Thursday, June 16, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-16-05 ("Wow! Kerry just keeps slugging away on the DSM, eh?")

Please forgive me! I have recently been stating that the Downing Street Memos (DSM) would have NO EFFECT on the political situation. Actually I was partly right. The DSM will have NO EFFECT on Bush. HOWEVER it is already having a HUGE effect on Kerry in that it is further killing his credibility with the Leftists. A couple of weeks ago, Kerry loudly stated that he would bring up the Downing Street Memo in the Senate and in TYPICAL fashion quickly backed down. As a result, as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD sarcastically titled, “Wow! Kerry just keeps slugging away on the DSM, eh?” the DUmmies have become disillusioned by yet another Kerry promise that he ends up backing away from. This is pretty much of a pattern with Kerry. Make enough of a promise to satisfy the Leftists he needs for the next Presidential primary campaign and then FAIL to follow through. I fully expect that Kerry will make another promise in the future to the general acclaim of the DUmmies who will typically exclaim something like, “Kerry got our back,” only to have him let them down ONCE AGAIN. If today’s DSM hearing gets enough of a response in DUmmieland it won’t surprise me to learn of Kerry showing up in Lafayette Park and trying to hog the show from the other Leftists before pulling yet another Form 180. In fact, I have decided to call the habit of Kerry making a promise only to back away from it, “Pulling a Form 180.” So let us now read of the angry DUmmie responses to Kerry pulling a Form 180 on the Downing Street Memo in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the spectacle of Kerry doing multiple 180s on the DSM, is in the [brackets]:

Wow! Kerry just keeps slugging away on the DSM, eh?

[It’s called “Pulling a Form 180.”]

He just keeps at it with those fiery, passionate speeches and massive media blitz, just like he promised 2 weeks ago...

[That was then, this is now. You are actually expecting Kerry to somehow follow thru on a promise?]

HUH! WHA!? Urrgghhh! Omigod...

Jeez I must have drifted off again. I was having one of those farfetched dreams again where Kerry actually followed through for us.

Oh well, back to reality....

[The reality is that Kerry will follow thru for you DUmmies the moment he signs and sends in his Form 180 which he promised to do LONG AGO.]

Big mouth, limp execution the Kerry curse

[Ugly face, limp jockstrap, the Kerry curse.]

Yeah, he only has $45 million left over from last year. God forbid he USE some of it to DO SOMETHING.

[Snowboard maintenance can be VERY expensive.]

This is from Raw Story:

"When I go back on Monday, I am going to raise the issue," Kerry told Massachusetts' Standard Times newspaper last week. "I think it's a stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable statement of the truth and a profoundly important document that raises stunning issues here at home.”

[And how many Mondays have gone by since Kerry made that promise? Maybe he means NEXT Monday or the one after that or…]

john kerry reporting for....zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

[Kerry will speak about the DSM just as soon as his Swiftboat reaches Cambodia.]

Come On! If so why did he announce his plan to bring it up on the senate floor? I guess we should stroll on in there! He likes it both ways. He says he'll do something and folks like you rally around him. Then he takes no action so, it cannot be tied to him later! Win/Win for him! Lose/lose for us!

[The lose/lose part for you is what I enjoy most!]

He Said He Would Bring It Up On The Senate Floor A Week Ago Last Monday. On that day his office announced that they wouldn't do it that day. They promised he'd do it ASAP. He gave dates and laid out his plan to deliver a speech on the issue on the senate floor. So far he has failed to live up to those much reported comments.

[Kerry would have spoken about the DSM on the Senate floor but he has been much too busy spinning how he signed his Form 180 without really signing his Form 180.]

Give him time. He said he would "raise the issue". He evidently is "raising" it with other Senators, to get them on board, instead of freelancing it on his own (which pisses people off in most jobs that rely on teamwork, don'cha know). Don't you think that, once he gets all the signatures he thinks he can, he'll deliver the letter with a public statement of some sort?

[Yes. Give Kerry time. Another year or two or three or…]

Still waiting for him and Edwards to come through on their very public promise to COUNT EVERY VOTE. Has he had enough time for that? I she still working under the radar? Should we pencil in a mention of this sometime in 2010? This be patient and give him time BS is just that. It sounds awfully familiar too.

[Yes it sure does sound awfully familiar. Kerry WILL sign and deliver his Form 180. Just give him time.]

Why announce that you'll address something when all you have in mind is a brief, subdued comment?

[I saw that subdued comment in the way Kerry adjusted his tie. It was the secret signal he is sending out that he is on top of the DSM. Look for those secret Kerry signals.]

Typical Kerry! I Got Flames For Suggesting He Might Punk Out! Here I sit still waiting for him to keep a promise. Suspect I'll be waiting for quite a while! Dems that supported his nomination, supported a looser! It could have been so different!

[Yeah. You could have nominated Kucinich.]

You can't name one lawmaker who has effected our government more positively in the last 35 years than John Kerry has. He helped to end three wars and investigated and exposed more government corruption than any lawmaker in modern history and YOU think you earned the right to treat him like a piece of shit.

[What alternate reality are you living in? The fact is that until his Presidential run, Kerry has spent most of his senate career sleepwalking.]

I say we give Kerry a chance for a few days- lets see how his actions in the senate pan out.

[Better amend the “days” to “years.”]

If Kerry REALLY CARED about the DSM, wouldn't he sign the Conyers' letter and march with him to the WhiteHouse tomorrow in front of the cameras? Surely he knows about the Conyers Letter and the tremendous GrassRoots involvement.

[You left out Pied Piper Pitt. In his own mind, he is the most important of the camera hogs.]

To be fair, he has been raising the issue with other Senators and building support for a DSM investigation. One news report said a Kerry staffer "predicted" Kerry would speak publicly after raising the issue with his colleagues.

[Look for the way Kerry adjusts the Windsor knot in his tie. It is the secret signal that he is raising the DSM issue with his colleagues.]

He's got our back.

[My baby got back. (Part 23 now available on Video & DVD.)]

He's a phony.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for his accurate perception of Kerry’s character!]

Oh I get it , this is practice for tomorrows freep show , brilliant idea, they will be coming at us from all angles tomorrow. We need a little warm up.

[I give you credit for knowing you will be Freeped at Lafayette Park. Watch out for those Freepers. They will be coming at you from all angles.]

I do think he should sue the Swift Boat Liars for slander and libel though, and I've written as much to him. Hopefully he will do it.

[All Kerry has to do is sign and send in his Form 180 to prove those Swift Boat “Liars” wrong. Any day, any year now he will do so.]

Sorry to say, but I think we need to look elsewhere for leadership in our party.

[Try looking at Barbara Boxer and Dennis Kucinich.]


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