Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will "the Shill" Pitt cheerleads for New DU

New Kook or Kook Klassic? That is the debate going on this week amongst the denizens of the DUmp. "New Kook" is DU3, $kimmer's new moneymaker. "Kook Klassic" is DU2, the DUmmieland so many have come to know and love. Head DUmmie Skinner pulled the switchover this past weekend, but some of the children have refused to make the move and are staying behind in the old, mostly vacated house. Some have even fled the premises altogether and headed for Greener pastures (e.g., Left Underground).

This refusal to move is troubling. Sure, $kimmer has sold his soul for a pot of dollars, and sure, there is even less tolerance for Obama-bashing now at the New DU. It is becoming clear that DUmmieland is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party. But I don't think the DUmmie Brain Trust (sic) ever expected so many DUmmies to not make the move.

The DUmmieland Brain Trust (left to left): EarlG, Elad, and Skinner

Sensing this disturbance in the Force, a dismayed William Rivers Pitt, the Pied Piper of DUmmieland, has turned his considerable talents toward encouraging the wayward rats to follow him over to the new DUmp, as we see in this THREAD, "Every thread in old GD seems to be about not coming to DU3."

Will the Shill has several reasons to want New DU to succeed. As noted, DU3 is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, and Pitt is nothing if not a loyal party hack. Perhaps Wee Willie is also clinging to the increasingly faint hope that some Democrat campaign will see his stuff and hire him on to do something. Good luck with that, Fitzmas Boy! And, of course, William Rivers Pitt wants--needs--as many psychophants as possible to read and applaud his mind-numbing essays.

So let us now step into the Brave New World of New DU, where Wee Willie is waving the pom-poms, in When-will-I-be Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, regretting to inform William that he almost certainly will NOT be named DUmmie of the Year (and balloting is now closed), is in the [brackets]:

Every thread in old GD seems to be about not coming to DU3.

[Pitt wrote this on Tuesday. There are still DUmmies sticking around at Old DU today on Thursday.]

With some real bridge-burners included.

[Pitt doesn't burn bridges. He stands next to bridges and gets pooped on.]

Is it strange to anyone else how wound up some people have gotten over this changeover?

[What is strange to me, William, is how you can write in praise of the Occupy protests and yet not be bothered to go to one. Watching Bruins games in your Barcalounger is more important, huh?]

Don't get me wrong, I love DU...but this *is* DU, with some excellent improvements, and some stuff that needs work...but still DU.

[Wee Willie shakes his pom-poms and leaps into the air! "Yay, TEAM!"]

Just very strange to me.

[I need ALL of my little Pittophiles to come over here and read my stuff! And so, if I shill away for DU3, Skinner will let me get away with more crap, i.e., Willie being Willie. Plus, we've all got to rally round and support the Democratics!]

[Now for some replies . . .]

People are strange.

[DUmmies are stranger.]

I think most of the DU2 folks will gradually trickle over here.

[I agree, DUmmie stevenumbers. Even if they have to take public transportation.]

The rest will go to other similar sites. . . .

[Like . . . Left Underground, aka the LUnie Bin . . .]

REFUGEES FROM DU WE ARE (Star of Blunder )
Tune: "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

Refugees from DU we are
Baring rifts and bearing a scar
Wallets thinner, bled by Skinner
Why did we buy a star?

O star of blunder, star of blight
Star that's loyal to the Right
Once believing, now we're leaving
Guide us to a lefter site

DU3 was our final straw
When the screen and new rules we saw
To display more, you must pay more
Skinner did Shock and Law

O star of blunder, star of blight
Star that's loyal to the Right
Once believing, now we're leaving
Guide us to a lefter site

DU star, you now are a sin
Buying you, what fools we have been!
Learned our lesson, we're progressin'
We're in the LUnie Bin!

O star of blunder, star of blight
Star that's loyal to the Right
Once believing, now we're leaving
Guide us to a lefter site

Some just don't like change. Others think they're going to get banned over here, for some reason I don't understand.

[For the reason, DUmmie MineralMan, that we're less than a year from the elections, and New DU is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.]

Most don't understand how the host and jury system works, so they don't like it on principal. . . .

[On the principle that Principal Skinner is running it.]

Some concerned re revenue and accuse the admins of being only concerned with ads & revenues, some suggest that all the white-space is set up for ads. . . .

[YOUR AD HERE . . . here where you used to be able to read comments, which are now squished over to the right.]

All of the over wrought reactions and complaining kind of caught me off guard. I expected some grumbling, but not to the degree it's happening.

[NOBODY expects the Snappish Opposition!]

It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of them have convinced themselves this is a purge of those who are too liberal. . . .

[A Prog Pogrom.]

I can think of several very liberal and valuable posters who've been TSed.. While some others whose entire aim is admittedly aggravating others are still on board.

[*cough* SidDithers *cough*]

It'll work out. Or it won't.

[You're probably right.]

Heh, well, maybe weeding out the refusnicks is not such a bad thing.

[DUmmie mistertrickster gets in touch with his Inner Facist.]

Strange? Hell, William, this is DU! I fully expected things to devolve into a war between the two DUs. . . .

[The War of the Weirds.]

There's at least one DUer over there who's trying to get over here, without success.

I think Will just wants the new DU to be populated by DU'ers.

[I think Will just wants people he can Pied Pipe.]

What happens to our bookmarks?

[What happens to our Marx book?]

I thought Skinner said they were leaving up ad ad infinitum.

[No, Skinner said there would be ads ad infinitum.]

Whatever floats their boat.

[The DUmmies got shiftboated.]

OMFG. There is talk of starting a fund drive. . . .

[Here's the post from DU2 . . .]

Mic Check: DU2 has been OCCUPIED

Whose Site? OUR SITE!!

Come on people, gather 'round... let's work to create an underground on DU. The software is here, the hosts/admin might be persuaded to support both sites. Both sites can generate revenue, and we can all be happy! Let's give it a try. If it comes down to money, I'm willing to donate $20 if they keep The New DU2. Who's with me?

[C'mon, kids, let's put on a SHOW!]

what happened when du1 went to du2. . . ?

They'd been adding more and more hamster wheels to DU1, but they still couldn't keep up. . . . That's when Skinner & crew replaced the hamster wheels . . . and called it DU2. Quite a few of the hamsters ended up in General Discussion, which actually explains quite a bit of that place's troubles, especially during primary season...

[And now there's DU3, and we're coming up on the New Hamster primary.]

Some real old DUers are coming on DU2 and saying good bye. . . . It's got a kind of smokey, end-of-the-party feel, where that last group of good friends are slightly stoned and very mellow at 2 am, sloped against each other on the squashy chairs and sofas.....

[Slightly stoned, 2 am. . . . How can you tell the difference?]

To be fair, there's been quite a bit of "hurt" although it isn't super hurt-y for me. Because I have opted to leave DU2 gracefully, and not kicking and screaming, doesn't make me wholly thrilled with the current Dem Party and Administration (I am far less than thrilled), and marching in lockstep.

[Get out of line, buddy, and you'll FIND OUT what super hurt-y is!]

I have gone over just to look at the names. OMG, I can't believe how much it hurts to see some of them say farewell. I really wish that they would all hop into the new pool with us.

[Check the chlorine levels first.]

I think there are some posters that have paranoia issues about DU3. Thinking it is going to suppress dissent by critics of Obama.

[I think maybe it was the names of some of the new forums: "Attack Watch: Report Your Neighbor" . . . "Tiger Beat: Barry's So Dreamy!" . . . that sort of thing.]

They are coming over in 24 business hours. . . .

[Hee! Hee! Way to get a dig in there on the Pittster!]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

If Skinner were smart, he'd delete the code for DU2 and force the issue.

But I get the impression Skinner has the same relationship with intelligence that Troglaman has.

2:16 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Pitt...Pitt. I've heard that name.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elrond complaining? I've heard that before.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Readers' Digest version:

"Well I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords."


9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basically anyone who will give Pitt a forum to air his purply prose will have his loyalty.

Unless he gets drunk and threatens to beat everyone's ass.

9:54 AM  

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