Thursday, September 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-29-05 ("Official 'Tom DeLay is Indicted' Celebration Thread")

If anyone out there has any doubts that the indictment of Tom DeLay by political hack, Ronnie Earle, is anything BUT political, they need only read this Official 'Tom DeLay is Indicted' Celebration Thread. Yes, the DUmmies are joyously, and prematurely, celebrating the "downfall" of Tom Delay. However, if they investigate even a bit into Ronnie Earle, he is best known for making a complete FOOL of himself when his "case" against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison completely COLLAPSED the moment it went to court. With a "brilliant" track record like that, one feels yet ANOTHER DUmmie Coyote moment coming. Stand by, DUmmies. The Acme Co. package is about to EXPLODE in your faces once more as the Republican Road RUnner leaves you eating his dust as he goes whirling off "BEEP! BEEP!" in the distance. As usual, the DUmmie rantings which makes NO pretense that the DeLay indictment is about anything other than politics is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward the the DUmmie "BEEP! BEEP!" moment, is in the [brackets]:

Official 'Tom DeLay is Indicted' Celebration Thread


You'll need some music

[And some party hats. Let's all celebrate NOW before Ronnie Earle's case against DeLay collapses faster than the one against Hutchison!]

Margaritas anyone???

[You will want to lace it with cyanide when you find out how quickly the Puke of Earle's phony case collapses.]

I'm thrilled..been at work all day so hadn't heard yet. Go ahead make my year..this decade. Move your piece DeLay. Straight to jail do not pass Go!

[Do not pass thru court. Otherwise no straight to jail.]

Smile. Can't seem to wipe this off my face!

[That smile will soon turn into a shit-eatin' grin when you find out how fast the Puke of Earle's "case" is tossed out of court.]

A Good Start! Tom DeLay's indictment is a good start towards removing a cancre from the American body politic, but it's that--only a start. I won't count DeLay as being removed from power until he's convicted and sentenced.

[Then don't count on much.]

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

Washed my sins away (oh happy day)

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

When my Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

He washed my sins away

He taught me how (oh, He taught me how)

To wash (to wash, to wash)

Fight and pray (to fight and pray)

Fight and pray

And he taught me how to live rejoicing

yes, He did (and live rejoicing)

Oh yeah, every, every day (every, every day)

(oh yeah) Every day!

Oh happy day (oh happy day)

Oh happy day, yeah (oh happy day)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

When my Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

When Jesus washed (when Jesus washed)

My sins away (oh happy day)

I'm talking about that happy day (oh happy day)

[Don't worry. You'll be back to worshipping Satan again when the DeLay "case" collapses.]

Truly orgasmic!!
It feels so good!! (and we waited sooo long)

[Enjoy the Urinations of Happiness in your pants for now. It will soon turn to burning acid when you find out how quickly the Puke of Earle's case against DeLay collapses.]

Red wine, and I just smushed a cockroach in the hall.

[Yes, Red, not white, wine is recommended when dining on cockroach.]

Doin' the happy dance with my happy we need Rove,
Bush and Cheney followed by Rice,Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocon-asswipes.

[Thanx for confirming for everyone reading this that the indictment is nothing BUT political.]

I'm having a celebratory soymilk White Russian

[Followed by a Draino chaser when you find out what ultimately happens to this POLITICAL indictment.]

I'm going to church this Friday and Saturday as I promised God. Here's where, The Unitarian Church, Downtown Portland OR where this conference is being held. I didn't tell God which church I'd go to if his justice was swift. I'm sure (s)he's pleased.

[Pulling the ol' bait 'n' switch on God, eh?]

Now let's all pray for Ronnie Earle that he can present up a perfect case with nowhere for the bug man to hide.

[Ronnie Earle's case will be as "perfect" as the one he dreamt up against Kay Bailey Hutchison. Hee! Hee!]

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-27-05 (Pied Piper Pitt's Demonstration Disaster Excuses)

So the NEXT Day When Everything Finally Changed came and went with barely a notice in the media. However, this September 24 demonstration, sponsored by A.N.S.W.E.R., was such a complete DISASTER that even the leftwing Daily Kos was relieved that few people were even aware of the antics that went on there. Of course, since demonstration was Pied Piper Pitt's pet project since shortly after the ORIGINAL Day When Everything Finally Changed back in June, he had to put a Happy Face on an event that turned out as successful as a Hindenburg Landing in New Jersey. Thus we have Pied Piper Pitt dishing up platitudes of unreality in a pathetic attempt to rewrite the farce that was presented on the C-SPAN screen for our comedic entertainment. Yes, here is Pied Piper Pitt trying to convince everybody that you didn't really see what you saw in his DUmmie THREAD titled, "A couple of questions for you." As usual, Pied Piper Pitt's descent into the Memory Pitt is chronicled in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, ever amused by Pitt's Happy Face Mask, is in the [brackets]:

A couple of questions for you

[I have just ONE question for you, Pitt. Where did you come up with the ABSURD number of 500,000 loonies at that Sept. 24 demonstration. Even the photos YOU posted on another DUmmie THREAD give LIE to your ABSURD claim. I URGE everyone in Cyberspace to take a look at the photos that Pitt himself posted. You will see HUGE areas of green grass in what is supposed to be a crowd of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS. A more accurate figure for that crowd would be about 10,000 or perhaps 15,000 if one wants to be generous to the Leftists.]

I've been reading a lot of criticism here of Cindy Sheehan, and of ANSWER. I'm wondering how many of you have met Cindy, talked with her, worked with her, watched her deal with 200 reporters asking questions about every topic imaginable, can actually call her a friend? Could she even pick you out of a lineup? Were you in Texas with her, in the heat and the rain with the shotguns going off?

[Love that hyperbole of yours, Pitt. You make it sound like a war zone with those "shotguns going off." And how brave you were. You actually spent a few minutes in a Texas ditch before making a beeline back to your air conditioned motel room. Pied Piper Pitt---the 36 hour veteran of the Texas ditch served mainly in motel room comfort.]

I'm wondering how many of you have gotten 300,000 - 500,000 people to show up in one place at the same time, how many of you have managed the ridiculous process of coalition-building between two dozen Left-wing groups that all think their issue is the ultimate issue, how many of you have done the work to make them all happy so they all advertise for your march and get it of the ground, how many of you have dealt with a permitting process in DC that wends its way through have a dozen police agencies and bureaucracies.

[Did you even look at your OWN photos that you posted, Pitt? Where were all those people hiding? Between the blades of grass that were so prominent in y0ur photos. And thanks for the implication that you HAD to work with A.N.S.W.E.R. in order to get your parade permits. What was the matter? Were you too lazy to do the paper work?]

I don't like ANSWERs politics, personally, and I do wish the focus at their rallies was more...well...focused. But I also know you don't get a half million people into one city to protest without making alliances with everyone under the sun. I know you don't make those alliances without letting those groups rock the mike for a bit.

[So why not just work with the Klan? I mean they can get you some extra people. Of course, you would need to let them "rock the mike for a bit.]

I can't begin to imaging why some here have decided to take issue with Cindy Sheehan and her activism and some so-called "insensitive" remarks. But I have a challenge for you. Become a top-tier activist pretty much overnight and with no experience to help you along. Figure out a series of actions that bring attention to your cause in ways that have not happened in years. Deal with the threats, the attacks, the travelling, the logistics, the sleeping on cots and on the floor. Do all that while giving a dozen interviews a day because the press asks for them, and never once make a slip of the tongue or say the wrong thing. Oh, yeah, and bury your child.

So the fact that Cindy Sheehan even opposes us going into Afghanistan can be blamed on the fact that she has "no experience?" What's your excuse, Pitt?

How many of you have organized a protest?

Worked for an activist organization beyond the volunteer level?

Done significant coalition-building?

Been required to deal regularly with the press, and have your words reported in newspapers and on radio/TV?

Been arrested for your beliefs?

[Braved the elements by camping out in an air conditioned Texas motel room while doing an obligatory ditch publicity walk-thru?]

How many of you are really in the business?

[Well, Pitt, you're certainly giving us the business.]

My friend Cindy Sheehan has done more in the last several weeks to get Bush out and hold him accountable than everyone on DU combined and multiplied by ten. ANSWER threw together the largest street protest in recent memory.

[10,000? Well, at least A.N.S.W.E.R. put together something larger than your ORIGINAL Day When Everything Finally Changed back in June.]

There's a lot of sideline-yapping and couch-potato quarterbacking going on here. That's fine. That's what happens here. But I hope a few of you who are doing it will someday have the sense to be embarrassed by yourselves. Opinions are like that little hole the poop comes out of. Cindy works where the rubber meets the road, as does ANSWER. Pity more of you don't know where that place is. You might talk less, and do more.

[That ringing defense of ANSWER brings tears to my eyes Pitt. Now let us hear from the rest of your fellow DUmmies...]

Democrats need to keep their eyes on the prize!

[aka Bolshevik Revolution.]

As for ANSWER, the one person I spoke to who actually went to the demonstration on Saturday said it was a great experience. She did not hear the speeches. She just marched and loved it.

[Wasn't it GREAT that your friend was kept in the dark?]

Why is it always ANSWER that organizes the protests for DC? Can't another group like Code Pink decide on the agenda? These people are on the fringe how is it that they have so much money to organize this event? Guess I need to do some Google research huh?

[Yeah, you keep researching about where these looney hate groups get their money and you just might win a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

making us look like freaks

[An extremely EASY task.]

It's rare that I would disagree with Will on anything, but I think because of IA's involvement and how they messed up this protest that you'll see less and less people attending these rallys. I know my Delaware peace group and they would rather organize something themselves that is local and true to the message than to be a party of this radical agenda set forth by IA.

[GASP! How DARE you refrain from sipping Pied Piper Pitt's Kool-Aide?]

The C-Span coverage was pathetically bad, whether by design or accident.

[Shame on C-SPAN for aiming the camera at the stage and broadcasting what all the loonies were saying!]

ANSWER threw a hugh party and everyone was invited, I'm still not sure (even after reading a lot of posts about ANSWER) about their true allegiances, but let me say this; I don't care at the moment because they are swinging the hammer against Boosh. And that is good.

[As the Daily Kos said, ANSWER made you all look like loons. And that is good.]

UPJ walked away halfway through the morning. Don't know why, but they walked.

[Along with most everybody else there with the least amount of common sense, Pitt.]

It's a pompous post, Will
You more or less are telling people they have no right to disagree unless they meet your criteria. I call bullshit when I see it.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I'm calling BS on that post WilliamPitt. I normally enjoy your posts, but that one was ridiculous. You basically just took everyone to task for having an opinion.Woo Hoo Will, you know Cindy Sheehan. That doesn't make you more special than anyone else, nor does it give you the right to tell everyone here that if they don't KNOW her, haven't been arrested for their beliefs or haven't worked for an activist organization beyond the volunteer level that they aren't "in the business"? Get off your ridiculously high horse & pull your head out of your arse. I support your posting & pointing out all that Cindy HAS done & trying to explain the sacrifices that she has made- but putting down everyone elses contributions to the process is pretty lame.

[Sorry but the Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity has already been awarded.]

Monday, September 26, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-26-05 ("ANSWER deliberately lied about the start of the march...")

The NEXT Day When Everything Finally Changed came on September 24 and was instantly forgotten amidst the plethora of Hurricane Rita news coverage. I watched NBC national news on Saturday evening and there wasn't even ONE mention of Pied Piper Pitt's much heralded event on the Washington Mall. It didn't even make the front page of the local Miami Herald. In fact it didn't even get on the second page of that paper. It ended up with a relatively minor blurb on page 3 of that periodical. Most amazingly, there was even little comment from the DUmmies themselves about that much hyped letdown. Yeah, some claim a ridiculous 100,000 figure for those in attendance but my observation of the LARGE GAPS in the crowd in both the C-SPAN coverage and in the photos shows lots of grass, not necessarily of the type you inhale. Knock a zero off that figure and you get much closer to the TRUE size of the crowd. One of the funniest things about observing the speakers who ranted in their unique Leftist sing-song manner was watching the A.N.S.W.E.R. sign on the podium in front of the microphone. At times it was covered up, evidence that even some of the leftists were embarrassed by that communist organization. At other times, the A.N.S.W.E.R. sign returned. Perhaps some enterprising reporter out there can give us the behind the scenes political struggle going on there. One evidence of this struggle is this DUmmie THREAD titled, "ANSWER deliberately lied about the start of the march...
ANSWER deliberately lied about the start of the march...." It is based on this

Daily Kos REPORT about how A.N.S.W.E.R. supposedly "hijacked" their demonstration. Sorry, DUmmies but when A.N.S.W.E.R. sponsors your demonstration, are you so naive that they won't promote their nutcase agenda? As usual, the DUmb DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who is lucid enough to realize that if the KKK sponsors a rally one should NOT be surprised if they use the occasion to promote their agenda, is in the [brackets]:

ANSWER deliberately lied about the start of the march...
to hold onto their captive audience.

[GASP!!! mean that the Communist A.N.S.W.E.R. folks actually LIED to you? Next you'll be telling us that professional wrestling is fake.]

"I'm sorry, but these people are scum. For example, after about the third anti-Israel speaker left the stage, and the audience began to walk off, probably in disgust, one of the emcees came out and said, "We have a very important announcement about the march itself. We have a very important announcement about the march itself..."

[Thanx for that Daily Kos observation but to quote an old saying: "When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.]

Then they sent Gloria LaRiva from the National Committee to Free the Cuban 5 claiming that it's "not possible to move right now so yo are actually better off in staying here a little while longer cause it's totally jammed."

This, according to a friend who was there, was an abject lie. They were so desperate to keep an audience for their parade of radical speakers that they lied to the audience to keep them from joining the march.

Make no mistake, ANSWER is not our friend. And we must never again allow our real movement to be associated with them. In fact, we should do our best to make sure that no one ever shows up to one of their events again."

I am willing to march if ANSWER is attending, as they were last summer in NYC, but I will NOT participate if they are controlling the agenda. Their agenda is not mine.

[There is nothing wrong with our agenda. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. A.N.S.W.E.R. is controlling the transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image; make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your agenda. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the DUmmie Limits.]

Join them and shift their focus from the inside

[Join them and become as looney as they are.]

The only reason I would ever join them...
is to find out where the hell they're getting their money from. Personally, I'm not a PI and have no desire for a "We're All Palestinians Now" T-shirt.

[How about an "I Attended This Overhyped Demonstration And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt?"]

When they started chanting "Intifada," I was totally embarrassed...and
beyond annoyed.

[And I was totally NOT surprised.]

It's worth pausing for a second to note the way ANSWER works. ANSWER reflects its origins in the sectarian, Marxist-Leninist left (specifically the Workers World Party). ANSWER is deeply authoritarian in its structure. Decisions are made in a top-down fashion, reflecting their vanguardist political beliefs. It is a "coalition" that includes virtually no truly independent groups as members. ANSWER tends to announce unity statements first, and then demand that others sign off on them. Even when ANSWER makes compromises in negotiations with cosponsoring groups, they frequently renege on these promises at the last minute And ANSWER uses its front groups to push its line, both on issus of substance, and on tactical infighting with other peace groups.

[Thanx for providing us with an accurate description of the Democrat Party.]

Here's what I saw...
I was with Billionaires For Bush in front of the US Treasury bldg.Everything was fine until a group of Anti-Zionists hopped onto the balcony behind us and started screaming "Death to Israel" through a bullhorn.

[Damn those nutcases for ruining our nutcase street theater!]

Pitt posted to me on a DU thread that this rift resulted in two separate stages and two separate sets of speakers on Saturday. This is also why there were no march coordinators leading the crowd or keeping the march moving. it kept stalling in various places and nobody knew what to do.

[Thanx for providing the PEFECT epitaph for Pied Piper Pitt's NEXT Day When Everything Finally Changed: "It kept stalling in various places and nobody knew what to do."]

I strongly suspect there are elements in ANSWER that want to hijack the peace movement, dilute it, or derail it. I wouldn't be surprised if these elements came from some CIA-type people who have infiltrated ANSWER for the express purpose of derailing the anti-war movement.

[A Perfect Rovian Storm...And it WORKED!!!]

If you lay down with dogs... wake up with fleas.

[I absolutely SWEAR that I didn't yet see this DUmmie post when I wrote the intro to this DUFU edition!]

In Texas, the Democratic party suffered from the fact that Republicans managed to demonize labor to the degree that other Democratic voters who were attracted to the party for reasons other than labor-related issues stopped supporting pro-labor causes, they demonized trial attorneys and the civil justice system so that Democrats who were drawn to the party with other concerns as their primary issues stopped supporting pro-consumer causes, they demonized the communities that sought immigration fairness, they demonized feminists, they demonized environmentalists, they demonized gays, they demonized advocates of urban initiatives, they demonized us all. In the end, the Republicans succeeded in dissuading too many Democrats from supporting their natural allies.

[A wasted effort. The Democrats do a great job of demonizing themselves without any outside help.]

I hate to see progressive groups turn on one another.

[It sort of gives me a warm glow to see that happen.]

Thursday, September 22, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-22-05 ("Secession - a serious alternative?")

The DUmmies are in such a state of utter depression that they just want to give up and join Canada as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Secession - a serious alternative?" I would title this as "Secession - a laughable alternative?" These DUmmies are under the delusion that the Blue States might somehow seceed and join Canada as provinces. Maybe they haven't noticed but Canada has trouble keeping itself together since Quebec is periodically threatening to seceed to become an independent nation. However, it would be HILARIOUS to see some politician in a Blue State stand up and support rebuking the USA. Even Leaky Leahy isn't that far gone. As usual, the Blue DUmmie fantasies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if maybe just DUmmieland could seceed from the planet, is in the [brackets]:

Secession - a serious alternative?

[Only in Ward X of the FUnnie Farm.]

The topic of "blue state" secession has been kicked around in a humorous way since the election. Maybe it is time to take it more seriously.

What is to stop blue states bordering Canada to simply conduct referenda to determine whether or not to petition Canada for admission as a province of that sensible nation? And, if the Canadians agree, simply withdrawing from the US of Jeebus and becoming Canadian.

The blue states are, by and large, contiguous if you recall the U.S. of Canada/Jesusland graphic. Secessionists would not be declaring war on the US as the Confederacy did, we would simply be affiliated with a neighboring country.

The insanity is not going to stop in the US anytime soon, so howzabout simply washing our hands of the whole mess in a peaceful and democratic fashion? It would be the ultimate example of voting with one's feet.

[Promise you won't get outraged if I question your patriotism?]

I think its a great idea, although we'd have to fight a bloody civil war first.

[A few dozen DUmmies vs 300 million people. That war would be OVER even before the neurons conjuring up that laughable thought had a chance to make the circuit of your skull.]

I think the civil war is coming anyway. If Chimpco has mercenaries and troops in Washington (not so coincidentally on the weekend of the peace march) the message is clear: dissent and risk your freedom or possibly your life. There is no way to remove these people. No matter how many vote against them, they will never lose an election. The options of the sane are increasingly limited and everything should be on the table for discussion.

[Including treason.]

If America is going to be ruled by a bunch of ignorant Southern crackers, then I say f*ck America. We should have split up back in 1861. The Northeast and the West can have their own countries and the remains can be Jesusland or whatever, and they can have Duhbya as their head retard for life, and everyone will be happy.

[Your rousing show of support for America is quite touching. May I question your patriotism?]

I actually am starting to see the country breaking apart into three to four successor states... they have atomized the country to that point... either that or a hot civil war

[Wishful thinking on your part.]

The country is breaking rapidly apart. I don't think there's much doubt about that. The Reichwing has been intent on the project for a generation. The pieces cannot be put back together, so I think it's smart to start evaluating alternatives.

[Okay, can I finally get to question your patriotism?]

Count me in
I am so outta here.

[I'm going to take a big plunge here and question your patriotism.]

Sounds great to me. I'd be very happy to be a Canadian. Eh?
It would also have the happy effect of reducing the American Empire to a more manageable rogue state.

[Oh pretty please! Can I question your patriotism?]

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-21-05 ("**********HEY FREEPERS********" ---DUmmie lynettebro440 Responds To DUFUs)

Shame on the DUmmie FUnnies for quoting DUmmie lynettebro440 WORD FOR WORD in our Sept. 15 EDITION. It just isn't fair. From her crazed response she might have received a little visit from the Secret Service for wishing a heart attack upon George Bush. Fortunately, DUmmie lynettebro440 was able to avoid incarceration just long enough to entertain us with yet another comedic MISSIVE. As usual the hilarious primal scream emanating from DUmmie lynettebro440 is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, playing dirty again by quoting her EXACTLY, is in the [brackets]:

**********HEY FREEPERS********


To all the freepers and repukes that are reading and lurking,now hear this. I have something I want to say and if youdon't want to listen, don't let the door hit your ass on theway out. Now let me begin.

[Tell us again in your enchanting crazed rant about how you want George W. Bush to suffer from a heart attack.]

I've been reading this site for almost a year now as I triedto find some answers to why this world was turning so stupid. I'm a little ole woman in the middle of the country withmore brains then I should have. I have been around the blocka few times; f*ck that shit I have been around the world. I have livedthrough some crazy shit that, if you were paying attention,you might agree.

[I agree about you living in some crazy shit.]

I have lost a president from a bullet in his head, watchedanother resign as a thief and a crook, watched an old movieactor that had early stages of Alzheimer’s become presidenttwice and then let his Nazi vice prez take over. I watched asthis Nazi regime leader was voted in, and extended our pain for fourmore years. I watched a pot smoking, saxaphone playing hippie grab up the white house and gave me some hope to an end to thedestruction that the previous twelve years of a Nazi regimehad destroyed. I was in Florida in 2000 when Jr. stole theshow and took the white house away and watched in completedisbelief as he stole it again from us in 2004. I have now watched aVietnam War start up and repeat again in Iraq. The first time Iwasn’t of draft age, now I have two children who are. I havewatched my generation become a bunch of bloated, spoiled, arrogant,bitchy, name-calling assholes whose entire purpose is to makemoney and cheat on each other in the name of god. I now watchand see them make themselves out like they are in the earlystages of Alzheimer’s themselves (what I like to call selective memory)so they don't have to watch and change themselves and theworld.

[It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?]

I have sat here behind these eyes in total disbelief that Iwitnessed all of this and have survived to talk about it. Well, I hadn't seen anything yet compared to what I amwitnessing now.I used to sit back and try to wonder, when I was in my earlystages of life, how was I possibly going to describe what the hellwas happening in words that my children might be able tounderstand about this world in which we lived in. Now I am finding myself incapable of even trying to put into words what is happening now. I need to ask now, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THIS F*CKING WORLD?

[It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood,
A neighborly day for a beauty,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?]

Have we as human beings become such a lazy, cowardly, senile,retarded, stop asking question group of people that we are alljust simply going to sit on our fat asses and make fun of eachother? I have had it to a degree that I can honestly sayconcerns me like no other time that I have spent on thisearth. I have posted 8 original posts before this one here on DU, ittook a lot of courage to do that. I have three times been featured asthe "headliner" on three different freeper sites. So here is toall the people that have a high attraction for taking my wordsand using them to slam me and my beliefs. F*CK YOU!! If mylittle old words get you heated up, you haven't seen anythingyet.

[I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.]

To each one of you cowardly, overweight, retarded, red, whiteand blue, pickup truck driving, Christian mother f*ckers who are watching, go ahead and post your threats and insults. I'm neither afraid nor intimidated noram I going to put up with your shit anymore. F*ck you and f*ck your opinions!

To all you Christian fundamentalist, bible thumping, Jesusloving, righteous people, get up off your asses and startLIVING (not just f*cking preaching) your goddamn beliefs.

To all you gas guzzling, yuppie thriving, finger pointing,righteous rich people, pull out your f*cking wallets and startgiving it back.

To all you NRA loving, gun toting stupid ass right wing, selfrighteous Uzi loving rednecks, get up off your asses and getyour guns back, because they’re coming to take them away.

To all the minorities of the world who have been beaten downand shoved into the ground harder and harder, get up off yourasses and get pissed off.

For all the rest of the quiet, meek and not so sure of themselves people, NOW is the time to speak up louder then you have ever spoken before.

[So let’s make the most of this beautiful day,
Since we’re together, we might as well say,
Would you be mine? Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?]

I am tired. I am tired of no one doing anything to save thisnation and especially tired and pissed off that those of usthat are become a party to ridicule and abuse. Well you knowwhat? I am getting up off my ass and ready to take back my nation LOUDERand STRONGER and more intelligently than any brain addledfreeper in this fucking world can.

[Won’t you please, won’t you please,
Please won’t you be my neighbor?]

Thank you DU for finally giving me a voice. I can now proudlyspeak it to anyone within earshot. To every one of youfreepers who finds curiosity in me and our words here on DU, Isay DU; let's show them what we got.

Open your mouths (or in this case your fingers) and let theselazy, asshole, piece of shit people that can't come up with their own ideas, that find us sofascinating here at DU, hear what it is we have to say. Let me bethe first to say


What do the rest of you want to say? Next?

[Now that we have Mrs. Norman Bates aka DUmmie lynettebro440 under control with the restraining straps, let us hear the foam-at-the-mouth rantings of her fellow DUmmies.]

A question for our Freeper StalkersI've been trying to figure something in my head and maybe you could help me out yea? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe your just sitting around, reading guns and ammo, masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, Wow it is f*cking amazing how crazy I really am? Yea? Do you guys do that?

[Speaking of being clearly insane...]

Hey, fREEEEEPERS... What SHE said!Deal with it! She's HERE. And so am I - ARM-IN-ARM with her!!!!

[And sharing the same butterfly net in solidarity.]

I do not like the NRA at all,but I DO like my weapons, as they may keep the brownshirts at bay when we need to be "evacuated" to camps.

[Amazing how all the leftists screech for gun control but they MUST have their own guns.]

Testify, Sister Lynette, Testify!

[Testify, Sister Lynette, Testify! Testify in court about how you wished harm upon the President.]

Dear lynettebro440... I Wanna Have Your Baby, Is That Possible ???

[Only if you use sandpaper.]

My train to DC leaves early Friday morning and I'm making my travel goodies list and checking it twice--

~clean panties, check
~tooth brush/paste, deoderant, etc. check
~DU tee shirt, favorite jeans and sneakers, check
~cash, check
~emergency numbers, train tickets, metro map and hostel info, check

[~rabies shot, check]

Feels so good to hurl loose a bunch of FUs, doesn't it??? I've been so angry lately, I feel like a pressure cooker about to blow sky high. To let off steam, I've started doing a bit of loud ranting in public lately, as I think we all should do. The time is right. You can feel it. People look up and smile in agreement for the most part, though you can always spot the freeps a mile away. There's a lot of freeptards that really deserve our anger, like the nasty fellow who shot me a bird yesterday just because he didn't like my bumper stickers. But, sadly, I think there's a whole slew of them out there that are basically good people, albeit terribly misguided, and not willing to do their own thinking. When the full magnitude of what's going down hits them-- and it will-- they're going to be utterly crushed by the vicious betrayals of the BFEE. As much as we can't stand the freeps for the most part, I try to never lose sight of the fact that these confused and badly misled Americans are going to need to find a way back home to reality one day.

[Actually the people are looking up and laughing their asses off when you loudly rant in public.]

Freepers, you have no idea the fury that has been unleashed and the determination that is dwelling in our souls.

[Well, we have a pretty good idea of the nuttiness that has been unleashed from your crazed souls.]

This is why liberals will prevail!lynettebro440 expresses quite eloquently exactly how so many of us in America feel. We're pissed off not only at the Republicans for putting their lust for power above the good of the country, but we're pissed at the Democrats for caving, for their silence, for their pure lack of SPINE!

[Screech all you want but Hillary WILL be nominated in '08. There is NOTHING you can do to stop it.]

It's a rant, not a philosophical treatiseThere's a lot of anger in this country that has been bottled up for way too long. This is just the first fusillade, get ready for a massive explosion.

[It will be FUnnier than a South Park episode]

Monday, September 19, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-19-05 (DUmmies Frustrated That America Hasn't Collapsed Yet)

This DUmmie THREAD titled, "what the f*ck america? what the f*ck?" proves what Rush Limbaugh has oftened said about the Left. When things go RIGHT for America they only get angrier. Thus we can see the DUmmie frustration here over the fact that America has NOT collapsed. The author of this thread is none other than the notorious DUmmie mopaul who has earned a well deserved reputation as being among the NUTTIER of the DUmmies which is saying a lot. Of course, his fellow DUmmies are chiming in with sympathy over his frustration that America is not yet destroyed. As usual, the DUmmie frustrations over the lack of destruction of America is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the residents of his DUmmie Ant Farm yearning for the end of this country, is in the [brackets]:

what the f*ck america? what the f*ck?

[Stand by for a classic DUmmie mopaul implosion.]

before it sinks asunder. how can it continue as if nothing were wrong? why aren't people rioting yet? why do so many STILL support the ape? where are the fucking democrats? how is it all propped up and held together? what fog is blinding so many millions to the actual state of the union? what mind trick? what curse?

how long can it stand before it finally implodes like the twin towers? not much longer i'm afraid. how long before the distracted masses have that 'what the f*ck'? moment? what invisible string binds it all together still?

what hypnotic trance are we in that prevents us from surrounding the white house and ridding it of the cockroaches?

dead people are floating down the streets of america, and we all go to church on sunday like robots. what the f*ck america? what the f*ck?

[We share your grief, DUmmie mopaul, over the fact that America has NOT gone down the tubes. In fact, a Hallmark Sympathy card is in the mail to you right away. It is a special card expressing absolute despair that America continues to exist.]

dude it is constantly falling a part for them
there are just a lot of pieces to fall.

[An understanding DUmmie Melodybe trying to ease the pain of DUmmie mopaul.]

It's obvious, it's got to be, it can ONLY be, that a
Dark force constantly protects the Bush bastard. All of the crap he's pulled, all of the destruction that he's caused...and yet NOTHING touches him. So I can only think that a dark force keeps him safe, because Junior's from the dark side. Anything else just seems to defy all logic, like you said, if somebody would have done HALF of what Junior's done they'd have been tarred and feathered a long time ago.

[The Dark Force from deep within the Perfect Rovian Storm.]

good versus evil, on a grand scale
his power comes from our impotence

[Have you considered that maybe it is because God reads the DUmmie FUnnies and enjoys laughing at your hilarious antics?]

It's very frustrating, he needs to be struck down, he should be struck down he's blasphemed enough...he needs to be stopped, because like the true Sociopath-Psychopath that he is, he's a complete menace to all decent society.

[And what college campus do you teach at? I used to think that almost all DUmmies post away in the dark corners of their parents' basements but now I am starting to think that a substantial number are college professors ala Ward Churchill.]

This scenario of surrounding the WH and forcing the little bastard out is a fantasy we have all entertained for some time now, but of course you are right. All those million pitchfork wielding patriots would be immediately gunned down. Because this is true, it has occurred to me recently that what we can't do the world might well decide to do if the U.S. continues along this rogue path. The idea is not far fetched. It has happened before in recent history. The German people alone could not have forced Hitler from power once he was firmly entrenched. What pitchfork wielding Germans could not have done, however, the world did very effectively though admittedly at great cost. Just as the world got fed up with Hitler, it may well get fed up with fascist America.

[Perhaps you could direct a plea to Li'l Kim of the Peoples Paradise of North Korea to save us from the EVIL Bush regime.]

That is my ULTIMATE dream. I feel that the ONLY hope to get rid of these MONSTERS is with "outside" intervention shall we call it. It'll have to happen at some point, because the world, 90% of the WORLD hates these MONSTERS and they see them for WHAT they ARE, and that's a danger to ALL forms of life on the planet.

[It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.]

They killed Mel Carnahan, they killed Paul Wellstone,
JFK and JFK jr., they anthraxed Dascle and Leahey. Call me tin foil, I believe those things. There's something REALLY big afoot.

[They killed John Denver and I WILL call you tin foil.]

he's the antichrist....or at least he's holding a place for the antichrist until he gets here.

[Hmmm..... You might have a point. Have you ever noticed that you NEVER see Bush and the antichrist together in the same room?]

He's worshipped like Jesus Christ himself, he's held up as a great Christian. Yet EVERYTHING Junior does is the opposite of what Christianity is about...can ANYBODY name ONE Christian thing that this bastard has done? Also, the Bible says not to worship False Idols. And in the last book of the Bible it says that the Beast brings about "floods and disease amongst the people and the animals"...many things prior to what has happened in New Orleans fell into place between 2002-2004 and those things made me start thinking that PERHAPS there is something to this Anti-Christ stuff afterall...and I'm an agnostic as well. The Anti-Christ is known as "the Great Deceiver" he has a tongue that "blasphemes and speaks great lies" he turns "man against his brother" he brings about "famine and disease" and he starts a 27 year war, the worst most bloody war the world has EVER seen.

[The preceding sermonette was delivered to you care of Mr. Agnostic, the Bible Scholar.]

And the Bush bastard seems to have two different faces within one face. If you block off the left hand side of his face, and then look at just the right hand side of his face. Then if you block off the right hand side of his face, and then just look at the left hand side of his face...he has two DIFFERENT faces.
The right hand side of his face (which would be the left hand side if you were looking at a photograph of him) the right hand side, with his black holes for eyes and his red hooked nose, I'm telling you he LOOKS like what the Devil looks like from drawings. You can now often just FEEL the evil eminating from him by just looking at him on the television.

[Shame on you for overlooking the bold "666" emblazened upon his forehead.]

If we shaved the top of his head. He would have 666 up there, I am sure. But, good always wins over evil. Just keep praying. We are gaining ground, albeit slowly.

[Attention DUmmie FUnnies readers. I SWEAR that I did NOT see this DUmmie rant when I made the preceding comment. The fact is that no matter how wildly you parody the DUmmies, they meet and exceed your wildest expectations.]

At OfficeMax last night, a customer was whining about ink cartirdge prices. Well, sorry you bought a low-end HP, you fool. Their printers may seem deliciously low, but they make up for it in cartridge costs. HP is known for making cartridges that contain multiple colors in one. When one color runs out, the entire cartridge (containing 3 or more colors) has to be replaced - often for $30 or more! On a $100 toy, you bet it'll take no time to beat the printer's cost. TCO. I hope she wasn't an accountant! As is ROI, those shit-cheap printers' ink often fade or discolor after as early as a half-year...)

[Thank you for presenting this clear signal heralding the End of Times.]

as long as we have cars homes jobs and we're alive, we tune everything else out.

[And low end HP printers.]

yesterday I was pondering this question with a Unitarian minister. We were pondering the sense of evil that seems instilled in the actions to control New Orleans, and then moved to talk about the battle between good and evil that is taking place as Bushco fronts for forces that seek dominion and oppression.
I showed her information about the founding of Skull and Bones, and then we really were struck by the enormity of the struggle. She said that she was having to re-assess her beliefs on the nature of evil in human form. She hadn't believed in Satan. Now she's not sure.

[HALLELUJAH! You are a Miracle Worker! You actually made a Unitarian minister believe in the POSSIBLITY of Good and Evil! AMAZING!!!]

Thursday, September 15, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-15-05 (Sick DUmmie Wishes Heart Attack On Bush)

WOW! I've known for quite some time that the DUmmies are completely DERANGED when it comes to the subject of George W. Bush. Their total HATE knows no bounds but this DUmmie THREAD titled, "My Letter To Bush," goes way beyond even the most vile of venom spewing out of DUmmieland. The author of the piece is DUmmie lynettebro440. I repeat, DUmmie lynettebro440, for you law enforcement people and shrinks out there. In this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies, we will concentrate SOLELY on sicko DUmmie lynettebro440. I repeat, sicko lynettebro440. And the vicious post of DUmmie lynettebro440, I repeat, DUmmie lynettebro440, is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who thinks that DUmmie lynettebro440 is so full of HATE that she most likely is the one to suffer a heart attack, is in the [brackets]:

My Letter To Bush

[Your Poison Penn Letter to Bush.]


You don't know me; I live in the heart of this great nation called the United States of America. I live inside the heart of every American and every human on earth. I'm that spot in your heart that pumps fresh air into the smut that we inhale every day from your administration’s destruction of me. I am a person and I am angry.

[You're NOT human but you sure are angry...and MAD as a moonbat.]

You don't know me because I haven't been loud enough for you to hear me and get to know me. I'm the heart of all of those people you have touched with sadness and grief. I wake up every morning and go to work, I make just enough to support myself, I don't own a gas guzzling SUV and I didn't vote for you or any election that your family has been associated with for the last 4 decades.

[Only EVIL Republicans drive gas guzzling SUVs...except for the one that John Kerry drove but somehow claimed he didn't own because his Sugar Mommy bought it for him.]

You almost got to know me once in 1988, with your daddy's connection to a sadistic child porn and kidnapping ring that was running amuck in the little big city in the heartland of Nebraska. I wish that you would have gotten to know me back then because it would have meant that my voice would have been loud enough to be heard over you and your family’s scandal. You didn't get to know me but I got to know you, the true you, the corrupt, vile, sadistic, pedophilic person that you and your family are really about.

[Oh yes. The "well known" child porn and kidnapping ring that George Herbert Walker Bush ran in Nebraska during the middle of his 1988 presidential campaign. Thanx for proving your (in)credibility.]

You don't know me but I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is unimportant to you but I'll describe myself a little to you so that you might better be able to understand who I am, and who the people like me in the world are, and who you are soon going to get to meet. You might want to have old Dick Cheney maybe read this letter with you because he might better be able to explain to you, due to his own heart experiences, the kind of person that I am and what it means.

[Yes, DUmmie lynettebro440. Describe yourself a little more so the Secret Service can more easily locate you for a "little talk."]

George, I am like a heart attack that is about to happen to you. I realize that your heart doesn't have the capabilities to feel any emotions, since this has been apparent for most of your life. But no George, believe me, this is how you are going to feel. I'm a lot like a heart attack George and let me explain to you what I am and what I can do to you. You'll first get a little twinge inside your heart, a pain that makes you take attention. You'll wonder "What was that?" kind of feeling and you'll shake it off and continue doing whatever it was you were doing. But soon you'll get a stronger pain, and then a tingle down your arm. You will have no choice but to pay attention now and you will begin to have little fear coming over you. You'll have to sit down and take a rest.

[And you, DUmmie lynettebro440, are like a FART that won't go away. Your noxious fumes linger long after you have spewed your venom.]

But George, just like the start of a true heart attack, you won't be able to brush this off. Soon you heart will begin giving you pain that will drop you to your knees and at this point you will be begging the Jesus whose name you have been taking in vain, and swear that you will never again hurt anyone and you will help all the poor. But George, it will be too late for you by that time.

[It was long ago too late for you DUmmie lynettebro440. Your twisted mind is permanently warped.]

I am your heart George; I am the heart of America. We the people that have a heart are like the pumping of such blood that feeds yours. And unlike you, I do know you. I have paid very close attention to you; I have been quiet, except to educate my own children to fight the battles that I have fought since I was their age with your family. I have kept my heart healthy, I eat right, (I smoke but no worse then what you give me to breathe anymore) I care about my fellow man, and I want everyone to have the same rights as myself. I am like your heart George, and I am about to drop you to your knees.

[This definitely sounds like a DEATH THREAT from a deranged stalker. I repeat. The name is DUmmie lynettebro440.]

You killed my brothers and sisters in full view on TV, right in front of my eyes. You held back help and aid to dying people as they slowly starved to death. Well George, there is an old saying in the heartland of America. You reap what you sow. I only wish that I could be the one in that room with you, when your heart drops you to your knees. I only wish that I could be holding the aspirin or defibrillator as I stand across the room and smirk at you while you experience the slow painful death that you will encounter as you die in front of me. I can only hope I can be as uncaring and despicable as you have been to me and my fellow humans during this time with you. I honestly hope George that you experience as much pain as you have given all of us because of the lack of caring from your own heart.

[Yup. Definitely a candidate for a padded cell in the John Hinckley ward of the Lee Harvey Oswald Mental Health Institute.]

I hope that you have gotten to know me better George, I'm your heart and I'm about to take you to your knees. It was nice knowing you. Adios...

[It was NOT nice knowing you, DUmmie lynettebro440. Adios...]

The Heart of America

[They know I can't move a finger and I want to just sit here and be quiet just in case they suspect me. They're probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching... they'll see. They'll see and they'll know, and they'll say, "Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly..."]

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-13-05 ("Roberts' eyes have no soul")

I was inclined to support the confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court but now the DUmmies have come up with a convincing reason not to allow him onto the court in this THREAD titled, "Roberts' eyes have no soul." Yup! Forget get any legal reasons as qualifications. Roberts' eyes have no soul so this is definitely the deal killer. Actually it is quite amusing to read all the reasons the DUmmiecrats have for keeping Roberts off the High Court. Ooooh! Oooooh! He hasn't experienced enough failure in his life! Sound like a mental case DUmmie? Actually it was Richard Cohen who came up with this gem in his Washington Post column. So let us read the unreasoned analysis by the DUmmies for keeping Roberts off the Supreme Court in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent who thinks Justice Ginsburg should have been kept off the Court for having thin souless ugly lips, is in the [brackets]:

Roberts' eyes have no soul.

[But his eyebrows are warm and fuzzy.]

They are empty. Take a close look. They are void of expression...look into them and it's as if they are endless. Empty. IMO, even though his eyes are physically appealing, there is something about them that is chilling. Check it out.

[Son of Satan or Son of Sam?]

What I don't care for.. that he keeps doing the pursed-lips tight-eyebrows look...not unlike the president does when you know there's very little or nothing going on in his head. Not sure if it's meant to look humble or innocent or what, but it's bothersome to me.

[Yeah, that plus the ear twitching is enough to keep Roberts off the High Court.]

The dead eyes of a shark?

[Or the DUmmie Coyote who constantly gets the Acme Co. packages exploding in his face.]

Absolutely, that Brill Cream smile he has on his face
does not waver and does not extend to his eyes at all.He can sit their like that all day cause he knows he does not have to answer anything, and he walks into the job...he has been promised.My girl radar is on high alert with this one.

[What does your girl radar tell you about the phony smile of Hillary coupled with her Killer Shark eyes?]

I think it's premature to be saying that Roberts is souless.

[I say let's go ahead and jump to conclusions as always.]

I think Roberts and Bush are programmed. What else can it be? Unless......

[No "unless." They are obviously programmed by Karl Rove.]

I'm not sure it helps us who are progressive to be making superficial...
judgments of our opponents. I mean, if you think about it, many on our side could very well qualify for having "soulless eyes."Let's hit Roberts on his positions.

[No. I say we go with the DUmmie flow and stick with the superficial crap.]

It is simply an observation.
And no...I strongly disagree. Your eyes are the windows to what is inside...When I see is of concern to me.

[There is a permanent Vacancy sign at the DUmmieland Motel.]

He has those cold watery eyes
you're right. He's really spooky, gives me chills up my spine.

[Just wait until John Roberts bites your neck.]

thus begins the reign of the shark people.

[Deep beneath the surface of the earth there exists a race of tiny shark people.]

I'm more worried about his aura.

[Aura vs Soulessness? Which will keep Roberts off the Supreme Court?]

I'm sorry guys, but I don't hate him
I saw him on TV today and he didn't seem inherently evil or that he was trying to be anything but himself.Please, tell me why we should hate this man, and not because Shrub appointed him, that's not the best reason I'm sure.


Monday, September 12, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-12-05 (DUmmies SCAMMED Again---Bushville)

Picture the jublilant Coyote about to capture the Road Runner with his Acme Co. package. Then picture that same package exploding in his face and the Road Runner goes non-chalantly zooming off into the distance leaving behind only a mocking "BEEP! BEEP!" That is the picture of an ever RECURRING theme in DUmmieland (along with Charlie Brown getting the football whisked away from him by Lucy). This time the Acme Co. package came in the form of Bushville, mentioned in last Thursday's EDITION of the DUmmie FUnnies. Yes, the DUmmies were hailing the establishment of a Bushville encampment of Katrina Survivors on the Washington Mall as yet ANOTHER "Walter Cronkite Moment." In fact, there have been a plethora recently of much heralded "Walter Cronkite Moments" by the DUmmies. This is in reference to the time that Walter Cronkite turned against the Viet Nam War, thus supposedly causing support for that War to plummet. The much mentioned "Walter Cronkite Moments" nowadays is supposed to indicate the impending doom of the EVIL Bush Regime which would inevitably lead to impeachment (implausibly, Dick Cheney is simultaneously impeached in this DUmmie scenario). Thus it is with much mirth that we see the most recent "Walter Cronkite Moment" (not to be confused with the Cindy Sheehan "Walter Cronkite Moment" nor the Downing Street Memo "Walter Cronkite Moment") explode like an Acme Co. Package in the DUmmie Coyote's face yet AGAIN. You can see how they got conned in the latest scam in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "'Bushville' was established today in Washington D.C.!!!" as well as in this more realistically titled THREAD, " a HOAX! DU implicated." The howls of the DUmmie Coyotes getting the Acme Co. Package exploded in their faces yet again are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, restraining the urge to yell "Beep! Beep!" is in the [brackets]:

"Bushville" was established today in Washington D.C.!!!
Go to to find out more. Please keep kicked****

[WHOOPEE!!! This is the Walter Cronkite Moment we've all been waiting for. It signals the END of the EVIL Bush Regime. OH JOY!!!]


[It can be done now because of the establishment of Bushville on the Washington Mall!!! HOOORAH!!!]

Woo-Hoo! Kicked and recommended!


I am still not clear ont hat thing

[Don't worry! It's a done deal!!! Bush will be OUT of power by October! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!]

wtf? thought this was a hoax....

[Huh? A hoax? But how can that be??? DUmmies CAN'T be hoaxed? Can they?]

GeorgeBushyTail is a:

[You're saying he is a (GASP!) DISRUPTER???]

Was he tombstoned?
Can anyone confirm if "Bushville" was actually established today (9/11) in DC?

[Bev Harris is just $10 away from making that confirmation.]

Here we go again

[And again and again and again and again and again and...]

I've talked with him personally on the phone. I hope this doesnt get me banned too. He seems legit. I was gone today and do not know why he was banned........anyone? Anyhow, I answered a call to action.....the two websites obviously are real. And a person from Raw Story actually called me and we did a phone interview although I told her (Mirriam) that I was only helping to get the word out and that I didnt have alot of concrete info to give. The story was written for Raw Story but I was not mentioned in the story.......Im assuming because I didnt have a lot to offer. If I'm wrong about GBT......or have missed something, please let me know? As far as I can see what he's trying to do is legit, although I tend to agree that some of the ideas were a little hardcore and I did express my thoughts about it.

[GeorgeBushyTail is just $10 away from scamming you again.]

ok NOW IM PISSED!!!!!!!!!
WTF?!!! I just read back through the post in question........dammit!
Oh, now I'm thinking back on conversations.........oh the conversations! Good thing Im ALWAYS a skeptic and I let him do the talking!
I don't get it? Do these f*ckers have nothing better to do with their time? This is weird behavior! Ok, well I am done! DONE! I'm not messing around with this bullshit, I have better things to do........goddammit, you just do not know how pissed I am at myself right now!

[BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My favorite part of the Road Runner cartoons is when the Acme Co. Package explodes in the face of the Coyote...AGAIN!!!]

I'm the journalist who wrote the RawStory piece.
I interviewed him and he seemed legit to me, too. I don't think this was intended as a fraud, more of an "if you build it, they will come" dream that didn't pan out. He e-mailed me privately of his great disappointment and disillusionment shortly before he was tombstoned. I wish him well, and hope he'll eventually find a way to team up his activist spirit with someone who has the physical "legs" to make things happen. At any rate, I've notified my editor of this turn of events and suggested he pull the story. I didn't use your comments because as you've noted, you didn't have additional concrete details, but did confirm that you'd spoken with GBT and tried to spread the word to some Katrina evacuees, though understandably none in your circle had leaped at the "opportunity" to camp out after their ordeal. Your efforts, though, added credibility to the legitimacy of his efforts.

[STOP IT! STOP IT! I am busting my gut laughing at the comedy of errors! STOP! I can hardly breath from all the laughter!!!]

I did receive another email from him just now. An apology for manipulating me. He still sticks with the story that he was indeed trying to get people to actually create this encampment...or to atleast take it to the streets but that his style is perhaps too bold for DU. I am just going to step back from this whole thing and recognize that whatever "it" is, is out of my league. I can admit that....I do a lot for the peace movement, and there are alot of things I am willing to really stick my neck out for. But I am just not into this sort of manipulation. I see what Cindy Sheehan has done for this Country and I truly believe she has come so far because of honesty. It started out that way and it continues that way.
The lack of honesty is what will someday bring George and Co. down. It's only a matter of time. I think GBT's vision is wonderful and given an honest chance and a little more time I do think it could come to fruition, but using people and messing with emotions only serve to confuse and wear people out. A person such as myself who would have been a go getter will step away. That's how it works. I do understand his frustration, I've felt that way many things are not rolling fast enough, but you have to take a deep breath and do the right thing. This was not.

[STOP! STOP! I need to breath from all this laughing! You condemn GeorgeBushyTail for MANIPULATING you and then compliment him for his "wonderful" vision. Are you trying to suffocate us all in laughing fits?]

If this is a joke, hoax, 'performance art', then this guy needs to go far, far away because he wasted good people's time and energy playing around when people are dying. I do hope he's banned. Idiot loser.

[Hey! GeorgeBushyTail exposed all of you for the GULLIBLE fools that you are so can he really be all bad?]

OHHHHHHHH theres so much more!
I answered this guys first post about the idea. In it, he even offered to pay someone for their time if they would spearhead Bushville into action. I answered the post and by the next morning he had my name as Owner of a yahoo group......I just removed my name a few minutes ago and removed my name from the group.He called me several times a day with updates......dammit! I even wasted some minutes on a calling card and called him!When he wanted to overnight money to me and was emailing me frequently about more and more people that wanted to donate I got suspicious and told him not send money! I did not give him my address although with my home number I guess that wouldnt be too hard to get. He wanted me to set up a paypal account LOL!!! I said NO...I told him that I did not want to accept the money he was offering just yet as I was not sure if I would be able to get the idea off the ground, and as far as taking money from anyone else I said no because I am not a non-profit....I think I could get in serious trouble. He was very strange over the phone, and the only way I could explain it to other people...friends here, my mothwer etc. was that it was a very awkward dance. Anyhow I just sent him an email and told him that he should have learned years ago that playing games like this is not the way to get help grom people. BTW....this guy is not a young snot nosed kid.....he's probably in his 50's from the sound of his voice.

[OHHHHHHHH!!! This just keeps getting FUnnier and FUnnier!!!]

Bushville a hoax

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland Jungle the slight radiance of a dim lightbulb appears above the tiny head of a DUmmie.]

BUT his hoax got me to go protest at the WH today.. jokes on him!

[The jokes on YOU!!! How much gas money did you waste?]

I got a PM from him too. I couldn't quite put my finger on it
but it didn't sound quite right. For someone who hadn't been around very long to come exploding onto the scene saying that we aren't doing enough by writing our congressman,writing the papers and so forth and that he was leaving if we couldn't do more seemed rather weird. I didn't think disrupter or freeper, I was thinking more like an agitator plant like back in the 60's.I suspect some part of this creepy,secretive administration is watching us.

[Perhaps GeorgeBushyTail is a member of the supersecret Delta Farce.]

dammit this guy has my phone number! Asshole!!! Damn Asshole!
I am so pissed right now! At the same time I have to laugh at myself....

[And WE have to laugh at yourself....]

I went down to the mall.. I couldnt find it...

[I'll give you a hint. The Mall is located somewhere between the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument in the middle acting as a handy marker in case you still can't find it.]

Someone on DU posted that Laura Flanders said on the radio that some protesters had done a Bushville, DC action. It must be true because it’s third-hand gossip, right? I hope it’s true.

[Envision your own third-hand gossip reality.]

24 September is a real event in DC...the real McCoy

[Is September 24 real or is it Memorex?]

Thursday, September 08, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-08-05 ("About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!")

Well, now I know what happened to the DUmmie PLAN to politicize the hurricane disaster as chronicled here last Tuesday in the DUFU edition titled, "Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history." Apparently one or more DUmmies took advantage of that $15/hr offer to become Katrina Pimps as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled "About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!" Yeah, we are expected to believe that the Katrina survivors, having lost their homes and possessions, are going to make the trip all the way to Washington to engage in Leftist politics. The Mainstream Media might buy into this FRAUD but I urge some DC based bloggers out there to investigate the TRUTH of this matter. Methinks the VAST majority of these Katrina "survivors" were nowhere near that hurricane and are merely DUmmies and/or Leftist agitators. As usual, the DUmmies trying to pass themselves off as victims are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who could more accurately call himself a Katrina survivor for experiencing that hurricane when it was Category 1, is in the [brackets]:

About 200 Katrina survivors in front of the White House NOW!

[For the sake of accuracy, you need to put "Katrina survivors" in quotes since I doubt more than a dozen of that 200 number are REALLY Katrina survivors. Yeah, like real survivors are going to walk away from their shelters and head to Washington to get involved in partisan politics. BTW, I love those fancy printed up signs those "survivors" are holding up in the photo you presented.]

There is a gathering here of hurricane victims testifying to the TV cameras about their difficulty in getting out of New Orleans.Probably about 200 people.There's a lot of mainstream press here and a lot of people with signs that say shame...Now they are walking across the street and standing directly in front of the White House and screaming, "Shame on Bush"."

[Did the $15/hr activists give them those nifty signs or prompt the organized chanting?]

Bush and KKKarl Rove are standing at the WH window and...
...wondering, "How the fu*k did they get there?"

[Actually they are wondering how many $15/hr activists were hired to set up this Leftist street theater.]

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit an act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience by setting up an illegal camp on the Washington, DC Mall. Bushville, DC will stay there as long as it takes to get answers and change.

[Bushville: Formerly known as Camp Katrina until the Leftist propagandists dropped that name.]

Move on or some other liberal group bussed them in - they will focus on how these aren't really hurricane victims but professional protesters - see the recent talking points about Cindy Sheehan for details.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I hope a whole helluva lot more of them show up. Get Cindy's group there to join them and campout. Tent City in front of the WH. I'll gladly contribute for food and water, tents, portapotties, whatever.

[A helluva lot more professional leftist agitators will certainly show up but very few REAL Katrina survivors will show up since they have more important things to concern themselves with than the DUmmie Agenda ("Impeach Bush!")]

On 9/11 survivors of Katrina will commit an act of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience by setting up an illegal camp on the Washington, DC Mall. Bushville, DC will stay there as long as it takes to get answers and change.Visit and spread the word.We will camp on Bush's doorstep and make him face us every day until he is driven from power.

["We?" Thanks for giving away your game plan. The "We" you mean are the DUmmies and their Leftist cohorts. Somehow I don't think YOU are a Katrina Survivor. A Katrina Pimp, yes. But survivor, NO.]

We need a Katrina version of Cindy Sheehan.
Camp Katrina, right next to the WH.

[Psst! Check your secret DUmmie Decoder Ring. The name is now Bushville, not Camp Katrina.]

We need to find a survivor who's a good spokesperson to represent them.

[But...but.. I thought you had 200 survivors in front of the White House today. Oops! I forgot! Those were "survivors," not REAL survivors.]

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the WH now.

[You'll have to settle for being a fly on the wall of the Camp Katrina Latrina.]

How come this isn't on mainstream media??
Unbelievable. They intend to bury this for their great God Bush.

[Perhaps because even they can't buy into this "Katrina Survivors" FRAUD. Much too obvious, especially since we have you folks on record as offering $15/hr for organizing this Leftist publicity stunt.]

This is only the beginning too. The victims of Katrina will only start to come out of shock and see what's truly happening, now that they will have access to media.

[The Katrina victims will come out of shock and see that the Leftists and the DUmmies are acting as Katrina Pimps for their own agenda.]

Bush may end up having a police riot, as with MacArthur's (and Patton and Eisenhower) military who used excessive force in rousting the '32 veteran's encampment, and disobeyed Hoover's orders from what I've read.

[Dream on in the Altenate Reality of your Parallel Universe. It is about as real as those "Katrina Survivors" pictured in that photo.]

Are they all white? That's not really the face of the "victims" as I've seen it this week.

[Amazingly not one black face in that photo of "Katrina Survivors."]

But the first picture of a bunch of white, seemingly middle class folks didn't strike me as an accurate picture of 'hurricane victims.'


They need to confirm that these folks are from NOLA
I'm not quite sure how they got to DC. We are supposedly taking in 400 refugees, but I don't think they are here yet.


Kos corrected that there are only 12 surivors amongst them.

[200 Katrina "survivors" now discounted down to a mere dozen. And I bet some quick questioning of those 12 will whittle down the number even more.]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-07-05 ("I KNOW That There Is No God! Here's Why")

I bet some of you have occasionally tried to describe the level of insanity of the DUmmies to your skeptical friends. Perhaps they can't believe that anybody could be as nutty as you describe. If so, then perhaps you should refer them to this DUmmie THREAD titled, "I KNOW That There Is No God! Here's Why." As you will see, the level of DUmmie HATRED of George Bush has gone even beyond psychopathic levels. In fact the author of this particular thread, DUmmie DistressedAmerican, needs to not only consult with a shrink, but needs to be paid a little visit from the Secret Service. As usual, the psychopathic DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, mopping rabid DUmmie foam off the floor, is in the [brackets]:

I KNOW That There Is No God! Here's Why.


Bush still breathes.
Bush still stands.
Bush still walks.
Bush still has power.
Bush is still rich.
Bush's parents also still doing all of the above.
Bush has not been SMOTE!
Any God worth his salt would have killed the bastard and his entire evil family years ago. I think a bolt of lightening would do the job quite nicely.
OK, Maybe I am wrong. Maybe He does exist but fears we will invade heaven of he rids us of this evil, sociopath! If this is indeed the case:
God, Now is your time. They still haven't the resources to come after you. Strike him down! Show me some of that old shool (testament) WRATH!

[If you think the rage of DUmmie DistressedAmerican is beyond belief now, imagine how it will be when he finds himself screaming this stuff at the prison walls. He is flat out calling for the murder of the President. A federal crime.]

Well, He works in mysterious ways, you know....
Maybe the smiting is just around the corner.

[DUmmie Ron_Green in a hopeful mood.]

I believe the disaster was proof enough
Either God is a useless observer like all of us, incompetent and without any power to stop horrible things from happening, or he/she is an asshole that allows or causes these horrible things to happen for his/her own reason and we are meant to suffer for them ignorant of why.I really don't know how else to think of it. I'm sure many will be upset with these thoughts but really truly, without saying any "He works in mysterious ways" nonsense how can you say that there is some deity in charge worthy of love and worship? God is love? Well god let people die all over the South. No prayers were answered by the people who begged for mercy and continue to beg.

[A DUmmie "theologian" weighs in.]

Here's how I knew - Crimson Tide. I knew there was no 'God' (as taught to me by our culture, anyway) when I realized that a merciful, intelligent-designing, loving, all-powerful, supremely perfect deity would not have designed women to bleed for 7 days a month in order to be fertile. WTF is THAT about?!Doesn't sound like intelligent design to me.I can't wait until it is scientifically eradicated. I suspect this has been possible for decades, but, for some reason, our little birth control packets still mercifully allow 7 blank days so our Aunt from Alabama can come to visit.If this god was so intelligent, we would just have an egg sit there until it got fertilized, not be shed every month. Nevermind the whole concept. Until I realized how you got pregnant, I thought women just *decided* when they would have a baby, and that was all that was necessary. Understandably, I have been a little miffed at 'nature' since.

[I have to give this DUmmie atheist credit for creativity. First time I ever heard of someone becoming an atheist because of menstruation.]

If God wants all the credit and adoration. Then he can bloody well pitch in like the rest of us. When the least of us -- the poor, the elderly, the babies -- have to pay with their lives for the failure of government or someone else's sins, that's just mindlessly cruel. If there are consequences then perhaps its time for those in charge to start paying them.

[So who do you blame for Hurricane Katrina. God or Bush? Probably both.]

Bush is the entire reason that I don't believe in Karma

[Because you always end up as the DUmmie Coyote as the Bush RoadRunner leaves you in his dust. BEEP! BEEP!]

Tell God I Have Been Workig My Ass Off To Rid Us Of This Guy.
Time for Him to help me. I'm helping myself.Where is my backup?

[Windsurfing off Nantucket.]

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 09-06-05 ("Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history")

If there is ANY doubt that the DUmmies and the Left in general are trying to POLITICIZE Hurricane Katrina then this THREAD titled, "Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history," should resolve the matter. To the DUmmies, Hurricane Katrina is ALL about politics. They look upon this disaster as nothing more than a way to get Bush, Get Bush, GET BUSH!!! So let us now watch the DUmmies attempt to exploit yet another matter for political purposes in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering why the New Orleans buses just sat in place doing nothing before the storm, is in the [brackets]:

Apply for Camp Katrina Chief Activist Job - $15/hr. Make history.

[YOWZA! YOWZA! YOWZA! Step right up ladies and gentleman! Take advantage of the opportunity to make some sleazy bucks exploiting the Hurricane Katrina disaster. This is a GREAT opportunity for those of you good at politicizing tragedies!]

Camp Katrina on The Mall will be a historic event.

[Also as exploitative as Camp Casey by the Ditch.]

I am looking for someone to spearhead the effort to make CampKatrina a reality. I will pay $15/hr for 20 hours to a person withthe passion and energy to do the job - $300 total for now.

[Pied Piper Pitt might be your man. He is good at shameless exploitation. Plus he could use the money to buy himself another Midnight Cowboy costume.]

This job will become a long-time position, as the Chief Activistwill also fundraise. I have already had offers on DU to donate toCamp Katrina.

[I thought you offered this for only 20 hours of work, DUmmie GeorgeBushytail.]

I need help to push this idea. I am disabled and my energy islimited.

[Yes, you DO need help.]

The person for this position must:
- Understand intuitively what is meant by "Camp Katrina on The Mall".
- Have the passion and energy to make Camp Katrina real.

- Have time RIGHT NOW to do the work necessary.
- Be creative.
- Be familiar with the history of Mall protest encampments. Googlefor Hooverville and "Dewey Canyon III" to learn now.
- Be willing to be hated. Think Cindy and Camp Casey.
- Realize that this effort is a catalyst. Ultimately the energy andpower behind Camp Katrina must come from Katrina survivors wantingto express their anger and demand change.
- Have some web expertise.
- Be good at getting people to work for free.
- Be willing to abandon the idea if it becomes apparent it has no chance of success.
- Ideally but not necessarily
- be connected to other effectiveactivists.

[-Have absolutely no moral qualms about shamelessly exploiting a natural disaster for political ends.]

Please reply to this post to apply. Write a few short paragraphs expressing your vision of Camp Katrina and explaining why you should spearhead the effort to make it happen.

[The essay demonstrating the least amount of moral scruples WINS.]

I will make my decision as soon as I can, hopefully by the end oftoday - 9/4/05.

[I can't wait to find out the identity of the repugnant DUmmie totally lacking in shame.]

I urge all of you to volunteer for this effort. We can change history. We can be instrumental in driving Bush's criminal bastard bunglers out of office.I am just planting a seed. I am a disabled keyboard activist. Camp Katrina may be my proudest memory.

[Shameless exploitation will be your proudest legacy.]

Damn, I wish I could,
but I am another victim of the * economy and struggling to keep it all together. Good luck.

[What's the matter DUmmie greyhound1966? This will be the easiest blood money you ever earned.]

We have a new Chief Activist for Camp Katrina. She is one of ours and I will let her introduce herself tonight.Today she is going to a shelter where 1,000's of survivors have been relocated. If the idea catches fire in conversations with survivors, then we will proceed.Tomorrow she will set up a PayPal account and I will hound DU mercilessly for donations. This is a seed fund to spread the idea.

["We are just $10 away from shamelessly exploiting Hurricane Katrina."]

I would love to see thousands of Katrina survivors in Bush's face until he is driven from the White House. They will be in the seat of government and media. They will be angry. They will demand answers and change. They will have lots of time to dedicate to the cause of justice. They will be there during 9/11, during the SCOTUS hearings, during the Katrina politcal aftermath, during the 9/24 peace march.

[...during the 01/20/09 inauguration of President Allen...]

I think they need to have a seperate message than Cindy's, and I would hate for this to turn into an exploitation of these people's misery. Some of them haven't even had to time to find their family members who have been displaced all over the country.


"Camp Katrina" is just a placeholder name
I am planting this seed of an idea. Camp Katrina is good shorthand name for now while we are exploring whether this idea is a good one.If it flies the people who run it will decide the name.

[How about "Camp Exploitation?"]

In 20 days, you want to go to Washington--rounding up thousands of these people who most likely will still be in long-term shelters, and expect them to go up against a highly oiled smear machine so that we can get George Bush out of office.

[The DUmmies will exploit ANY situation to get the EVIL Bush out of office.]

I so much wish I could do this. I am looking for a way to lead.
But I have a twisted knee and a thesis to write. Gosh I hope someone steps up. Washington must answer for the carnage we saw this week.

[I have an ingrown toenail and a shopping list to write.]