Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Damning with faint prez: Pitt calls Obama "The Nowhere Man"

William Rivers Pitt, aka Will the Shill, has always been, if nothing else, a reliable party hack. So it must pain Pitt to write anything less than a fulsome paean of praise to President Hopenchange. But at the same time, if Pied Piper Pitt doesn't want to lose his audience in DUmmieland, he will have to express SOME level of dissatisfaction with how things have been going, since many progs now consider BO to be Bush Lite. What to do? Democrat loyalist vs. Pied Piper of DUmmieland? Pitt's solution? Damning with faint prez, as he does here in this THREAD, "The Nowhere Man."

It's a difficult act for Wee Willie to pull off. He's got to maintain his prog creds with the DUmmieland purists, while at the same time trying to get the forks and pitchtorches crowd to still vote Democrat in 2012.

So let us find out if the DUmmies are buying Pitt's noncommittal bowl of mush that passes for bold criticism, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, always happy to see disspirited Democrats, is in the [Barackets]:

The Nowhere Man

[The No-hair Man vs. the Nowhere Man.]

Plenty of people here won't like this, but that can't be helped. This is my opinion. No, he's not Bush...but that has come to mean less and less as time has passed.

[Pitt starts with this ambiguous disclaimer. Has he come to bury Barry or to prez him? Not sure, but he wants to sound bold about it! "People here won't like this. . . ."]

So, yeah, Obama is in. The President of the United States officially threw his hat into the 2012 election ring on Monday morning, and the nation reacted with a resounding, "Oh."

[Oh. Bama.]

What a mess.

[What a messiah.]

Two and a half years ago, there was a detonation of optimism that echoed across the country once the returns were in on that November night.

[There was? I must have missed it.]

People took to the streets here in Boston, literally banging pots and pans together. . . .

[Pitts and paeans.]

Hindsight, however, tells us today that much of that optimism was wildly misplaced. The long shadow of George W. Bush still hung low and dark over the land, as it does even now.

[Pitt has always got to conjure up the image of his bĂȘte noire, the evil Bush, to make Democrat failure seem more palatable.]

that November night, the national nightmare of Mr. Bush's presidency was writing its final pages, and then came January, and he was gone. Despite all the failures and disappointments that have since come, those were two very good days.

[Two very good days, but only five business hours.]

Here was this new president who could sing the birds down from the trees . . .

[And turds down from the birds.]

who was introduced to the country in 2004 by way of a convention keynote address that blew the roof off the joint.

[The joint that many Democrats were smoking.]

two and a half years later, many of his most ardent supporters now hear his words and taste ashes in their mouths.

[They forgot to blow the ashes off the joint.]

You campaign in poetry, someone once said, but you govern in prose.

[You opine in prolixity, you gab on verbose.]

He and his fellow Democrats all but folded on health care, leaving us with . . .

[Health-free care. But you'll still vote for him in 2012.]

He backtracked on Guantanamo, and doubled down on Afghanistan.

[Barack McSame. But you'll still vote for him in 2012.]

He promised to erase Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, and broke his oath shamelessly. . . .

[Blah blah blah. Pitt tries to establish his prog creds, but he'll still cajole his fellow DUmmies to come home to the Party come election time.]

He is flipping missiles into Libya. . . .

[This is the extent of Pitt's criticism of Obomber's War on Libya: "He is flipping missiles into Libya." That's it. If this were Bush, William Rivers Pitt would have written two international best-selling books by now and stood in a ditch with fire-breathing ants. Will the Shill thus shows himself, once again, to be HIGH HYPOCRITE PITT.]

in so many critical ways, he has been the Nowhere Man

[In writing so few critical essays, Pitt has been the Nowhere-to-be-seen Man.]

He has been losing policy arguments to people who are, in many instances, absolutely and unabashedly barking mad.

[Sorry, Will, it's the Democrats who have the corner on barking moonbats.]

A great many of those who gave willingly the last time . . . will not be as quick to reach for their wallets and checkbooks when the piper calls them to campaign charity with his well-worn cadence.

[Or when the Pied Piper calls them back to vote Democrat with his well-worn thesaurus.]

But who knows? Mr. Obama could choose to steer back into the wind . . .

[But who knows? Mr. Pitt could choose to not be such a windbag.]

challenge his demented opposition with a will . . .

[A Will named Pitt.]

It is tempting to comfort oneself with the notion that there are worst things in the world than a second Obama term, and there is a fat, cynical dollop of truth in that.

[In Pitt's essay, there is is the fat-syllabled codswallop of truthout.]

Two and a half years ago, it was all about hope and change. Remember that? I am, personally, waiting with baited breath for the next battery of slogans. . . .

[Pitt swallowed the previous ones hook, line, sinker, and bait.]

Nowhere Man 2012: Because Everyone Else Is Worse.

[Magic Man 2011: Because He's Got to Be a *Little* Bit Critical of Obama Now, When It Doesn't Count.]

That'll send them racing to the polls.

[Well, let's see them now racing to the replies . . .]

No, he's not Bush, but it's going to be a long 5 years.

[Which is like a long 4 business years.]

Bush was the white guy, right?

[See, it's Barry's WHITE half that is making him act like Bush!]

Less evil is still evil. . . . conservative advisers and staff were either kept in place or brought in to run the administration, and most of Bush's policies were kept in place just as they were before. In some cases, the evil was even made worse. . . .

[OK, so where are the marches on Washington? Where are the "Chimpy McObamahitler" sobriquets? Why aren't you standing in a sand trap when Bush Lite goes golfing?]

he had to be dragged kicking and screaming to help the LGBTQI community

[But they managed to buy a vowel anyway. So what's the "I" stand for, "Indeterminate"?]

you are going to take a lot heat over this

[For what? How can Pitt take heat for being lukewarm?]

You know better than to pedal this "may as well stay home stuff." While you are busy staying home, the wingnuts will be out electing more and more Republicans. . . .

[A Pitt challenger!]

Please point out where he said "may as well stay home"

[A Pitt defender!]

I think it is implied in the sarcastic line about voters racing to the polls.

[Implied Piper Pitt.]

This was a time for BIG, BOLD, EARTH-SHAKING progressive change. So far, Obama hasn't delivered.

[This was a time for BIG, BOLD, EARTH-SHAKING aggressive rage--like against Bush. So far, High Hypocrite Pitt hasn't delivered.]

My enthusiasm is gone, my expectations are nil, but I will definitely be voting, if only to keep that much worse guy/gal out of office.

[You're right where Will the Shill wants you. You haven't left the reservation.]

Obama had to have known that without some mechanism for controlling costs, the insurance industry would just jack up the rates before the legislation truly took effect. . . . And yes, I'm pissed off. This is beyond unfair... it will nearly bankrupt our family.

[Hey, we'll make a conservative out of you yet! Now transfer that logic to "raising taxes on the rich," and guess where the pass-along costs are going to end up. And where the jobs are going to go.]

You're right, I didn't like it. Cynical, unable to admit successes, disappointed....why?

[Why, DUmmie jaxx? Because Will had to write SOMETHING critical of Obama, no matter how mild, in order to maintain his prog creds and to keep the angries on the reservation.]

jaxx's post in its entirety is a personal attack.

[DUmmie EFerrari rushes to Pitt's defense.]

Really? I didn't take it that way at all. Vehement disagreement, for sure. But I stand before you unbruised.

[Will LIKES to take some meaningless little "attack" for being a harsh critic of Obama. It helps when later he comes shilling for everybody to vote Democrat again.]

It would be nice if we didn't descend into the Big Ugly but tried to keep it cordial or at least civil so DU doesn't become unbearable again.

[The Unbearable Looniness of Being . . . DUmmies.]

Nobody for President 2012

[Hey, he might win!]

PS: Yes, I'm voting Obama (though not with a great deal of enthusiasm)

[The touchscreen can't tell if your finger is enthusiastic or not.]

In a country of 310 million people, is there not ONE person who is capable of being a great president?

[Ah, NOW we know why Pitt wrote this essay! He's going to primary Obama!]

Brilliant, Will. This is one of your very best. And that is saying something, since everything you seriously write is so damn good.

[Signed, Will Pitt. . . . No, seriously, that was CaliforniaPeggy fawning all over her dear Will.]

Sorry Obama, I may vote for you, but I won't be doing any of the things I did in 2008 for you. You won't get so much as a free bumper sticker of advertising from me this time.

[Not even "Nowhere Man 2012: Because Everyone Else Is Worse"?]

It'll be a classic "hold your nose" election in 2012. . . . So, I'll hold my nose. What a tremendous disappointment though.

[Your vote will count the same. Will is saying, "Mission Accomplished."]

Yep, I remember sobbing with joy election night. I went down to the city center and there was celebrating everywhere. People were honking their horns and literally dancing in the streets. We really did believe that Obama would usher in a second Camelot. . . .

[HAHAHAHA! What a bunch of gullible maroons!]

I really hope that Obama has a challenger from the party.

[PITT PITT PITT PITT . . . The groundswell begins!]

I'm so f***ing tired of the b*llsh*t coming from various Know-it-alls...... Till I'm ready to work the hardest I have ever worked to get this man re-elected..... Me and a few of my friends. We will save this f***ed up country, where folks sit on their f***ing throne while running their mouths, trying to muster up a following for the sake of their ego being stroked. Weak @ss folks who haven't done a MO*O thing since the last Presidential election other than f***ing opine and criticize everyone and anything. Sometimes, I kind of wish that Pres. Obama would lose the next election.... so I can watch the current f***ed up attitude turned into real honest to goodness fear & panic, as folks instead of being able to criticize have to start worrying if the Internet will be available to them for much longer. I ain't never seen such arrogant superiority complex in action ever.

[Well, DUmmie FrenchieCat, you've got Pitt pegged, that's for sure!]

Sometimes I just wish Mother Nature would put us out of our misery....just tilt on her axis and be done w/ all of this sh*t.

[Spoken by an axistential nihilist.]

I think if you really spent 24 business hours just watching all the stuff he does, you'd be much more impressed.

[Hee! Hee!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A DUmmie: "I think if you really spent 24 business hours just watching all the stuff he does, you'd be much more impressed."

Oh snap!

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Obama campaign slogan:

"Change you can step in!"

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Honey Badger don't take no shit.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

I've lost Pitt, I've now lost America #Obama2012 The Nowhere Man | #Truthout truthout.org/nowhere-man


11:50 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Backers of Carter in 1980 tried a tack of "well, he's not been great but when you look at the other guy....". And the result was the most devastating defeat of an incumbent President since Hoover was beaten by FDR in 1932. So go ahead with that as a campaign theme and we'll see if The Obamassiah's defeat is as shattering and total as Carter's was if not worse.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"He backtracked on Guantanamo, and doubld down on Afghanistan."

Hey toggy, what 9/11 plotter will NOT be tried in federal court in New York City but instead will face a military tribunal in Gitmo?

Has Obama seen the light or is this part of his 2012 election strategy? Will there actually be a trial or will the suspect simply grow old in captivity along with Major Hasan?

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

"The long shadow of George W. Bush still hung low and dark over the land, as it does even now."

Pitt invokes the Great Satan. But Chimpy McHitler has been out of office for 27 months and his fuck-ups have been surpassed by Obama's mega fuck-ups (it appears, however, that "lobbing missles" into Libya is not one of them).

3:35 PM  
Anonymous 98ZJUSMC said...

The DUmmies of Libtardia.

Still blaming Bush. How fresh.


9:02 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Hey toggy, what 9/11 plotter will NOT be tried in federal court in New York City but instead will face a military tribunal in Gitmo?"

I'm impressed that you remember our mix up about this.

Once Congress, Democratic though it may have been, folded on funding the trials in federal court, it became moot. Congress handles the purse strings. If they won't pay for it, it doesn't happen. New York dems caved as well. Pussies.

The reason Gitmo isn't closed is because Congress won't pay for flying the inmates anywhere else.

Here's the deal...federal prosecutions of terrorism work. Do your homework. Military tribunals don't work as well. Look it up. These are facts.

At this point, elrond, being a DUmmie or a RepubliDUm doesn't have anything to do with the problem at hand. If you were in charge, which avenue would you take? The avenue of proven success or a great big question mark?

Your answer to this question is an opportunity for you to be rational. I, troglaman, am waiting with baited breath.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...waiting with baited breath."

You can buy toothpaste and mouthwash to fix that, you know.


8:21 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


"I'm impressed that you remmeber our mix up about this."

I remember it quite well, you were wrong then.

I think it's no coincidence that on the day Obama announced his reelection bid, his administration renounced its loudly trumpeted decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York City. Team Obama knows that a trial of KSM a few blocks from the site of his mass murdering would be wildly unpopular and might endanger his reelection---the move to Gitmo was a political decison.

Now President Obama has embraced military tribunals, kept Gitmo open, left the Partiot Act intact, vastly expanded Predator attacks,
continued renditions, endorsed preventive detention for terrorists, surged in Afghanistan, adopted Bush's Iraq withdrawal plan and "lobbed missles" into Libya, etc., etc. Obama doing everything he promised to end in 2008.

The big difference is that Obama's anti-terrorism policies aren't subject to demagogic attacks by the likes of Senator Obama (remember 2008?). Inadvertantly, Obama has exposed the anti-war movement of 2003-2009 as partisan rather than principled.

In that respect I'm impressed by the DUmmies opposition to Obama's lies and prevarications, at least they're consistent (though still loony). Of course they'll still vote for him in 2012.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a campaign slogan:

Obama. He extended tax cuts for the wealthy and increased America's wars by 50%!

That should fire up his lefty base.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Team Obama knows that a trial of KSM a few blocks from the site of his mass murdering would be wildly unpopular and might endanger his reelection---the move to Gitmo was a political decison." elrond

Congress decided not to let him do it. That's a fact. Team Obama wanted to try KSM in New York but got waylaid. Dems took part. You're absolutely right - it was a political decision. Personally, I think the guy should have been judged at ground zero and put in stockades. But then were above all that.

When do you experience the Constitution to be true? When do you decide a fair trial is a fair trial and that EVERYONE is entitled to one? Isn't that we're proud of, after all? Don't we believe in that anymore? Don't we trust that the truth prevails?

The answer is 'no'. We don't. And how fucking sad is that?

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Trying KSM in New York City would have been a monumental mistake. There is no reason to try him in the Big Apple, any other American city would have served the purpose. Team Obama's selection of New York was a slap in the face of Gothamites, a reopening of wounds.

KSM as a non-citizen at war with the United States is not entitled to a trial in a federal court, a military tribunal is what he deserves and what he will get.

I think we've had this argument before.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

Trying KSM in federal court as a criminal has a statistically better chance of putting him away. That's a fact. But you choose not to take that option.

It's a perfect example of what's wrong with you stupid shits.

1:52 AM  

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