Friday, June 17, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-16-05 ("The DSM is just getting your false hopes up")

I occasionally award a Kewpie Doll to those DUmmies posting a reply which demonstrates a brief moment of mental clarity. However, I must now present a Kewpie Doll to DUmmie ZombyWoof for posting an entire THREAD titled, “The DSM is just getting your false hopes up,” which incredibly for DUmmieland actually shows a sharp perception of reality. Unfortunately for DUmmie ZombyWoof, it could lead to his tombstoning in Dummieland since his thread is almost as taboo as mentioning “pancreatic cancer” in relation to Andy Stephenson. In any event, we can now get a sneak preview of the incredible depression that will sink in at DUmmieland when they realize that the Downing Street Memo will have about as much effect on bringing about a Bush impeachment as the Jeff Gannon “scandal.” As usual the reality-challenged DUmmie posts (except for those by DUmmie ZombyWoof) are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who watched the DSM hearing sink the moment that nutjob Ray McGovern opened his mouth, is in the [brackets]:

The DSM is just getting your false hopes up

[And you win a Kewpie Doll, DUmmie ZombyWoof, for posting an entire thread that is entirely based on REALITY…a rarity in Dummieland.]

I can hear the crash of disappointment now, as the DSM will fade away...

[That crash of disappointment began the moment that nutjob Ray McGovern opened his mouth at the DSM hearing. What was the name of his organization? Intelligence Officials for Sanity? What a hoot! McGovern was neither intelligent nor sane. Especially the latter. However he did provide GREAT comedic entertainment.]

This reminds me of 2002, 2003, when Enron, no wait, the 9/11 Commission Hearings, no wait, Valerie Plame, no wait... *insert whatever "Bush Is Toast" story du jour was making the rounds*

[And don’t forget the Pitt promoted legal filings in Ohio as well as the Jeff Gannon “scandal.” DUmmies were celebrating only to crash back hard to earth as will happen again with the DSM.]

It would be fantastic if I were wrong, but I am not, unfortunately.

[Actually, you are RIGHT and it is FANTASTIC, DUmmie ZombyWoof.]

There will not be any impeachment (with the Repukes controlling both houses of Congress?), there will not be any public outcry for justice, and the war in Iraq will drag on... without a draft.

[Oh yeah. The draft. When was that supposed to have taken place FOR SURE? Last April 1?]

I've seen this pattern too many times on these very boards. At least I haven't seen any "drip drip drip, just like Watergate!" threads. Some lessons have been learned, perhaps.

[Ah yes! The old familiar “I BEEEELEEEEEVE” pattern followed inevitably by utter disappointment. FUN to watch!!!]

But hey, knock yourself out. Just know I told you all this already 2 or 3 years ago. 2005 is no different. Not even abysmally low ratings for The Unchosen One will sink him. The rat bastard is around until at least January 20, 2009. America is asleep, and a feeding tube of "news" propaganda is inserted up its ass, in perpetuity.

[January 20, 2009. The date of President Cheney’s inauguration.]

If I am wrong (and I am not), I will own up to it and apologize publically, right here.

[Don’t sweat it, DUmmie ZombyWoof. You WON’T have to apologize because you are dead on right about the DSM letting the DUmmies down AGAIN.]

Agreed the draft will be needed for the sheeple to wake up and we had a full day of arguing this

[The last time I checked, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, the purpose of the draft would be for MILITARY reasons and not to fulfill some sort of Leftist wet dream.]

But you see...There isn't going to be any draft.

[Thanx for providing your fellow DUmmie a Reality Check, DUmmie ZombyWoof.]

Speaking of uncomfortable truth it is all for not if we don't get paper verified voting.

[Speaking of uncomfortable truth, what about paper verified Andy Stephenson medical records?]

You've never seen anything like this before...Now moreover 1,000,000 signatures......Letter to be tacked on the white house, and more polls plummeting abound in every direction. Congress just reversed the appeal on the patriot act. It's time to start preparing....

[…for your institutionalization when the DSM goes nowhere.]

The whole Gannon/Guckert thing was something I never believed would go anywhere. It wasn't enough to really do any damage to this regime. I posted as much here at DU. Not many cared to hear my skepticism.

[Ah! I remember those times. All of DUmmieland was celebrating the imminent impeachment of Bush because of the Jeff Gannon “scandal.”]

My reality is healthy. I stay on an even keel, and refuse to get on the roller coaster ride of "OMG! We're UP! OMG! We're doomed!". It's a terrible way to live, but to each their own (which is more courtesy than I am being afforded by the detractors).

[However, those rollercoaster threads are the most FUN to read in DUmmieland. I remember the DUmmies breaking out the champagne bottles in early December because they were SURE something obscure in Ohio would force their electoral votes to go to Kerry who would thus WIN the Presidency. This was followed by a big sob session followed once again but something equally insignificant that sent DUmmie spirits soaring again.]

I don't know when or how, but this administration will face a reckoning.

[Tell it to President Cheney on Jan. 20, 2009.]

I think the mood of the country is "ripe" for the Downing Street minutes. If there isn't more outrage it's only because not many people know about it yet, but that's going to change after tomorrow.

[I guess you hadn’t heard nutjob Ray McGovern open his yap at the DSM hearing when you made your post.]

ZombyWolf, why are you so dedicated to saving the rest of us from our delusions of hope? Do you have any constructive ideas? If so, please present them.

[Yes. Give up hope. NOW!]

I will say though, that giving people a strong dose of the unpleasant truth is in itself a constructive idea. How can the truth be otherwise? I learn from history, and I present my own version of it unvarnished. I suspect that the "constructive" message you are looking for is more of the same "rah rah, they are all toast now!" rhetoric that I abhor. The majority of opinion in GD is counter to mine. I would not be true to myself if I assented to those views just for the sake of harmony, comfort, and convenience.

[The preceding DUmmieland pep talk by DUmmie ZombyWoof has been brought to you by Cyanide, the suicide pill of choice for distraught Leftists.]

Just remember that truth is stranger than fiction and the end of this story will probably be more sordid, sick and surreal than any Hollywood hack could imagine.

[I am picturing the story to end with DUmmie Lemmings leaping off the cliff, accompanied by the soothing tunes played by Pied Piper Pitt.]

I think I will bookmark this thread and trot it out around October or so. DSM will be nostalgia by then, a la Valerie Plame.

[Or you could always check it out in the DUmmie FUnnies Blog, DUmmie ZombyWoof.]

The three I's are my hope. Impeach, Indict and Imprison.

[You left out the fourth “I” describing yourself: Insane.]

Good luck with your rallies. Although I am sorry to say they will not get Bush one step closer to impeachment.

[At least those DUmmie rallies get us a step closer to Leftist Meltdown.]

Damnit! I HATE What you are saying. But, I fear that it is true, and yes, I'll be a sucker one more time.

[Lucy is awaiting you with the football one more time, Charlie Brown.]

I am not impressed with 500k signatures. In a land of 300 million, that isn't even a ripple from a stream of piss in the pool.

[Great quote, DUmmie ZombyWoof. Do I have your permission to shamefully plagiarize it?]

My last four words on the subject: WORLD TRIBUNAL ON IRAQ

[My last four words on the subject: SEEK MENTAL HELP NOW!

Any "World Tribunal" will be about as effective as a World Court ruling when it comes to how this empire conducts its affairs. It ain't goin' nowhere!

[DUmmie ZombyWoof demonstrating once again that he has yet to lose his surprising mental clarity.]

You may be right. But you'd be definitely right if we did nothing. I'll take a pass on standing still.

[That was Pied Piper Pitt piping in. Pitt knows that DUmmie ZombyWoof is right about the DSM going nowhere but will stick with it because it draws attention to himself. And isn’t that what it is all about?]

Thank you Will! Now I go to sleep. Why are you still up?? Sheesh...

[Because Pitt has never gone to sleep…at least since April.]






DSM is much ado about nothing. There is no smoking gun here. Compared to Ohio, which went nowhere, there is nothing of substance to the DSM. I will be forgotten by the majority who acknowledge it is insignificant.


I started on DU in October of 2003 and was quickly overwhelmed with the daily, "This means the end of Bushco" threads... I'm naturally very pessimistic, but even I got caught up in all the hysteria. I remember even posting a few weeks before the election that suddenly, I was cautiously optimistic. And, of course, the optimism that I hadn't had since high school (I'm 38 now) was shattered on Election Day.

[You and Susan Estrich.]

You're probably right about this...I can't count how many times I've had MY hopes up about something only to have them smashed...but pouring cold water on OTHER people's hopes isn't doing them any favors.

[Yes. Better to feed them the Feel Good Soma so they can live in their own alternate reality.]


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