Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-28-06 ("Rove says Hillary will win 08 Primary but Lost [sic] General Election")


That's right DUmmies. You can come up with all sorts of fantasies about a 2008 ticket with Clark or Kucinich or Edwards or Boxer at the top but the bottom line is that your candidate has ALREADY been selected for you---Hillary. And the BEAUTY of it is that there is NOT a damn thing you can do about it. Already the DUmmies are just now getting nervous about a Rovian candidate being foisted upon them as you can see in this misspelled THREAD titled, "Rove says Hillary will win 08 Primary but Lost General Election." See the future, DUmmies. That future for you is HILLARY. There is no stopping the HILLARY train with Engineer Rove at the helm, taking it over the electoral cliff in 2008. And the BEST part of it all will be watching you impotently SCREECH over having your candidate SELECTED for you by the man you most HATE---Karl Rove. So let us now watch the nervous beads of sweat build up on the DUmmies in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anticipating the ENJOYABLE spectacle of the HILLARY train pulling the DUmmie railcars over the edge, is in the [brackets]:

Rove says Hillary will win 08 Primary but Lost General Election

[That prospect already has you so nervous that you can't even spell the title right.]


Reporter Bill Sammon, who joins the WASHINGTON EXAMINER as Senior White House Correspondent, is set to launch his new book, STRATEGERY.

In the Book, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, Rove is quoted on the-record and is unleashed on Hillary:

There is a “brittleness about her” that could prove a weakness in November 2008.

But Rove added that the “hard-driving” Clinton will easily vanquish Democratic primary rivals like New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who are merely “preening for the vice presidential slot.”

[Bottom line: Hillary has already been SELECTED as the candidate to lead the Democrats into a 2008 train wreck.]

who gives a crap what that TRAITOR SAYS he should be in jail. Hillary is NOT even going to run in 2008, this is just the pukes trying to unify their party and divide us

[You're going to need a LOT of psychological counseling in 2008 when you realize that the Democrats have been manipulated by Karl Rove into nominating Hillary.]


[Sayeth the DUmmie as he is CRUSHED beneath the Hillary train.]

Personally, I think if Senator Clinton runs... we will have four more years of Republican rule. Just my opinion.

[And Karl Rove's opinion. Hee! Hee!]

I hope for the sake of the Democratic Party
she doesn't run cause I think unfortunately she is too galvanizing to some dumb ass voters out there. And I'm not particulary thrilled with her as a Dem either.

[You must learn to live with Karl Rove's selection.]

I don't agree with Rove about the specific reasons why, but he is probably right about the general election. Hillary cannot win it. Too many people hate her guts. Gore and Kerry have already shown that they cannot win. (Yeah, yeah, I know all the arguments, but who, exactly, is in the White House today?) There may be some other good Dem candidates out there, but for my money (unless something new comes up, or somebody breaks out of the pack) Clark is da man.

[Clark is da man who is led by Hillary on a leash. Hillary says, "JUMP!" and Clark replies, "How high?"]

Hillary will win the primaries if the polls are fixed to let her win. Don't underestimate Rove's powers of "prediction." They're backed by the means to make things happen.

[The Diebold 2008 Democrat Primary voting machines are already preset to select "H" for "Hillary.]

Oh, I think she'll win the primaries, all right Rove won't even have to get involved. but she can't win the general election, and Rove won't have to get involved there, either. Clark, however, can win, IMHO, if he can just get past the primaries.

[Unfortunately for you, Clark just can't get past Hillary.]

So... Karl already knows a candidate who hasn't even said whether she's running or not IS running, is winning the primary, and losing the general election. Don't the voters have any say in even one step of this process?

[In a word---NO.]

Since when did KKKarl run the Democratic party?"
I am sure that he already has the Diebold machines programed to make sure that bu$h gets a third term but, how can he tell us who is going to be the nominee?

[With that same Diebold program.]

The primaries use voting machines too!

[Hee! Hee!]

Just more proof they are trying to push her on us

[Yup! And now just lie back and accept your sad fate.]

Monday, February 27, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-27-06 ("If you could amend the US Constitution...")

The DIRTY little secret among liberals is that they really DON'T like the U.S. Constitution. They consider most of it outdated and written by a bunch of rich white guys who had no real compassion for "economic justice" and other favorite lefty themes. That is why liberals are so enthusiastically in favor of an incredibly DOPEY concept called the "Living Constitution" which means they can interpret the Constitution to mean whatever they want it to mean no matter what it actually SAYS. Not only that but one really WHACKO Supreme Court Judge with the ice cream name of Breyer (and what is the difference between Breyer's and Dreyer's?) has said it actually doesn't make ANY difference what the Constitution says because he wants to introduce FOREIGN laws into our judicial system. Therefore it is INTERESTING to see just what the DUmmies would do to change the Constitution if they had the chance as you can see in this THREAD titled, "If you could amend the US Constitution..." So all the phony liberal talk about how much they respect the Constitution, you can see they really don't like it since they have all sorts of ideas for CHANGING it. So let us see the DUmmie amendments in Boshevik Red while the constitutional commentary of your humble correspondent, who is so backwards as to think that the Constitution MEANS what it actually SAYS, is in the [brackets]:

If you could amend the US Constitution...

[A Liberal Wet Dream...]

I'm currently taking a (fascinating) course on Constitutional Reform and we're in the midst committee work writing and voting on potential amendments to the Constitution, which will eventually be debated and voted on during our Convention. So far, our committee has voted to institute direct popular election of the president, lower age requirements for running for federal office, eliminated midterm elections by lengthening the House term to 4 years and the Senate term to 8 years, clarified the power of judicial review, given DC full voting rights, and devolved gun control policy to the state (a compromise between those of us who wanted to outlaws guns and those who wanted to strengthen federalism). We've considering and rejected proposals to make Congress unicameral, switch to proportional representation, repeal the 22nd amendment or disallow all presidents from running for reelection, institute a flat tax (thinly veiled within a claim to make income taxes subject to the 14th Amendment), and a few others.

[According to Algore, you don't even need to make ANY amendments to advance the liberal agenda. You see, with the LIVING Constitution concept you can make the constitution to mean ANYTHING you want it to mean. But continue with your constitutional fantasy...]

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see what some of the DUers would change in the Constitution. As revered as our Constitution is, there are clearly some significant shortcomings. With all my hours looking at the Constitution and analyzing its structure, I'm sure there's some brilliant (and progressive!) ideas that I've completely missed!

[Congrats on ADMITTING that you think the Constitution has some "significant shortcomings." This is something that most on the Left will not do. They will instead PRETEND to revere the Constitution as it is but then either pretend to interpret it to mean whatever they want or just bypass the Constitution altogether as Justice Ice Cream Man has done by incorporating FOREIGN law into our judicial system.]

Also, I really want to propose an amendment somewhat like FDR's "Bill of Economic Rights", with a right to housing, health care, education, etc. specified. However, I need to figure out what to include and, more importantly, how to convince the strict constitutionalists of the committee that such amendments aren't policy and belong in the Constitution. So, any ideas on that front would be much appreciated?

[Now we get to the nub of your proposal. "Economic Rights," i.e. Socialism/Bolshevism. So now every time the liberals get a dopey economic idea, they just bypass legislation by incorporating it into the constitution. Want to CUT taxes? Tough luck! Under the DUmmie Constitution you can't because it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL.]

So, if you could amend the U.S. Constitution, what would you change?

[I would propose an amendment to permanently keep your brain in a state of deep freeze.]

Include no-confidence vote to force an early Presidential vote.

[So every time a DUmmie soils his diaper, the U.S.A. has to stop dead in its tracks in order to have another Presidential election.]

It's an interesting question. If given the opportunity, I'd eliminate any notion of corporate "personhood," publically fund campaign financing, and deal with the drug war the way it SHOULD be dealt with.

[I would make it LEGAL for DUmmies to have access to all drugs at public expense so they would all just OD into another reality. Oops! That already happened without a constitutional amendment.]

Supreme Court Justices have 10-year terms. At the end of 10 years, they can be re-nominated and re-confirmed.

[Sorry but you are now facing a LIFETIME of ApocAlitos.]

Make voting a constitutionally protected right. Make it illegal to not vote (absentee ok... no vote, and you're fined). Election day is on a weekend, or is designated as a holiday. Hand-counted ballots only. Instant runoff voting as the mechanism for contest between more than 2 candidates.

[Even the brain dead MUST vote which would certainly help the Democrats.]

How about mandatory drug screening?

[And only those testing positive can vote. That would also help the Democrats.]

The constitution should have an article on POLITICAL PARTIES.
Their duties, responsibilities, methods of financing and most importantly clauses that emphasize what is due process to insure democratic operation, transparency and the guarrantee of "one man one vote" operation - are areas that need to be addressed.

[YEAH! Let's micromanage political activities via Constitutional Amendment!]

Reproductive rights / control over ones own body (assisted suicide)

[I would be happy to assist your suicide.]

I think a broader protection of privacy may be required
to protect more than just reproductive rights.

[How about a Constitutional Amendment that provides for examining the lint in your navel?]

I would amend the following

[Uh-Oh! Warning Alert! DUmmie Constitutional tinkering is about to occur.]

First, I would make the separation of church and state so clear that there is no room for argument.

[I prefer to make the separation of your brain and head so clear that there is no room for argument.]

Second, I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT spy on or detain Americans without a warrant.

[It looks like Clinton violated that amendment. Oh, and so did FDR.]

Third, I would make it CLEAR that anyone charged with a crime in or by this country has the right to counsel, speedy and fair trial, the right to face the accuser, ect. I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT change these rules.

[aka the Al Qaeda Cuddle Amendment.]

Fourth, I would make it CLEAR that the President does NOT have the authority to establish Detention Centers for our own citizens.

[Violated BIGTIME by FDR.]

Fifth, I would make it CLEAR that the President CANNOT establish anymore GITMO's.

[No more Gitmos where poor widdle Al Qaeda terrorists are tortured with A/C and orange glazed chicken and rice pilaf dinners.]

Sixth, I would make sure that it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL to torture prisoners.

[Unless they are EVIL Republicans.]

Seventh, I would amend the constitution so that the President cannot destroy or sell/develop all or parts of our national parks, national forests and Wildlife Refuges. These things belong to the PEOPLE, not EXXON or the Timber Companies.

[Just as long as you don't spoil our fun by prohibiting the pouring of arsenic into the ground water.]

Eighth, I would make it CLEAR that the security of our country, to include our ports, is not to be outsourced.

[Why not just incorporate the latest DNC talking points into the constitution on a daily basis?]

Ninth, Congress should only be given a pay raise AFTER the voters decide.

[It won't affect Hillary. She just has Simon & Schuster give her a multi-million dollar pay raise in the form of an advance for a "best selling" book that few people really buy.]

Tenth, Marijuana should be legalized, controlled like alcohol, and heavily taxed, with all revenues going towards health care and Social Security.

[Let's just legalize crack so you can lawfully enjoy your favorite recreational activity.]

All Presidential candidates should have to undergo a psychological assessment, to make sure that they're in full possession of their faculties and are not four sandwiches away from being a picnic.

[That would disqualify EVERYBODY in DUmmieland except for the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!

Clarify the 2nd amendment. Starting by defining what "arms" mean in a modern world rather than use the word arms which was penned 46 years before the conical bullet was invented. Next, I'd clear up all this stuff about 'well regulated militias' when that obviously is not the kind of military we have now.

[A graduate of the Algore "Living Constitution" School. Just interpret the Constitution to mean whatever you want it to mean.]

Also, the US Senate is a horribly un-democratic institution in terms of representation. I think part of our problem as a nation, and part of the reason our government is FAR MORE conservative than the majority of the population (case in point- most people in the USA are pro-choice. So why are the pro-lifers on a legislative and judicial rampage?) is that the 400,000 people in Wyoming control 1/50th of the US Senate just like the 33 Million people in California do. Ideally, I think that situation should be rectified. Either get rid of the Senate entirely, or California's vote in the Senate should carry at minimum 66 times the Weight of Wyoming's.

[I know this is a STUPID question but do you know what the word "FEDERAL" means?]

I would draft an Amendment to require heirs, spouses, siblings and siblings' heirs of sitting Presidents to wait 20 years before running for the Presidency.

[HILLARY 2020!]

Allow churches to be taxed. The politically active churches, their organizations and any groups who do anything political.

[A lot of Unitarian and Black ministers are going to be very very ANGRY at you.]

Re-do the Senate - 2 for each state is unfair representation...
That Wyoming has as many senators as California or Texas makes no sense to me, esp when we can see now the effects of disproporate representation...


Get rid of state's entirely. Their powers are so diminished today that why even have them?


How about somehow eliminating one party rule. When the country is ruled by a corrupt party, how can the Constitution be upheld?


I think Wyoming only has the population to justify 1/2 a representative, yet the get a whole one, and at who's expense?


And an amendment requiring the death penalty (or life in prison) for any member of Congress, the executive branch, or the judiciary who has accepted anything whatsoever to influence his or her decisions.

[The Stalin Purge Amendment.]

A broad, but clearly worded amendment that would forever, once and for all, take abortion, gay rights, stem cell, right to die issues OFF THE TABLE and out of the reach of Republican wedge politics.

[Why not just make Republicans unconstitutional?]

the 21st amendment did not remove the 18th, it is still there. it repealed it. made it no longer the law of the land. you can repeal an amendment, but you cannot remove it.

[I think of the 21st Amendment as the "Never Mind" Amendment.]

100 percent taxation of profits derived from military contracts

[Thus effectively ENDING all military contracts as well as the military.]

Right to healthcare, equal education & living wage @ 30 hrs/wk.

[Aw! Why not just make it 20 hrs/wk?]

Friday, February 24, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-24-06 ("We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down...")

Rarely have the title and tone of a missive clashed so directly as in this DUmmie THREAD "victoriously" titled, "We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down..." To read the title, one would think the DUmmies are on the verge of finally defeating the EVIL Bush Regime. However, when one actually READS the thread itself, it is chock full of ANGRY defeatism. Yeah, DUmmies, you can all relax. You ARE winning...NOT! Even you DUmmies are not at all convinced by the "upbeat" title of the thread. Once again the "victorious" DUmmie rantings are in a very ANGRY Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, telling the DUmmies that the white flag you see waving before you is actually a Depends you will be needing, is in the [brackets]:

We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down...

[Your only struggle now is to decide whether or not to be magnanimous in victory although I think the answer would be a definitely NO.]

I know many feel the same as I do ,but I also read many postings with a defeatist attitude. Now is not the time to quit. WE HAVE THE BASTARDS ON THE RUN , MOVE IN FOR THE KILL GOD-DAMN IT. MOVE IN AND FINISH THEM OFF BEFORE THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO REGROUP. THIS IS BASIC WARFARE TYPE OF LOGIC AND IT WORKS,THAT IS WHY IT IS BASIC. Pull no punches, go for the jugular, etc.. We Democrats had damn sure better take this opportunity to strike now.RIDE,RIDE NOW. ...Oscar

[Oops, Oscar. Your Gandalfian words right after that brave intro don't sound very certain at all. And where are you going to strike out from? Mommy's basement computer from where you post those brave calls for attack? Now to hear from Oscar's fellow DUmmies who sound somewhat less than sure of victory...]

I go from hopeful to defeated quite frequently these days. Some days it's just so hard to believe anything will ever turn the tide, when so many outrageous crimes against democracy and humanity are committed in front of our eyes every day, and people just shrug. Sometimes I want to crawl into a hole and not come out. But there are better days as well. I think a lot of us go through this.

[True. DUmmies know well the feeling of having Lucy pull the football away from them over and over and over again.]

I know you feel. It gets very frustrating.

[That was a quick plunge from ultimate victory to utter frustration.]

Not today my friend,today we fight!There may come a day when all is lost. BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! TODAY WE FIGHT! ...Oscar P.S. I am paraphrasing Tolkien

[You need a long, long rest at the Shire my little Hobbit.]

What are you talking about? We are Americans before we are partisans.


We are Democrats and our Nation`s last Hope. We have these...
bastards on the run on do not let up or our alternative may very well be that of partisans or total and utter submission. ...Oscar

[Hobbit Oscar tranferring to his Gollum mode.]

Sorry, I won't do war with fellow Americans regardless of partisanship. I'm not a dittohead, etc.

[You might not be a dittohead but that still won't keep you from being Tombstoned for sounding too rational in DUmmieland.]

Well I WILL do war with fellow Americans... because to be a real American these days is to be a PARTISAN Democrat! Those others are NOT real Americans no matter how much they hide behind the flag.

[Only Partisan Democrats are real Americans said the tinny voice from the Alternate Reality.]

What can I say? Ere the Sun Rises ! Get Back! I will fight with you.. friend,warrior,comrade. ...Oscar

[Oscar, before you bravely wield your powerful sword in mortal fantasy combat, don't you think you should clean up the pizza stains from your T-shirt first?]

2006 & 2008. What is the plan for the elections? What can we do leading up to them?

[Stick your heads in the sand and pretend it isn't happening.]

The Dems/Libs seem to be so far off message. Would that attract voters? I guess I take everything too seriously - sorry

[More tax cuts and stronger national security. Options that are OUT of the question for DUmmies.]

Bumper sticker: "Republicans Lie" Simple, and everybody knows it's true, even if they won't admit it.

[Simple...and stupid.]

I have a lot work to do. Do you think we are going to win elections on freakin' Jack Abramoff? The spin is already in that he is attached to Dems as well - even if it isn't true. Most Americans think that what he did is normal or not a big deal. Its totally a dog bites man story - guess what America politicians can be corrupt! Also, with GOP, do you think they would let themselves be in this position close to an election? NO! We need a positive message about the Democrat party, not a they suck message.

[Trust me: You will end up with a THEY SUCK message.]

We all need a pep rally now and then.

[A few more "pep rallies" like this and you will be mainlining Prozac.]

What we say among ourselves resonates as our image to the public. And we look like a bunch of nuts b/c of how the GOP media spins it. Sometimes I think we care too much about the truth - we need to just win baby!

[You think you look like a bunch of nuts? Now how did you ever get that crazy idea?]

Bullshit. Nothing I said is nutty.

[DAMNIT! I'm NOT nuts!!!]

A sword day, a red day ! Ere the sun Rises! Ride, ride now. Riders of... Democrats.Ride for VICTORY! I`M PARAPHRSING TOLKIEN, LORD OF THE RINGS AND ALL THAT. GEE WHIZ his words do resonate

[Oscar, I really do think you need to shelve your Lord of the Rings books at least for a day or two in order to prevent yourself from succumbing to terminal Hobbitry.]

Ride now, ride now, RIDE TO GONDOR!!!

[Another Hobbit wannabee weighs in with some deep thinking.]

I want to be hopeful...I really do. And I try to be hopeful.
But what frightens and depresses me more than anything is the seemingly uncanny ability of the "official" Democratic party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I'm just not sure any more they WANT to win. They never seem to go on the offensive and stay on the offensive when it matters.

[The most recent snatching defeat from victory routine was accomplished when the Democrats stabbed Paul Hackett in the back thus ensuring that the GOP will keep their Ohio senate seat.]

Lets say we win in 06, impeach Bush. Great, President Cheney! - also the country just doesn't like impeachment proceedings no matter what.

[You...you mean if Bush is impeached then John Kerry isn't automatically installed as our next President? This is the first time I heard of that...in DUmmieland.]

It's starting to smell funny around here. Anyone else notice it?

[I believe that odor is the stench of defeat.]

Its like... when you are playing basketball and the refs just have it out for you. You have to just accept it and play to such a degree that the refs don't matter.

[Sorry. Basketball analogies are not allowed on this thread. Only Lord of the Ring references are permitted.]

Good morning to all, I have to go about my day,ergo leave forum. I appreciate your interest in my posting. ...Oscar

[Hobbit Oscar needs to make a pilgrimage to Mt. Doom in order to toss his DUmmie secret decoder ring into the boiling lava.]

If not now when ? They are as weak as they will ever be . All the bigtime GOP`s are against him/them on this one. Regimes live or die at times like this. WE have to keep on it alive with every thing we can . He/They are going down over this one, stay on it and do not let up. He is a traitor ,willing to sell out our Nation`s National Security for fun and profit as did his namesake George Walker. This is the issue that will bring them down.The Republicans know it, stay on it. ...Oscar

[And give my regards to the Ents, Oscar. Perhaps you can hitch a ride with them to the state of sanity.]

Thursday, February 23, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-23-06 ("It appears the newly formed U.S. Detention camps are for real")

DUmmieland has worked themselves into a later again based on this Alternate Reality AlterNet STORY about the EVIL Bush Regime supposedly building detention centers for DUmmies and their leftist cohorts. Of course, the AlterNet Alternate Reality story is based on NOTHING but speculation. However, the fact that Halliburton is involved is enough to make such speculation a reality for the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "It appears the newly formed U.S. Detention camps are for real." Actually the only thing that is for real is the typical DUmmie paranoia. However, at the bottom of this, the DUmmies want to feel important enough that they need to be detained by the government. Actually, DUmmies, the government has NO INTEREST in housing and feeding your lazy butts. By allowing you to continue your usual sordid existence posting insanely from your parent's basements, you are providing hours of comedic entertainment to the Federal agents who must monitor your loony insanity for the few real threats you make that might affect national security such as your occasional death threats against officials. So let us sit back and enjoy the latest chapter of DUmmie Delusions of non-existent persecution in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, laughing at my pet DUmmies detained in my Ant Farm Camp, is in the [brackets]:

It appears the newly formed U.S. Detention camps are for real.

[HOORAY! We are now IMPORTANT enough to be detained. Our meaningless lives are now VALIDATED!!!]

Bush's Mysterious new Program, what some of us here on D/U have known all along. See you all soon at the detainment camps.

[BYOM---Bring Your Own Meds.]

Snip< But recent developments suggest that the Bush administration may already be contemplating what to do with Americans who are deemed insufficiently loyal or who disseminate information that may be considered helpful to the enemy. Top U.S. officials have cited the need to challenge news that undercuts Bush's actions as a key front in defeating the terrorists, who are aided by "news informers," in the words of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Snip... Scott speculated that the "detention centers could be used to detain American citizens if the Bush administration were to declare martial law." He recalled that during the Reagan administration, National Security Council aide Oliver North organized Rex-84 "readiness exercise," which contemplated the Federal Emergency Management Agency rounding up and detaining 400,000 "refugees," in the event of "uncontrolled population movements" over the Mexican border into the United States


[They're coming to take me away...Hee! Hee! They're coming to take me away...Ho! Ho!]

i can't honestly say that i grok to whatever it is you're trying to say...

[I love to grok DUmmie threads! Best comedy entertainment yet!]

Everything they do is test cases -- holding American citizens without charges indefinitely; free speech zones; mass round-ups, as at the Republican convention; warrantless wiretapping; the list goes on and on. At every point they are testing the boundaries, pushing the limits on what the people will tolerate. We tolerated free speech zones - now, they are ubiquitous and they are pushing for the ability to arrest protesters outside the free speech zones as 'disrupters'. Where are you going to hold 500 disrupters? In a filthy holding pen at the docks? Or in a nice, clean facility specifically built for that purpose?
After being arrested, charged, fingerprinted, maybe even iris-scanned, then released, being picked up a second time as a 'disrupter' could mean that you are a habitual criminal, needing to be held longer than the previous 48 hours. Well, there's a camp in Wyoming just for you.

[It's called the Camp Wyoming FUnnie Farm. And it's just for YOU.]

Why haven't any members of Congress spoken out about this?

[Because they want to be re-elected.]

So they are go to round up and detain the "disloyal"?
To me that translates into liberals and progressives--us--the smart people. All those engineers, scientists, technicians, doctors, nurses, former military and lawyers together in one place will just coalesce into one giant brain. It would be the Great Escape and Hogan's Heroes times a million.

[It would be Comedy Central times a million.]

The writing is on the wall, isn't it. Time to seriously have a "plan B."

[Plan B: Ask Mommy for a bigger allowance.]

Bush and the republicans are worse than Al Qaeda

[Be sure to carve that theme on the DUmmieland entranceway.]

This article is absolutely terrifying! It's very long (I'm not even finished with it yet), but it's one terrifying bit of information after another. It covers more than detention camps; it also covers PSYOPS and surveillance and other straight-from-1984 stuff. I'd heard about most of it already, but it's overwhelming to see all these sinister things in one article.

[So should we send you a case of Depends or just give you a mop to soak up yellow stuff on your floor?]

Who will do the rounding up? The National Guard?
They will be rounding up their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. They won't do it. Bush will have a revolt on his hands the size of which will make the American Revolution seem like a tea party.

[Bush will be sending out Phantoms to round up your fantasies.]

DUmmie FUnnies 02-23-06 ("Can freepers be deprogrammed?")

I found the title of this DUmmie THREAD, "Can freepers be deprogrammed?" especially amusing since I just received a personal FreepMail message at the Free Republic from none other than DUmmie Doohickie. In case you don't remember DUmmie Doohickie, he was the author of some of our FAVORITE DUmmie threads called "I BELIEVE" in which he was cheerleading the DUmmie to BEEEELEEEEVE that John Kerry was going to be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2005. These threads began shortly after the 2004 election and lasted until early Jan. 2005 when Doohickie took an embarrassed exit from DUmmieland but has recently returned. Here is the FreepMail that Doohickie sent to me:

"At this point, I must ask....is Doohickie one of us? NOBODY among the DUbies refers to the President as W....."

It's kind of funny what one finds when one does a search on his own username.

At this point, I *am* one of you, since I had to join the Freepers to send you a PM.

But, no, I am no Repbulican. I am in fact a registered Democrat. I live in Texas, though, and W is what I call Bush. Molly Ivins, the syndicated columnist, often refers to him as Dubya, and I used W as a shorthand for that. I think you read too much into my use of the W.

I'm obviously disappointed with the outcome of the election, and also with the way things have gone in the country since then. But I'm also flattered in a way that my threads over on DU garnered so much attention by the Freepers.

You will probably notice the spelling of my Freeper username: Doohickee. I actually registered Doohickie a long time ago (around the time of the I Believe threads), and it took me about 2 posts to get punted off FreeRepublic. Apparently the Freepers aren't all that keen on free speech.

Anyway, tell the gang over in Freeperland I said hi and make some more jokes about me if it makes you feel better.

Still believing in America,


Yes, I BEEEEEELEEEEEEVE this was DUmmie Doohickie. So this DUFU edition about Deprogramming is dedicated to DUmmie Doohickie along with a hearty thanx for the MANY laughs he has provided us with his "I Believe" threads which exposed MANY DUmmies who are in real need of deprogramming. As usual, the undeprogrammed DUmmie recitations are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who BEEEEEEELEEEEEEEVES that John Kerry will be inaugurated on January 20, is in the [brackets]:

Can freepers be deprogrammed?

[I BEEEEEELEEEEEEVE John Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20.]

I've read articles about people who have joined cults. In many cases, their parents hired someone to "kidnap" them and then put them through a regimen to "deprogram" them.

[You are just $10 away from being deprogrammed.]

I personally believe that freepers, as well as all other types of Bush zombies, comprise a cult. They are programmed (brainwashed) to absorb, digest and repeat any piece of wingnut propaganda being fed to them.

[They are programmed to robotically chant: "I BEEEEEEELEEEEEVE John Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20."]

So I'm asking psychiatrists, psychologists and the well-informed out there, is it possible to deprogram these people?

[Let's ask a real expert: DUmmie Doohickie.]

The problem is they are uneducated.
Therefore, there's nothing to deprogram. They are just trying to hang on to their own ignorance and for some reason want to drag everyone else down with them.

[We are so uneducated that not only do we BEEEEELEEEEVE that John Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 but we also BEEEEELEEEEEVE that Al Gore is now president in an Alternate Universe.]

Go read a couple of "Pray for President Bush" threads
The people at FReakRepublic are flat out nuts. There used to be some sane ones, but they got driven out or quit in disgust. Not to mention the yearly purges. They continually refine their craziness by not allowing any dissent.

[Can we also read a couple of "I Believe" threads? Or how about a Hopi Indian prayer thread? Or an astrological thread predicting the fall of Bush because the moon is rising in Uranus? And if that doesn't work would sending $10 to Bev Harris help in overturning the election? Oh, and I BEEEEELEEEEVE the draft will take place by April. Oh, that was supposed to have been April 2005. Never mind. Instead I will maintain my faith that June 16th is the Day When Everything Is Finally Going To Change. I BEEEEEELEEEEEVE! And have yourself a Merry Fitzmas!]

I could recommend some medication: Lamotrigine.

[DUmmies are experts in medications. In fact you can find a whole list of meds in the 06-27-05 DUFU edition titled, How many of us here take antidepressants?]

Years ago, we used to hear about families who had a family member that got mixed up into religious cults, and how these families would get "deprogrammers" to deprogram what these religious nut cults had brainwashed their family members with. We stopped hearing stories about this at about the same time that the Right Wing Nuts started gaining power in the government. Of course, these Right Wing Nuts finally achieved their complete power grab of the government, after years of harassing and smearing Bill Clinton and any Democrat that got in their way. So, does anyone believe their is a relationship with this?

[Absolutely. Vicious rightwingers discovered that deprogrammed DUmmies weren't FUnnie any more so they decided to leave them in their original condition. After all, if all DUmmies were deprogrammed, the DUmmie FUnnies would lose all its comedy material, ESPECIALLY DUmmie Doohickie's HILARIOUS "I Believe" threads.]

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-21-06 ("Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing")

How the mighty have fallen. Until recently, Paul Hackett, was a HERO to the DUmmies. He was the KEY to their expected victories at the ballot box this November. All that has changed. Paul Hackett is now the LIVING SYMBOL of the impending leftist implosion as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing." Rather than being a PLUS, Paul Hackett is now a NEGATIVE. Not only has he ensured that the Ohio senate seat remains in GOP hands, the demoralizing effect he is having is sure to spread to other races just as the Paul Wellstone funeral not only killed Democrat senatorial hopes in Minnesota but hurt them elsewhere as well. Yeah, yeah, I know there have been a PLETHORA of DUmmie FUnnies threads about Paul Hackett recently but I think his case is important since the demoralization it has caused is sure to spread. Therefore let us now enjoy the DUmmie agony over Paul Hackett in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who believes that Hackett has made victory at the ballot box so sure in Ohio that there is no longer any need to Hack It, is in the [brackets]:

Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing

[Paul Hackett: Thanks For Keeping the Ohio Senate Seat Safe.]

Yep, he's a real team player. I haven't had too much to say about Hackett because I just wasn't sure what actually transpired, but now he's gone on Hardball and accused the Brown campaign of swiftboating him. If he keeps this up, he's going to sink Brown's campaign. Not helpful.

[If this keeps up, he's going to sink a lot of other Democrat campaigns. VERY helpful.]

other than just hackett have said that.

[The angry charges just keep flying and flying.]

Yes, but that doesn't negate the damage he's doing.

[True. Let us all give Paul Hackett the proper credit for messing up Democrat chances this November.]

If Brown did half of what Hackett accuses him of. You reap what you sow.. It's called Karma. I'd redirect that anger at those who deserve it. Playing dirty is never an admirable quality

[It's called Karmatic Kickback.]

The ultimate irony: The reason Hackett was asked to drop out was in order to avoid a nasty fight between Brown and Hackett and spare the voters and embarressment to the Democratic Party.... And here we have a fight and embarressment to the Dem Party anyway....

[The more Democrats try to FIX things, the more BROKEN they become.]

So What? He Undercuts That Work By His Selfishness. And make no mistake -- by attacking Sherrod Brown despite what has been pretty well-documented problems in his campaign and his egotistical refusal to run in a campaign for a "lesser" office he could have won, he makes it harder for Democrats to take over the House. Which means every issue he claims are important to him will suffer.
Which means the happiest guy remains Karl Rove. SHUT UP, HACKETT.


Sherrod Brown and his staff have never denied the allegations. Hackett said today that he heard it again and again from outside parties ABOUT Brown's staff (that they were spreading rumors about his military service). If I were Sherrod Brown (and innocent), I'd get to the bottom of this and fire the asses of anyone involved in such skullduggery. But all we've heard from the Brown camp are non-denial denials. Strange, that.

[This is pretty much going to be the THEME of Sherrod Brown for the rest of the campaign. Just keep his head buried in the sand, and HOPE that Hackett's smear charges just go away.]

It's not a pleasant thing to see. Hackett got screwed. You guys (not you ) apparently think he should be a good boy and wipe the KY off his butt and crawl into a hole somewhere, you know, like a typical Dem would. But he's not a typical Dem, and we need a few like him among us - but every time one shows up the party bosses get nervous and cut his legs off. Y'all better start figuring out what this means.

[It means continued loss at the ballot boxes even without Diebolding them.]

I've been ranting since the day I got here that Dems need to learn to talk shit the way republicans do. I believe we have to use some of the same rhetorical tricks that they do. I do not believe that becoming liars or backstabbers is going to get us anywhere.

[If you want to copy the Republicans, then try to copy their IDEAS.]

Reid and Schumer admit they asked him to run.
And it is equally true they asked him to withdraw. That alone is enough. And it is obvious, as they do NOT deny it that they called donors and asked them to hold off. Drying up someon's money because you want another candidate and then using the excuse you didn't raise enough, stinks. And it also stinks that Paul asked Sherrod for permission initially and Sherrod said go ahead, he wasn't running. Hackett refused to do that to the other congressional candidates and I respect him for it. Call it politics as usual if you like but it still isn't right and a so called "liberal" like Brown ain't gonna win in Ohio. I hope I am wrong but I think Hackett"s military backgrounf and straight talk would have gotten the Repuke vote. Sherrod's vapid "intellectualism" won't work statewide. But whatever. Keeping quiet and not acknowlwdging the nastiness won't make it go away. Sherrod Brown hasn't even reached out an olive branch to Hackett and asked for help. Hackett said he would help if asked. That also says something!

[Democrats proving that they are just...DUmmies.]

Typical behavior for state party Dems. WV has the same problem.

[WV can't Hack It either? Oh, do tell!]

This wouldn't have happened if Brown didn't reverse course.
It was poor performance of Brown to say he wouldn't run and then change his mind long after Hackett got the gears in motion and say he would run, which rendered Hackett's efforts as pointless. All that money sunk into arranging a campaign, planning, etc. wasted because Brown reversed course.

[You...you mean a Democrat actually LIED? I'm shocked. SHOCKED!]

Well, somebody swiftboated Hackett and that is the fact*. And fact # 2 is that the same people who asked. Hackett into the race under cut him once he was in. Chuck Schummer take your bow.

[Encore! Encore for Chuck the Shmuck!]

Brown is now damaged goods, an elitist candidate for the Democratic money people, and that's the fault of many Democrats, but Hackett is not among them.

[Actually a lot of other Democrat candidates are also damaged goods.]

I won't watch MSM, especially hardball, but did he really trash brown?

[Yeah. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!]

The story inside Ohio will be issues, not this inter party drama. I don't like how Hackett handled his withdrawl but this will pass. The sky is not falling.

[Wipe that cloud from your head.]

I wouldn't give Sherrod Brown a nickel.

[Sherrod Brown is just $10 away from being the next senator from Ohio.]

In some ways the OLD way of selecting candidates was best. Smoke filled rooms of guys pre-selecting candidates based on strengths and support. It's worked for republicans ever since WE quit doing it.. I take that back..we still DO it, only we do it in public now, and PROVE how stupid we can be..

[We is STUPID!]

The Repukes in Dem's clothing, the DLC have hijacked our party.

F*ck the DLC.

F*ck Brown.

And for that matter, F*ck Hackett for bowing out.

[That's a pretty broad F-brush you have there.]

Brown was supposed to be out of the picture. Brown lied. The political whores that make up the DLC have the blood of Hackett's murdered campaign all over them. The DLC, swiftboated Hackett because they want their candidates to run unopposed. They want someone who'll promote and push their "centrist" agenda. The DLC are sado-masochists, they have Terminal Perpetual Stockholm Syndrome.

[TPSS is now listed in the medical journals.]

If Brown wasn't a two-faced lying sack of shit, and hadn't been fellatting the DLC scumbags, we'd be getting ready for the next Hackett rally this weekend

[No freebie hot dogs and Democrat Kool Aid this weekend.]

Monday, February 20, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-20-06 ("Hackett on 'Hardball'")

I KNEW the DUmmies would IMPLODE before this year's congressional elections set in but I never realized it would happen so soon. The first shot of this leftwing implosion was Paul Hackett's appearance on "Hardball" today. If you haven't seen it yet, try to catch the rerun or find the video on the Web. It is an amazing piece of video. Paul Hackett accuses his own Democrat party in general of "swiftboating" him and the Sherrod Brown campaign in particular of spreading a smear campaign against him by passing around photos of Hackett supposedly committing War Crimes. Yes, Hackett did come off as a loon (a clip was played of Hackett accusing Bush of being a coke addict) but he has served a GREAT purpose by guaranteeing that the Ohio senate seat remains in Republican hands. Hackett has also sowed so much dissension that it might even prove costly in other senate and congressional races. You can see the beginnings of the leftist implosion in this Daily Kos THREAD titled, "Hackett on 'Hardball'." Yes, I said "Daily Kos." I have found that their threads are just as loony as those in DUmmieland and, really, it is basically the same people who post at both places. As usual the DUmmies With A Kos rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thanking Hackett for sinking the Democrat chances in Ohio, is in the [brackets]:

Hackett on 'Hardball'

[My favorite "Hardball" episode yet. A Democrat sinks the Democrats.]

Paul Hackett was just on "Hardball with Chris Matthews". What did you think of it?

[The IMPLOSION has begun among the Democrats. Look for even MORE in the future.]

The show had three parts: a news report summarizing Hackett and his campaigns; an interview with Hackett; then an interview with Howard Fineman about Hackett.

[The middle part with Paul Hackett body slamming Sherrod Brown was my fave!]

I thought the first part was rather straightforward and without prejudice; I thought Paul did an admirable job in the second part, but Tweety was determined to make the Dems look bad and eventually got Hackett to accuse Brown of swiftboating him; in the third part, Fineman basically summarized that Hackett is a bit of a loose cannon and even though he resisted attacking the Democratic leadership, he lost credibility when he took shots at Brown.

[I thought Paul Hackett came off as a LOON in the first part when he accused President Bush of being a coke addict based on NO evidence. The second part was the best with Hackett accusing the Brown campaign of running a smear campaign against him by secretly showing around photos of Hackett supposedly committing war crimes. And Fineman tried to cover for Brown by accusing Hackett of being a mental case which we already know but that doesn't detract from the fact that Hackett pretty much ruined Sherrod Brown's senatorial ambitions in the second part.]

I am a former Hacketthead who thinks that it is time to move on to accomplishing our mutual goal: taking the Senate seat from Mike DeWine. I was losing faith in Hackett until now-- I thought he did a great job on the interview and wasn't as harsh on Brown as he could have been (or as hard as people in DKos have been). He was realistic about his lack of funding compared to Brown and did not attack the Democratic leadership as hard as Tweety tried to put words in his mouth. I think he will have a great role to play in our party.

[You are the one who is being UNREALISTIC. In case you didn't notice, Hackett pretty much ruined it for Sherrod Brown in the general election. Now to read the other Kos they're DUmmies comments...]

DeWine's seat is beyond reach until the party leadership and Brown clean up their act. Hackett is under no obligation to be loyal to either one. If Brown can't win it without Hackett playing nice, he has no business running for the seat at all. He's toast against DeWine until/unless he learns.

[Sherrod Brown's toast was certainly burnt to a crisp on today's "Hardball."]

I was surprised that Hackett and Brown haven't spoken in months. They need to. I think they should lock themselves in a room until they work this out, then campaign together to accomplish their, and our, mutual goal.

[After today's episode, I don't think Hackett and Brown will EVER be speaking again.]

Work what out? Brown said he wouldn't run, Hackett took up the gauntlet. Two weeks later, Brown is in the race for whatever reason. Why should Paul Hackett have to talk to a guy who knifed him in the back? I get sick of "politics as usual". "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." - I know, Bush can't say that. Should Paul come back for another knifing?

[I love it when Democrats stab each other in the back!]

If Paul is committed to taking the Senate away from the thugs that run it now, he'll help Brown win.

[After watching this evening's "Hardball," I would say that the chances of that happening is somewhere between Nil and None.]

We should WIN this seat. I'm not happy at how this turned out for Paul; but he should not be bad mouthing Dem candidate; we need to pick up this seat WHEVER is candditate; if we cant beat De Wine this year in Ohio with all their negatives, when CAN we win?

[Don't worry. Massachusetts is still safe for the Democrats.]

Hackett didn't..... say anything I haven't already heard. Hearing it on Hardball though might carry that story to people who might not have ever found out. I'm sure the Brown supporters will be screaming about this one real soon.

[Hopefully either Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh will be playing the audio of this AMAZING interview tomorrow.]

I hadn't heard. Hackett be quite so clear about the "swiftboating" issue. Until Hardball, I wasn't sure where he stood on the issue.
It's perfectly clear to me that he believes it came from the Brown campaign.

[Hackett just sank Brown's Swiftboat.]

A loose cannon is just what this country needs to unseat these Republicans. I like Paul, and I like how he stands up to this idiot of a President.

[A DUmmie/Kos endorsement of a loose cannon candidacy.]

I, too, was a happy Hackett fan. Then his staff handed a lot of Democrats' time, trust and money to the Republicans, free of charge. Exceptionally uncool.

[Karl Rove thanx Paul Hackett for guaranteeing that the Ohio senate seat remains in GOP hands.]

He was truckin' along just beautifully and then he stepped in it big time! Now I understand why many have been commenting that he isn't ready for the majors. Why did he find it necessary to accuse the Brown campaign of speading lies about his military career on national TV? And to go on and on about it? It was not a way to endear himself with anyone but the hardcore Hackett base. Not a way to mend fences and to take the high road.

[Why? Because it was all part of the Perfect Rovian Plan.]

His entire staff Needs to be preemptively blacklisted...and given individual opportunity to explain how they were not using Democratic time, trust and donations to do oppo research for the Republicans. Sorry. I'm not into party purges, but the pro-Pub info dump this morning is a necessary death sentence for a whole lot of campaigners' careers. Hackett himself, needs to address to general satisfaction that this move wasn't payback.

[That "pro-Pub info dump" was certainly a death sentence for Sherrod Brown's senate career before it even began.]

Too bad, we lose, once again.

[And this DUmmie with a Kos WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

DUmmie FUnnies 02-20-06 ("We are past the point of partisan solutions to our nation's problems!")

The BEST thing about the defeatism now prevalent among the Left, is the HILARIOUS material such an attitude provides as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "We are past the point of partisan solutions to our nation's problems!" DUmmie IndianaGreen (recently Tombstoned from DUmmieland for daring to disagree with Pied Piper Pitt but now allowed back in) wrings his hands over the fact that the Left will NEVER get back in power via the ballot box. His solution? Either non-violent mass marches against the EVIL Bush regime ala Gandhi's Salt March in 1930 or exile. Of course, the idea of coming up with RATIONAL issues to present to the voters never occurs to him. So sit back and relax as the DUmmie Lemmings prepare to jump off the cliff again in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering just what sort of humiliating begging IndianaGreen had to perform for Skinner to be allowed back in DUmmieland, is in the [brackets]:

We are past the point of partisan solutions to our nation's problems!

[It does no good to oppose the Mighty Rove. Give up, NOW!]

The American Republic is long dead! It is sad to see the Democratic Party, with some very notable and courageous exceptions, become a party to its burial. The men and women and gave us the Republic wanted a government that was limited in scope and respectful of their rights, including the rights of the minorities (political, religious, social). They feared a monarchy as much as they feared a dictatorship of a majority. They most definitely did not want the state to impose sectarian views as they had seen happening in Europe! They wanted to be left alone to pursue their own happiness, relying in government and in their collective efforts for those things that as individuals they could not accomplish on their own. Those days are over!

[Oh WOE is us! The wonderful days are GONE with the wind. Continue the comedy act, IndianaGreen...]

Dictatorship is the only way to describe the Bush Administration. In a few short years a significant number of Americans have embraced an absolute monarchy, a monarchy without a throne or crown. The Presidency under Bush has absorbed all the powers that the Framers of the Constitution had to painstakingly divided between three branches of government. The Presidency has claimed the power to start wars without Congressional approval, to detain people indefinitely without charges, to torture and abuse detainees with impunity, and to assassinate whoever they want at any time or place, including American soil. Absolutism at home has led to militarism abroad, the United States joining a long list of aggressor states that include such recent notables as Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and in an ironic twist, Saddam's Iraq.

[Fidel Castro has been in ABSOLUTE power in Cuba for nearly 50 years without ever being elected, yet IndianaGreen would describe that situation as a "People's" democracy. Continue IndianaGreen...]

Many of our friends speak of Democratic chances in 2006 and 2008, yet they ignore the well documented record that Republicans have of ballot fraud and voter disenfranchisement. There is little evidence that things will be different in the upcoming midterm elections or in the 2008 Presidential race. Elections in America have become the mirror image of elections held in any authoritarian regime in the Third World. It is only a matter of time before opposition candidates are found laying on a ditch, hands tied behind the back, a bullet shot to the back of the head.

[No need to off the opposition when we merely have to preset the Diebold machines to "Republican." Continue with the paranoia, IndianaGreen...]

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, and this is one of those times in which we face an unpalatable choice: resistance or exile!

[You were recently EXILED from DUmmieland, IndianaGreen, for daring to disagree with Pied Piper Pitt. Oh, and now the official disclaimer: Pied Piper Pitt never EVER had any personal dealings with the A.N.S.W.E.R. comrades even though his PDA group was instrumental in organizing the September Rally in D.C. with A.N.S.W.E.R.. Pitt was able to maintain his virginal purity by hermetically sealing himself off in a giant body condom so as not to be infected by the A.N.S.W.E.R. microbes. Okay, now that I have done my official Pied Piper Pitt PSA, you may continue, IndianaGreen...]

If we choose the path of resistance we must take every opportunity to publicly and loudly oppose every action the Bush dictatorship takes. Our opposition must always firm, resolute, and peaceful! Even a hint of violence would give the Bush dictatorship a pretext to impose more draconian measures on the American people. We must deny the Bush tyranny that pretext by adopting the tactics used by Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the US. Unlike Gandhi and Dr. King, we will not prevail in our struggle. Imperial nations such as the United States have always succeeded in crushing internal opposition. Their collapse was always brought about by a combination of external opposition and their folly in believing in their own invisibility.

[A great opportunity there for you to lead a Great Salt March to Cocoa Beach, IndianaGreen. Continue with the comedy act...]

Exile is always an option, and in the case of those under persecution such as the LGBT community, it may be the only viable option that is now available. To those that dismiss exile as leftist paranoia, I can only suggest that they consider the fate of the German Jews that waited until it was too late for them to escape the Holocaust. Do not make the same mistake!

[So why aren't YOU leaving, IndianaGreen? Or are you waiting for your "pal," Pied Piper Pitt, to make that move first? Continue from exile or wherever...]

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Lord Acton was quoted as saying. To Acton's words we must add that absolute power leads to absolute cruelty, as we have seen in the way American troops have treated the Iraqi population. Those same troops will be used on American soil against the American people! If you doubt, do a Google on Posse Comitatus, and on the current efforts by the Bush dictatorship to do away with its remnants in order to "protect us."

[LOL! Whenever a DUmmie has to show actual PROOF of something, they almost always say to Google it. Okay, IndianaGreen, I'll go to Google and do a search on "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" just to see which name pops up first, Maurice Chevalier or William Rivers Pitt.]

The end will not be a happy one for any of us!

[At last a note of reality has crept into your fantasy, IndianaGreen. And now to read the rantings of the rest of your reality challenged community.]

Whoa! I have occassionally thought that perhaps I was a defeatist. You've given me a whole new standard.

[True. IndianaGreen does set a new standard for DUmmie defeatism.]

A well written piece. And until something serious is done about ES&S and Diebold vote stealing for Republicans, nothing short of massive resistance will result in a defeat of the fascist juggernaut. I don't completely share your view that resistance is futile, but Democrats are doing their bit to see if they can implode faster than Republicans.

[The most recent example of DUmmie defeatism was stabbing the DUmmie hero, Paul Hackett, in the back by his fellow Democrats thus ensuring that the Ohio senate seat remains in Republican hands. But don't grieve too much. Pied Piper Pitt has assured you that this betrayal was necessary due to RealPolitik.]

Unlike some on this board, I see the 1990's as the REAL Dark Ages for the Democratic Party and the real cause of the cause of the mess we're presently in. That's when the Democratic Party fell down on the job. It had the chance to reverse the dark course of the 1980's, bit instead, it was complicit in the GOP message and the same CON job with a nicer face on it. Democrats enabled the Conservative Revolution by echoing too many of the corporater CONservative assumptions and policies.

[Thanks for that not so subtle slam against the Clintons.]

How many Democrats opposed the PATRIOT extension? Russ Feingold's lone fight was joined by Robert Byrd and independent Jim Jeffords.

[It's WORSE than even you think, DUmmie IndianaGreen. The Democrats completely BACKTRACKED after the big public backlash against them when Dingy Harry celebrated the initial defeat of the Patriot Act a couple of months ago. And one BIG reason why Dingy Harry gloated over the Patriot Act defeat was on the advice of the Daily Kos Leftists who meets regulary with Dingy Harry. So let us all thank the Daily Kos loonie for further undercutting the Democrats chances this year and hope that the Democrats in the future will also take dopey advice from the sage of Newton MA, Pied Piper Pitt.]

Just remember -- Bush is at about 40 percent approval now.

[Just remember -- Bush is NO LONGER running for public office.]

I think our species is mulling a paradigm shift, which is both scary and awesome.

[I think your brain is mulling a paradigm shift.]

"People are waking up" just as the guillotine blade is released. While I wholeheartedly agree that liberalism was decimated and marginalized by a "little bit pregnant" Democratic Party in the 90s, I see no prospect whatsoever that the American Body Politic has changed direction. Whether at breakneck speed or a sedate stroll, we have marched without interruption into an age of fascism, and I see absolutely no retreat in sight. This autocratization of America has proceeded monotonically for over 25 years. We are more than four decades away from a recovery to merely the state we were in the late 70s, and that assumes an immediate change of direction - which is completely out of the question. America will not see itself returned to an even moderately liberal democracy in the next four decades without catastrophic collapses in our nation, both social and economic. No baby boomer will ever again see a liberal democratic America ... nor will our children.

[Ah yes. The WONDERFUL late 70s. The Age of Malaise complete with recession, runaway inflation, high unemployment, and American hostages sitting for 444 days in Tehran. Those were the good ol' days!]

Just more self-loathing Vichy Democrats.

[Vichy Democrats. I LOVE that term!]


[Damn those Vichy Democrats!]

Remember it is suppose to be a "government of the
people, by the people, for the people". Let it not parish from this Earth.

[Not only will we not let it "parish" from this Earth, we won't let it county from this earth either. After all the country is a bit larger than just Louisiana.]

it's over...end of democracy, end of story... end of the american republic - and the Democrats alligned with the Repukes - i hope they all rot in hell.

[Don't forget to turn out the light on your way out of reality.]

words cannot describe the anger, the frustration, the utter f*cking rage i feel right now about this..

[Did anyone ever tell you that your eyes have a special sparkle when you are insanely enraged?]

And, if it could be explained to most Americans the time might be ripe for such a Revolution.

[Explaining just what a "POPULIST/HUMANIST Revolution" means is probably the deal killer right there.]

identify the new polarities please

[Okay. There's a North Polarity and a South Polarity.]

I say we simply walk away from all the existing parties and form a Government of Constitutional Restoration.

[Don't forget to get a permission slip from Mommy so you can leave your basement and form a Government of Constitutional Restoration.]

We must treat Bush regime as we would a hostile foreign occupation power

[Can we also treat the DUmmies as an Alien Life Force from the Alternate Reality Dimension?]

Friday, February 17, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 02-17-06 ("How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones")

Get the scene. A veteran Marine candidate who is wildly popular among the DUmmies gets ready to launch a senatorial campaign after being given assurances of support from the bigwig Democrats. But then a vicious whispering campaign begins accusing this candidate of committing war crimes in Iraq. So who were the devious perpetrators of this dastardly deed? It must be the the EVIL Republicans, right? Wrong. It turns out that it was the Democrats themselves. Surely this MUST be some sort of rightwing disinformation campaign to DEMORALIZE the supporters of Ohio senatorial candidate Paul Hackett? Wrong again. The SOURCE of this story is none other than the FAR LEFT Mother Jones magazine as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones." Well, at least I can breath easier now. With Paul Hackett, as WACKO as he was, I did fear that he might be able to fool enough voters to send him to the Senate. Now that senate seat looks to remain safely in Republican hands thanks to the buku bungling by the Democrats who have now served up a big fat shit sandwich to the DUmmies and their ilk. Meanwhile the DUmmies will have salt rubbed into their raw wound while Pied Piper Pitt imperiously lectures them about the need smile while eating that shit sandwich due to need to practice RealPolitik. For Pitt, "RealPolitik" translates into pandering to the will of the Democrat Party bigwigs in a pathetic effort to squeeze a few Shekels out of them in the form of a political consulting contract. Look at the BETRAYAL of Paul Hackett, DUmmies, and you will see your FUTURE when the party bigwigs pick Hillary as your candidate in 2008. Yeah, go ahead and deceive yourselves with talk of Kucinich, Feingold, Kerry, Gore, or Clark. The bottom line is that Hillary has ALREADY been chosen for you. Enjoy that shit sandwich as well while Pied Piper Pitt tells you to smile while chomping down on it. So let the fireworks begin with the DUmmie outrage in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, breathing MUCH EASIER about the Ohio senate race now the the Democrats have fouled the waters for themselves, is in the [brackets]:

How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones

[With a shiv---in the back.]

Democratic Senate candidate and Marine Corps Major Paul Hackett is accustomed to waging quixotic battles and taking his hits. He just didn’t expect the lowest—and fatal—blows to come from his own party.

In an announcement that stunned many in Washington and even some in his campaign staff, Hackett declared on February 13, 2006, that he was dropping his bid for U.S. Senate in Ohio, ending his 11 month political career. “I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign,” he said, only hinting at what had gone down behind the scenes. The day after his withdrawal from the race, he told me about the backroom battles that forced him out.

Hackett was running against seven-term Akron Democrat Rep. Sherrod Brown in a May primary, with the winner going on to face two-term Republican Sen. Mike DeWine in November (assuming DeWine wins his own primary against a longshot Republican challenger). DeWine is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbent Republicans, and the national Democratic Party is pulling out the stops to defeat him.

But first, the Democrats had to get Hackett out of the way. The weapons used in the rubout included economic sabotage, whisper campaigns, and threats.

More: http://www.motherjones.com/news/update/2006/02/hackett_drops_out.html

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hey DUmmies!!! Don't forget to thank your OWN Democrat "leadership" for ONCE AGAIN snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!]

Now I'm gonna get behind Sherrod Brown, but...

Let this episode BE THE LAST time we backstab one of our own. If we can't run aboveboard campaigns, we don't deserve to be in power either!

[Get used to it, DUmmie. This is only the BEGINNING. Look for Hillary to be handpicked for you in 2008. Moan all you want but there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Oh, and enjoy the NEXT shit sandwich they will be serving you. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

Oh but that's ok.... because the "liberals" on this board have transmogrified into "pragmatists" so they can excuse this sordid little mess. Our party can get down and dirty with its own members but when confronted with a Republican they fold like the f*cking paper napkins that they are. Now just why is that, pray tell?

[Because your party is rife with careerists and careerist wannabees like Pied Piper Pitt who will do the bidding of the FEW at the top of the Democrat party food chain.]

Hahaha.... I to have watched as the apologists around here try to spin this piece of crap maneuver into something positive. When in fact it is just slimy in my estimation.

[Hahaha.... Smile while Pied Piper Pitt tells you to take a nice bite out of that piece of crap sandwich. See it's supposed to be about RealPolitik. It's the game that Pitt loves to play as he panders for the party bigshots.]

I'm one of the "lefty" crowd around here, like Hackett a lot, and think that what was done to him was bullshit of the highest order. And frankly, if I was voting in Ohio, I would probably go Green in the Brown race out of sheer spite.

[But...but didn't you hear the self-serving lecture that Pied Piper Pitt gave about the need to play the RealPolitik game?]

I think the comment was directed directly to the Official Apologists on the board, not all liberal Democrats. I'm afraid that the sentiment you expressed ("if I was voting in Ohio, I would probably go Green in the Brown race out of sheer spite") is shared by thousands in Ohio and it is likely to lead to the re s gaining the House seat Brown is abandoning to run for Senate to be followed by a win for DeWine. And this is "our side".

[Pied Piper Pitt: Official Apologist of the Democrat Party.]

But, but weren't we told here on DU that Brown had raised MORE money than Hackett?

[If Pied Piper Pitt said it then it MUST be true...NOT!]

If those things in the article are true, and people STILL find nothing wrong with what happened, then we are in far deeper shit than even I imagined.

[Smile while chomping down on that shit sandwich. Pitt Piper Pitt has so decreed.]

I've always liked Mother Jones magazine. some of the best investigative journalism in the country

[Too far left for my taste but they were right on the mark with this story.]

Oh, heaven forbid YOU get to choose. I mean, don't you know that Chucky Schumer knows best, and Sherrod Brown had lots of money and everything!!!! The fact that he won't be able to draw flies south of Columbus has nothing to do with anything anymore. But don't listen to me - I'm just one of those cynics, you know.

[Trust in Chuck the Shmuck. He knows what's best for you.]

When one merely tries to bring up the fact that Hackett can pull votes from people that Sherrod Brown can only dream about getting we get accused of being all kinds of things. You know Ohio, and I know Ohio. Sadly, not a lot of other folks on here do, and that is going to cost us dearly.

[Trust in Pied Piper Pitt, the Casanova of the Newton, MA schoolyards.]

What they did was wrong and Hackett has every right to be pissed, the voters of Ohio should be pissed. (if you aren't .. well .. you will be come Nov.) Those, like myself who loved this man's honesty and found it refreshing, and wanted representation to at least the primaries. But he has been swift boated ALL day long on this board. It's reprehensible behavior and inexcusable.. I was plainly just appalled by what I saw here .. and has much as we accuse the RW of having talking points. Man did I see them fly all around here today, 80 percent of them were utter bullshit.

[Enjoy your bullshit sandwich.]

what surprised me was all of the big names that were throwing that bullshit. I recognize this is party UNITY time... but you're right...there were threads yesterday that were apalling. "It's politics... if you don't like it, get out of the fire/you shouldn't be in it", when we decry every instance of Rethug tactics like this. His "warchest" is larger... well, yeah money is important, but had Hackett won the primary the money would've come. Brown IS a good candidate. But i think that is beside the point. What the folk here were getting upset about was the underhandedness. OUR guys are playing dirty pool... with a candidate that really struck a chord with people.

[The first part of your statement sounds like you were describing Pied Piper Pitt to a T.]

I am disgusted and appalled. I feel like giving up...
When we beg and plead our party leaders to grow spines and play hardball I think most of us mean against the REPUBLICANS.

[DUmmies only want the Democrats to play dirty against the EVIL Republicans, not against their fellow comrades.]

It was a shock to hear about such unredemably LOATHSOME tactics being used to squeeze out someone I believed in and by people who should KNOW BETTER.

[It might have been a shock to you but not at all surprising to me. Watch the enormous SQUEEZE PLAY in '08 to install Hillary as your candidate.]

Good thing I don't live in Ohio. No way I'd "get behind" Sherrod Brown after reading his campaign's non-denial denials about the whispering campaign against Hackett -- and ugly it was, too. Worthy of Rove himself.

[Don't be shy. Go ahead and BLAME Rove for the whispering campaign against Hackett. Hey, you blame Rove for EVERYTHING else so why not this?]

Unfortunately, I've gone from the frustration, through anger, right through apathy and have arrived at humor with regard to my opinion of our party's inability to get anything right. Yeah, Hackett is a firebrand, but throwing him under the bus? WTF is this party doing anymore? It's almost like your alcoholic gambling uncle who just can't stop being drunk and broke. *shakes head*

[BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, but I already beat you on arriving at humor on this.]

Sherrod Brown is a phony? On what possible facts do you base that assertion?

[Ah! Pied Piper Pitt arrives on a White Horse to defend his hero, Sherrod Brown, with his Newton lance.]

If the article is correct and Brown's people were "whispering" the rumor that Hackett committed war atrocities in order to try and discredit him, then he is a phony and no better than rove and that group of souless hacks-- IMO.

[Good retort to careerist Pitt but he will still expect you to smile while chomping down on that shit sandwich he is trying to serve you. You see, it is all about RealPolitik.]

I'd like to see some significant proof of that

[What? You have some sort of reading disorder, Pitt? Can't your READ the Mother Jones article for yourself?]

This article has made me more enraged than before. Thank Heaven Hackett had the cajones to speak up about it. May that be the beginning of a permanent end to such shenanigans and anti-democratic maneuverings. Oh, and f*ck Schumer all to hell.

[Does this mean we have to take you off the Chuck the Shmuck fan club list?]

Anybody think it's a Karl Rove trick? Just asking--it sounds more like the work of a rethug infiltrator than Brown.

[WHEW! You just restored my faith in DUmmies and their need to blame Karl Rove for EVERYTHING.]

This isn't a defeat just for Hackett, it's a defeat for the people, and a defeat for the democratic process, and a HUGE defeat for the Democratic Party itself. Schumer must be made to know that.

[And don't forget to BLAME Karl Rove.]

By gleefully stabbing Hackett, these politically inept *leaders* ensured the nastiness stays seared on the hearts of his supporters. The assumption that Brown would get Hackett's passionate supporters & the netroots effortlessly was blown out of the water by the political IED these leaders deployed. What a mess for absolutely so little gain!

["Political IED." Kudos for good imagery.]

I've never been more disillusioned. This was a really big mistake because it is already dividing the party...just look at this message board.

[I am and I'm enjoying it IMMENSELY.]

This may go down as one of the larger political blunders ever done by Dems. It's unfortunate across the board. Unfortunately the people who will pay the highest price will be the people of Ohio.

[More accurately, the DEMOCRATS of Ohio.]