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Pitt Changes Mind About Obama Yet Again

If you want WILLIAM RIVERS PITT to change his mind...just wait a minute. On July 9 Pitt accused Barack Obama of betrayal as you can see in his THREAD, "A Looming Betrayal." However, in much less than 24 business hours, 4 days later, Pitt did a complete U-turn as you can see in his THREAD, "Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology." But wait, there's more! Oh, there is so hilarious much MORE! The very next day, July 14, Pitt demonstrates to one and all that he has got his "mind right" by praising Obama as a political genius with the ability to play 3-dimensional chess as you can see in The Chessmaster Cometh? Yeah, Obama is such a genius that he sailed through college by merely phoning in his classroom presence. Not for The One to be weighed down by such mundane chores as attending classes or taking tests. So let us now watch Pitt quickly switch from feelings of outright betrayal by Obama to worshiping at the feet of the Annointed One in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent who is wondering if Comrade O'Brien was the one who performed the mind adjustment on Pitt, is in the [barackets]:

A Looming Betrayal

[Photograph this Pitt feeling before he changes it in a flash.]

On Thursday, headlines on both the Washington Post and the New York Times announced that President Obama had put both Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block, as part of some "grand bargain" with House Speaker Boehner and the GOP to cut the deficit and avoid blowing the August 2 debt limit deadline. The deal, as reported, would also include as much as $1 trillion in "new revenue" to be raised by closing off and eliminating loopholes in the tax code. No tax increases of any kind were on the table.

[GASP! No tax increases? Oh, the Horror. The HORROR!]

My reaction to this news, along with most everyone else aligned with the left side of politics, was predictable. I was aghast, dumbfounded, sickened, and enraged. The Republican Party has been working hammer and tong to eliminate these vital programs since the day they were first conceived. Sometimes their efforts were out in the big wide open, such as George W. Bush's doomed privatization proposal. If it wasn't their hood ornament, it was at least always on the dashboard, right out front, a core element of their philosophy, and always somewhere in their platform. In all those years, however, the GOP had only managed to nibble at the edges of these programs, having never summoned either sufficient muscle or sufficient will to kill them off entirely.

[Is one of these proposed slashes in the program to catch predators? Perhaps your co-author might have an opinion on this.]

And now here is a Democratic president, after all those years of struggle to defend and protect the social contract created by these policies, offering them up for destruction because he can't seem to stop himself from agreeing with Republicans. Here is a Democratic president who happily accepts the premise of their devious arguments, and who appears unwilling to summon enough spine to rebuff the debt-ceiling-default tactic being deployed by the GOP in an act of national hostage-taking. Instead, hey, why not, let's rip these programs to shreds and fulfill the deepest, darkest fantasies of the far right.

[And yet the strange thing here is that Obama has never proposed a single SPECIFIC cut. Not one. All he wants to do is "increase revenue" aka raise taxes.]

This is a matter of honor, plain and simple. An ocean of blood, sweat and tears has been spent bringing these all-important programs to life, and even more has been spent protecting and defending them. If this president consents to throw all that over in an act of political triangulation, he will be marked in my book for all time as a failure, a betrayer, and a disgrace.

[Speaking of betrayers, which former Dennis Kuncinich press secretary STABBED HIM IN THE BACK by feeding inside campaign info to the Kerry campaign? .And now we hear from the DUmmie Peanut Gallery...]

He don't give a f*ck. I'm telling you.

[He just wants to eat his shrimp.]

In Nov 2008 I dared to start to hope that things would change, then every week a new move to the right. I'm devastated, disenchanted and disgusted. I feel duped, punk'd and conned.

[IOW you feel like a DUmmie.]

Obama might be the ultimate narcissist, devoid of decency and honor


Does Obam live in some sort of bubble? Doesn't he hear the noise, or does he just not care?

[The Emperor wears no clothes but none dare tell him just as none of his college profs told Zero his knowledge level was almost zero.]

Obama extended the depression by two years (More tax cuts for the rich, Oh Boy!) for a narrow, temporary extension of unemployment benefits. It's almost like he is cutting off his own nose to spite his face.

[Just as Pitt has cut off his own brain to spite his face. In just a few days, the Pittster does a complete U-turn on his "learned" analysis presented here.]

3 dimensional chess! Did I leave anything out?

[Only the fact that Pitt will lift that 3 dimensional chess concept from you before the week is out.]

It's a feint! It's CHESS!

[You're joking but Pitt won't be when he worships at the feet of The One in just a few days.]

And Will Pitt ignores the fact that the WaPo story to which he refers was made up of whole cloth, and contained not a single attributable fact in it.

[Like the story about Karl Rove being indicted on May 12, 2006? Who dreamed up that story? Help me out here, Will.]

Update your information, Will.

[He will update with a 180 degree course correction.]

Wall Street owes us all. I'm for taking everything those greedy bastards have.

[Ah! The "progressive" political philosophy of "they got stuff and I want it!"]

I'm old and sick and fat, too. I have been un- or under-employed for better than three years. I have virtually nothing to lose.

[Except weight.]

This is your best yet, Will. I have been sharing it with anyone who will listen.

[Will you also be sharing it when Pitt does a complete U-turn on his premise in a few days?]

i'm angry and i feel betrayed.

[Will you feel angry and betrayed when Pitt pulls the rug from under all of you in a few days?]

I used to have a lot of respect for Mr. Pitt. Sadly, he has destroyed any respect I used to have.

[Just wait a minute and Pitt will try to regain your respect by completely CHANGING his mind yet again.]

Will works hard toward attaining his AND our goals, in real life ....He isn't just sitting at his desk, as his detractors might be, issuing empty statements .... He is out there, using personal resources and shoe leather to get the message out

[Yes, he is using his shoe leather to get the message out in that little sidewalk square in front of Bukowski's..."NO BARFING ON THE CURB!!!"]

Will is dedicated to speaking for us, and I would think his fellow DUers would provide at least a modicum of support, even if they disagree with him ...

[Will has your back...for the next couple of days.]

I KNEW Obama was too good to be true. I have never for one minute trusted anything he said. Turns out I was right not to.

[But you can ALWAYS trust Will Pitt to stay true to what he said in this thread...for a couple more days.]

Is it time to admit you were wrong? I guess it's better to wait a couple weeks before you do that.

[DUmmie Renew Deal asks the Pittster, little knowing that it will be a couple of days, not weeks, for the Pittster to completely change his mind.]

Not yet. But maybe close. We shall see.

[Replied Pitt and it sure sounds like he is ALREADY thinking about changing his mind. And change he did just a few days later on July 13 as you can see in Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology.]

Unless I'm missing something, it seems I owe the president an apology.

[What you are missing are brain neuron firing synapses.]

Though I never came right out and said "He's going to kill SS and Medicare," I certainly made the argument that he was heading in that direction, and that it was all too possible he was going to give away the store.

[The U-turn cometh.]

Well, unless something truly insane happens, it appears Mr. Obama played the GOP like a fiddle on this debt-limit thing. So far, so good.

[You need to toss "BETRAYAL" down the memory hole.]

My apologies, sir.

[Much better than your partial birth non-apology for perpetrating Hoaxmas. And now the replies from angry DUmmie none too happy about the Pittster's sudden U-turn.]

For handing the Senate to the repukes on a silver platter? Well, then apologize away.

[Challenged DUmmie joeybee12.]

How do you see that happening?

[Asks Pitt with the brand new attitude adjustment.]

everything Obama does is all about Obama, because by selling dems out this week he got the pundits to fawn over may help him in 2012, but it screws over the rest.

[Just wait until you see how Pitt fawns over him. He covers the Bamster's feet in adoring drool while kissing them.]

I think it's too early for anyone to be winding funeral shrouds around anything, but as the OP indicates, I've been wrong before.

[Bank it, Pitt.]

I agree with Mr. Pitt's post #8. I don't believe that it will turn the senate over to the repubkes.

[Bank it!]

sincerely hope the President might remember this Yogi Berra saying, "When you get to a fork in the road, take it" (interpretation: when you find a challenge, overcome it.)

[And to paraphrase Yogi Berra, "The campaign isn't over until the Fat Man stings." (interpretation: your presidency is doomed if challenged by a certain NJ governor.]

how bout we all just wait to see what happens?

[No. Better to blurt out an uninformed opinion only to completely abandon it days later.]

It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!

[You're obviously joking but in just a day, Pitt will seriously take this attitude.]

President Obama is the most honest president that I have beheld in all of my 57 years, aside from Jimmy Carter. But he tries to play a more skillful political game than Carter did. If we let him, President Obama will do down in history as one of the very best. It's up to us. We must all do our parts to not impede progress with emotional stances and outbursts. We need to trust that this president is trying his very best for the entire country. He has our best interests at heart, always.

[You just flooded the room with that lavish dose of adoring drool applied to the Bamster's feet as you lovingly kissed his corns.]

It was rope-a-dope 2.0.

[More like dope-a-dope 2.0.]

He's never going to forgive you. Not after what you said.

[Tough luck, Will. Obama will never forgive you for a certain fraud you committed on May 12, 2006. And now to Pitt's THREAD called "The Chessmaster Cometh?" or "Adoration of The One.

The Chessmaster Cometh?

[The Fraudmaster Cometh?]

Die-hard supporters of Mr. Obama will happily tell you, in the midst of this deranged debate over the debt ceiling, that the president is playing some form of pan-dimensional chess against a pack of checkers-playing Republicans. The fact that they said the same thing when Obama chose to keep the Bush-era tax cuts for rich people, when he doubled down on Afghanistan, failed to close the Guantanamo prison, and buckled like a punch-drunk fighter during the health care debate, does not seem to matter. They're saying it again, and who knows?

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

Maybe it's even true this time.

After all, the Republicans in the House and Senate appear to be in a state of total disarray. Mr. Obama's offer to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block earned howls of rage from progressives and the left - myself most definitely included - but then a funny thing happened. Speaker Boehner, with his rival Rep. Cantor nipping at his heels, looked Obama's offer in the eye and suddenly walked away. And to top it all off, after weeks of demagoguery over raising the debt limit, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell abruptly coughed up a proposal to pass the debt-limit extension free of strings:

[Just like the MN Republicans APPEARED to be in a state of total disarray leading to a complete cave-in by Minnesota Mark?]

In short, and if I'm reading this correctly, the GOP attempted to hijack the country with a threat of imminent economic calamity in order to kill off Social Security and Medicare, two highly popular programs they couldn't touch under normal circumstances, though they have dreamed of doing so for decades. Mr. Obama, for his part, dangled the opportunity to do just that before Boehner and his crew, with the proviso that $1 trillion worth of new revenue would also be arranged by way of closing a number of tax loopholes favored by the wealthiest Americans.

["New revenue." Pitt is too shy to say "New TAXES."]

Despite being handed exactly what he wanted, Boehner cut and run, Cantor continued to dither around the edges, and then McConnell came in with a proposal that Obama asked for in the first place months ago: screw all this extra crap, and let's just raise the debt limit.

I do love good theater.

[Me too which is why I loved your "Rove Indictment" play which was on stage for 24 business hours.]

Mr. McConnell, for his part, has suddenly become Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of his party's base, and in the eyes of the Tea Party freshmen in the House. That is part of the magic of this whole mess: they really did think the GOP leadership, with the business interests that line their pockets breathing down their necks, were actually going to let the debt-limit deadline pass without an extension. The leadership got the base all hot and bothered over a showdown that might finally eliminate that pesky social safety net, and out of a clear blue sky, Mr. Obama offered them the chance to do just that...and they blinked.

[Obama, as clever as Wile E. Coyote. Beep! Beep!]

And the natives are suddenly restless. Erick Erickson of howled that it was time to burn McConnell in effigy (a line he later edited), and offered another suggestion to boot: "So fearful of being blamed for a default, McConnell is proposing a compromise that lets Barack Obama raise the debt ceiling without making any spending cuts at all. Consider sending McConnell a weasel as testament to his treachery." The Heritage Foundation attacked McConnell's suggestion as a "serious walk back," and the ever-reliable Michelle Malkin exclaimed, "We exasperated grass-roots conservatives don't call the GOP the Stupid Party for nothing. Three letters come to mind: W.T.F.?!!"

[So what did Jason Leopold think about it? How about your co-author, soon to be sentenced, Scott Ritter?]

When Mr. Obama offered up Social Security and Medicare to Boehner and the Republicans last week, the left was understandably astonished and horrified. But when the GOP leadership looked that gift horse in the mouth and walked away, it cracked open another fault line within the ranks of Republicans that may shake, rattle and roll all the way through the primaries and beyond. I was terrified the president might give away the store, but the GOP base was absolutely positive their leadership wanted what they wanted: an end to Social Security and Medicare, the evisceration of the federal government, and the shaming of a president they loathe and despise.

[Yeah, they should have looked that "gift horse" in the mouth and meekly accepted "revenue increases" aka TAX increases.]

Now, it seems Mr. Obama was in fact playing a pan-dimensional game of chess, and the GOP just got put in checkmate, to the high dudgeon of their core supporters. For my part, I'm more than willing to admit I underestimated the tactics of Mr. Obama on this issue, but when Social Security and Medicare are threatened, a strident response is absolutely required. The situation is far from resolved, however, and I'm not yet ready to believe those two all-important programs are out of the woods yet.

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]

I know one thing for sure: I'm glad I'm not answering the phones in the offices of the GOP's congressional leadership today. The squeals of outrage coming down those lines must be peeling the paint.

[I know one thing for sure: Dennis Kucinich is glad that you're no longer answering the phone in his campaign office while you STABBED HIM IN THE BACK. And now to the DUmmies reacting to Will suddenly worshipping the pan dimensional chess abilities of The One.]

Chess - The game in which pawns sacrificed. You and I, yeah, we're pawns.

[HERETIC! How dare you show the least bit of skepticism towards the Bamster!]

I heard this in a coffee shop in minnesota. Lock the legislators in the house and senate without salary or benefits and don't let them leave until they have done their jobs.

[And we all know how well that chess playing on the part of Minnesota Mark worked out for him.]

Masterful move, that.

Who will be blamed? Who has lost the trust of the American people as the party that protects seniors? Who votes? The Democratic Party will be blamed, the Democratic Party loses the trust, and seniors will vote GOP. Wile E. Coyote. Grand Master. Foolproof Planner. SuperGenius:

[BEEP! BEEP! But since this is DUmmieland, make that BLEEP! BLEEP!]

are high 5s allowed in chess? When do we uncork the champaign?

[Freudenschade victory "champaign" can be uncorked right away. No need to even wait for an actual victory. Right now Minnesota Mark is drinking his Freudenschade victory "champaign."]

It's not chess... it's poker. One could make a case that it is ju-jitsu - when you use what appears to be an opponent's strength against them.

["It's all 20-dimension chess-jitsu, we mortals cannot understand the straturgery here. The kimono is lifted, ever so slightly, only to reveal an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, inside a ham sandwich, with cheese, AND IT IS KOSHER! And then just when it seems like defeat is in the shoes, the camel pokes it's nose inside the tent and sneezes. See? Camel Snot! King me!"]


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