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Wee Willie Co-Author On Trial For Heinous Sex Crime

This is one THREAD that you will never see WILLIAM RIVERS PITT post on. Why? Just look at the title: "Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector." Come to think of it, you also won't see the Temporary Sockpuppet posting on that thread. However, one piece of good news. Because of the new found notoriety of Pitt's co-author, Scott Ritter, their joint book venture, WAR ON IRAQ, has rocketed to #988,703 on Amazon. Meanwhile the trial of Wee Willie's friend who abused his Wee Willie goes to the jury today. So let us now watch the DUmmie's take a whack at the Wee Willie abuse trial in Bolshevik red, while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to the Temporary Sockpuppet, is in the [brackets]:

Sex-sting trial beings for ex-UN weapons inspector

[Too bad this didn't turn out as an episode of "To Catch a Predator." Who would be the one to have gotten caught? Wee Willie's co-author or the Temporary Sockpuppet?]

A detective posing as an underage girl in an online chat room told a former U.N. weapons inspector he was exchanging sexually graphic messages with a 15-year-old, according to testimony Tuesday in the second online sex-sting case involving the former Marine captain.

[Is that detective's name Chris Hansen?]

Barrett Township police Detective Ryan Venneman testified that Iraq war critic Scott Ritter initiated a sexually explicit conversation with him in a Yahoo chat room in February 2009.

[Ritter was about to initiate a WWE WWE beatdown.]

Venneman told the court that Ritter gave him his cellphone number and began masturbating on a video chat. Ritter briefly ended the chat after the detective said he was 15, but soon restarted the video chat and masturbated to completion, the detective testified.

[Ben Burch wants to analyze that video evidence over and over and over again.]

In his opening statement, defense attorney Gary Coleman told the jury that Ritter is a "decorated military hero" who didn't believe he was chatting with an underage girl.

[Didn't Gary Coleman also abuse his Wee Willie?]

FR will be having a field day with this

[How could we resist?]

The first arrest didn't learn him, did it?

[Ritter believes third time is the charm so look for another trial soon.]

I will never believe this charge nor the sex charge against Assange.

[Perhaps we should leave Scotty's fate in Ben Burch's hands.]

Did the Bush regime use a time machine to make him whack off in front of another teen before his critique of the Iraq war?? While I have no doubt as to the source of the leaked record, the fact is that he entered a plea deal on a prior sex crime.

[That sure is a whacky idea.]

I believe he was caught and released even before that. Before his earlier arrest there were reports he was caught in a sting and the police let him go with a warning.

[Unbelievable. Any semi-rational person would be counting his blessings that he was let off after that first violation. Instead Scotty stupidly goes ahead and quickly repeated the same crime...on camera. This guy is almost as DUmb as the Temporary Sockpuppet confessing for all to see on the Web.]

One NYS investigation was dropped. The other one was not---details-- "In the spring of 2001, Colonie police say Ritter twice showed up for meetings with what he believed would be teenage girls. The first time, Ritter was questioned but let go by police who had been posing as a curious 14-year-old girl.

[At that point any normal person would be thanking God for being spared public humiliation and getting a second chance in life. But not Wee Willie's pal...]

Two months later, Ritter turned up at a fast-food restaurant, where police said they had set up a sexual meeting while posing as a 15-year-old girl. Ritter was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of soliciting a minor. Despite his national prominence, Ritter's arrest was not publicly announced.

[Unlike the Temporary Sockpuppet who publicly announced his easily detected crimes.]

Several months later an Albany County prosecutor agreed to classify Ritter's case as an "Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal" (ACOD), an outcome in New York state's criminal law in which a prosecutor agrees to excuse a defendant's behavior in exchange for six months to one year of good behavior. After that time, the case is legally dismissed and the records are sealed from the public as though the incident never occurred. With an ACOD, a defendant becomes legally allowed to deny the arrest occurred, except in special circumstances, such as applying for a job as a police officer or a teacher. In Ritter's case, his prosecutor was later fired for her decision."

[Ritter's case remained sealed for 24 business hours.]

I don't think jerking off for some detective's sadistic pleasure should be a crime.

[Ben Burch thinks it was a crime that he didn't have a front row seat to this event.]

This needs to go to trial and if he is guilty of soliciting kids, he is a pervert - even if he is a pervert, who tried to prevent a war.

[Ben Burch wants you to type "pervert" just one more time.]

I have a problem generally with police actions that set up people for crimes that they may not actually ever commit without the police set-up.

[Admit it. You loved it when Larry "wide stance" Craig got busted in a police set-up.]

If convicted, the 49-year-old could face up to seven years in prison.

[Scotty, you can shave at least half the time off that sentence by ratting out the Temporary Sockpuppet.]

If he was convinced it was a 15 year old girl watching him perform graphic sex acts on the internet, then yes it is a crime.

[Maybe Scotty thought he was performing for Chris Hansen in order to get a free glass of sweet tea that always seems to be provided for the perverts on that show.]

The sex act in front of the webcam thinking that a underage girl was watching is the problem.

[I wonder if Alan Funt ever had that situation on Candid Camera?]

This is an established tool for catching people trying to solicit kids on the internet

[Also the premise for the "To Catch A Predator" show. All Ritter lacked was that glass of sweet tea that seems to be provided by the producers in almost every show.]


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Every parent of an underage child is probably wishing that flogging were still in regular use for pedophiliac sexual predators.

Might make an excellent reality show, too!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

So Ritter has been convicted, He showed no emotion but his twin 18 year old daughters sobbed. Say, wouldn't they have been about 15 when the old man was jacking off on video?

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

"I will never believe this charge nor the sex charge against Assange."
Typical DU logic.
When a prominent conservative is brought up on charges for a sex scandal, they feel that not only is he guilty, but that it's proof that ALL conservatives are sexual deviants. In contrast, when a prominent liberal is brought up on charges for a sex scandal, they feel he's an innocent victim who's been framed by the EEEEEEVILLL police and Republicans!

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is an established tool for
catching people trying to solicit lids on the internet."

It works too, it's amazing how well it works. There's an unlimited supply of perverts out there who think that they can get away with this crap on the internet when, in reality, their every keystroke leaves a record.

I suspect the pervs know they're going to get caught but they're so carried away by their fantasy they go ahead anyway. But instead of meeting a 15 year old girl, they're looking at the badge of a 45 year old morals squad sargent.

6:46 PM  

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