Monday, October 10, 2011

Trust Fund Pitt Wears Massive OWS Chip On Shoulder

WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, who still has NOT even bothered to attended an OWS protest himself, has gone Drama Queen Ballistic about an American Spectator writer by the name of Patrick Howley who supposedly incited a riot by leftwing loons at the Air and Space Museum. Pitt took this incident and has built it in his imagination into the greatest OUTRAGE ever perpetrated. The moment I read about Pitt's phoney outrage I pretty much had an idea of what happened...namely that the writer was caught in the middle of the loons which according to David Weigel of Slate, hardly a friend of conservatives, is exactly what happened. Here is Weigel REPORTING on what Pitt declares the greatest outrage since the Karl Rove Indictment on May 12, 2006:

I'm seeing some commentary and analysis that argues Howley egged on the protesters, somehow, by going slightly further -- by accident! -- than they did. No, I'm not buying it. Howley stumbled upon conservative media gold by covering the October 11 movement's co-opting of Occupy Wall Street/Occupy DC.

...These protesters have it in them to wreck the image of the new movement, and all Howley did was notice.

Of course, Pitt who has NOT attended any OWS event has turned this minor non-incident into a source of his supreme outrage as you can see when he put a massive chip on his shoulder in his THREAD, "I am so f*cking sick of these people." So let us now watch Pitt, with big chip on shoulder, go all Drama Queen in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if this is the seventh or eighth thread by Pitt on the subject of the OWS protests that he can't be bothered to attend, is in the [brackets]:

I am so f*cking sick of these people.

[Who? Do you mean the Trust Fund Kids who talk a good game about the importance of the OWS protests and then don't even bother to attend?]

This last little song-and-dance by some American Spectator whore (look around if you don't know what I'm talking about; you'll find it soon enough) really proves my point.

[As opposed to a TruthOut whore who tried to perpetrate a journalistic HOAX on May 12, 2006?]

Here's the thing, DU: we spend so much time grinding gears against each other, even as we agree with each other 90% of the time.

[90% of us agree that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is a chip-on-the-shoulder Drama Queen who still has NOT attended even one OWS protest.]

Well, here we a genuine tipping point.

[Pitt reaches his tippling point every night in Bukowski's.]

As a DUer, I've been working towards this moment for more than ten years. As a person, I've been at it twice that long.

[Translation: Doing NOTHING constructive while collecting my Trust Fund payments.]

As people, many many many DUers have been working towards this moment for 30, 40, 50 years. On this board, you are surrounded on all sides by heroes, warriors and good old-fashioned American grinders. Shoulder to the wheel, amen.

[Translation: Hippies who never outgrew their youthful idiocy.]

As a good man once said: you are the one you've been waiting for. You've been here all along.

[Patrick Fitzgerald is the one who Pitt has been waiting 24 business hours for.]

I am so f*cking sick of the "news" media, of the powers-that-be, of this slow, sneaking abrogation of my basic American rights.

[Boo! Hoo! Poor widdle Trust Fund Kid whose right to perpetrate journalistic fraud had been abrogated.]

OWS is the first, best representation of that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one that says, "This is wrong."

[We know Pitt is not speaking from personal experience since has still not attended a single one of these OWS protests that he is urging others to attend.]

Please: if you can show up to a protest in your town - or start one in its absence - do so. If you can bring blankets and food to an ongoing protest, do so.

[Please: Don't do as I do and lie down on a couch and watch sports on the tube when there are protests right there in your own town.]

If you know a good lawyer, let him/her know they might have a slew of new clients soon - I have a strong sense that the billyclubs are going to fly soon (this level of intemperance is tolerated only for so long in America) which means a lot of good people are going to need a good lawyer before too much more time passes.

[Know a good lawyer? You have a whole family of CORPORATE lawyers whose work resulted in a lifetime of Trust Fund payments to you.]

This is no joke.

[But it is inadvertently FUnnie!!!]

I am so f*cking sick of these people.

[Didn't you already say that 24 business hours ago?]

So are you.

Show up.

[Unlike Y0U.]


[So much easier to lie on a couch and watch sports on the tube as you did.]

It's us or nothing at this point.

[I'm surprised Drama Queen Pitt didn't draw a line in the sand ala the Alamo. And now to the other DUmmies (and I'll award an oatmeal cookie to the one who dares ask Pitt why HE has not yet attended one of the OWS events that he's been melodramatically yapping about....)]

I've been beating my head against this wall since I was twelve.

[Confess. What else have you been beating since then?]

I honestly think this is the beginning of something historic. What sort of cooking set up do they have going downtown? Do they have grills?

[After seeing the man doing his doody on a car, perhaps you should worry where all that food will end up.]

Back before the 2008 elections, I was saying that if things were not demonstrably better 3 years into the tenure of whomever was POTUS, this lid would come off of this sucker.

[And yet you will STILL vote for Obama next year. Bank it!]

I'm sick enough of them that if this is the direction of the future -- to be ruled by venal corrupt arrogant fools in a completely privatized marketized dog-eat-dog landscape -- I would wish to develop cancer quickly. The kind of world has nothing of interest for me except to escape from it.

[Heaven's Gate awaits my highly disturbed little friend.]

I've said before, beware of charismatic charlatans racing to get out in front of this parade.

[Do I detect a not so subtle dig at Pitt?]

Let's make it unfashionable again to be hateful, stupid and ignorant.

[Then you would have to give up your DUmmieland posting privileges.]

7:30 pm here in Denver and I just got back from....
delivering a few space blankets and a bunch of foot/hand warmers. It looks like a good group there. They have porta-potties and a bunch of food and water. They are set for tonight. Cops are letting them have tents. Going back down tomorrow. I'm as fed up as you are Will. Solidarity people.

[Solidarity with Will who is watching you protest from the comfort of his couch by the warm glow of the tube.]

Show up. It's We The People or...nothing at this point.

[Pitt's motto is DON'T Show up. Just talk.]

It is your destiny, be in charge of it.

[It is Pitt's destiny to lead the revolution...from his TV couch.]

Right there with you William

[You're also schlepping around on a couch?]

The protests need to continue nonstop.

[And Pitt needs to continue AVOIDING them nonstop.]

Show Up. Stand Up. Be Heard. And Never Shut Up.

[Will never Shows Up but he Never will Shut Up.]

I'm thinking we need to start up Occupy Warner Center here in the San Fernando Valley. They aren't nearly scared enough to suit me.

[Maybe they will be scared if you do a doody on a car in public.]

I'm in it until they've fallen and can't get up.

[As soon as the temperature drops below 60, you will be as much out of it as Pitt is now.]

The fight is here. The fight is now. Let it begin.

[Wake up Pitt. He just fell asleep watching the protests on the tube from his couch.]

I'm willing to start a protest, or join one... but first I need to know what the intended goal of it is. Just to get attention? To get criminal trials for the corrupt? To start re-arranging our system of oligarchy?

[The REAL goal is to re-elect Obama. Nothing more. Nothing less.]

I would propose that fundamental property relations need to be redone, so that a prick like Steve Jobs cannot accumulate an estate worth $6.5 billion and pass it along largely untouched to his heirs. I would propose therefore expropriating or confiscating obscene hoards of wealth, maybe any estate over $1 million should be subject to a higher estate tax, proceeds of said tax to fund universal single-payer healthcare.

[So you would propose confiscating Pitt's Trust Fund?]

How can I donate monetarily to provide supplies (food, blankets, etc.) for the wall street occupiers? Want to make sure the money doesn't end up in the wrong hands...

[Send your money to BBV Bev. She is just $10 away from Overthrowing Wall Streen.]

Was at Liberty Park and Washington Square on Saturday, and plan on going down each and every weekend. I am about 100 miles north of NYC, and this is a great expense of time for me. I am willing to fight for this, and as said in OP, have been waiting for this for more than 40 years.
Be there, or be square!

[Pitt remains a couch square.]



You said it all, Will. There's little excuse for not showing up

[Unless you're a Trust FUnd Kid guzzling down Bukowski's Brew.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Typical for the creature from which Troglaman was created.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It that candy-assed wannabe had been right even once on his numerous different announcements of 'The tipping point' having arrived over the years, the toboggan would have arrived in Hell long, long ago.


8:48 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Pitt, Pitt...where have I heard that name?

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elrond, didn't he play a mopey vampire in a movie once?

7:36 AM  

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