Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DUmmies and KOmmies Judge Obama Speech an Epic Failure

So how bad was Obama's speech last night about the Gulf oil crises? So bad that the DUmmies AND the KOmmies AND Chris Matthews AND Keith Olbermann judged it to be an EPIC FAILURE. The DUmmies found Obama to be extremely wanting in this THREAD, "Well... That Was Dissappointing..." and this THREAD, "Why Obamas Words Are Empty." Meanwhile the attitude of the KOmmies can be summed up in the very title of this THREAD, "sigh, he did not say anything." So let us now watch extreme DUmmie and KOmmie disappointment in The One in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the once adoring MSM will go back and airbrush out all those halos, is in the [barackets]:

Well... That Was Dissappointing...

[Isn't he always?]

Not sure where to start... Specific steps would have been nice. Anybody else???

[A small dash of leadership at some point during this crises would have also been nice.]

He just doesn't get it. Peoples of the Gulf Coast, you're on your own.

[Can't we blame Bush? Pretty please!]

Oh great now we got faith-based disaster management.

[I always thought of him as a secular disaster.]

..if he was a ship he was rudderless last night..

[If he was a ship, his name would be "Titanic."]

And I was SO hoping for a come-to-Jesus speech.

[Or even a come-to-Gaia speech.]

I wasn't even paying attention as it didn't hold my interest.


Somewhere, Karl Rove is pumping his fist and hissing "YES-S-S-S!!!"

["...WE CAN-N-N!!!"]

tinkerbell might die tonight!!

[Did she OD on Pixie Dust?]

Rachel and Keith pretty much said it all. Where has candidate Obama gone? He had some cajones. Not this president.

[He doesn't even have cOjones... And now we go to Why Obamas Words Are Empty.]

Why Obamas Words Are Empty

[Because his mind is constantly on golf rather than gulf?]

During the 2008 campaign we heard Obama countless times speak of the PUBLIC OPTION on healthcare and how he would not settle for a bill that did not have it in it......WELL..... NO PUBLIC OPTION..

During the 2008 campaign we heard Obama discuss elements for the EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE act and we would have that soon after he was elected as policy......WELL.....NO EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE.

During the 2008 campaign we heard Obama speak of holding up the constitution and YET....Cheney/Bush and Rumsfeld have yet to make a single statement under oath about IRAQ and 9/11......

This past year SOU speech Obama said he would seek higher taxes on CORPORATIONS that ship jobs overseas....WHEN???

Last night he said he would make BP PAY for the damages and cost to clean up the Gulf.... I don't have much faith...Obama will likely let them squeak by and file bankruptcy papers to avoid this...Will Obama get a barrel a day figure out of them today....or will this be another BEER FEST in the Rose Garden....

Right now OBAMAS WORDS ARE EMPTY......This is not the same person I knocked on doors for and casted my ballot for..

[Would you settle for a Beer Summit in the Rose Garden?]

Perhaps you aren't giving him enough time.

[Correct. Obama needs a couple of more years doing nothing before he can be judged.]

He has lost much of his credibility and time is...running out to get it back.

[Methinks that credibility genie has long ago escaped from the bottle.]

I'm still waiting for many of the things he promised me would happen to happen.

[Have the seas fallen yet?]

Obama has a lot to learn. Naw...he probably doesn't want to.

[The learning effort would cut too much into his golf time. ...And now to the massive KOmmie thread, sigh, he did not say anything.]

sigh, he did not say anything.

[Teleprompter broken?]

I expected some specifics, I wanted a WIN, but got an inspiring, la-de-da speech. Nothing of specifics. Now if I missed the absolute specifics, then clue me in.

[If you voted for Obama then you didn't have a clue to begin with.]

He said nothing.

[Tell me something new.]

I'm sorry to say that I no longer have any faith in his presidency. I don't believe that he's capable of changing his MO.

[His ineptness is permanent.]

Okay, we're screwed.

[Stated an upbeat Ben Burch.]

Guantanamo bay is still open. Nothing done about big Pharma. Wall street won a big one. Dont ask, dont tell is stillll with us. Pakistan is a mess. There's lots more

[Try deficits are more out of control than ever.]

I donated to Obama's senatorial campaigns. I worked for him in more ways than I have every worked for local, state or national candidates before. I donated more money in one election than I had in the three preceding totalled, and I damn well could not afford it.

[Putting in a claim for a refund?]

More smoke and mirrors from Obama?

[Especially smoke considering all those cigarettes he inhales daily.]

You mean, the guy gets by on mouthing pretty words . . . . followed up by no specific actions backing them up?

[The latter takes too much WORK!]

Draft Elliot for President

[The Dems are getting desperate if they consider Elliot Spitzer as an alternative to Obama.]

There was nothing behind his words, and even the words were lacking. That speech writer should be fired. It was a defense and then a pep talk - exactly right. Obama always talks about doing big things, but he never does them himself. He could have went big tonight, instead he did nothing. Nothing. He doesn't get it. He's detached and phony on this issue.

[Doing stuff is much too strenuous for Obama. So much better to just read the telemprompter and play another round of golf.]

I'm off to masturbate to some pictures of our president on a clean beach.

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

well lets start putting up another dem canidate for prez b/c this one is toast.

[KUcinich 2012!!!]

I am hugely disappointed. I don't think Obama wants to be President of this God forsaken country (in the state it's in) anymore. He seems totally 'detached'.

[Just because he has golf, not gulf, on his mind?]

People are seeing through the fog, and emerging from "Obama's bubble"...too bad Obama can't. This speech is a month overdue, with almost no many others, where arer the details? Oh that's right, he's just the POTUS, why would he have details? On energy policy? Tonight was a strike out, next batter!

[The next batter is TOTUS in the warmup box.]


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

So the ship has foundered and all but the railing on the poopdeck and a bit of the rudder are just about to sink below the waves...

Now the rats are saying "Hey! Something is wrong!"



Congratulations to Jimmy Carter! You will NOT go down as the most inept, incompetent buttmunch of a President in the last hundred years!

You've been beaten by a mile.

6:06 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"I, I, I, I killed the ocean, Lord, I'm the devil in the deep blue sea" PJinc

There you go. Enough said.

2:05 AM  
Blogger Beefeater said...

I watched Barry the other night. For a few minuits there I forgot that he was a black man, all I saw was a peanut farmer.

The only thing missing was...

Live from New York
It's Saturday Night!!

11:22 AM  
Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

"Live from New York
It's Saturday Night!!"

Welll, there's always the trogaltroll.

2:23 PM  
Blogger John said...

Dont cry know.

4:39 AM  
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