims and the KOmmies denounce him for being "callous." But guess what? Had Bush NOT attended that memorial service, what do you think the KOmmies would be saying? That he was callous for ignoring the victims. Most likely the very SAME KOmmie decrying Bush's attendance at the memorial service as you can see in this THREAD titled, "From A Virginia Tech Alumnus to President Bush," would be screeching that he was heartless for not attending the same service. Heads I win, Tails you lose. So let us now watch the KOmmies denounce Bush's memorial service attendance in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching how the KOmmies never fail to politicize everything, is in the [brackets]:

From A Virginia Tech Alumnus to President Bush

[From a BDS Virginia Tech Alumnus Who Never Fails to Politicize Everything.]

I find your desire to attend the memorial service on Virginia Tech to be just another callous and manipulative act. Do these people suffering from an inexplicable tragedy the favor of staying in Washington. You have nothing but empty sentiment to offer. However, to accommodate and protect your monstrous ego, security procedures will destroy the emotional sanctity of the memorial service. You know that, but you cannot resist the temptation to distract people from your failed foreign and domestic policies, not to mention the corruption threatening the survival of your terrible tenure as the president.

[I absolutely guarantee that KOmmie DWG would have been denouncing Bush as being callous had he NOT attended the memorial service.]

You have a history of the cheap political stunts to encourage people to think you are capable of caring about others. Your many visits to the destroyed Gulf Coast are perfect examples. You politicized and gutted FEMA. You were warned Katrina was a serious threat, but did nothing. You visited devastated areas time and again, but your administration accomplished little to clean up the mess. The least fortune and most vulnerable suffered the most from Katrina. Your words and sympathy did not translate into action.

[You want to see a cheap political stunt, KOmmie DWG? Try looking in a mirror.]

You now want to pretend to grieve the loss of young lives. Before you bring your security circus to my alma mater, please explain your failure to attend the funerals of the 3300 young men and women killed in Iraq and 380 killed in Afghanistan. You made the decisions to send those soldiers to their deaths, but do everything possible to keep the deaths out of public conscious. You should stay in Washington to figure out how to end the humanitarian crisis YOU created in Iraq.

[KOmmie DWG is in the middle of a cheap poltical stunt here by politicizing the Va Tech tragedy.]

You are expert at little more than transforming tragedy into carefully crafted political theater. Now you want to intrude upon the memorial service. I know God is dead in you, but do try to imagine for a nanosecond how the security might prevent the university community from coming together in grief. Your words will ease no one’s pain.

[Sayeth KOmmie DWG performing his cheap poltical theater from the Daily KOs stage.]

You cannot begin to understand what those of us with ties to Virginia Tech have lost in this tragedy. You have never jogged around the Duck Pond. You have never tubed down the New River. You never braved the winter winds trying to cross the Drill Field to get to classes. You never spent more than you could afford at Bogen’s or Books, Strings, and Things. You never watched the sun rise and set over the mountains. You never took a date to the Cascades for a romantic picnic. You never hiked the Appalachian Trial above Mountain Lake. You never watched a football game at Lane Stadium. You never practically lived in the stacks of Newman Library. You are not, nor will ever be, a member of the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg communities. You will never have to reconcile years of wonderful memories of Tech with the senseless loss of life on April 16, 2007.

[So Bush should apologize for not being a Virginia Tech alumnus? BDS really has caused severe derangement in your non-thought process.]

Stay in Washington, D.C., and let the Virginia Tech community heal.

[Stay in KOmmieland, and quit POLITICIZING the Virginia Tech tragedy. And now to hear from his equally deranged fellow KOmmies...]

CNN just announced our war criminal king has decided to feed his ego at the expense of the Tech community. What an asshole!!!

[Yeah. Who ever heard of a president attending a memorial service for a national tragedy before?]

This may just backfire on him.

[KOmmies always looking at EVERYTHING from their twisted political angle.]

Of course, this is a blatant attempt to distract from the growing swarm of scandals swirling around his as well as from his failure to even try to work with congress to come up with a coherent plan for getting the hell out of Iraq.

[This from the same Leftwing group who were also crybabying that the Virginia Tech shootings caused a cancellation of AG Gonzalez's appearance before Congress yesterday.]

In her book the "Psychopath Next Door" author Martha Stoudt says 4% of people are psychopaths who do not feel others pain.

[4% of the general public but about 95% of the KOmmies who obviously don't feel the pain of the victim's families because they are POLITICIZING this for their own dopey ends.]

George Bush is like an uninvited guest crashing into a private memorial service that was planned for the deceased person's closest family members and friends. It's like showing up at the funeral of a casual acquaintances's father or mother, to mourn for someone with whom one had no past connections whatsoever.

[So the President has to KNOW the victims before he can attend the memorial service? Idiot KOmmie non-reasoning at its worst.]

Indeed, it might backfire and make a travesty of the whole event. Given how many people have turned on Bush, chances are a significant number of the crowd, perhaps even a majority, no matter how conservative the area is, are disgusted and repelled by what is going on in the administration and will find it a struggle to be polite and feel like his presence is a slap in their face. It's possible his presence could even cause hostility and ill-feeling in the crowd among those who still blindly support him and those who don't. In this situation, people should not be forced to cope with THAT as well.

[Always looking at the political angle. Do us ALL a favor and STFU!!!]

It'd be nice to think he'd be a little less out of touch than that, or might have the least shred of human empathy to suppress the desire to make the occasion all about him.

[This from a KOmmie who made the occasion all about politics.]

All politics all the time. That's all this gang has ever been about. I doubt there's even a shred of empathy among the whole lot; merely a political calculus.

[Said a KOmmie without the slightest sense of the self-irony of his looking at this from an entirely POLITICAL angle.]

The man does not pray, does not care, has no compassion and should be ousted asap!

[Feel the "love" from this political animal KOmmie.]

Want to see a sea change about impeachment? Watch for one previous Bushie on campus to say something quotable about intrusive and wrong Bush's visit will be.I hope that people just silently but publicly turn their backs on Bush at this memorial service.

[Want to see a KOmmie inappropriately try to turn this tragedy into a political event? Read the above idiotic posting.]

It's just the slow, steady creep of the strong-armed fascist state that I perceive in this incident, and others no doubt feel it too without admitting it.

[It's just the slow, steady drain of your brain cells from your tiny skull that I perceive in your POLITICIZATION of this incident.]

Send this diary to Olbermann ASAP.

[Too late. Olbermann already started inappropriately politicizing this tragedy.]

He's probably looking in his closet for the appropriate costume for the event. He soooo wants to wear that flight suit again. And it's hard to imagine him anywhere without his usual backdrop of men in uniform. I have no connection to VT but I hate that they have to put up with what the diarist aptly described as the Bush circus.

[The only circus act I see is the Leftwing three wing circus act performed by KOmmies intent on inappropriately POLITICIZING everything.]

I just hope he doesn't speak. Maybe Warner and Webb can filibuster him.

[The level of inappropriate KOmmie POLITICIZATION is incredible. BTW, SFTU!!!]

This is a president who is the very embodiment of America's dark underbelly of violence and domination, who uses illegitimate power to mask his own insecurities and personal failings, whose compassion (such as it is) extends only to those who serve his own ends. He has brought the American culture of violence to the world, and his presence at Blacksburg today will be a jarring reminder of that. I am so sorry that the good students and people of Viginia Tech will be vicitms now for a second time, this time of a callous man who sees political opportunity in a tragedy that so sadly reflects his own shallowness. My heart goes out to everyone there in that beautiful corner of the Blue Ridge. I hope you all can find some solace in the springtime hills.

[Want to give us the tired lecture again about how Bush is politicizing this tragedy?]

unless the community requests that he stay away. it is part of the responsibility of the president to speak for the nation at times of grief. Were Bush not to come he would be subject to severe criticism for not doing so.

[You bet. These very same idiotic KOmmies would be screeching over how heartless Bush is for NOT attending the memorial service. NOTHING that Bush does can be correct in their blurred eyes looking at EVERYTHING through a political lens.]

Rove is calculating right now... Just how much in the way of political points he'll score by attending. I have no doubt that he thinks Bush's approval rating will go back over 50% if the country thinks "he cares"

[And no KOmmie inappropriate POLITICAL calculation thread would be complete without invoking the name of Karl Rove.]

I can't help wondering if Rove will tell Bush to bring a bullhorn and stand on the students' graves when he speaks.

[I can't help wondering when you will start waving your butterfly net. Oh wait! You already did.]

have you ever known President Bush to not consider the political calculations before making a decision. He embodies bad politics. The politics of secrecy, exploitation, division, and corruption. This is not what Blacksburg needs today.

[You mean like the way all you KOmmies are making political calculations about the memorial service for this tragedy?]

He also drinks the blood of children from a bronzed skull he's had since college while he plays Solitaire with the "Who's Who In the Aryan Brotherhood?" playing cards deck. And that's all before he hits the town on Friday night.

[The strange thing is that the Left is so afflicted by BDS that I don't think this KOmmie is even joking.]

can we please leave politics out of this tragedy? Bush is the President and this is a national tragedy and the President should be there. Don't politicize the deaths of these innocent people by making postings like this.


Goddamned f*cking sonofabitch! I friggin HATE this f*cktard.

[A KOmmie mind completely fried by terminal BDS.][

I would criticize Bush for not going and I will criticize him for going

[A brief moment of honesty from a totally irrational KOmmie.]

But no matter how you feel about Bush, this diary entry smacks of nothing less than pure hatred.

[Caused by BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome.]

yes, i imagine that he feels no grief at all over this tragedy.

[Yes, I imagine that you are suffering from irrational BDS.]

i am cynical enough to think that Rove has told him to do this in a vain effort to keep Virginia from turning blue. We know how W feels about Jim Webb and the growing influence of Virginia Democrats. I'd bet anything that Webb and Kaine would rather not have him there, and this is GWB's way of rubbing their noses in the fact that he's the POTUS and can foist himself upon any audience he chooses.

[i am cynical enough to think that you long ago lost any connection to reality due to your terminal BDS.]

When did Daily Kos become Democratic Underground?

[KOmmies are basically the same as DUmmies only with better PR.]

Wouldn't it be great if the students booed

[Sorry but most Va Tech students aren't on the idiotic KOmmie wavelength where politics must override everything.]

I'll admit, he can't win with me on this situation. If he didn't go to VT I would call him on it. Because he is going, I am going to call him on it.

[Yet another KOmmie honest enough to admit his own irrationality.]

Bu$h at VA Tech campus to rally his "base". The fact that Virginia is part of the bible belt south prompts the little monkey to feel obligated to show up and feign sorrow, so he toes the proverbial (Mason-Dixon)line and travels to Virgina at not only the bequest of his "base", but also at the urging of the NRA (of course) to not only deliver a sorrowful speech, but to defend gun owners rights. What a corporate shill he is, even disrespecting the deaths of 32 young, vital Americans to promote his twisted agenda. May he rot in hell alongside the gunman...

[And YOU'RE complaining about Bush politicizing this memorial service???]

I don't really think one could get more classless and petty than this diary.

[You bet but at least it allows us to see where the KOmmies are coming from and it isn't a very pretty place.]

he's the worst kind of political animal and should be actively prohibited from coming anywhere near memorials like this. were it not for the importance of maintaining some level of dignity for the families of the dead, i would be hoping for protests.

[After a momentary lapse into sanity, the KOmmies revert to type.]


Blogger Britt said...

As a Virginia boy, I'm really angry and sad at this time. I drew lessons from this as it happened. Mainly involving not ever giving up 2nd Amendment rights. But that's not the same as this politicizing shit they are talking about.

I also lol at the VA Dems remark. VA Dems are not Teddy Kennedy. I can live with VA Dems, just barely. State politics really isn't all that different in my opinion. Like up North, all the Republicans are just conservative Democrats. Down here, the Democrats are more liberal Republicans.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All politics all the time. That's all this gang has ever been about. I doubt there's even a shred of empathy among the whole lot; merely a political calculus.

Silvery, bronzy, irony.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And no KOmmie inappropriate POLITICAL calculation thread would be complete without invoking the name of Karl Rove.

It's like Godwin's Law for retards.

Down here, the Democrats are more liberal Republicans.

Certainly true, save for the northernmost tip and usually adjacent to the Potomac. (Must be bleed over from the Dirty City) Webb's mostly a Dixiecrat -- a dying breed -- who's probably mostly cheesed off at Bush for doing things like allowing rights to blacks and other minorities.

That said, I read a lot of posts from a number of bloggers across the political spectrum, each expressing this sentiment. It's a welcome sight from some of the commenters at KOS to stand up and condemn this kind of stupidity and narcissism...I only wish more of them actually had the hearts they only claim to have.

To the KOSes who denounced that post: bless you and thank you for your honest sympathy.

To those of you who have been terminally infected with BSD: leave Virginia alone. We neither need nor want you.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bu$h at VA Tech campus to rally his "base".

I see the Kommies have dusted off their crystal balls and dug the Ouija boards out of their basement closets and divined, with the help of several resident mystics no doubt, the speech that President Bush will give at the memorial. It's all about guns and bullets! It's all about the Republicans and the religious right! It's all about the military-industrial complex! It's all about President Bush! So saith the KOmmies. And they wonder why a lot of people think they're deranged? Get a clue KOmmies, you ARE deranged and your posts prove it.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice the "alleged" shooter is from C(r)apitalist South Korea and "supposedly" perpetrated this horror in Adoph Chimpler's C(r)apitalist America. Do you ever see North Koreans perpetrating atrocities like this?

This PROVES Socialism is SUPERIOR!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do you ever see North Koreans perpetrating atrocities like this?"

Gee, no False Patriot. We don't see anything in North Korea except the pot-bellied dictator oppressing his own people, getting fat while his people starve. Nobody but the favored few probably have enough blood sugar to pull something like this off.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh...the next time you hear/read someone use that line, TP, you can just tell them, "The Socialists figure why bother? Not when you can kill even more innocent students by running them over with tanks like the Chinese did."

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This PROVES Socialism is SUPERIOR!"
That's right, Communism has only killed 100 million people. By all means, let's give it another chance!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right. All we need to do is get Dumbya to register firearms in the name of the war on terror and all the pigfucking inbred moron douchebags like you will finally get your nose out of your shit long enough to smell what's going on.

I really hope you're sterile. The last thing this country needs is more sister-banging degenerates like you.

3:16 PM  

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