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DUmmies talk Olbermann, Spitzer

Keith Olbermann's national audience holds a 'meet-up' with the star.

Keith Olbermann is BACK! And Algore's got him! Yes, Keefie is back on TV, bringing his "Meltdown" show to Uncle Al's little vanity network, Current TV. However, after the initial voyeur factor, when people tuned in to see Keef reduced to such rank humiliation, now his numbers are doing a nosedive even from that. The DUmmies dwell on this, here in this THREAD, "'Countdown’ on Current TV Drops 30% in Week Two."

And then there is other news in the TV lib-talk wars: Eliot Spitzer has been CANCELED! OH NOES! Shocking! Client 9 is OUT! The Story That Rocked the World is broken to a stunned DUmmieland here in this THREAD, "CNN drops Eliot Spitzer TV talk show."

But never fear, Eliot! As always, the DUmmies have their thinking caps on, and they've got big plans for you! Witness this THREAD, "CNN Kicks Spitzer to the Curb. MSNBC Should pick him up," and, coming full circle back to Olberdorkk, this THREAD, "Hmmm... CNN Just Dumped Spitzer... Wonder If Keith Wants Him For Current ???"

So today the DUmmies take on the wild and wacky up-and-down world of lib-talk TV, in Libbing Color Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, who somehow has managed to miss BOTH Olbie AND Eliot, is in the [brackets]:

'Countdown’ on Current TV Drops 30% in Week Two

[Countdown Count Down]

Not surprisingly, the revamped “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” on Current TV dropped -30% in week two on the cable channel.

[Revamped. Reduced, and Rejected.]

The program averaged 93,000 viewers in the key adults 25-54 demo, and 253,000 total viewers according to

[Those are DUdline numbers.]

Of course, where the ratings will settle are still unclear.

[Elevator going DOWN! The DUmmies comment . . .]

well, it was a summer vacation week

[The excuses begin.]

I am guilty. I haven't been watching every day.

[YOU! You're the one! You could have boosted his ratings by 15%!]

He may have to up his game and let David Shuster do some investigative reporting to get audience share rolling.

[OF COURSE! Why didn't *I* think of that? I mean, everywhere I go, from water cooler to grocery store, ALL I HEAR these days is, "You know, I was THINKING of tuning in to the Olbermann show, but really, until they get some of those Shuster investigative reports on there, I just can't seem to pull the trigger. . . ."]

summer vacation week did not seem to bother anyone elses ratings


We record it so we usually skip the crap but for some reason it seems like there is more of it on the new show.

[It's a regular crapfest.]

If this experiment fails, it will be because they did not "roll out" a whole block of liberal programming. They could have premiered 3 shows. . . .

[Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Rubdown with Barney Frank
Shakedown with Jesse Jackson]

i'd love to watch it but it's hard for me to wach if I can't watch online at my convenience.

[Such loyal viewers! It's (Dis)Appointment TV!]

I am trying to find time to get it when I can.

[I think sometime in 2013 I might have a free day when I can get to it. Unless I'm washing my hair that day.]

I'm one who didn't tune in during the second week.

[We are Legion!]

Keith will always have his own niche in the news.

[He has a hallowed spot here in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

he's on Current TV, which some viewers have trouble getting.

[D*MN that Global Warming! Bad cable reception!]

Probably the freepers and baggers tuning in the 1st few days out of curiosity to see if Keith would melt down right away.

[D*MN those LOUSY FREEPER VOYEURS! DELIBERATELY watching Keith's show, driving his numbers into the hundreds, JUST so they could let the numbers PLUMMET the second week! OOOH, they make me so MAD!!!]

[And in other news . . .]

CNN drops Eliot Spitzer TV talk show


CNN has canceled its television talk show hosted by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, despite a major revamp less than six months ago.

[It's those revamps! They'll do it every time!]

CNN got rid of the only show worth watching on their station.

[They have more than one show? I hadn't noticed.]

Piers Morgan is a piece of sh*t - they should have dropped him

[Take a long walk off a short Piers!]

I miss Larry King.

[Long live the King! Wait, he already did!]

KO on CNN!!! Make it happen!!!

[COME ON! KO is on CURRENT TV now, for crying out loud! You can't do much better than that!]

If I had my druthers, would rather see John King go.

[Short live the King!]

Al Gore or Keith Olbermann, pickup on Line 1. Mr. Gore or Mr. Olbermann, Line 1.

[The germ of an idea! I see what's coming!]

damn. He is smart, smart, smart.

[Giving up that dumb old governership of New York to take a multi-month gig on CNN--yup, real smart move.]

NOOO! . . . At least there's still MSNBC.

[Cenk Uygur still lives!]

Good Riddance. The guy is fugly and a creep.

[Is that you, Silda Spitzer?]

CNN Kicks Spitzer to the Curb. MSNBC Should pick him up.

[Puttin' on the Spitz.]

Yeah, him or John Edwards...or some other washed-up douche bag.

[THINK of all the washed-up douchebags that are out there, just hanging around, UNEMPLOYED during Recovery Summer 2.0: Spitzer, Edwards, Weiner, Grayson. . . . Why, you could have a whole Washed-Up Douchebag Network! Wall-to-wall douchebags, morning, noon, and night!]

I think Weiner should be on there with him.

[Weiner and Edwards . . . The Tweety and Cheaty Show!]

Spitzer should be the new Attorney General since Eric Holder has proven to be worse than useless. . . .

[Then Holder could get a show with Weiner . . . The Weiner-Holder Show.]

I've been watching Al Sharpton on MSNBC lately filling in for someone (I'm not sure who) and am really loving his show.

['Cause every girl's crazy 'bout a Sharpton man . . .]

Hmmm... CNN Just Dumped Spitzer... Wonder If Keith Wants Him For Current ???

[Next up . . . Hoedown with Eliot Spitzer. . . .]


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I'll bet troggyboy watched.
Right, troggy.
Troggy must now explain to us everything Keefie said.
Don'y leave anything out troggy-boy.
You seem to think you can demand lengthy explainations from others little lad.
Now it's your turn.
Please, tell us in depth, the message Keefie has blessed us with.
Naturally, in your world, failure to do so makes you a looser.
You may now begin.
We will wait.

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[Fiddy Cenk Uygur still lives!]


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