Monday, June 20, 2011

NUtroots Nation KOmmies not so wild about Barry

So the KOmmies of Daily Kos just held their annual NUtroots Nation convention this past weekend. This one was held in Minneapolis. Just think: Five years ago, NUtroots Nation was held in Las Vegas, where potential presidential candidates hosted fancy soirées for the KOmmies, complete with chocolate fountains and impressive ice sculptures. Now this year, the KOmmies are in Minneapolis, they're stuck with Obama, and no one is lining up to buy their votes. How the mighty have fallen! From chocolate fountains to lutefisk. From ice sculptures to ice fishing. And worst of all, from Obamassiah to Bush Lite.

The sad reality for the KOmmies is that they are stuck with Obama. And even though BO is the most liberal president we've ever had, he's still not prog enough for the KOmmies (single-payer healthcare, homo marriage, hypertaxing the rich, ending the wars--your basic Socialist Utopia). And so they want to gripe about it. But Team Obama doesn't really care. They know their little sheep will line up at the polls and dutifully cast their Democrat votes. But, to mollify the little leftist turds, they send a spokesflunkie to Minneapolis--to make the case for Obammie, and to make the KOmmies think the White House is actually listening to them. HA HA!

And so it was that designated spokespflunkie Dan Pfeiffer came to the hot seat in Minneapolis, to be interviewed by Assistant Head KOmmie Kaili Joy Gray. Wow. A surrogate for President Obama, being interviewed by a surrogate for Head KOmmie Markos Mousetits. A far cry from the glory days of Las Vegas!

Well, Pfailed Pflunkie Pfeiffer was not well received, let's put it that way. The disgruntled KOmmies let him hear it, even booing at times. But what does he care? What, are they gonna vote for Michele Bachmann? Get real. They're stuck with BO, and everybody knows it.

We read about it here in this THREAD, "NN11 LIVE: A Conversation with White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer."

So let us journey to NUtroots Nation, where the KOmmie KOmments are in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, breathlessly awaiting The Return of Keith Olbermann tonight on Current TV, is in the [brackets]:

NN11 LIVE: A Conversation with White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer

[NUtroots LIVID: A Snow Job by White House Spokespflunkie Dan Pfeiffer]

What time does it start?

[The bombing begins in five minutes.]

Kaili is doing her best, trying to be tough, but Pfeiffer's having his way with her.

[Uh, you may want to rephrase that.]

From where I'm sitting, this guy's getting pwned. Her bemused moments of silence hurt more than screaming would. I feel sorry for him and his thankless job.

[What does he care? You're still going to vote Demo.]

she's doing an excellent job of holding his feet to the fire and not accepting b.s. answers.

[B.S. answers, B.O. answers, same difference.]

Why Cable News don't report on NN11?

[It's a cable cabal. But don't worry, Keefie is back on TONIGHT! Speak truth to power, Keith!]

The "Obama can do no wrong" crowd must be feeling like their heads will explode.

[Actually, they're laughing at you, knowing that you'll end up voting the same.]

Is the "Obama can do no right" crowd in an orgasmic mood?

[This is their moment in the sun, getting to tell off a White House spokespflunkie! Pfeiffer may be "having his way" with Kaili Joy, but she's loving every minute of it!]

I find it a little embarrassing that a breakout session was titled, "What to do when the president is just not that into you."

[The KOmmies feel used and jilted, and like a teenage girl whose boyfriend now is dating someone else, they write in their diary: "Oh Barry, why won't you be true?"]

Guess there is no point in actively campaigning for the president's reelection then.

[As long as you VOTE the right way--and you will--that's all that counts.]

"an open and honest conversation"? this is just a PR op. I understand that it's important to have this kind of political theatre at NN for all kinds of reasons, but it doesn't make it less cringe-y.

[Op and Cringe.]

This guy has one hell of a job, eh?

[Yeah, a SNOW job!]

Am I crazy, or am I getting pissed off at this guy?


I'm not pissed off at him. I'm pissed off at his boss.

[Listen to the crowd! They're not saying "B.O.!" They're saying "BOOOO!!!"]

Kaili is my new favorite FPer and at this point is in the running for my favorite person ever. THREE unrelenting and honest questions on DADT right in a row, with Dan Pfeiffer squirming and dissembling the whole time. You could feel his shoes melting as she held his feet to the fire. GO KAILI.

[Kaili is speaking truth to power! Only, power doesn't care.]

Kaili asked TWICE when DOD was going to stop firing gay soldiers. He never gave a straight answer.

[They wanted a gay answer.]

Kaili Joy. Get this woman a show on MSNBC!

[The new Cenk Uygur!]

This is Ridiculous! You are excited that this interviewer got a punch in on the President of the US, a member of our own party. Unbelievable.

[I BELIEEEEEVE!!!! Forget MSNBC! Primary Obama! KAILI JOY 2012!]

he's representing the cowardliness of this administration quite well with his prevarications and evasiveness.

[Translation: YOU LIE!]

This will be the part of NN11 that will be remembered.

[Not the lutefisk fountain?]

This is painful to watch. PFeiffer is seriously squirming. And he's the COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR.

[Pfailed Pflunkie Pfeiffer.]

Pfeiffer isn't there to listen. He's there to spin--that's his job.

[KOmmie Geekesque, you ALMOST win the Kewpie Doll. But there's an even better Kewpie a couple posts down.]

The event is being reported as a sad and pathetic whine fest in the media.

[The Daze of Whine and Poses.]

Embarrassing so far for NN and the moderator. . . . Now wondering whether there are fewer sane folks attending NN than in years past. The only thing NN is validating is that the netroots likes noisemakers and payola and aren't interested in much else.

[OK, KOmmie Newsie8200, for that brilliant, spot-on piece of analysis--that NUtroots Nation really just wants red meat and chocolate fountains--YOU win today's Kewpie Doll! Congratulations!]

This bozo is the precise sort of pasty-faced doughboy that makes me detest the power elite crawling around D.C. . . . He's a clumsy liar, a content-challenged political whore and a fitting representative for this sad administration.

[Obozo's bozo. I take it you didn't like him. Hee! Hee!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you kind of find it interesting that their moral structure is shot? They don't believe in anything that is ground in the Judeo-Christian culture. They are such a small number of people. They are kind of inbred. They aren't going to win many people over until they come at least a little closer to the norm.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

I wonder how A.Weiners' presentation at the "Importance Social Networking for Politicians" conference at the nutroots went? The tweets from NN11 don't make it seem like it stood out much. I wonder if Li'l Anthony was even up for the task?

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last blurb in red gets a Kewpie doll from me.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"They don't believe in anything that is ground in the Judeo-Christian culture. They are such a small number of people." troglanon

This statement is so preposterously stupid...

So what is it we believe that's anti Judeo-Christian, you stupid wanker? Spell it out. I dare you. And what is it about the Judeo-Christian "culture" that's so fucking great anyway?

This is the kind of moronically issued bullshit that marks you jackasses as brainwashed. Empty.


3:09 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

I guess this only meany we have different insights and opinion as well. Thanks for sharing this interesting issue. :D

7:44 AM  

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