Thursday, January 31, 2013

KOmmies Suddenly Discover That ObamaCare STINKS!!!

“But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it....”

So promised Nancy Pelousi and now that the KOmmies have had a chance to finally see what is in ObamaCare, they are in a state of shock since they have FINALLY discovered that ObamaCare STINKS bigtime as you can see in this THREAD, "Obama and Dems may have jost lost their most stalwart supporter with this Obamacare ruling." Gee! And you are only just NOW finding out how horrible ObamaCare is? Don't worry, I'm sure you can find a way to blame the Republicans for foisting ObamaCare upon you. So let us now watch the KOmmies moan and groan about the ObamaCare they used to ardently desire in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if ObamaCare will cover Pelousi's botox treatments, in in the [barackets]:

Obama and Dems may have jost lost their most stalwart supporter with this Obamacare ruling

[Too bad the fine print was at the bottom of page 1724 of the 2000+ page ObamaCare bill.]

I was a stalwart all through the past four years plus, never wavering when others jumped on and off the bandwagon. But this NYT article just crushed me like a grape:

[A crushed grape and now you "wine" about ObamaCare.]

The Obama administration adopted a strict definition of affordable health insurance on Wednesday that will deny federal financial assistance to millions of Americans with modest incomes who cannot afford family coverage offered by employers.

In deciding whether an employer’s health plan is affordable, the Internal Revenue Service said it would look at the cost of coverage only for an individual employee, not for a family. Family coverage might be prohibitively expensive, but federal subsidies would not be available to help buy insurance for children in the family.

The policy decision came in a final regulation interpreting ambiguous language in the 2010 health care law.

[SURPRISE!!! There is no "affordable" in the Affordable Care Act.]

I had been banking on being able to finally get health care starting January 1, 2014. Three days over the past few years have been especially meaningful (after, of course, Election Night '08 and the January 2009 inauguration): the day the PPACA law passed, the day the SCOTUS mostly upheld it, and this past Election Day (which seemed to seal its prospects against ever being repealed, though at the moment I'm less sure of that).

[You forgot to include the meaningful day when you suffered ObamaCare sticker shock.]

My wife works as a primary school special ed teacher. Her job provides decent insurance for her with no premium. To add me and our kids to the policy, though, would cost $577 a month out of a paycheck that right now is only $2400 a month, take home, and does not stretch super far as it is. This is just plain unaffordable for us. Yet the news is, we are shit out of luck.

[Welcome to the UNAFFORDABLE Care Act.]

Almost insulting are the paltry breadcrumbs found in the "silver lining":

Under the law, people who go without insurance will generally be subject to tax penalties. In a separate proposed regulation issued on Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service said that the uninsured children and spouse of an employee would be exempt from the penalties if the cost of coverage for the entire family under an employer’s plan was more than 8 percent of household income.

So rather than helping me get my family covered, you just won't punish us because we can't afford it? Thank you Obama.

[Yup! You sure are sh*t out of luck.]

Democrats had better be careful. It looks like the Pubs might be right on what a clusterf*ck this will be.

[Remember, NOT ONE "Pub" voted for ObamaCare.]

Indeed. I am beyond livid here...despairing, really. How can this be happening?!?

[It is happening because like your fellow socialists, you are a naive IDIOT KOmmie SlackerInc. And now to the other disillusioned KOmmies...]

That ruling just plain sucks and the 'silver lining' ain't that silvery either.

[The ruling sucks? How about the ENTIRE ObamaCare law?]

My wife has not been too crazy about Obamacare and I have defended it to the death. I hope this thing is not going down the toilet like the Republicans predicted.

[It IS going down the toilet just like the Republicans predicted.]

The way its going it will end up as zero change other than mandating health insurance - not only did we not get Single/payer public option but those of us that don't want to hand over chunks of cash to the health insurance will be penalized. The sad thing is that this was all very predictable.

[The sad thing is that the DEMOCRATS passed ObamaCare without even reading it.]

But if you can't afford insurance you still end up paying the fine, subsidizing someone else's insurance while getting none of your own. How is that even remotely fair or right? It makes things actually WORSE for a lot of people.

[“But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it....”]

Death panels!

[And a death panel has ruled that you are already brain dead.]

Where is the "Affordable" in the Affordable Care Act?

[Gone With the Wind.]


[Oh, and you have to pay big bucks for mental health coverage under ObamaCare.]

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"I think today should be 'William Pitt Appreciation Day'"

William Rivers Pitt, sitting on the porch of Mother Pitt's cabin in the woods

William Rivers Pitt has been on a roll lately. He's been invigorated by Obozo's victory, and emboldened by the big push for gun control. So much so, that lately William has gone into Internet Tough Guy mode. Wee Willie has been talking SMACK to the imaginary Secondment Amendment supporters he's been addressing, and he has them literally shaking in their imaginary boots.

We take you back to this past Saturday, when Mr. Pitt was in his cups and feeling especially feisty and in high DUdgeon. William posted several tough-guy rants against gun owners and other conservatives. And of course this won Pied Piper Pitt plaudits from his adoring DUmmieland followers, as we will see in this THREAD, "I think today should be 'William Pitt Appreciation Day.'"

But first we'll give you the Pitt posts that led up to that point. So let us now go to Pied Piper Pitt playing Internet Tough Guy, in Righteous Anger Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, laughing at the thought of Wee Willie ever trying to be a REAL tough guy, is in the [brackets]:

OK, we will, you benightened backwards dumbass bitty-d*ck sh*thead. . . .

[Tough Guy Pitt is talking SMACK to the gun owner in this photo, who is holding a banner that has a picture of a gun and the words "Come and take it":]

[Of course Pitt is in Boston, and the gun owner is in Austin, which is why Pitt can talk so tough. I doubt Wee Willie would say that to the guy's face. Although, you know, "Snake" Pitt did look pretty tough, didn't he, a few years back, when he modeled his "Midnight Cowboy" outfit:]


[Said the Masshole.]

[OK, so Pitt has talked tough to a guy 2,000 miles away who can't hear him, and wouldn't care anyway, but this establishes some cred for the Pied Piper with his fellow DUmmies. They respond . . .]


[No, it's actually closer to +2000 miles that Pitt has between him and the gun owner, which enables William to take the guy on.]

Two words: Predator drone. The gummint's got those. If they actually want his big-ass, d*ck-substitute gun, they can take it without breaking a sweat.

[Three words: Internet Tough Guy. DUmmie The Velveteen Ocelot wants to show that he is one too.]

a lot of these keyboard-warrior Freeper types with arsenals . . . think of themselves as heroic freedom fighters and Defenders of Liberty; but I think we know that they would poop their Army-surplus camouflage pants if they ever had to use their big-ass gun to shoot at anything but a paper target. . . .

[I would like to see Pied Piper Pitt come and try to take their guns away. I think we'd have to call him Peed Pooper Pitt.]

Molon libe

[Pitt misspells "Molon labe," which is a Greek rallying cry, "Come, take!" that gun owners use. But Pitt doesn't know how to spell it, and he has to be corrected. Pitt then makes an excuse for his ignorance . . .]

I've been libe-ing for a while now, so the typo makes sense.

[In other words, Pitt says, I've been drinking too many libations, so I don't have to make sense.]

I dare the gun nuts to show us an example where having guns helped fight off the oppressor.

[Mmm, let's see. . . . How about the American Revolution?]

If government agents can just hysterically screech "emergency!" (real or fabricated) as grounds to ignore people's rights, down a dangerous path that leads.


hey 'guns across america' F*** YOU

[The Internet Tough Guys are coming out of the woodwork!]

now I know that having a small penis is dangerous.

[Do you really think Wee Willie is "dangerous"?? Deranged, maybe, but not dangerous.]

". . .take it from my cold, dead fingers. . ." Happy to oblige, motherf***er.

[Being an Internet Tough Guy in DUmmieland means a liberal use of the "f" word . . . and then staying in the basement, where it's safe.]

"We are not curtailing your rights. We are curtailing your hobby." I read that somewhere on DU, and it says it all.

["We" Willie Pitt wants to curtail your "hobby" called the Second Amendment.]

Rationalize it all you like, but you are still telling law-abiding Americans that when they wake up the morning after the ban passes, they are going to have fewer rights and freedoms than they had the previous day. That's why I have to call bullsh*t on your premise, even as you try to belittle a right into a "hobby". . . .

[DUmmie derby378, you have the right to keep and bear . . . a Kewpie Doll! Congratulations! . . . Mr. Pitt is not so appreciative, though . . .]

My f***ing hero. You're losing the argument. Comprehensively. Bone up on your coping skills. You're going to need them. In the meantime, whatever you do, please don't go f*** yourself. It would be a bitter shame if you went and f***ed yourself. So don't. F*** yourself, I mean.

[Pitt, how can derby378 be "losing the argument," when you're not even MAKING an argument??  You call "We're curtailing your hobby" an ARGUMENT?? Look, an argument is not just the automatic "f"-wording of anything the other person says!]

F*** the NRA.

[I've had enough of this.]


[Oh, shut up! I'm going on to the next thread . . .]

I think today should be "William Pitt Appreciation Day"

[Sorry, "William Pitt Appreciation Day" is May 12, in honor of that day in 2006 when Journalist Pitt broke an earth-shattering "scoop," which went something like this: "Karl Rove has been indicted, and even though no one knows about it yet--except for a couple of us insiders, of course--it will all be revealed within 24 business hours. Trust me on this, people!"]

I know, you're saying that every day should be called that. . . .

[We here at DUmmie FUnnies agree. Over the 12 years of DUmmieland and the 8+ years of the DUFUs, taking into account factors of longevity, consistency, and high-profile prominence, NO ONE has made a bigger laughingstock of himself than William Rivers Pitt.]

but I gotta hand it to Mr. Pitt. He is on fire today. It's almost like the gun appreciators have super charged his key board.

[I think someone super-charged his firewater.]

BIG FAN!!! of Will Pitt here!!

[Is that you, Mother Pitt?]

My favorite DU'er for starters.

[My favorite DU'er for satires.]

He is tenacious. . . .

[And bibacious.]

He is always here. . . .

[Kind of like a herpes virus, always ready to break out.]

Get 'em Will! F*** those f***ing f***ers! F***ing A.

[Spoken like the Pittster himself! To whom we now turn . . .]

It is a quiet Saturday night. . . .

[Till Pitt opened his yap.]

and a segment of the nation is celebrating lethal weaponry a month after 20 children were slaughtered in a hail of gunfire, and two days from now a Black Democrat who never served in the military will swear the oath for his second term as President. . . .

[And the day after that, a sick segment of the population will celebrate 40 years of the legal extermination of over 55 million children in the holocaust of abortion, which that same Democrat President supports.]

It is a quiet Saturday night . . . and a segment of the nation is celebrating lethal weaponry a month after 20 children were slaughtered in a hail of gunfire, and two days from now a Black Democrat who never served in the military will swear the oath for his second term as President of the United States in defiance of 400 ruthless years of history, and a bunch of hostages are dead in an Algerian bloodbath, and it appears we will survive the debt ceiling fiasco and maybe cobble together meaningful immigration reform that won't punish people for being brown, and no one knows where or when the next drone strike will happen or why, and a dear friend is in the hospital after suffering a catastrophic brain injury, but while we assumed he was lost he decided to be found and came out of it to our collective joy, and the seas are rising and the storms are worsening, but more people seem to be realizing that we are passengers here and not owners, and there is so much bad but so much good . . . and in ten weeks. . . .

[And in ten weeks, I might think about ending this sentence. . . .]

and in ten weeks. . . .

[Would those be ten business weeks or ten regular weeks?]

and in ten weeks, I am going to be a father. . . .

[Lord help us all! The world awaits the arrival of William Streams Pitt, aka Wee-er Willie.]

I am not afraid.  I just want to do it right in the midst of this astonishing maelstrom. I don't know how to do that, but I will figure it out.

[Ask Know-it-all Nadin. She's an expert on maelstroms. Probably femaelstroms, too.]

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

[Thank you, Robert Frosty Mug.]

[The woods are lovely from where I sit,
Here at the cabin of Mother Pitt.
And as you know, I must admit:
Most all I say is full of sh*t.]

[The DUmmies reply . . .]

Your words bring my tears, my dear Will. . . .

[CaliforniaPeggy is verklempt.]

Mazel tov to you and your wife.

[I think the one whose mazel needs to be tov is Pitt's kid.]

Nobody knows what they are doing when that little, squirmy, pink little person is placed in their arms.

[Why are you talking about Nadin Brzezinski?]

we will all welcome a brand new liberal into the fold.

[Wouldn't it be FUnnie if Pitt's kid rebels and grows up to be a CONSERVATIVE? Peeved Papa Pitt! Hee! Hee!]

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WILLIAM RIVERS PITT Wants to Know What's Happening at Free Republic

WILLIAM RIVERS PITT wants to know what is happening at the Free Republic as you can see in his THREAD, "Has anyone checked out FreeRepublic yet?" Since all editions of the DUmmie FUnnies are quickly posted at the Free Republic, Pitt might find out way more than he would like. For example, he might find out about the heinous deeds of a certain Temporary SockPuppet. Or would he prefer to wait 24 business hours for a PARTIAL BIRTH NONAPOLOGY that attempted to explain away one of the biggest journalistic frauds ever perpetrated? A visitor to the Free Republic who reads the DUFUs could also report to him about how a fellow DUmmie, the homeless female,Bobo the Hobo, was brutally THREATENED with physical violence. Finally, he could learn the FATE of a certain incarcerated co-author of a vanity press book. Yes, Pitt, your fellow DUmmies should check out the DUmmie FUnnies at the Free Republic and report back in detail to you. So let us watch Pitt inquire about the Free Republic in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that this is yet another thread that Pitt wishes he could go back in time to delete, is in the [brackets]:

Has anyone checked out FreeRepublic yet?

[Yes, Will. We have seen quite a bit of material about you at the DUmmie FUnnies which is posted at the Free Republic.]

Y'know, just to see what all the Daniel Boone hero types are doing to prepare for the revolution and stuff?

[In the next 24 business hours we are going to post Meghan's Law lists of predators on the signposts of Newton. Anything else you wish to find out?]

I haven't looked. Yet.

[But when you do, you will definitely need to change your diaper. And now on to his fellow DUmmies...]

Do they know? We will kick their ASS!


Our President, the best Democratic president in a long time and therefore the best President in a really, really long time, if forced too, will drone their asses back to the stone age? Do they really want to test the mettle of the most efficient politician this country has seen in a long time?

[Gee. And I though Piers Morgan wrote off the concept of a tyrannical government as absolutely absurd. Thanx for proving him wrong.]

Obama has the right to bare arms and he will bare-knuckle anybody who tries to destroy our country thru armed revolution. And we'd all be backing him up. They just don't know who they are messing with do they? We will make this a better country and if it means steamrolling them to get there well, my advice is: Watch out freepers.

[We got the guns. You got the hot air. And WILLIAM RIVERS PITT got a big trust fund which is why he can coast through life doing nothing much except rant online and empty mugs of beer at Bukowski's.]

We won't discuss what is coming out of their mouths.

[Good. Then don't check out the confessions of the Temporary SockPuppet.]

Here's a good one

[Ah! So WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has visited the Free Republic. Hi Will! Have you hugged Bobo the Hobo today?]

"Remember, Comrade... nobama hates you, hates your Freedom, hates your family, hates your success, hates your happiness, hates Free America, hates Americans, hates the Rule of Law, hates the Constitution and hates the Bill of Rights. nobama is a hate crime foisted upon America. nobama is the Destroyer . Everything nobama does is intentional. God help us all."

[Remember, Comrade...WILLIAM RIVERS PITT hates Bobo the Hobo, hates her, hates her, hates her. Here is what he said about the poor homeless woman: "You ******* piece of shit... Explain how you have the time and money to post to DU from your ******* car, you poor ******* victim.... Leave my mother out of your comments, or meet me in the street, you ****... I promise I will drop you if we ever meet... You suck. And I will wipe you out if I ever get the chance..."]

Says it all.

[You said more than enough, Will, to get yourself temporarily tombstoned for threatening sick violence on a impoverished homeless woman whose only crime was not to be born privileged enough to have a healthy trust fund for doing nothing.]

I took a peek last night, and it was quite more atrocious than usual.

[Next time take a peek at the many DUFU threads about WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

Kucinich betrays DUmmies, joins Fox News!

As you can see above, at one time, the DUmmies had no greater hero than Dennis Kucinich. There was nobody they liked better. The former Boy Mayor of Cleveland, the former Wunderkind of the Cuyahoga, the truest, bluest progressive in Congress, the prog-preferred presidential aspirant in '04 and '08, and a moonbat as wacky as the DUmmies themselves--there was no one who could surpass Dennis Kucinich in the eyes of the DUmmies.

But all that has changed now. Due to Ohio losing a seat in Congress, Rep. Kucinich was forced into a primary against fellow congressperson Marcy Kaptur--and he lost! His own party betrayed him by voting for the other Democrat. Stung by his defeat, Kucinich found solace in his featured role in The Hobbit and in his hot young wife:

It's amazing, isn't it? It's kind of like if Gollum somehow managed to get Lady Galadriel to marry him:

But I digress. Where did we leave off? OK. . . . Having been betrayed by his party, the question became: What Would Kookie Do? Answer: He would betray THEM!

Lo and behold, Dennis Kucinich has signed up with FOX NEWS!! This jarring news has hit DUmmieland like a thunderbolt. The DUmmies are moving through Kübler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief, but they seem to be stuck on Anger. (BTW, would Kucinich qualify as a Kübler Elf?)

We will see the wrath of the DUmmies descend on Denny in these threads:

This THREAD, "Fox News Signs Dennis Kucinich As Contributor"; and
This THREAD, "What do you think of Dennis Kucinich joining Fox News?"; and
This THREAD, "Dennis Kucinich: It's 'Almost Silly' To Think I'd Be The Token Liberal On Fox"

So let us now watch the DUmmies DUmp on Dennis, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--not surprised that Kookie would join Fox, since he already MARRIED a fox--is in the [brackets]:

Fox News Signs Dennis Kucinich As Contributor

[Huh? Whaa--?? Surely there must be some sort of mistake here! Not our Dennis Kucinich! Oh, wait. Surely you must mean "MSNBC," not . . . not . . . ugh, FOX!!]

Fox News Channel has signed former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a paid contributor to FNC and Fox Business network. Kucinich, who was for years a liberal stalwart in the House of Representatives, will provide analysis and commentary across all of FNC and FBN’s programs, beginning with Thursday’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor.”


“I’ve always been impressed with Rep. Kucinich’s fearlessness and thoughtfulness about important issues,” said Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. . . .

[Ailes? I think Kucinich must have been abducted by ALIENS!]

“His willingness to take a stand from his point of view makes him a valuable voice in our country’s debate.”

[Translation: "I can use him as a token liberal punching bag. Plus, from time to time he'll bash Obama for not being liberal enough. Plus, he's an entertaining wacko. Plus, he's got a hot wife. It's all good."]

[The DUmmies react . . .]

That's JUST what Democrats need, somebody attacking them from the left on Faux Snooze.

[But isn't that exactly what you DUmmies do on DUmmieland, i.e., attack the Dems for not being proggy enough?]

Done. With. Kucinich.

[On. To. Grayson.]

What In the F***?!

[What In the FOX?!]

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis... WTF man?!

[Say it ain't so, Kookie!]

As long as he doesn't let himself be used as a punching bag it's ok.

[Uh, DUmmie, why do you think Fox signed him?]

he's a contributor, not an anchor.

[He's a contributor to your anger.]

Do you think he'll turn teabagger?

[I think he'll turn punchbagger.]

Please - Give Dennis A Chance. . . .

[All we are saying . . . is give Dennis a chance . . .]

just a little while ago - people here were bummed that he got screwed out of his Congressional seat.

[He was Kaptured by aliens!]

Oh my! Now they'll be watching Fox to dance to Kooch's toon.

[Do the Hoochie-Koochie!]

The world's oldest profession gains another employee. Walk with pride, Dennis.

[Dennis is a proud paid progstitute.]

Beyond astonished.

[Distraught. Dismayed. Disconsolate. Stepping out on the ledge.]

Now he can bash the President and get both laughs and applause.

[It's a beautiful thing.]

"Paid contributor" = blood money.

[Dennis Iscariot gets his dirty pieces of silver.]

Here is why I give Dennis no quarter. . . .

[Look, it takes a lot more than a quarter to buy off Dennis, my friend!]

Dennis is not naive enough to think he will be anything but a pawn. . . . You take money from the GOP you become their pawn. . . .

[But now he will be a pawn STAR! Heck, he and the lovely Miss Elizabeth might even get their own reality show! Let's see, what could they call it? "Say Yes to the Elf"? "Kook Boss"? "Here Comes Denny Koo Koo"? ("A dolla makes me holla, Denny Koo Koo!")]

What do you think of Dennis Kucinich joining Fox News?

[There's a poll on this for the DUmmies to answer. Right now the results look like this . . .]

57% Cha-Ching... He needs a war chest and it's a paycheck!
22% He thinks he can win over F***ed up Fox News watchers!
7% Fox News thinks they need him to keep up ratings!
14% Other reason. . . .

[Most of the DUmmies got this one mostly right--follow the dollar signs. But a "war chest"?? Do you really think Kookie is going to run for office again? Say, on second thought, you may be on to something! KUCINICH 2016! Go for it!]

They hired him to make Fox viewers think all left leaning people are extreme and far out of the mainstream.

[Which . . . they are.]

He is too marginal to marginalize. As to his credibility, he destroyed that with many people when he did not accept the primary was fair.

[Dennis the Minus.]

If he is that stupid, to hell with him. If he is not and still does this, I hope he goes straight to HELL!

[Feel the love!]

What do you think of Harpo as one of the Marx Brothers? They'll trot him out to honk a horn and then throw a pie in his face whenever the occasion warrants.

[Kookie is a combination of Harpo and Karlo Marx.]

They hired him because he's amusing. And he can tin foil with the best of them.

[Kookie is Comedy GOLD!]

You forgot... Meh! That's my response. Of course, if you had included "Meh!" I wouldn't have voted for it. Such is the Zen of Meh!

[Dennis the Meh-ness.]

Fox News wants him for ratings; he wants it for the moolah. He's also an extremist in some areas; Fox News likes to have on liberals who are either not effective communicators, almost Republican, or irritating extremists (to the Fox News viewer...validating the viewers' view that liberals are wackos). Note that these are not MY views of Kucinich...these are what Fox viewers would think.

[Yeah, right! Those ARE your views, you, you. . . LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

They obviously think they can make Kuch look ridiculous. . . .

[Not much of a stretch.]

I'm disappointed.

[Dennis tries to console the disappointed DUmmie . . .]

Apparently they need another "Hannity and Colmes"-style show.

[They can call this one "Insanity & Colmes" . . .]

Dennis Kucinich: It's “Almost Silly” To Think I'd Be The Token Liberal On Fox

[Dennis has spoken, and he's no token!]

he says it's "almost silly" to think that he'll be a kind of token. "I'm way past that in my life and career,"  Kucinich said. . . . "That's almost silly."

[That's one token over the line!]

yeah, it's just soo fookin' noble to be sucking off the Murdoch/Ailes teat.

[Dennis, someone ain't buyin' what you're sellin'.]

Ahh now the haters demand "purity". . . .

[Haters gonna hate.]

I have lost all respect for Kucinich. Sell Out is a much too kind description of him.

["Judas" is more like it! He made a Faustian, Fauxian deal with the devil!]

Now they'll attack Obama from the right and the left.

[Happy Inauguration Day, Mr. President! Four more years!]

Currently, Fox attacks him from the right. DUers attack him from the left. Fair. and Balanced.

[Hee! Hee!]

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DUmmies Slam Lance Armstrong

You want to be a successful LOUSY FREEPER TROLL in DUmmieland? Then you need to build up your post count so as to avoid any suspicions. It is tough to do on the political threads where I generally just post fairly innocuous comments. However, sometimes there are DUmmie threads where I completely agree with the sentiment, such as F*ck Lance Armstrong.. where I was able to post my REAL opinion several times without fear of detection as an LFT. One fringe benefit was that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT joined the thread with a FALSE observation. I was tempted to ask him if he ever met Lance Armstrong at Bukowski's and then invited him home but his idiocy was soon corrected by someone else. So let us now watch the DUmmies 'Roid Rage against Lance Armstrong in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if I should award myself a Kewpie Doll, is in the [brackets]:

F*ck Lance Armstrong..

[Ben Burch is happy to oblige.]

He is an asshole. Took everyone for a ride, and now he wants what???..So, What does he want now??? To hell with him.. is ugly...but he is/ was a cheating, then, tomorrow too.

[I don't get why he is seeking absolution from Oprah. I mean no one watches her network. I wouldn't even know where to access it. Can someone tell me where I can watch the interview online?]

From all of us who NEVER enhanced our skills falsely, all of us who left sweat, blood and tears on the *surface of your choice, I spit on Armstrongs shoes.

[He might be Shoeless Lance Armstrong after all the lawsuits drain him of his cash.]

He should be in jail for the fraud he perpetrated with his business partners.

[Perhaps he could share a cell with the co-author of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

I can understand some folks feeling that way... But there's still a lot of good he did in the world where fund-raising for cancer research is concerned. In fact I think a lot of people connect him more with Livestrong and his recovery than with the cycling anymore.

[It doesn't take long before the complete idiots begin posting on a DUmmie thread.]

And probably caused his own testicular cancer in the first place with steroids and testosterone unintended consequences, and all.

[That's what I don't get. One of the side effects of steroid use, besides the much higher risk of a heart attack, is that your cojones will shrivel up and die as happened with Armstrong. And yet the idiots like him are willing to risk it? Of course, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is perfectly willing to risk lung cancer or having a hole puncture in the throat from continuing to suck down cigarettes even though his vocal chords are now completely shot due to being coated with globs of nicotine.]

I think everything he did was to burnish his own image or to promote his own causes. He had no interest in funding anything until cancer affected him personally. I don't think he's a great philanthropist by any definition. He's self-interested, narcissistic and needy of attention and adulation.

[Excellent observation, DUmmie LiberalAndProud.]

He never would have admitted it if not caught. It's not so much that he doped, but that he lied about it and continued to lie about it in spite of the evidence. And - maybe the worst part - had a lot of people stand by him and defend his name in good faith while he kept quiet. He's an asshole.

[Excellent observation, DUmmie Avalux. .I couldn't have said it better myself. (or maybe I just did.)]

The USPS is in bad financial shape. How would supporting a cycling team be good for their marketing?

[Because it is perfectly okay to blow ObamaBucks.]

The odd part is, he's actually a phenomenal athlete. I had reservations about his wins, but believed. Now I feel like a sucker.

[The same feeling you had after you PayPaled your $$$ to Bev Harris.]

My life has pretty much always been about bikes. There's so much personality and beauty in the sport. For me it's more than sport. When I rode the road, it was the 60's. Even today the bike is demonized in America. The bike gives one a real perspective on just who is aggressive and who is a lover of beauty. It's hard to put it into a tiny post.

[Then put it into a tiny Speedo like John Effing Kerry.]

I believed in him even when they were stripping his titles. I bought into the line that it was all a conspiracy ginned up by an overeager doping agency, and supported by false confessions from former teammates trying to arrange lighter punishments. Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed.

[I figure you sent at least $100 to Bev Harris.]

...and he's gonna rat on people...f*ck him

[The Scott Rothstein of the cycling world.]

He raised $500 million for cancer research. He's a lying fraud...but that ain't peanuts.

[A lying fraud like you, WILLIAM RIVERS PITT? Turns out Pitt is posting yet more misinformation. However, another DUmmie corrects Pitt less than 24 business hours later as you can see in the next post...]

Myth: Lance Armstrong has raised $500 million for cancer research.

Fact: According Gifford’s investigative piece, LiveStrong — the foundation Armstrong helped to establish after suffering testicular cancer — donated only $20 million to cancer research between 1998 and 2005. In 2005, LiveStrong began phasing out its research donation, and since 2010 the charity no longer accepts applications for research grants.

Instead, the lion’s share of the funds raised by LiveStrong, according to Gifford, have gone to fuzzier assistance programs, like “survivorship” and “global awareness,” and for the worthy cause of helping victims in the U.S. negotiate the thickets of the medieval American health-care system, where the simple and effective Canadian-style Medicare system is rejected for the greater profit of insurance companies, drug companies, private hospitals and doctors.

What is more troublesome is that there are two parallel organizations here:, the charity, and the parallel, a for-profit entity. And the myth that the charity provides funding for cancer research persists, even though LiveStrong’s own website makes it clear the charity is not in the research business.

[You have to realize that Pitt gets his info from Jason Leopold. Okay, here comes a correction excuse from the Pittster...]

Yikes. Thanks for the info. That's what I get for believing what I hear on sports talk radio. *withdrawing from conversation*

[Better yet, try withdrawing that cigarette from your mouth, Will. No amount of cancer research money is going to prevent your inevitable appointment with the compass needle puncturing a hole in your throat so you can talk.]

No excuse for his behavior and viciousness to people telling the truth about him

[That sounds like Jason Leopold after May 12, 2006.]

Friday, January 11, 2013

Who in 2016? Hillary? NO! Grayson or Warren? YES!

No more teabaggers
like Obama or Clinton!

When is left not left enough? When it's Hillary Rodham Clinton. You see, to the DUmmies, Hillary is not hardcore-left enough. They pillory Hillary. To them, she's practically a teabagging Rethuglican. So is Obama, for that matter.

The DUmmies have been looking ahead to 2016, and they do not like what they see. For it seems that HILLARY! will be the heir apparent, and she's not radical-Communist enough for their tastes. So the DUmmies have begun to search about, looking for a more progressive alternative. It doesn't matter if their choice would have any chance of winning, it's just that the person passes the Progressive Purity Test. Yes, the DUmmies are playing one of their favorite games: "Look at me! Look at how radically progressive I am!" And leading the way is Hyper-Prog DUmmie Ken Burch (Mrs. Ben?), with this THREAD, "If HRC runs in 2016, who should be the pro-worker, pro-peace, pro-justice candidate in the race?"

So let us get a head start on Operation Looney-Bin by hearing from the Reality-Based Community®, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--continually amazed a) that a completely unqualified clown like Barack Obama was ever elected in the first place, b) that in spite of his miserable record of failure he somehow got re-elected, and c) that he is considered not leftist enough by the DUmmies--is in the [brackets]:

If HRC runs in 2016 . . .

["HRC" is Hillary von Ribbentrop Clinton, the Belle of Benghazi.]

who should be the pro-worker, pro-peace, pro-justice candidate in the race?

[How about Sandra Fluke? She could be the pro-phylactic candidate.]

If the outgoing SoS DOES run . . .

[If she's out going around getting SoSSed, and she tries to run, she might stumble and bump her head again.]

she will run as the "status quo" war budget, pro-military intervention, pro-"free trade", anti-social justice.

[She's a Rethuglican! BUUUURRRRN HER!!!]

So clearly, there will need to be a candidate that progressives and Democrats can support for the Dem nomination. Who would you recommend?

[Vladimir Lenin? No, too conservative.]

Alan Grayson is one possibility.

[Guts! Yes!]


Elizabeth Warren is another.

[Princess Cherryblossoms!]

Sherrod Brown might also fit the bill.

[A threesome! Cool!]

Name your picks below.

[Pick your nose and blow.]

I don't think she will run. . . .

[Ol' Crusty has been retired. The Pantsuit is standing--all by itself--in a corner in Hillary's trophy room.]

I think there will be several fresh faces. . . .

[Who? Henry Waxman? Rosa DeLauro? Babs Mikulski?]

I like Sherrod Brown! Great liberal Senator - with a ton of experience to boot!


I'd say Keith Ellison. . . . He's the cream of the crop. . . .

[He's the Koran of the crap.]

Trumka/Krugman . . .

[. . . says a member of the Reality-Based Community®.]

Serious times call for serious measures.

[And, like, Trumka/Krugman is a serious suggestion??]

I would swim a river of snot to help Alan Grayson win.

[I would rather DRINK a river of snot than see Alan Grayson win.]

Hillary is almost the same person as Obama.

[They're cut from the same teabag.]

[But all this "I'll out-progressive you!" nonsense gives at least one DUmmie a headache . . .]

I need an aspirin.

[Bayer with us a little longer.]

You want to back HRC, fine...but you know perfectly well her time in office would be just preserving the status quo...with no progressive gains and at least one war.

[Take two aspirins and one war and call me in the morning.]

[But DUmmie bluestate10 agrees with the headache guy . . .]

Does get f***ing tiring, doesn't it? Yet people that post sh*t like this are considered the "iron" of DU.

[People that post sh*t like this are considered the "comedy gold" of the DUmmie FUnnies!]

I need something heavier than aspirin.

[DUmmieland puts the "Dem" in "Demerol."]

Richards/Warren 2016

[Go Richards! . . . Huh? Hoodat??]

I could get behind that ticket pretty easily.

[If only I knew who Richards was.]

Keith Richards???

[Drug user, no American birth certificate--sounds like a plan!]

Excuse I meant me Gov. Richardson of course. . . .

[Of course!]

Ann Richards would do as well

[She probably would.]

I thought Richardson a horrible candidate in 2008 and he had to withdraw his name as Secretary of Commerce due to some corruption charges. To me, the fact that he hid the election fraud in NM in 2004 was enough reason to completely reject him.

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

isn't Ann Richards dead?


Elizabeth Warren/Alan Grayson in 2016 and 2020. . . .

[Elizabeth Warren for Comanche-in-Chief!]

followed by Grayson/some up-and-coming progressive Democrat in 2024/2028. . . .

[OK, but the running mate has GOT to be someone who can win in 2032 and 2036! Come on, man, plan ahead!]

That's the ticket. . . . you want to win, or make a statement?

[That's easy! Make a statement.]

other than the fact that you like Alan Grayson for making dramatic statement, what abilities does he have to run the most complex Government in the world?

[Since when is lack of ability some sort of disqualifier? We didn't ask that about Obama!]

I believe the glass is half full.

[I believe the glass is completely empty. The DUmmies drank it all.] you assume it's HRC or defeat. Sad.

[You know what makes me sad? You do! Maybe we should chug on over to I'm-a-DUmmie Land, where maybe we can find some reality for you, ya jackwagon!]

We're not in 1992 anymore. We don't HAVE to settle for the lesser evil now.

[True! Now we can go for the GREATER evil! GO GRAYSON!]

Nominating HRC means giving up on change...probably forever.

[FOR . . . EV . . . ER. . . .]

I'm starting with Brian Schweitzer. . . .

[Didn't he used to be in the Stray Cats?]

if either Hillary or Joe gets into the race, all bets are off.

[If Joe gets in the race, all recorders are on, waiting for the next gaffe.]

I'd still like to see Jim Hightower take a shot at the WH.

[Jim Hightower. Running for the White House. Yes, by all means! In fact, why don't you guys just go ahead and make him your nominee? Please!]

So you believe that the net result of the President's first term has been a negative? sad.

[Again with the "sad."]

If either runss, I will be supporting Clinton or Cuomo. . . .

[Status quo or status Cuomo.]

Howard Dean.


I miss Howard Dean. I liked it when he growled. . . .

[How about Tom Vilsack? He can growl like a bear.]


Well, not all of us here on DU are as liberal as Obama. Some of us are to his right.

[That would be the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

Let's just run Obama again.

[Yeah, who's counting?]



I used to be a progressive. . . . The thing that turned me off on progressives is what I see as their blind foolishness. No social program to them EVER need reforming, even when there is obvious waste in those programs. No poor person is responsible for their plight in the view of progressives, some evil hand had to strike that person down and hold that person down.

[Congratulations, DUmmie bluestate10, you are today's winner of the Kewpie Doll, for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity. I hope that consoles when now you are tombstoned in 3 . . . 2. . . .]

I am a Hillary supporter. . . .

[Democratic Undergarment. There are binders full of them.]


[Is that you, Elizabeth Warren?]

Welcome to DU. We have posters here that don't realistically look at politics. . . .

[Democratic Understatement.]

we have a much larger number of rational people around . . .

[. . . laughing at us.]

What a bunch of unqualified people you recommend as alternatives.

[Yeah, they're all Democrats!]

Elizabeth Warren. . . . She is exactly the person we need. . . .

[Hail to the Chief!]

How can we possibly know that?


Warren should stay in the Senate. . . . Sherrod Brown has potential. . . .

[I sought the Sherrod, but I did not choose the Dem you need.]

You don't know what you're talking about.

[Could be a sig line on every post in DUmmieland.]

Kucinich/Burch!!1! You guys could fix all that's wrong with the world, unlike those fascist Democrats!11! Oy.

[Hee! Hee!]


[Nope, not gonna say it. . . .]

Hillary45, then Michelle46

   MICHELLE! 2024

HRC's world view is essentially that of a privileged white male. . . .

[You said it, I didn't!]

President Obama picked Warren and gave her the victory with his coattails.

[Chief Runningmouth give Princess Cheekbones heap big gift!]


John Kitzhaber or Jerry Brown.

[John Kitzhoober?]

Kitzhaber might be the guy. Hadn't thought of him. . . .

[Hadn't HEARD of him.]

Dennis F***ing Kucinich.

Kucinich couldn't win against a more moderate Democrat in a merged district. How's he going to win Ohio (statewide), Florida and Virginia?

Clearly Russ Feingold.

[Clearly Comedy Gold.]

Brian from Montana. . . .

[Brian, you're on the air. Would you like to run for President?]

Hillary is her own person, she's not her husband.

[Hillary is her own husband.]

My ideal ticket, however, would definitely be Paul Krugman / Neil deGrasse Tyson.

[Funny, that's my ideal ticket too for you Democrats! That, or Hightower/Kitzhoober, or maybe Trumka/Dead Ann Richards.]

Sunday, January 06, 2013

DUmmie Self-Deletes After Rush Spotlights His 'Taxing' Post

On Thursday evening I received a Facebook message from my friend, Henry Louis Gomez, who writes at the BABALU BLOG. He sent me a link to this DUmmie THREAD about a DUmmie whining over the fact that the new 2013 taxes took an intolerable chunk out of his paycheck after the beginning of the year. I thought it was quite ironic what with the DUmmies calling for higher taxes yet now whining about it so I told Henry I would probably DUFU it after I got done DUFUing the DUmmies supporting Al Gorezeera's HYPOCRISY.

Well, the next day (Friday) I am out doing some heavy duty couponing when suddenly I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about that very DUmmie thread on the car radio. Fortunately, Rush posted a transcript of what he said on his WEBSITE:

This is hilarious. As you know, ladies and gentlemen, beginning with the first day of the year, and because of the fiscal cliff deal, the temporary partial tax cut on the Social Security tax expired. There was a temporary partial exemption on the payroll tax. I've been asked if most people noticed it. They didn't notice it until they were told about it. It added up to, depending on your income, it could be a thousand dollars a year that you had extra because of this partial tax. Anyway, on January 1, that partial temporary tax cut expired, and now everybody's payroll taxes are back up to 100% of what it should be, which is 13%. The employer pays half and the employee pays half. The employee pays it all but that's too complicated even for people who understand the economy.

Anyway, here's the thing, what happened here. The first paychecks for the new year for some people have gone out and they have noticed that their paychecks are smaller. And somebody went to Democrat Underground, somebody got the idea to go there and just troll and look around, and one of the first posts in Democrat Underground last night was this: "What happened that my Social Security withholding's in my paycheck just went up? My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don't feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease is gonna hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over 400 grand. What happened?"

The average Democrat who was out there applauding the tax increase on the rich discovered smaller take-home pay in his first paycheck. What the hell happened? So he looked into it and he found out that his payroll tax is now gone back up to what it should have been all along, the temporary partial deduction expired, and his take-home pay is less. He thought only millionaires and billionaires are gonna be paying more in taxes. We tried to warn everybody here that the middle class was gonna have a tax increase because the payroll tax deduction expired, and it was going back to full boat, 6.2% employee pay, 6.2 employer pay. The 6.2 employee payment was 4.2 for the last year or two. But now it's back up to 6.2, which is gonna mean, depending on your income level, somebody making $75,000 a year, it's $1500 a year taken out of their paycheck that has not been in the past two years.

Anyway, this began a thread at Democrat Underground with all kinds of ticked off Democrats, livid Democrats, and what was hilarious about it was that over half of them were blaming George Bush for it, when it was Obama. It was all Obama! Obama and the Democrats engineered -- and the Republicans went along with this -- the payroll tax cut, which was a temporary partial tax cut on the employee side, but it was restored with the fiscal cliff deal. So paychecks beginning this year, first week of the year, are smaller. And you should see the thread of all these ticked off Democrats who had no idea they were gonna be paying more in taxes. And as part of the thread, there are people trying to explain to them what happened, and some of them understand it, and some of them don't, but they're all livid.

They're fit to be tied. And then they resort, it's probably Bush's fault, they think. They think that Bush has come back from four years of a presidency that's expired to bite them. And they're livid over it. It's a classic illustration. You talk about low-information voters. You talk about people have no clue. You talk about people that support things they have no idea what they're doing in terms of harming themselves by virtue of what they support. The Democrat Underground: what happened that my Social Security withholding and my paycheck just went up? This guy had no idea. And it's a long thread. I don't know how long it is now.

Shortly after Rush exposed this unintentionally hilarious DUmmie thread on the air the author, DUmmie NCTraveler, self-deleted it. Too late, Dummie! The rest of your thread remains and your self-deleted stupidity has been preserved forever for all eternity for everybody to see and laugh at. So let us now watch the DUmmies react by blaming Bush for their increased taxes in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who finds that it pays to remain tuned to Rush while couponing, is in the [brackets]

This message was self-deleted by its author

[Too late, DUmmie NCTraveler, your post has been trapped forever in EIB amber by El Rushbo so we shall now reproduce it below in all its hilariously pathetic glory...]

What happened that my Social Security withholding's in my paycheck just went up? My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don't feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease is gonna hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over 400 grand. What happened?

[What happened is you revealed your self-deleted stupidity in thinking only taxes for the riiiiiiich would go up. And now for the undeleted reactions from the other DUmmies...]

  The temporary 2% payroll tax cut expired.


There is no trust fund, separate fund, lockbox, whatever. It goes into the same pot as income taxes. Pretending that FICA is dedicated to Social Security does not make it true. Again, FICA goes into the general fund. What we have here, boys and girls, is a genuine tax increase on the "middle class".


  that is not a tax increase, it is finally allowing a temporary bu$h tax cut to expire.


  It went back to what it was 2 years ago. The temporary payroll tax "holiday" expired - it was supposed to do last year but was extended.


  Pretty sizable chunk of change. Almost a weeks worth of groceries. And I am in no way making lots of money.

[Have you ever thought about using coupons, DUmmie NCTraveler? If my memory serves me right, just after I heard Rush read your self-deleted post on the air, I picked up two cans of clam chowder, 2 cans of chicken and sausage gumbo, and 2 cups of sliced cling peaches for FREE via coupons. I don't think my food budget is over $5 per week. Of course, couponing requires a minimum level of intelligence which disqualifies you.]

  $1000 divided by 52 weeks is about $20 per week. Doesn't buy a lot of groceries. But it isn't nothing.

[It buys me more food than we need for the week with $15 left over to buy more coupons.]

$86 a month is a lot. That would pay for.... Groceries for a week, as someone said. More than what I pay for parking every month, after my employer's contribution to that.

[I saved about $60 in parking fees via coupons since September. The local newspapers often have peelie coupons for FREE Swap Shop coupons. Since Sunday parking there can reach $5 and since I go about twice per week, it all adds up. Oh, and I love seeing the other folks shelling out five dollar bills while I just hand them a small piece of coupon paper to get my FREE space.]

Your taxes went up because the leaders need to dig us out of this criminal deficit hole we are in which has been caused because taxes were too low during the Bush years. Everyone has to help by spreading the wealth around a little. Power to the correct people!


Power to the correct people!

[Gotta remember that line. Too FUnnie!!!]

  I have scant experience with 'weekly payroll' jobs.

[The Maynard G. Krebs branch of the DUmmies weighs in.]

Does anyone think congress will extend the payroll tax holiday at some point?

[Too embarrassed to just ask for LOWER TAXES?]

2% sounds small. $92 isn't small.

[Welcome to the cruel world of simple math, DUmmie NCTraveler. BTW, 2013 just started but you are already well on your way to being voted the DUmmie of the Year.]

  Would a 100% estate tax do away for the need for an income tax?

[No. It would only encourage the government to confiscate ALL private property.]

  money show up in ym bank abt 7 am tomorrow but I got statement from my employer today. I'm $112 shorter than with the holiday.


 Hey, National Review linked your post

[So did Rush. Hee! Hee!]

RUSH LIMBAUGH just read this letter on air. Be careful what you write here. The Wingnuts are listening!!

[Shhh! The whole world now sees how idiotic we are.]

I just got my first fortnightly paycheck for 2013. It's $113.08 less than my previous paycheck. That's $2,940.08 less that I will be able to spend on discretionary purchases this year.



[Good news! The monthly trust fund payments for WILLIAM RIVERS PITT will be unaffected.]

Saturday, January 05, 2013

DUmmies, KOmmies Mostly Fine With Al Gorezeera Hypocrisy

Al Gore is a man of high character...He never sells out his public principles EXCEPT for money. So now that Al Gore has sold his no-rated Current TV to Al Jazeera which is owned by the oil sheikdom of Qatar do the DUmmies view their erstwhile hero as a hypocrite? Even worse, Al Gorezeera tried to pull off the sale before Jan. 1 when the Bush tax cuts expired in order to keep a bigger chunk of the half billion dollar sale for himself. Guess what? The DUmmies and KOmmies are mostly okay with the Gore hypocrisy as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD and this KOmmie THREAD. The thread titles gives us a hint that not all DUmmies and KOmmies are happy with the Al Jazeera sale but that sentiment is overwhelmed by the vast majority of them who bless the sacred ground that Al Gore treads on. So let us now watch the DUmmies and KOmmies rationalize the Al Gorezeera hypocrisy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the Gore daughters will now have to don burkhas, is in the [brackets]:

Al Gore, progressive leader one minute, wanting to cash in big time the next...

[Stated the DUmmie thread title with the awful truth...]

Al Gore Pushed for Sale Before Higher Taxes
Interesting tidbit from the New York Times on the sale of Current TV:
"Mr. Gore and his partners were eager to complete the deal by Dec. 31, lest it be subject to higher tax rates that took effect on Jan. 1... But the deal was not signed until Wednesday."

[What a tragedy. Gore was forced against his wishes to pay his "fair share" of the taxes. And now to the DUmmies rushing to defend Al Gorezeera...]

AlJezeera's programming "coming out of the ME" is some damn fine journalism. I used to watch their broadcasts on either Link TV or Free Speech TV back when I had cable.

[Why do I have the FUnnie feeling that Al Jazeera will be the next stop for Big Ed Shultz when they wave the green cash in front of his flushed face?]

I'm just thinking of the field day Fox will have with this...and all the wing nuts who will insist the county is being taken over by Muslims. I wish Gore had waited to find another buyer...

[He had to sell to Al Jazeera. No other suckers were available.]

Do you think it was "socially irresponsible" for him to sell to Al Jazeera? They're a fine news organization. Much better reporting than F*cked News, CNN, and MSMBS.

[Tell us how great the Muslim Brotherhood is.]

Al Gore has done more for this planet than you will do for a lifetime

[Plus he has a bigger private jet than you do.]

You know what? It's still OK to make a profit and minimize taxes.

[Unless you are an EVIL Republican.]

Your f*cking title is pure misleading crap

[The thread title is too painfully true for you to endure.]

How about a group host stepping in and shutting this shit down.

[Delete this thread! Tombstone the author!]

Nobody should be criticized for using every possible legal avenue to minimize their taxes

[Unless you are an EVIL Republican.]

He is a private citizen who was f*cked out of the Presidency that he won. His family life has crumbled, he's getting old, he is no longer a public official and he hasn't been for some time now. He doesn't "owe" me a goddamn thing. If he wanted to try to hang on to more of his money, LEGALLY, I'm not going to carp at him for so doing.

[The DUmmie Cliff Notes version of Gore's bio capped off with a rationalization for his greed.]

In the end we're all hypocrites one way or another. Everybody wants to cash in. What matters is how much good we do to counter our innate greed.

[And now we leave the DUmmie hypocrites and join the KOmmie hypocrites...]

Current TV sold to Feudal Lord. Al Gore sells out. Anger???

[Not much anger but a lot of rationalization.]

I'm seriously, completely unsarcastically, SHOCKED that there's not more diaries, info, and anger that Al Gore et all sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, which is owned and run by monarchists in Qatar, most notably by Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer al-Thani, chairman of the board. Nobody cares?

Damn Al, you just handed a golden goose to both Glenn Beck et all AND Naderites feeling punchy from the criticism of not voting for you in 2000. In addition, you just took away ANY integrity that your previous, current, and any future work had/has relative to climate change Where's the anger? This is an epic sellout of monumental proportions, and sets back progressive TV in America and tons of legitimacy re: climate change work and publicity in the US.

[I knew there was an upside to this. And now to the rest of the KOmmies...]

I don't think handing them a progressive TV channel, especially when done by a man who has made his 2nd name as a fighter against global warming and pollution, is kosher in the LEAST bit.

[Selling out to Al Jazeera is definitely not kosher.]

I wanted to like Current - but, they suffered some serious programming / production problems let alone ANY real investigative reporting

[Didn't you like the Love Client #9 show?]

The al jazeera guy is a moderate. He is arab and powerful and because of which he has some friends that most find unsavory. but he's a moderate and is considered to be progressive among Muslim leaders. His 3rd wife, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al Missned has been an advocate for education and children's causes. She now chairs the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, estabished in 1995. The fox people are much much worse.

[What about his 2nd wife?]

The goose is the fact that Al Gore sold the network to Al Jazeera...completely justifying the idea pushed by the rightwing talkingheads for so long that Al was just in it for the $$$.

[Gee, how could we possibly come to that conclusion?]

Reports are that it was NOT sold to the highest bidder, completely negating that Gore was in it or the money.

[So who was the sucker who offered more than a half billion bucks?]

Current died the day Joel Hyatt became the boss.

[So it died on Day One.]

I recorded every episode of Countdown on Current, and I still have every one of them.

[A treasured memory of mental instability.]

If he takes the money and invests in a revolutionary program to explode the spread of green technology, I'll forgive him.

[You really think Al Gore is that much of a sucker? And how many carbon credits did you buy from him?]

The fact that Al Gore has been a champion of Global Warming issues and that who he sold it too makes the vast majority of his money contributing to global warming is the biggest thorn imo.

[Perhaps Qatar can buy carbon credits from him for absolution of their Big Oil sins.]

Everything I read, the mismanagement was totally due to Joel Hyatt, whom I find not to be an honest person.

[It was all Hiatt's fault. Meanwhile Gore resided on a white cloud glowing with his absolute moral purity.]

I wonder if Al Gore will share his gains with those at Current who will soon be unemployed.

[LOL! It's just not part of Gore's chakra to share his wealth.]

Right wing talk radio and TV are successful because there are four or five dominant figures who are such a reliable source of listeners that right wing talk is a financially safe medium. We don't really have that on the left, in large part because the talent pool is larger and more diverse. That makes for better content, but it's called "mass" media for a reason.

[Ah! So that's why Mario Cuomo and Jim Hightower failed.