Wednesday, June 15, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 06-15-05 ("Comes a Time - The Downing Street Rally and Hearing" ---Pitt)

Pied Piper Pitt now wants to COVER UP his shameful part in cheerleading for Andy’s pancreatic cancer fundraising fraud by, in his own mind, leading the forces of the Left forward to victory by achieving the impeachment of President Bush via the rather meaningless Downing Street Memos. You can get the idea of Pitt’s bloated sense of historic self-importance in the very title of his DUmmie THREAD titled, “Comes a Time - The Downing Street Rally and Hearing.” Pitt just loves these types of phrases: “Comes a Time,” “Stand up next to a Mountain," blah, blah blah… All done with the tone of urgent historic importance yet all meaning exactly NOTHING as we saw several times when Pitt suggested that an obscure filing by one of Kerry’s lawyers in an Ohio court would somehow lead to the overturning of the election. And now Pitt wants C-SPAN coverage of this Thursday’s “DSM” rally at Lafayette Park to which Pitt believes will have as much support as Gandhi’s Salt March with, of course, Pied Piper Pitt in the role of Gandhi. This may come as a surprise to Pitt but I actually HOPE C-SPAN sends their cameras to that DUmmie rally since I love watching good comedy on the tube especially if it included Pitt getting Freeped as would inevitably happen. So let us now watch Pitt self-inflate himself with his usual pompous verbosity in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of you humble correspondent, hoping to see Pitt confronted by Li’l Beaver this Thursday, is in the [brackets]:

Comes a Time - The Downing Street Rally and Hearing

[I'm pretty upset right now, and I need an explanation.]

"A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the sound of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance." - Jawaharial Nehru

[“As you all know, I was one of the people who took point on raising money for Andy. I wrote about it for truthout two or three times, and convinced the crew at Progressive Democrats of America as well that we needed to raise a call for help.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

This is the moment, and we need your help.

[“It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the third American empire came into being, but a hockey game will suffice as a marker.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

Progressive Democrats of America, along with Congressman John Conyers and a massive coalition of more than 120 activist organizations and news providers, will be holding a rally this Thursday, June 16th, in Lafayette Park at the gates of the White House. The rally will begin at 5:00pm EST. It will focus on the demand for answers after the revelation of the Downing Street Minutes, and subsequent documentation, which has exposed the Bush administration's willful manipulation of the American people and the world in their desire for war in Iraq at any cost.

[“Kerry's entry into this recount effort changes the math on this matter dramatically. He can likewise show irreparable harm, and unlike the Green and Libertarian candidates, he can also prove a substantial chance for success on the merits because he lost the Ohio vote by a statistical whisker.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

Our last call for donations to help make the hearing and rally a reality garnered an enormous and generous response from you, and we are deeply grateful for your help.

["Fortunately, some friends managed to get Andy a slot at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, one of the premier hospitals for this type of procedure. He is slated for the procedure in the second week of May. Unfortunately, the hospital requires a $25,000 down-payment before they assent to doing the Whipple, and requires another $25,000 once the procedure is done. They are expecting the down-payment immediately." – Pied Piper Pitt]

We are making one last push for donations to make sure the rally on Thursday is as large, loud and well-publicized as it deserves to be. We are putting this together on very short notice, and a great deal of time and effort must be expended to pull together all the groups and all the information and all the people and all the press that will mark Thursday as a day when everything, finally, changed.

[“I would like some answers. No wait and see. I have spent time with Andy, worked with him, thought I knew him well enough to vouch for him in a time of crisis. I am feeling personally betrayed right now, and furthermore I have put far more than my own feelings and standing on the line here.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

This is the moment. After more than two years, after all the lies and the manipulation, after the deaths of more than 1,700 American soldiers and untold thousands of Iraqi civilians, after all the wounded, after all the fear, after watching hundreds of billions of our tax dollars funneled into the pockets of profiteers with umbilical links to the Bush administration, after the discovery of exactly no weapons of mass destruction, no anthrax, no VX nerve agent, no uranium from Niger, after all this and all the rest, the time is now. We march on Washington DC this Thursday, and we shall nail the truth to the White House door.

[On February 2, 1980, the American Olympic hockey team came from nowhere to defeat the unbeatable Soviet squad in Lake Placid. The subsequent eruption of nationalistic fervor, augmented by the American squad’s victory over Finland in the final round to capture the gold medal, led to an outpouring of public emotion that no sporting event had ever created. It was at Lake Placid that the now-familiar chant of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” was born. The American people had been well-trained during the second empire to expect being on top, and the years prior to Lake Placid had been hard. Something so simple as a win on that ice was enough to strike sparks again, to ignite the long fuse that has been this third American empire. The American people were mesmerized by the vision of their flag rising next to but just a little higher than the red Soviet banner. It was their first taste of what would become a long and uninterrupted stretch of total global dominance.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

Speakers at the rally include:

Rep. John Conyers

Ray McGovern

John Bonifaz

Cindy Sheehan

Medea Benjamin

Stephen Cleghorn

Reverend Lennox Yearwood

And more. (maybe me)

Especially you, Pitt, especially you since we need some great comedy relief.]

We can and will make history on Thursday, we can and will expose the lies of the Bush administration that led us to war, we can and will change the course of history that has for too long now run a bloody and violent path over the innocent. We can and we will, with your help. Please give what you can, and please come to Washington. We will see you in the park.

[“This has been bouncing around like a ping pong ball. First it was $25k, then $50k, then the checks got lost, then Andy posts a thread about writing a 'hot check,' then he deletes his own thread, Skinner has not posted any clarifications, I don't even know what the surgery date is anymore, and now the whole diagnosis has changed.” – Pied Piper Pitt]

I will be there. Check your PM Will.

[Li’l Beaver will be there. Check your PMS Will.]

Too far away. There are days I wish we had moved to the DC area, but we moved where we moved so I coudl see my nephews grow

[If you are lucky perhaps you can see Pied Piper Pitt getting Freeped on C-SPAN.]

a DUer is going to film it and make DVDs

[Under what comedy label will it be distributed?]

I am hoping that C-SPAN will cover this as I have been reading that the ass prick Republicans have denied the committee Democrats use of the rooms on the hills. ASS PRICKS! Our voices will still be heard.

[Speaking of ass pricking…Will Scamdy be showing up at this rally?]

Will, just to be clear, You list the start time as 5:00 pm EST, but I presume you meant EDT? At any rate, I'm 3000 miles away, but I'll be there in spirit and will join up with anyone near me on the west coast.

[You can still attend via the powers of asstral projection.]


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